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The Hainan Conflict

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I received an ARC of this book in return for my honest review. I hope I've done it justice.  DM Coffman has continued the story started in The Net Conspiracy seamlessly, almost like I was just reading a new chapter of one book.

Jason Yi, working undercover in China is now on Hainan island with Sarah, recovering from an attack by a corrupt judge. While they spend more and more time together, their feeling for each other were palpable. During her convalescence, Jason begins to notice suspicious activities on and around the island, and realises that information he had been given about terrorist activities around Hainan, may in fact be accurate. After reporting this to his superiors, plans are drawn up to confront the issue.

I started reading The Hainan Conflict as soon as I finished reading The Net Conspiracy.  I was immediately hooked on this continuation of the story. Jason and Sarah are very likable characters and I find myself warming to them more as the story progressed. I felt the tension they were experiencing and was willing them to succeed.
The story was utterly compelling and I'm so glad I have read it. I look forward to reading the Panama Contagion. I'm very happy to have given The Hainan Conflict five stars and recommend the series of books to everyone.
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Yi who is an undercover attorney for the US government is vacationing with a Tibetan attorney, Sarah Decker. The are staying in a lovely unit on Hainan Island. As they look around there are some things going on that do not look right. Men in strange military uniforms. They go to a primitive village and find high tech electronic equipment. One thing after another does not add up. Yi gets in touch with his bosses in the US and a plan is made. Can they bring it all together ok? Read this good book to see.
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Thank you Books Go Social and NetGalley for this free ARC in return for my honest review.
Very good book. Read it in one day! Interesting plot and characters. Also it hits a lot of my top reading criteria - the ability to tell a fine story in less than 400 pages, and no gratuitous sex or violence. Yes, you can not have those and still have a wonderful book, as this was. It is the 2nd in a linked series but even though I did not read book 1 it was not a problem. Here we have 2 people, training to be judges for WTO and who met in China. Yi is Chinese and Sarah is from Tibet. After their exploits in book 1, they are sent for a vacation in Hainan, and island off of mainland China. While there they come across some strange goings on at Wild Boar Island and from there things take off. We have what appears to be a Middle Eastern terrorist organization training troops on Hainan, also a secret command center on Wild Boar Island. It really is a quite fast paced and interesting read, as these two are able to penetrate the entrance to the command center and set into motion a joint US-Chinese operation to destroy that command center, Only real criticism is the speed at which things happen which is a bit unbelievable, but other than that this really is a very good effort, one with identifiable heroes and villains. I really liked it and there is another book that will soon be coming out, I look forward to that one!!!!
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