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The Rocking R Ranch

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Tim Washburn has a hit in his new book “The Rocking R Ranch.”  The story follows the Ridgeway family dynasty along the Texas and Indian Territory border (aka Oklahoma). The ranch of nearly 50 thousand acres was on a border that was frequented by marauding Indians as well as various cattle rustling, horse-stealing, murdering and assorted other criminals. The patriarch, Cyrus, had four living children who were on the family place living in a near communal lifestyle.  The children, two boys and two girls, all had their own lives and they did not always get along very well.

The basic story line is about the lives of the family and their run-ins with criminals and the interactions with not only the children but the next generation as well.  A large part of the story concerns trying to rescue a 13 year old granddaughter, Emma, who was abducted by a war party of Comanche braves.  The story bounces along the northern part of Texas into the panhandle and into Palo Duro Canyon.  As one might expect there are war parties and death around every corner in the attempt to get her back.  Grandfather, father, and uncles, as well as hired-hands all get involved in her rescue attempt.  The Army working out of Ft. Sill becomes involved as the settlers from the east would like some of the good land in Oklahoma and the Indians have to be contained.

Tragedy is a regular occurrence, whether it is weather, death, abduction, or adultery. One of the interesting and unexpected things a reader discovers is the way that the family deals with these happenings.  It is not exactly the way that one might expect from a rough western family living where the mantra is being tougher than the other person. The Indians have a name for the family men of Heap Big Guns and Little Heap Big Guns.  To find out what this means, read the book.  If you like Westerns you’ll enjoy this one with a slightly different twist.
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