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This very wordy title tries to incorporate a lot of information in a multitude of styles interspersed with illustrations, It combines so many different types of formats together that unfortunately, it doesn't do any of them much of a service. Meh offering.
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This book is a great way to introduce children to dogs. It gives details of how to approach and start a respectful relationship, how to read dog body language and fun facts about our canine friends.

Some of the information is basic but there are some useful tips and it is certain to educate and inspire children, I like that the book has interactive sections where photographs can be inserted when a child meets a new dog. There is even an ‘eye spy’ area where you can add details of different breeds you have met.

The illustrations are bright and will appeal to very young children. The pictures are a great way to interact, have fun and still educate a child. They work well with the text, which could be adapted by the parent, to suit the age of the child.

Many of the stories are truly inspirational and will show children just how brave, loving and loyal dogs can be.

I was pleased to see that the book suggests the rescue option of finding a new dog and the importance of service dogs. It would be a great way of educating a child before a new dog is welcomed into the family. This would be a great addition to a school library or a fun gift for young aspiring dog owners.
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Gideon and his wholesome, happy quest to pet all the dogs has warmed my heart since I first found him on social media a couple of years ago. Now, he's helping other kids pet those dogs with this fun, informative guide! Of course he is! 

Suitable for elementary to middle school readers, "Pet That Dog!" offers solid advice, fun facts, inspiring stories from history, fun silly quizzes, and a dog tracking log of about 150 breeds and several more categories for mutts and "dogs whose breeds aren't the most interesting thing about them." Kids can be on the lookout for tiny dogs or fluffy dogs or dogs who share their same name.   The text is broken up into readable chunks, and super cute color illustrations, like what you see on the cover, appear throughout.

I'd call the advice itself above average. The part about holding out your hand for the dog to sniff is a little dated, but works fine in this context of approaching a dog whose owner has already indicated it's okay. Otherwise, it's better not to approach so directly (keep your hands in and the dog to your side rather than face-to-face — at least until the dog approaches and sniffs you). But I love that it includes illustrations and descriptions for dog body language! Kids that learn that part will be well on their way to understanding, appreciating, and safely petting all the dogs. 

Content notes: a couple of war stories appear in the inspiring history tales
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Overall, this book was a fun book about dogs. But as someone who has fostered several shy dogs, I have found the advice about greeting new dogs is outdated and potentially dangerous. First of all, while it is never good to surprise a dog from behind, it is considered aggressive to approach head on. Secondly, never reach our your hand for a dog to sniff. Even when you move slowly, it can be seen as aggressive. Instead, give the dog your side and leave your hand by your side. If the dog doesn't choose to come to you, they do not want to be greeted. This website does a good job of explaining it.  That small bit of advice ruined the book for me. I know it is a commonly circulated myth. But I cannot help spread the misinformation.

Thanks to the publisher and to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I initially thought that this book was just going to be a picture books, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it have a bit more to it than that.
Gideon, who well known on Twitter for his account - IvePetThatDog - has composed this wonderful guide on how to pet that dog!
I love that he goes into respecting dogs, asking their humans if he's allowed to pet their dog, as well as when someone has a service dog.

This fun, brilliantly illustrated, informative guide is perfect for any young child who wants a dog, or who happens to be inspired by Gideon's quest to pet every dog ever.

This is an easy 5/5 stars from me.
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Pet that Dog! by Gideon Kidd is a great pick for young readers. The book outlines what to expect when meeting a dog and how to act. This would be a great introduction for new pet owners. Written by a kid, this book has easy language for students to follow on their own. The book even includes a personality quiz and a tracker journal centered on dogs. Recommended for grades 4-6
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Thanks to NetGalley and Quirk Books for the advanced opportunity to check out Pet That Dog!. 

As a longtime fan of Gideon's Twitter presence, I was so excited to see he and his mom wrote a book together! I  can't wait to give copies to my friends with kids. Gideon teaches kids the right way to interact with dogs, ways to be a good dog friend (and good person, honestly!), and even tips for adopting a future furry friend. 

Also, I've said it before, but every book should have a personality quiz. 

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A bit of a slow read - it just doesn't quite connect with the reader or hit its mark. It somehow comes across as if the author is just getting to know dogs himself, not that he's an expert trying to share his knowledge. The facts shared were just so basic - the reader would have to be in a vacuum to actually learn anything not already known. Sorry to be harsh, but it isn't right to assume that a  school-age child doesn't already know basic info!
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Petting a dog is one of the many joys of life for so many. Gideon is just one of those people, who took his love and not only created a website, but now a book about his enjoyment of man's best friend. Along with mom, Gideon has created a book perfect for "collecting" dogs. There is great advice for those who might not own or will own a dog soon from how to say hello and  training to visiting the vet. The illustrations of the dogs are pleasant. This is the first book that has a "collecting" section, so that's a fun find. Every dog lover will enjoy reading and using this book in their lives. Will make a fun gift! Highly recommend.
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Absolutely loved this book - and I don’t even own a dog! This book should be read by everyone from 2-200 because it is chock full of useful information on how to carefully approach a dog that is not your own, which is something few of us are taught. Plus it covers everything you should know, and a few you don’t. For example, “...dogs poop in alignment with the north-south axis...”.
This book should be given out free at animal shelters whether or not a dog is adopted due to the thoughtful procedures the author Gideon lays out. Great way to learn to be more comfortable around dogs of all shapes and sizes. Be a wonderful learning tool for libraries especially since “reading dogs” are becoming the norm for most.
I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving my review.
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Have you ever wanted a dog? Maybe you would just like to pet one! Gideon Kidd and Rachel Braunigan can tell you almost everything you need to know. When meeting a new dog that you want to pet, be sure to ask the caregiver - and the dog! Follow their list of Dos and Don'ts so that you and the dog will feel safe. Learn about dog's body language, some fun facts about dog communication, and places to go to meet dogs. Every dog has a story - ask the caregiver about theirs - includes some helpful questions you can ask to get the caregiver talking about their dog. Additionally, there's a section of stories about dogs from history like Balto, Stubby, and Buddy - the first US seeing eye dog; adopting and taking care of your own dog, a quiz to see what kind of dog best matches your personality and a place to record the name, date and breed of all the dogs you meet. 

I loved this! Perfectly paced with just the right amount of information. Susann Hoffmann's cartoon illustrations are multicultural with lots of different breeds - great for imagining yourself with your own dog. This would be a great gift for a young dog lover, especially someone waiting to get their own dog.
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This is a nice book for a child who would like to know more about dogs especially if they think that they want one.  This title includes wonderful information on choosing and caring for a dog along with information on famous service dogs.   Children will enjoy completing the fun checklist when meeting different types of dogs.
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Thanks to Quirk Books for sending me a free digital galley in exchange for feedback.

Oh, this is just adorable.  I've followed Gideon Kidd's "I've Pet That Dog" on social media for years, and I love his wide-eyed enthusiasm for dogs.  He and his mother have done a great job of bringing that energy to this book.  

The target audience here is kids around Kidd's age, with information about how to be a good dog-petter, stories about exceptionally good dogs, and a section at the end where kids can put notes about dogs they have petted.  Kidd has a lot of adult fans who are also going to love the book for the same reasons that they love his web site.

The illustrations are really cute, and I regret that I read it on a black-and-white Kindle.  I'll have to make a point of finding it in print when it comes out, because I'd like to see the pictures in color.
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This is an adorable and informative book for young children about dogs. There's information on how to approach and get used to new dogs, while keeping those dogs safe and comfortable as well. It talks about some of the dogs Gideon has met, some famous dogs, and even how to care for a dog if you're looking to adopt! It also has interactive pages as well, so you can keep track of all the dogs you've pet! This will be a perfect addition to our K-5th library collection as it is not just a cute and a fun read for elementary school children, but also highly informative. If your kid or student loves dogs, get this book!
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