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This was pretty cute and a quick read. I liked that the book had a Jewish protagonist from a same-sex parent household. Positive representation is always good. The plot was a bit simplistic. I would have liked to see a little more interaction between the MC and love interest. They also coupled awfully fast (like a week?)
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- I think it’s safe to say it: I love Laura Silverman’s books. I fell in love with Girl Out of Water a little while ago, completely related to You Asked for Perfect and now, with Recommended for You, I swooned and smiled and fell like I was on cloud nine. I EVEN MADE A RHYME wow.
- Laura Silverman always manages to write characters I fall for and this book was no exception. Shoshanna was such an endearing main character, I couldn’t help but root for her right from the start. She’s sensitive, loud, kind of obstinated and always thrives to be a problem-solver. She’s just so passionate in everything she does, I just loved her.
- The local bookstore setting! As a bookworm, I obviously love anything bookish in my stories and it was so much fun to have the bookstore play such a big role in the story. From Shoshanna’s passion for books shining through to the hard work and bookstore storyline, this just made my little bookish heart soar happily.
- The family relationships and friendships were wonderful in that one, just as well.
- Let’s start with the family. Shoshanna has two mothers and I just loved seeing how much she cared for them, worried about them and their relationship. I also enjoyed seeing the supportive parents caring for their daughter, giving her advice and there was one lovely scene on the porch I loved so much.
- I also really enjoyed the friendships in this story: endearing female friendships, with their little bit of drama and issues, YES, but I also just really liked the dynamics of them!
- One thing I loved in Recommended for You was that the romance was slow-paced, giving the characters time to get to know each other, their feelings changing from I-barely-tolerate-you to oh-hey-you’re-not-so-bad, slowly growing into a friendship and into something more, just as well. ALSO! Jake was one adorable croissant okay. (This is me saying he’s an adorable cinammon bun, without talking about cinnamon, because I don’t like it, okay)
- It’s important to note that this book isn’t entirely romance-focused, either! From Shoshanna’s parents, her own issues with money, her friendships,  Recommended For You was overall a well-rounded contemporary, perfect if you’re looking for that book that will leave you smiling and your heart full.

- I have a thing for Laura Silverman’s books, OKAY, I’ll admit it. Her characters and stories and just, her books overall always win me over, leaving me smiling and happy and just, yes. This is the kind of book I love. If you enjoy YA contemporary books, I definitely recommend reading this one (and everything Laura writes).
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A fun, sweet read. I loved the Hanukkah setting and holiday atmosphere. I can't resist books about bookstores, and this one suited my reading mood so well.
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Welcome Back!

It’s been a super busy week here but I feel like I am definitely on the end of my to do list for this week and that has made my mood pick up drastically. Also, getting my to-do list wrapped up means that I can spend more time reading! I have been in the middle of some really good books lately (and have so many more arriving every week because this month has so many good books coming out), so I can not wait for the end of the week to come and I can spend some serious time reading all these amazing books. One of the books I picked up recently is Recommended For You! A little ago I was invited to participate in the blog tour for this book and I am super excited to talk about this book today!

Shoshanna has made her job her escape lately, she works at her local bookstore (a.k.a. my dream job) but her life outside of work seems to be falling apart. Her car is on the brink of death, her family is fighting at home, and nothing is going right. Everyday she gets to head into the bookstore is a blissful day spent in one of her favorite places. However, Shoshanna soon sees a way to fix some of her problems (mostly just her car issues, but it’s a great start). Her boss declares that whoever sells the most books will get a bonus and Shoshanna is so in but there is one small problem, the new guy, Jake. Jake is the complete opposite of Shoshanna, he does not even read. But can Shoshanna compete with him and win (even though she secretly thinks he is kinda cute)?

I spent some time last weekend reading this (mostly cozied up at the end of long days) and it was super adorable and the perfect thing for a long week! I will have a full review of this book posted later this month but I highly recommend this book. It was a fun read that I honestly, looked forward to at the end of the day. I love Shoshanna’s character (and I am super jealous of her job, like I would love to own a bookstore/work at one someday). I also thought the competition between her and Jake was so fun (it kind of reminded me of the Bookworm Crush competition story line)! I would highly recommend checking this book out!

**Thank you so much to the publisher for inviting me to the blog tour!
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Sweet, fun, diverse. Bookstore romance! Great read! Loved the holiday aspect, which isn’t usually my thing, but this was perfect. Very much enjoyed this book and I expect my students will enjoy it was well.
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Teen readers have been clamoring for more rom-coms that are actually good reads. I am thrilled to start to recommend this book to satisfy their wants!  *Recommended for You* is an excellent workplace (bookstore) holiday story with competition and attraction. This book is a sweet read and an excellent addition to the YA collection.
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Such a cute holiday read! Once I started I couldn't put it down. The characters were diverse and relatable. I defiantly recommend this  book if you are looking for a family feel good holiday read.

Thank you to Netgalley for the ARC
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I liked the setting of the bookstore but I felt like the overall plot was way too juvenile and predictable for me to enjoy.  
I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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A cute Romcom novel for teens who have their very own romance with books. Characters deal with issues of divorce, loss, and judging a book by it's cover. I would hand this to a teen in need of some light romance with a simple, happy ending.
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I didn't love this - I didn't care for the protagonist, she was super annoying
The premise is cute - the frenemy thing, but I couldn't finish it to find out what happened
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Overall this was a cute read. I didn't love it and I didn't really connect with it, mostly because of my age. I'm 32 and the main character was 16. I do read alot of YA Contemporary and some of the characters I read I connect with but I did feel like Shoshanna was a little to juvenile for me. So please take my review with a grain of salt. It was overall cute, had amazing family and friendships as well!
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Hello, friends! Today I’m participating in the blog tour for Recommended For You! I was asked to do a creative post, which of course means that my mind was blank for a good few weeks, but soon after finishing this book, an idea came to me!

You see, while this book centers around a book store and a budding friendship (and possibly more), food comes into play quite a bit. From Latkepalooza, the last night of Hannukah celebration that the main character Shoshanna and her moms have every year, to Shoshanna eating in the food court with her best friends in the mall where they all work, a lot of the relationships in this book get solidified over food! And since there’s a significant inclusion of cookies towards the end of this book, I figured it would be fun to watch some of the main characters to a cookie that matched their personality!

Shoshanna: Funfetti Cookie
The main character of this story, Shoshanna acts quite impulsively, and many times even childishly throughout this book. Her personality is very BRIGHT and out there, and immediately made me think of funfetti! I also think of funfetti as this really cheery baked good, and that fits Shoshanna’s personality perfectly!

Jake: Gingersnap
Since this is an enemies to lovers story, I only found it fitting to choose a cookie that has a bit of a kick when you first bite into it for the love interest! Gingersnaps are a super yummy treat but they definitely aren’t all sugar and sweetness! Plus, these cookies smell fantastic, and Shoshonna always loves the way Jake smells! (And looks. And smiles. And hold books. She likes a lot of things about him.)

Daniel: Crinkle Cookie
Daniel works at the same book store as Shoshanna. Although Shoshanna used to be super close to him, throughout the book there’s a bit of distance between her and Daniel. So obviously the perfect cookie to represent this relationship is a crinkle cookie, which is defined by it’s cracking and spreading, all of which add distance!

Myra: Chocolate Chip Cookie
Myra is the owner of the book store that Shoshanna, Jake, and Daniel all work at. When thinking of Myra, I thought of a calm, steady presence that’s always around to provide guidance. So what better comparison to make than to the classic chocolate chip cookie! If you need a cookie, there’s sure to be some chocolate chip version that can be found nearby!

Cheyenne: Fortune Cookie
Cheyenne is one of Shoshanna’s best friends, and she tends to try out a new hobby every few weeks. This made me think of a fortune cookie, where every time you crack one open, the inside is a surprise. Similarly, every week Cheyenne’s newest hobby is something new and unexpected!

Geraldine: Macaron
Geraldine is Shoshanna’s other best friend, and she’s an aspiring beauty YouTuber. So when I think of her, I think of aesthetically pleasing makeup looks. And what cookie is more beautiful than macarons! Brightly colored as they are, macarons can easily be inspiration for an eye shadow palette one day, and no one would be surprised!

Mom: Biscotti
Mom is the stricter of Shoshanna’s mothers. She literally is a tough cookie! So when I was thinking of a cookie to represent her strength and her firm style of parenting, biscotti came to mind! These double baked treats can be difficult to bite into, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth it!

Mama: Sugar Cookies
Mama is soft and gentle, and a generally calming and warm presence in Shoshanna’s life. Her cookie came to me immediately. There was no way she could be anything other than a sweet, melt in the mouth sugar cookie!

And there you have it! Those are the cookies that I think suits each character best! I hope my comparisons and reasoning make as much sense to you as they did to me!
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I received a complimentary copy of this title from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed are my own. 

This was another title that made me doubt what I read. (I'm an adult who reads YA. Leave me alone.) Sometimes, my brain gets stuck on a certain element of something and goes "that's completely ridiculous; that's not how things work" and it just completely ruins any possibility of me enjoying it. That's what happened here.

I've worked in a bookstore. I am a librarian. While the customer service interactions are pretty on-point, they give a lot of responsibility to some kids here. Also, I couldn't help but be reminded of that episode of the Andy Griffith Show (I'm not THAT old; it was in very late reruns) where Opie's having to compete for that bag boy job. (See how I said I get stuck on things?) And You've Got Mail is probably my least favorite Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movie. 

So, all in all. Not completely terrible, but would probably fair much better for actual teenagers. Ones who work would probably especially find it relatable.
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I loved this book and read it in a day. It felt like a great Hallmark holiday movie but actually good. I loved the main characters and had so much fun reading it.
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Recommended for You is a sweet holiday story that doesn’t appear to be marketed that way. It follows spunky Shoshanna as she attempts to beat Jake, her fellow sales associate at Once Upon, an independent bookstore to win a cash prize for most books sold over the holidays. I really enjoyed this story. It’s quite endearing. It’s definitely on the lighter side of YA, no mature content, and incredibly heartwarming. I also thoroughly appreciated the natural diversity in the book.
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Silverman told a cute and diverse story of two Jewish teens finding love and friendship. I enjoyed the read and, while I am not the demographic/target audience, I found it very accessible to the average reader. The diversity and representation of different backgrounds was abundant without being performative. 

Shoshanna's character was mildly hard to enjoy which isn't the norm for your usual teen romance. Her and Jake's romance wasn't SUPER compatible but I find that that's very true to life and means that they have an open ended future. The stakes were fairly high for the characters issues which surprised me for such a lighthearted description going in. 

Overall, it's something a lot of teens will enjoy and a refreshing and funny take on living as a Jewish teen and being part of that community.
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Sweet and heartfelt. Recommended for You is a contemporary rom-com on the (neglected) lower end of the YA age range. Playful and fresh. 

There's a lot going on in Shoshana's life. I'm not sure the book needed quite so many subplots, but they did provide wonderful depth and dimension to the character. Silverman seems careful to drive the book''s representation (particularly of the Jewish main characters and Shoshana's same-sex parents) away from stereotype and into complexity. I was particularly intrigued by the thoughtful portrayal of Shoshana's home life.
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First, that cover! Second, bookstore! Third, CHRISTMASTIME!

This was so sweet! Shoshana was a breath of fresh air, especially right now. She doesn’t have a mean or nasty bone in her body and I loved how much she cared about her family and friends, even when it backfired. She’s a fixer—her parent’s relationship, her friend’s YouTube career, and her beloved bookstore—she acts before she fully thinks something through. She means well, but her exuberance gets the better of her.

Jake was a great counter to her high energy. I liked how we slowly got to know him better as he became more comfortable around Shoshana, though I do wish we had more time with the two of them to see it really blossom. This was definitely a younger YA book. I think it’s a great story for late middle school/early high school, introducing teens to the beginnings of a sweet romance, great friendships, and a non-conventional Jewish family.

ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I found out about Recommended for You a few months ago, and when I saw the description and the words “rom-com,” “teen booksellers,” and “Jewish,” I immediately was beyond excited for this book, and that excitement only intensified when I was invited to be a part of this blog tour and got to read the book early!! I rarely get the opportunity to read rom-coms about two Jewish characters, so the fact that this book even exists means the absolute world to me.

I’ve never worked at a bookstore myself but I’ve always thought it would be at least a little bit fun, so I loved living vicariously through Shoshanna and her job at Once Upon. Seeing her get a little too excited about her favorite books (relatable) and then have a moment of “what do you mean you don’t read?!” when she finds out that Jake doesn’t read for fun (also relatable) was such a perfect introduction to her character and her relationship with Jake. Enemies to lovers has been one of my favorite tropes since I read Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston earlier this year, so following Shoshanna as she hate-crushes on Jake while competing with him for the prize money was such a blast. Speaking of Jake, Jake is such a Nice Jewish Boy (or as my friends and I say, NJB), and he’s such a wonderful love interest. I won’t spoil anything, of course, but the baking scenes with him and Shoshanna were some of my favorites.

I think my favorite thing about this book is how casual all of the representation in this book is. There’s the obvious one, of course, and the one that’s the most relatable to me: the Jewish representation! Reading a book set in the wintertime with a main character that talks about her excitement for dreidels and latkes instead of Christmas lights and candy canes meant the world to me. And not only does she talk about Hanukkah, the phrase “oy vey” (along with other Yiddish words and phrases) shows up multiple times in her internal narration and in her dialogue, and she even refers to herself as a Nice Jewish Girl (which is an actual phrase my friends and I use)! A lot of Shoshanna’s character feels so true to my own life, which I don’t take for granted, nor do I take for granted the fact that there are multiple Jewish characters in this book. Authentic Jewish main characters (and characters in general) are rare in media overall and especially so in YA novels, and I hope that I’ll see more Jewish representation like this in the future. But I’m not just talking about the Jewish representation. Multiple significant supporting characters in this book are members of the LGBT+ community, including Shoshanna’s parents, and their identities are treated with respect and are just a small part of these characters’ personalities. Myra, the owner of the bookstore where Shoshanna works, uses a power wheelchair, and her character’s role in the story has nothing to do with that particular part of her life. Daniel, Shoshanna’s “work husband” as she calls him, is Black, and just happens to be Black; it’s an important aspect of his character, but not the only one. All of the representation in the book is written this way, and it’s so lovely to see.

Honestly, my only objection while reading this book involved Shoshanna’s motivation behind a pivotal decision she makes involving one of her friends. I’m not going to go into detail in order to avoid spoilers, but I felt that her thought process behind it was a bit of a stretch.

Overall, though, Recommended for You feels like a heartwarming Hallmark Christmas movie in book form, or at least what I imagine Hallmark Christmas movies are like — I’ve never actually seen one! If they are anything like this book, though, I definitely should marathon them all this holiday season. In all seriousness, Recommended for You had me smiling like an idiot the entire time I was reading, just like all of my favorite rom-com books and movies do. I absolutely loved reading this book, and I highly recommend you all check out it now that it’s finally published : )
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I got an e-ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks, NetGalley!

Shoshanna, a Jewish teen, loves working at her favorite local bookstore. But lately, things aren’t going great at home. Her moms are constantly fighting, and her beloved car is on the brink of death. When her boss announces a holiday bonus to the person who sells the most books, she sees it as money she can get to fix her car. But there’s only one person standing in her way: new hire Jake, who doesn’t even read leisurely. But why can’t she stop thinking about how cute he is when she’s trying to ‘take him down’?

This is the first book of the author’s I’ve read. What drew me to this book was that it was about a teen working in a bookstore (which next to being a professional book reviewer is my dream job) and that it took place during the holidays. Now, I’m not Jewish, but I also wanted to learn a little bit about Hanukkah. I feel like the first part that drew me in was that it took place in a bookstore mostly, but I stayed for the holiday stuff and the characters and plot.

Shoshanna was very creative in trying to get one up on Jake in the race to see who could get the bonus, and I loved that he combatted her almost every time. I also enjoyed the times where they had to work together, and she was trying not to like him but seemed to not be able to help herself. Very entertaining.

I can’t point out something particular about the book I didn’t like. It just seemed to work. I even liked Myra (the wheelchair-bound boss), the moms, Jake’s mom, just…it all seemed to work (I said that already, didn’t I?)

I would recommend this book if you like holiday romances that aren’t heavy on the holiday stuff, trying-not-to-fall-in-love-with-each-other romances, or even if you’re in the mood for a different kind of holiday romance. Heck, if you love reading YA bookstore stories, you should read this. 5 out of 5 stars.
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