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The Bromance Book Club series delivers its third volume with Crazy Stupid Bromance, a best friends-to-lovers, hacktivist-meets-cat-loving café-owner romance.

Computer security technician and ­ex-teen hacktivist Noah Logan is trying to be the best man possible for his friend Mack (hero of the previous in the series, Undercover Bromance), but the interminable number of wedding activities he’s been subjected to – including being forced to learn an interpretative dance for the ceremony  – is pushing his patience to the breaking point. He’s equally resistant to the notion of being enlisted in the Bromance Book Club, though all of his friends swear by it.

Noah’s best friend, Alexis Carlisle, runs the Toe Beans Cat Café and is trying to cope with the international press attention she’s getting after being one of dozens of women who accused celebrity chef Royce Preston of sexual harassment.  The fame has gotten the café some notoriety, and when she notices a sad-looking customer coming into the café, the social Alexis approaches her and tries to engage her in a conversation. She gets a shock when the customer, who introduces herself as Candi, explains they are half-sisters, and their father – who abandoned Alexis when she was a baby – will die without a new kidney.

Cue Noah stepping in, concerned that Alexis’ biological father Elliott Vanderpool might be trying to take advantage of her.  When Alexis asks Noah to dig into Vanderpool’s past, he discovers that his company is an enormously wealthy defense contractor whose negligence resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians.  He also finds out that Vanderpool was engaged to another woman – the mother of his other children – while he was involved with Alexis’ mother. Noah’s hacktivist side is back with a vengeance, but he has an even deeper secret.

For Noah wants nothing more than to convince his BFF that they belong together. Some things cannot be found in coding and wires.  Bromance Book Club to the rescue!

Crazy Stupid Bromance is a very cute story with a soap opera subplot that doesn’t really work all that well amidst the froth.  But the warm relationship between Noah and Alexis pulls the book through.

Alexis is the best.  No doormat but also not the least bit wicked, it’d be easy to reduce a character like her to her victimhood status, but she bounces back, alive and sassy, and Noah, the introverted computer geek who just kinda wants to be alone with his girl, is a great hero because he’d do absolutely anything for Alexis.

His love for Alexis and vice-versa feels so real that one senses that, even if the romance didn’t work out, they’d still be best friends.  Their bond is moving, sensual and compelling.

There are a lot of great secondary characters – chief among them, besides the other members of the BBC, are Beefcake, Alexis’ ginormous cat, who HATES Noah and it’s kind of hilarious.  Candi is super sympathetic as well.

The biggest problem I had with the book is that the whole kidney transplant plot – with its billionaire dad and dramatic affair and attendant silliness – feels extremely outré when placed against the much quieter and smaller romance happening in the main part of the novel.  Without it, the simple story of Alexis’ sexual harassment plot and the Noah’s wooing of Alexis would have been enough of a storyline.

But that isn’t quite enough to put a dent in my recommendation.  Crazy Stupid Bromance works as a romance, and in that it is pretty successful.

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This was a cute installment of the Bromance Book Club series, focusing on bakery owner Alexis and reformed hacktivist Noah.
This story seemed to have more external conflict than the previous ones and I found myself actually quite angry at the hero/ine's extended families. That did dampen the buzz of the romance a bit, which was sweet and somewhat uneventful.
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Ek!  Probably my favorite Bromance Book Club yet - and I've read all of them! 

I am not a huge romance reader, but for some reason I just adore this series..  And this one about Alexis who is such a strong female lead was just a balm for my soul during these trying times. 

I cannot wait for the fourth installment about THE RUSSIAN.

Keep it up Lyssa Kay Adams!
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This was a fairly typical romance story. I did not see much that was unique or different, it didn't seem to live up to its promise or explain much of the premise.
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Thank you to NetGalley for this e-arc in exchange for an honest review. 

I love this series. Its got heart, humor, fire, and emotion. Although I found this one lacking in tension and yearning between the two main characters I still enjoyed the love story and there was plenty of side plot that kept me utterly invested. I even found myself tearing up at several times during this one. 

I'm definitely a Bromance Bookclub fan - the guys always keep me giggling and the romance hits me in the feels every-time. I'm eagerly waiting on the next one (Fingers crossed it's about the Russian)
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Ever have a book that you think is going to be lighthearted and fun and then BAM! Your throat is tightening up, tears start flowing and you actually get angry with yourself because you're so surprised you cried? Yup, that's this book for me.

When our story begins, Noah and Alexis are solidly and happily in the friendzone with each other. Well....maybe not happily but there's genuine love and affection there and they're not ready to possibly mess up that dynamic. Alexis is a sexual abuse survivor who is rebuilding her confidence day by day and some nights she runs a support group out of her cafe for other women who've been through the same thing. Noah is a security expert who became involved with Alexis because of the aftermath of her trauma, and is struggling with his own issues with dealing with grief. But when a surprise from Alexis' past comes roaring into her present, Noah is there to support his friend. One thing leads to another, and before you know it? Yup, romance happens.

This series has been a pleasure to read because of the found family built through friendships, particularly the men who've become part of the Bromance Book Club. The ongoing theme of men learning to express their emotions through reading romances has been a fun angle to explore. This book doesn't dive as deeply into the book club, but the subplots really kept me turning that kindle page.

Now to the crying....

I mean, a rom-com that makes me cry? But yup, it did. Now, I didn't cry because of the angst between the leads (that was standard and frankly, if it wasn't for the book club calling them out on the foolishness it would have been way more frustrating), but because of the subplots involving their individual families and how complicated those relationships can be. Nothing is straightforward or simple, and I really liked that. There's a few scenes towards the end, especially that made my throat tighten and the tears to well, and I was shocked. So for that, kudos to Ms. Adams for making me feel as deeply as she did.

Bottom line? This is a great addition to the series, particularly for the individual family journeys, so if that sounds like something you'd be into, I would recommend it.
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Crazy, Stupid Bromance is the third installment in the Bromance Book Club series which chronicles the hijinks that ensue when a group of bros form a romance book club to support each other through relationship woes. Our protagonists, Alexis and Noah, are platonic besties, who have extremely relevant reasons to avoid potentially muddling their friendship with romance, especially because Alexis . However, when Alexis’ past forces her to make some serious choices, Noah feels like he can no longer hide from his feelings. Can the Bromance Book Club help Noah support Alexis and reveal his heart?

I love how Adams subverts common romance sexist tropes by showcasing healthy depictions of friendship (between both men and women), consent, swoon and humor.  Some of the capers and drama felt a little bit forced, but overall, I was quite content to escape to Nashville with an adorable cast of characters who deserve a HEA.
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When Nashville's hottest and broodiest hacker comes to the conclusion he's in love with his best friend, and needs some help, he calls in reinforcements - enter the Bromance Book club. They helped Gavin through his rough patch with his wife and really hear her. They helped Mack, the leader of the club, wrangle Liv and even helped take down a serial abuser. Now they're here to help Noah & Alexis get together once and for all.

Gotta love a friend to lovers trope. Lyssa Kay Adams does romance so impeccably well and this latest addition to her Bromance Book Club series falls right in line with the first book (titled just that) and Undercover Bromance. While title is not my favorite of the series (don't make me choose between my babies!) it definitely did not disappoint. What can I say? I'm a Mack girl.

Check out this book if you love witty characters, heart, men who are actively fighting masculine stereotypes and heavy romance. Thank you NetGalley, Lyssa Kay Adams and Berkeley for allowing me to read this ARC. I squealed with joy when I was approved.
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I won this book from Berkley Romance. Thank you so much!! Oh my gosh it was so amazing!! I read the first two Bromance Books and each one keeps getting better and better! Romance and some turmoil and family issues and that Russian!! Lol I really enjoyed this one so much. I sure hope Alyssa Kay Adams continues with all these characters and The Bromance Book Club!
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Alexis (one of the sexual harassment victims from Undercover Bromance) and her business partner have turned their cat cafe into a safe haven for fellow sexual harassment/assault survivors. It's well know that survivors can come to the cafe to talk about their experiences and find a place to meet with other survivors, so when a new customer pulls Alexis aside one day, she assumes the girl is ready to open up about her own assault. But she is shocked to learn the girl is actually her little sister. Alexis never knew her father, but the sister finds her through one of those DNA sites and seeks her out because their dad (who Alexis has never once met) needs a kidney transplant. With Alexis's whole life thrown into a state of upheaval, she turns to her best friend Noah (who we also met in Undercover Bromance, he's the hacker). Noah is a successful business owner, kind of grumpy yet sweet, and hopelessly in love with Alexis. Things with Alexis and Noah progress, but they struggle navigating the road from friends to lovers, especially in the midst of dealing with Alexis's decision as to whether or not she should help her dad and Noah's unprocessed grief over his own father's death. Of course, in the end, it all gets sorted and they live happily ever after.

So since this is a romance, let's start with the love story. Alexis and Noah are fantastic together. I'm becoming more and more of a friends to lovers fan, and I think this one was really well done. They're so sweet together, and very protective of each other, and for the most part, I really liked how their relationship unfolded and evolved. Noah, for the most part, is a super dreamy hero who takes very good care of Alexis, which made my heart happy. Were this book only about their relationship, I think it would have been a five star read for me.

Some of the other moments in the book were tough for me though, and not necessarily because the writing or story wasn't good--I'd actually argue they were very well written hence my *feelings*--it just felt like a lot of trauma. SPOILER ALERT: When Alexis first meets her dad, his wife, and her brother, none of them even know she exists. The younger sister springs Alexis on the family like ta-da here's our kidney donor, oh by the way she's dad's daughter no one knew about, and their reactions (rightfully? understandably?) are not great. The way Alexis is treated by this group of people who then turn around and ask her to give up an organ from her body is pretty appalling. It made my viscerally angry. So again, I think that speaks to the quality of the writing, but it was just not super enjoyable to read.

The one real misstep in the book for me was actually a big bummer because it came from the Bromance Book Club, who I think we all fell in love with in the first book of this series. When Noah and Alexis kiss for the first time, they are both a bit buzzed, and when Noah pauses things to check in with Alexis, she takes it as he is rejecting her and runs off. What he's actually doing is checking for consent, which is, you know, VERY IMPORTANT. When Noah relays the story to the bros, they chastise him for stopping things and making Alexis feel like he didn't want her and that is not the look I want from these guys. As self-professed readers of the genre, they should be well-versed in the rules--verbal consent always and often.

For me the mixed feelings come as a result of being able to see this book is well done, while at the same time, not feeling like it was a fun one to read. And again, that's not necessarily a bad thing, not every romance has to be light and fluffy, but for me personally, it felt like too much.
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Lyssa Kay Adams is a new auto buy author for me! I love this series! Crazy Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams is sweet, sexy, and romantic!
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Thank you Netgalley and Berkeley Publishing for a copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

The Bromance Book Club is back...

And I am here for it.

Crazy Stupid Bromance follows tech guru Noah and his best friend Alexa, who are about to embark on an adventure with the Bromance Book Club. Noah and Alexa have the most wonderful friendship built on trust and comfort. When feelings start to ignite between the two, Noah enlists the help of his high-powered Nashville buddies who just happen to be a part of a male romance novel book club. His uses their advice as he navigates Alexa's emotional past. When her "past" becomes the present, Noah must saddle up and learn how to love her well.

Yes. Oh, yes. Lyssa Kay Adams just wrote the best novel in the Bromance Book Club series. Noah and Alexa are the most well-suited couple of them all with such stability and emotional range. The undercurrent of their past mistakes round out this romance with depth and insight as to how people can turn their brokenness into beauty with the right person by their side. Noah is by far the most likable of the Bromance Book Club. Many of them are a bit cringe-worthy, but Noah is sweet and solid. His good old boy image does become steamy when his feelings are explored with Alexa...and I am digging it. Alexa is sweet and strong, also the most likable of the heroines in this series because she stands up for her worth and loves all her people well. The events in the story made me LAUGH. LAUGH....I mean chuckle and belly laugh at the situations all of these characters endured. It is nice to see how Gavin/Thea and Mack/Liz have faired over the course of time as well. 

And the Russian. He's just the best. Can the next book be about him?

Highly recommend!

4.5 stars

 (It does not quite hit the mark with 5 stars because the ending seemed a bit rushed and Alexa's plot with her "family" was not explored as much for the total outcome.)
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This was such an excellent read. Once again, Lyssa Kay Adams has outdone herself. I loved everything about this book. The only reason I didn't give it the full 5 stars was because it just didn't feel like a 5-star book FOR ME. There was just something missing for me. I have completely adored everything by Lyssa Kay Adams, but maybe when I reread and read the final draft, the thing that is missing (just for me!) will be there. 

This was delightfully romantic, the characters were fricken bomb, and the camios and hints toward the next books were so fantastic. I need the Russian's story RIGHT NOW please!!!!

4.5 stars
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This series isn't losing steam in any way (translation: if you were a fan of the first two books in this series, then you should enjoy this friends-to-lovers one equally, as I did).

If you've read the previous books, then you already know Alexis Carlisle, owner of the cat cafe, ToeBeans, and best friend to Liv Papandreas.  This story focuses on her and her blossoming friendship with Noah Logan, who just happens to be friends with some of the men in the Bromance Book Club.

Noah is a self-described nerd, savvy with IT, but so much with women.  As this book is told from the POVs of the two main characters, we know that the friendship between Alexis and Noah is damn near perfect, but an underlying attraction exists between them.  However, as many friends-to-lovers books go, they both are afraid of ruining their friendship.  And being his nerdy self, Noah struggles with what to do.  Enter the Bromance Book Club.

I never tire of this oddball cast of men.  What woman wouldn't like a guy who is romantic? And these men have not only made it their hobby, they truly relish in helping their fellow man.  In this case, Noah, who blunders an opportunity to get closer to Alexis.

Having read the first two books, it is clear there is a formula for this series, as some drama seems to put the brakes on anything started between the couples featured.  In this story, it relates to family and problems that have festered over time.  There were times that Alexis and Noah were supportive of one another, which I loved, and then other times they irrationally blew up at each other.  I wasn't a fan of the latter, as I believe both overreacted.  However, it does leave room for the "grand gesture", something the Bromance Book Club relishes.  

Overall, I really liked Alexis and Noah as a couple, I felt like they were a perfect match.  They just had to put their personal drama behind them and focus on being there for each other.  If you are a fan of this series, this one is worth checking out.

Final note: I loved any scene involving Beefcake, the Maine Coon featured on the cover, who terrorized Noah throughout.
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This the third book in the Bromance Book Club Series.  Alexis and Noah are stuck in the friend zone, neither willing to risk their friendship to express their true feelings.  There is so much going on in Alexis’s life and Noah proves to be her rock!  I am not a cat person and I love that cat!
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Thank you, Netgalley for providing me with an e-arc in exchange for an honest review. 

TW: death, grieving, abandonment, cancer, loss of a loved one. 

I flew through the two other books in this series and this one took a little more time, I suppose it was because of my busy work/school schedule. 

This book was good, very good in fact. But my least favourite of the series. I didn’t really like Noah as the protagonist, while I was intrigued by his history and hacking skills he was a total dick to Alexis and the boys throughout the entire book. He was rude and didn’t want to take part in any of the wedding planning activities the boys were involved in. I would have loved to see Mack and Liv’s wedding play out but it was kind of skipped over and not featured. 

Don’t get me wrong I did like this book but the other two were 5 star, my favourite books of the year status and this one didn’t quite live up. But the cover is the favourite of the series thus far. 

I think the ending sets up for the next book in the series surrounding the Russian and I am totally here for it!!!!
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Awesome and witty book! Absolutely love the bromance book club and the emotional support they provide each other!
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Another hilarious book in this series! I loved the relationship between Alexis and Noah. There was just enough depth for some of the serious moments with Alexis' birth father and his family, as well as with Noah, but then there was the perfect amount of absolute hilarity with the bromance book club. Can't wait to read about more of the book club members!
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Alexis Carlisle, owner of the cat café, ToeBeans, and longtime friend, Noah, have been circling each other for...pretty much forever.

Alexis shot to fame last year when she added her #metoo voice against a celebrity chef - and since then business has been booming. Women from all over are coming in to share their stories, join in a safe-space yoga class and so on.

Alexis approaches one particularly forlorn woman and is hit with a surprise of a lifetime. Her dad is dying. 

Thirty years without a father in her life, only to find out via one of his "real" children that he's in need of a kidney. 

Reeling from that emotional upheaval, Alexis is hit right and left from people wanting to close her cat café.

Meanwhile, Noah....after sitting by the sidelines for years, has decided that he cannot take it any longer. He has to give their relationship a shot. 

But making that decision and actually going through with it? Two entirely different things. Luckily, the Bromance Book Club is waiting in the wings - ready to help one of their members out.


I definitely liked this one WAAAAY more than book 2 but not as much as book 1. 

I loved the easy-going push-and-pull from Alexis and Noah. They had such a natural relationship and it was fun to see them grow closer. 

Annnd, most of the annoying parts from book 2 (*coughcough* LIV) were minimized (but seriously, I can't be othe only one who was sooo freaking frustrated with her by the third chapter. 

I adored the Russian in this one - he was an absolute charmer and was always right there when the book needed a pick-me-up..

I'm really excited for book 4 - and I'm crossing my fingers for either the Russian's story OR branching out to LGBTQ+. I think that would be so cool to read!

So much thanks to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for this ARC in exchange my honest review.
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I just love this series! The Bromance Bookclub does it again! This time Alexis & Logan are transitioning from best friends to lovers & it's wonderful! I highly recommend the whole series & this one is delightful! Hoping there's more to come!
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