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High-Vibe Feng Shui is well structured with a great balance between practical exercises and information. It explains concepts simply and succinctly. This is a great book for beginners on the subject, as well as those already familiar with Feng Shui who are seeking a refresher or exercises to do.
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I only started reading this today and finished already. 

This book makes everything about Feng Shui easy to understand. No jargon, all helpful information. 

I’d recommend people read this as it’s easy to understand. I do however feel the formatting could have been better with the book. The text was a very light grey which made reading difficult. This however is not the authors fault therefore I still gave a solid 4 stars.
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I'd actually been looking for a feng shui book when I saw this come up on NetGalley, and couldn't believe my luck! It's very easy to read, I enjoyed Ashley's insights as to how the process worked for her, and definitely resonated with a lot of what she said. It seemed very simple to follow.

I say "seemed" because I couldn't actually apply the basics she described, which is NOT the fault of the author, but the format of the reference tables in the Ebook edition---I couldn't make head nor tail of them, they were squished all over the place, so it was difficult for me to actually figure out what element related to what under which heading, as I do genuinely want to put this into practice. I ended up googling some tables to see if I could get anything similar.

Apart from that though, it was a very easy and enjoyable read and I hope to be able to put it to good use very soon!
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I'm in the process of moving houses so that's just the kind of book I need at the moment.

Feng Shui is a Chinese tradition of harmonization of individuals with their environment's energy. Basically your house is your sanctuary and should be treated as such. It is also the external manifestation of how you feel inside, so naturally if you change your surroundings with intention, things will flow and finally set into place.

This does not mean 'clean house, perfect life', it's much more than that. Feng Shui has 9 areas that can be used to map your house (or room). Each area represents an aspect of your life, and having a sense where the Wealth area in your house is, for instance, will help you set out a manifestation to get that new car quicker. If you find some sections of your life are stagnant, and you look at the areas where they're represented in your room/house you'll likely find theres a broken shelf or a clogged toilet somewhere (boy my clattered closet being in the Family area was a low blow). This book is all about rearranging your house to raise your vibration and match the life you want. 3d manifestation.

I think this was a great introduction to the theme. Feng Shui always seemed like a difficult practice only years long students could even begin to comprehend, and this book challenged this preconceived notion I had. Having said that, I feel like it could have gone deeper into the subject.

The book starts with tips for mental preparation, visualization and getting rid of mental blocks that might interfere with your manifestation and therefore life. I know the point of the book is to teach Feng Shui but this was my favourite part. I think it does a great job of explaining the science behind energy and how the brain assimilates things. It gives you the perfect basis to manifestation with the rundown of how to say things in a way that attract what you desire, how to incorporate it in your daily life, how to enhance your intuition and more. I'll definitely be adding some of the exercises in my life.

There's also great lists of correspondences. How to truly harmonize the elements, what colour, fragrance, position, crystal, shape etc are best for each area to have an energetically equilibrated environment.

I need to mention though, that I was disappointed on the author for suggesting the use of sage to cleanse energies having in mind this is an Indigenous practice that non-Indigenous people shouldn't appropriate. This brings me to the fact that Feng Shui is a Chinese practice, so if you're interested on the subject look for Chinese sources and authors after this to get a deeper understanding.

Otherwise I think this is a good place to start, and I'll be referring to it a lot in the future.
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This book made Feng Shui accessible to the average person, and I really enjoyed it. I liked that the author focused on general well-being and harmonious living. It's not just about arrangement of the furniture. I also liked that the author was not at all doctrinaire about this subject. She freely tells readers to ultimately do what makes them feel good and what works best for them. Lots of good tips on healthy living!
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What a beautiful book!
I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing all it hints & tips & taken so much from it for myself & my family. 
Such an interesting topic, a book that I can refer back to again & again.
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The book talks about how to use feng shui in your life to bring about happiness and growth and How to harmonize the space so that your behavior also changes accordingly. 

Change your space and you will change your life is the key mantra of the book. 

This guide book focuses on designing a space in exactly the way you want it to look and you create a space that you love where the energy flows and you become aware of new opportunities. You execute it by using color, shapes, design elements and also by paring down the items you have and simple things like repositioning your furniture in your space. Feng Shui operates on the three universal laws of attraction, vibration and action. Feng Shui operates at the subconscious level and it affects your subconscious mind. The basic premise is that the world is made up of energy and when you deliberately shift your energy, you can also deeply transform your life.  The book also highlights common misconceptions about Feng Shui. 

Some of the areas that could be improved are the visual aspects in the book, for example - the postures to be adopted are indicated in the text but there are no photos depicting the posture. Hence, it becomes slightly difficult to visualize the posture based on the text only. Also, additional references would be helpful to strengthen the rationale for the Feng Shui practices. 

The author focuses on a holistic way of doing Feng Shui that focuses on the mind, body, soul and space and how to find your flow. In short, how to live in the flow. She focuses on how to use Feng Shui to bring new opportunities in your life. The guide book focuses on how to reset your mind and prepare your space with high vibe actions and then get familiar with the Feng Shui toolbox. Subsequently, how to transform your space is dealt with using the energy map and other techniques and finally, the author shows us how to continue evolving with Feng Shui in the future. 

Thus, the author deals with the Feng Shui concept in a very simple way that is easy to understand and implement in your context and space.
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This book is an easy to use guide on how to bring high vibe harmony into your home using the ancient art of feng shui.  The author teaches methods on how to align your home energetically to whatever it is you would like to manifest. How to set proper intentions, create rituals, use an energy map, work with the five elements, and how to rearrange your space are all concisely explained in this guide.

The author's techniques are simple and easy to understand without losing the depth of feng shui. Her approach is more modern and new agey compared to most books on the subject which makes the intimidating practice much more approachable.

I would say the art and look of the book is geared towards a younger millenial type audience which I personally like. With most of the world being in quarantine, this book is timely and I believe we will see a renewed interest in the sacredness of the home.
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High vibe fenn shui is a guide in this practice of how to enhance the best use of positioning in your life.

Whether it's buildings, furniture or possessions, placing these in the optimum position to enhance the quality and flow of your life and can make a difference in the atmosphere of your surroundings.A
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Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my digital copy in exchange for an honest review.

Honestly? This one kind of poses an issue for me. I requested this book because about 5 years ago, I suddenly developed an interest in fen shui but didn't really do anything with it at the time. It has stayed in my head since then,though, along with minimalism and I STILL want to have proper feng shui in my living space. When it came to the actual information inside the book, I loved I kind of want to give a higher review BUT my free digital copy came without any of the pictures that go with what you are reading about...which really took away from my experience. I am pretty sure this book is the one that has me deciding not to request any more nonfiction books because it just might not be worth it for me anymore. I cannot give an honest opinion if I don't have all of the facts and what people with a printed copy might have. I may check it out again one day so I can see the pictures...but at this point, I can only give a three star review.
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This book is extremely accessible. Cantley provides a very straightforward guide on how to improve your space. Some of the ideas are very practical including decluttering and cleaning before moving on to how to remove blocks with adding elements to design. There are no compasses or grids just straightforward orientation.
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This book was ok, but it just wasn’t my taste in writing.......................................................
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Ashley Cantley takes the ancient art of Feng Shui and translates it into a modern explanation. She lays out the foundations of Feng Shui, while highlighting the importance of individualism and finding what is right for you. I look forward to fully taking the steps she outlines, and finding my flow.
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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

This was a great read and I learned many things about feng shi from this book but it also seemed very spiritually related too which as a newby to feng shui I'm not sure if this is really a big part of feng shui or if it is just the authors practice of it. Much of it is focused on changing your life accordingly and not just giving up on things.
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I have always been curious about Feng Shui. This book is absolutely excellent at explaining what it is all about and what to do with the information! Rearange a room. Clean parts of it. Add things to an area. To learn that I can influence my life positively by doing simple things to my environment was eye opening. To test the improvement in communication(one of the areas that I am in need of help) I did as directed. To be honest I didnt think anything would happen. One day later I have had better conversations with just about everyone! I even got a phone call from someone I havent heard from in a long time. If your are interested in improving your life I think this fascinating science can help. Easy to read and written in a fun manner, yet comprehensive in its approach. 5 Stars.
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A nice all-encompassing guide to feng shui for beginners to the practice! Covers each aspect of it in a cheery bright way. Nice addition to the "meta" section.
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I really liked this. I read it once to get an overview and do this review but will be reading it again and in more detail. I've already started drawing up my house grid and it's got me thinking about my use of colour, pictures and so on. It was a lot for me to take in, in one go but certainly not hard to read. As well as Feng Shui it covers Law of attraction and I can see some other reviews didn't like that. I felt differently (which is why reviews are always subjective I guess). I'm a fan of both so I liked how the two concepts could work together. 

I had an advanced copy so there weren't any pictures in the book. That would have made it even better however there was the space for them so I imagine they will be in the final version. Overall really good and can't wait to have a go at my Feng Shui journey
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Thank you to NetGalley for giving me a free digital Advanced Reading Copy (ARC e-book) of this title. I really enjoyed it! High-Vibe Feng Shui by Ashley Cantley was a great read. I have been interested in Feng Shui since I was a teenager; my grandmother had books on Feng Shui and shared them with me, passing on her love of rearranging furniture to me. I understand that energies can get stuck and become stagnant, so it is important to rearrange the furniture in your home to enhance and not trap those vibrations. I felt that the introduction to Feng Shui was helpful and explained well, and that there were practical tips throughout the book that were easy to understand. I appreciate that the three laws were included in this book (the law of attraction, the law of vibration, and the law of action) and that the book did a great job of helping the reader visualize the dos-and-don'ts. I had fun created an energy map of my home and can’t wait to get started on enhancing the energy in my space!
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This is exactly what is described, it’s an depth guide on how to get started with feng shui. It’s in easy to understand sections that delve into meditation, how to set up your home, and the explanations on why certain things are a no go. Such as having a couch facing away from the door, the remedy is to move the couch or put a mirror in front of it. I’m much more knowledgeable on feng shui.
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Thank you Netgalley and publishers for the book!

This is the first book I have read about Feng Shui and it really was great introduction.
Written in simple word and easy directions, the book was great to follow
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