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I absolutely loved this recipe book! It was charming, well written and very accessible. Not only did the author give us practical tips for making mochi, a five step guide and plenty of step by step pictures, but she also explained the cultural significance of the recipes and the history of mochi. When describing ingredients, she provided substitutions and gave advice on how to use them. I am sopleased by this sweet cookbook, a d can’t wait to try making mochi someday!
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Mochi is a new food technique that interested me. I found it easy to make with regularly found ingredients. There is some practice needed in shaping and filling the Mochi. The book provides the different ways of making it, steaming or microwaving, along with many different flavorings and fillings. This is a fun family activity that is also edible:
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Kaori Becker’s Mochi Magic is an excellent, well-detailed, and beautiful recipe book. I love the range of easy-to-follow sweet and savoury recipes as well as the stunning full-coloured pictures. This book is so amazing that I bought the ebook before I even finished my review!

Mochi is a type of delicious sticky rice cake made from sweet Japanese short-grain rice. I love mochi and I had no idea it was so versatile. I learned a lot about Japanese culture in this book. The recipes are clearly written, easy-to-follow, and wonderfully detailed. They are accessible to all levels of cooks. Becker’s writing is simple and approachable. I like all the little stories and the great tips.

The book is divided into informative chapters on Mochi-Making Basics; Daifuku (Filled) Mochi: The Dough; Daifuku (Filled) Mochi: The Fillings; Decorating Mochi; A New Year’s Tradition: Pounded Mochi; Odango: Balls of Fun; and Baked Mochi. Becker introduces us to traditional mochi tools and ingredients like steamers and mallets as well as mochiko (the flour), matcha, and sweet bean pastes. We also learn about the various ways to make mochi: there’s hand-pounded, steamed, and the convenient microwave!

There are recipes for traditional treats like Matcha Mochi and Chocolate Mochi but there are also interesting dishes like Japanese Plum Wine Mochi and Rosewater Mochi. The book also includes many recipes for unique mochi fillings like Haupia Pudding, Black Sesame Cream Cheese Filling, and Earl Grey Truffle Filling. There are lots of recipes for dessert mochi but the book also includes savoury ones. There are traditional dishes like Ozoni Soup and Yaki Mochi with Sweet Soy Sauce but there’s also modern dishes like Bacon Wrapped Mochi! Mochi is so versatile that we can even make baked treats like Mochi Muffins, Coconut Chi Chi Dango, and Mochi Waffles.

The book’s design is bright and eye-catching. I love that it is brimming with pictures of everything! There are stunning full-colour full-page pictures for almost every single recipe. There are even pictures of the mochi making processes as well as the various ingredients like adzuki beans. Even the text is fun and colourful! I especially love the section on making cute animal mochi like bears and chicks as well as the adorable illustrations that pop up on several pages.

Mochi Magic is a wonderful, comprehensive, and gorgeous cookbook. I cannot wait to see what else Becker puts out!

🍡 🍡 🍡 🍡 🍡 odango out of 5!
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I not long ago discovered what mochi are, having seen them on Instagram, and it looks like they could be the latest food trend. This book will help you make some adorable and delicious treats and impress your friends and family with your skills. The book helps you at every stage and also explains the history and some traditions behind the sweet Japanese treat. 

Having a rice cooker would help but it's not necessary. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This is a cute book that introduces the art of decorative mochi making, but I would not utilize it exclusively for instructional purposes.  It requires a great deal more instruction for you to make these creations yourself.
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This book contains easy to follow techniques for creating and cooking mochi.  I was super surprised that making mochi was this easy.  I expected it to be a complicated process that I could never recreate.  But the way the process is described and modified to use modern tools is easy enough to follow that even a cooking novice like me can do this.  There are a ton of recipes.  I cannot wait to try them.  I also learned a lot about mochi, what it is and the history behind it.  My family is excited to start a new tradition of making mochi at the beginning of the year.  I can't wait for my copy to come to my local bookstore.
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My daughter loves mochi and all things kawaii, so I thought this would be a fun book we could enjoy together. 

I really enjoyed reading about mochi and the recipes sounded delicious but I couldn't quite muster the energy to make anything.
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Mochi Magic by Kaori Becker is a recipe book that any mochi fan out there will want to try. It is a delightful and entertaining process that is well explained in the book. The easy to follow instructions and whimsical images will have any beginner creating mochi in no time.

The way the author has written and organized this book gives a relatively easy process to make mochi. There is also a very detailed introduction that describes the author’s experiences and how she came to be a mochi expert. It is quite interesting to read about her workshops for teaching how to make mochi. As she explains, the process is a way to not only create delicious treats, but to also connect with one another.


This is more than just a book of recipes, as there are many wonderful descriptions of Japanese culture. It also includes some stunning imagery and a handy set of Q & A questions for each recipe. It is incredible to discover the different techniques to create mochi. The contents of the book are as follows:

Mochi Making Basics
Daifuku (Filled) Mochi: The Dough
Daifuku (Filled) Mochi: The Fillings
Decorating Mochi
A New Year’s Tradition: Pounding Mochi
Baked Mochi
Odango: Balls of Fun


The recipes in this book are really easy to follow and will definitely produce amazing results. I tried my hand at the coconut mochi and had such a fun experience! The mochiko (sweet rice flour) was easy to source on Amazon and the other ingredients were ones already in my cupboard. Using the microwave method made the entire process super quick. While it was really easy to create the mochi, it is a process that requires a bit of refinement to get it just right. The ones that I created were absolutely tasty, but they didn’t appear as pretty as I had hoped. With a little more practice, I am certain that I will make some stunning mochi from this book.


Mochi Magic by Kaori Becker is a recipe book that is something a little bit different from your ordinary dessert cookbook. The treats are easy to create and the instructions are simple to follow. This is a fun addition to your kitchen bookshelf that will provide lots of enjoyment, especially during times of social distancing.
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Mini Review: I didn't get the chance to make any of the recipes from this book, but they all sounded good! I learned a lot about mochi, and how to make it/the ingredients for it. This is definitely a book I'm going to try and check out in the future to make mochi!
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I have enjoyed eating Mochi, but I have never made Mochi before this book and it wasn't too hard at all! Please read this book about a wonderful family's way of making Mochi. It was such a delight! I highly recommend it!
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If you ask almost anyone who has been to Japan, they will say that mochi is something that you should not miss out on. It is soft and chewy and sweet, the perfect post-tea snack.

Mochi Magic is broken down into 7 different sections: Mochi-making basics, Daifuku (Filled) Mochi: The Dough, Daifuku (Filled) Mochi: The Fillings, Decorating Mochi, Pounded Mochi, Odango, and Baked Mochi. With everything being so well explained in each seperate section, you will not get things mixed up as to how mochi is crafted.

Mochi Magic is filled with easy to follow instruction, as well as some very handy photos of the more difficult steps. I personally cannot with to give everything in here a try, although I think it may take me a long time to get through all the recipes that are supplied in here!

If you like mochi and would like to learn to make it yourself, then Mochi Magic is a great starting place.
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To be honest, I thought mochi making is too much of a hassle! I enjoyed reading about how many different varieties of mochi we could make, and I found it surprising that some are quite simplistic in theory. Liked the cute book design. I will definitely attempt one of the recipes in the book at one point and re-evaluate :D
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I had never heard of Mochi until I saw Mochi ice cream at the grocery store.  It has this really interesting flavor and mouth feel.  
This book will walk you step by step through making mochi and the fillings.  While there is special equipment that can be used, the author states many times, and demonstrates with equipment that are likely to already have.  They do state when something is necessary, and why it is needed.  I appreciate that, as well as the many photos that show the process.
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--At last, a cookbook devoted to MOCHI!!!--

An advanced review copy was provided to me by Storey Publishing through NetGalley, and here are my thoughts:

I am lucky, mochi-wise. I have pounded mochi in a wooden tub during some community events in Japan, and having lived in Japan and Taiwan, it is pretty easy to find delicious mochi being sold everywhere.

Not many people in modern day Japan actually make mochi regularly, if ever, because of the ease of purchasing it and the time involved in making it. However, if you don't live in a country where it's easy to purchase mochi OR you want to experience the joy of eating super fresh, warm mochi that melts in your mouth, you will have to make it. 

Thanks to Kaori Becker, now there is a wonderful guide in English on exactly how to make it yourself.

Two words keep popping into my head when reviewing this book.

Kawaii !!!!
YUM !!!

If you look at the cover and Look Inside preview, you'll see why this book is chock-ful of kawaii photos and illustrations to help you make perfect mochi.

And, if you're reading this review, I'm assuming that the words YUM and Mochi go together for you! 

(Yes, I know mochi is not everyone's cup of tea, green or otherwise, but for my taste buds, it can be magical).

This book has a SUPER YUM factor to it...the photographs left my mouth watering at the memory of mochi past. And the author's specialty flavored mochi like the Plum Wine or Black Sesame Cream Cheese made me wish I could snap my fingers and have a plate with these delicacies appear.

Basically, though, if you or a loved one enjoys good mochi and you want to make it can stop reading this or any other review. More reading will not bring you any closer to the mochi of your dreams.

Only getting into the kitchen with this book will do that!
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I love experimenting with new ingredients and cooking styles and this did not disappoint at all!  I've been interested in trying to make mochi for awhile and honestly had no idea where to start. This book has step by step guides and while I've only made one batch, it's a start.  (Mine were admittedly much less attractive than the ones in the book).  My daughter enjoyed helping with these as well and I am sure we will try again soon.
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I am so excited about this book! It is so detailed about the entire process of making mochi, and has so many recipes for different types of mochi!  There's a huge variety of flavors and techniques, and her instruction makes me feel like I'll be able to flawlessly make mochi on my own.

She has recipes for all my favorite types of mochi using mochiko, and I love that she even has instruction on how to make traditional pounded mochi.  I honestly want to try every filling - from traditional tsubu-an and shiro-an, to the popular mochi ice cream, to some very delicious-sounding cream cheese and truffle fillings.

It's a well-designed, and very well written cookbook.  If you've ever had any sort of mochi, or are interested in making it, this is absolutely the book for you.
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I have never made Mochi, but I do find it delicious! The recipes and accompanying photos make this seem like something I can actually accomplish. And from a professional side, I'm buying this to pair with my anime club. With any luck after this pandemic was past, we can get back to some food programming because I think this is one that teens would love to learn!

For libraries: I think this will be a perfect fit for a bit of diversity in your cookbook collection. And if you have an anime club-buy it!
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If you’ve never tried mochi then you are missing out! Mochi Magic began with a brief description of what mochi is and how it fits into Becker’s life. It includes a section on mochi making basics, for all of us mochi making newbies! Which includes tools and common ingredients. 

The recipes are detailed but easy to follow. I can’t wait to try my hand at making some of the Rose Water Mochi. It looked delicious. Also the mochi made to look like animals were incredibly cute. Whether you're new to mochi or are a seasoned mochi veteran, I think Mochi Magic will be a great read!
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Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of Mochi Magic.

I love sweets but I'm not that big of a fan of mochi but the adorable cover intrigued me and I was excited when my request was approved.

The author does a great job educating readers about mochi; what it is, its place in Japanese food culture and the meaning behind this special food.

She discusses the steps entailed in making this delicious bite-size sweet, easy to follow instructions and a list of the handy tools you'll need when crafting these dainty treats.

Readers will learn there are four different ways to make mochi; from the simplest, the traditional (old school) and the modern, non-traditional method. 

There are also a variety of fillings to make and use, and Ms. Becker offers up plenty of options for the mochi lover or would be mochi lover.

The photographs look good and came through pretty well on my Kindle.

This is a fun, creative and useful guide to making mochi and would make a great gift for anyone who loves mochi. 

Since you can tailor mochi to your particular taste with these recipes, if you like mochi a little or a lot, there is something for everyone in Mochi Magic.
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This is a super cute book. It made me nostalgic for Japan. I would recommend this book to people that already appreciate mochi. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't be interesting.
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