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I loved this book! Nina LaCour has an amazing way with words and a minimalistic vibe that really pulls on your heartstrings!
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This was such a haunting, heartbreaking story. I don't think I have ever read something quite like this. It was beautiful, it was sad, it was very emotional, it was a little bit terrifying. A story about trauma, family, belonging, and love. It was a weird story and I say that as the highest compliment: it wasn't quite clear what this story was, a paranormal story? contemporary? a mystery with fantastical elements? I adore the mesh, I adore the characters, and I adore the haunting setting. Nina LaCour's writing is so beautiful that it kind of breaks my heart in pieces. So many quotes were highlighted, so many pieces of my heart between these chapters. Beautiful, beautiful. All my words have left after I tried in vain to describe how much I have loved Watch Over Me. Absolutely fantastic.
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I picked this one up on a whim and wow I really loved it. The exploration of grief and trauma was so thoughtful and well done. Mila's story was so atmospheric and I felt like I was out on the farm with her. For such a short story, it was full of emotion and I could easily read another 100 pages about Mila. I also really loved the inclusion of the ghosts in a way that didn't feel silly or fake.

This is my first by Nina LaCour but I am really looking forward to Yerba Buena and checking out her backlist as well.
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This book. THIS BOOK. It broke me but also glued me back together. Thank you to the publisher for sending me an eARC (which did not impact my opinion in any way). I ended up absolutely devouring Watch Over Me; I finished it in one sitting, which I haven’t done in ages because a) I’ve been so busy, and b) none of my recent reads have managed to hold my attention like this did. I completely lost track of time, and when I realized how late it’d become I’d finished reading the last page. Oops?

Some things I adored which you can look forward to in Watch Over Me:
- Found families? Check
- Quick read which draws you into the story immediately? Check
- Smooth writing style that flows beautifully? Check
- Ghosts??? CHECK
- Story of grief and healing, which is at once both heart aching and comforting? ABSOLUTELY CHECK

It is very rare that I end up liking young adult contemporaries. They’re usually not for me. The synopsis hooked me however, and I’m so glad it did. This is easily a favourite. My only grievance is that I wish it’d been longer.
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Watch over me is a paranormal tale about letting go of what you can't seem to get over. Its a relatively short book that is lyrical and haunting and maybe even slightly a bit of a thriller. 

Nina has aged out of her foster care and is sent to live in a farm with other foster kids and some haunting ghosts. This story jumps back and forth between wanting to feel loved and needed and finding out why she has the dire to feel so. Theres this feeling of what is real and what could just be the imagination of thought. 

Although this wasn't my favorite read I think it would appeal to a lot of people especially for those who want a theme of belonging with a bit of a haunted twist.
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Thank you so much to the publisher for approving me. This was a DNF for me, I suppose since I never got back into it and I’m just updating this to move this off my shelf.
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A beautiful, soulful tale of loneliness and trauma, ghosts and found family. I loved every minute of this.
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This is a haunting story about loneliness and trauma. It was moving at times, but I wish it was longer. I connected to the characters, but not as strongly as I wish I could have. I still really enjoyed it!
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This book was haunting in a way you wouldn’t expect. I was going into it thinking I was going to be creeped out but was more intrigued than anything as I followed along with Mila and her reflection of herself as a person with a traumatizing past.

It really explores the effects of grief and how it affects someone and the relationships they build after the fact. I flew through the book because it felt like a puzzle to me and I was trying to figure out what was going on and how it was going to conclude.

The writing was very poetic and beautiful. I would recommend this to someone that is a fan of poetry or even into light suspense although don’t expect big twists or anything. This is more of a slow burn self mystery if that makes sense.
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Ghosts, loneliness, trauma, and abuse swirl together in this atmospheric and rural look at solitude and healing.
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*Thank you to NetGalley for providing an eARC of this book. All opinions are my own*

DNF at ~20%

Honestly the writing style was not for me personally. I didn't get emotionally invested to any of the characters, and I was just bored while reading. 

I don't think the book was bad. In fact, a lot of it was beautifully written, but i just wasn't able to read it.
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No one writes grief like Nina. I pretty much always know what I’m going to get when I read one of her books, and this was no different.

I particularly loved the overlay of Mila’s memories with the present, and how it all came to head at the end of the book. I was literally holding my breath waiting to see what she chose to do!

I guessed what was going on with the ghosts pretty much right away, so sometimes I was a bit astounded when Mila didn’t figure it out, but then you realize maybe she was trying NOT to figure it out. Because it was some freaky stuff! And it’s hard to face things. But I absolutely loved it. I didn’t even need a reason for why they existed there on that farm; the concept was just so wonderful to me.
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loved this title! great plot, amazing characters. This was my first time reading something by thing author, not sure if there are any other titles but I look forward to read more. The flow of the story was easy to follow. The characters were relatable and very very intriguing!
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Watch Over Me by Nina LaCour is a comfort. You read this book and you can just feel the healing coming through on the pages. As with all of the books I have read by LaCour, I feel moved. I also feel so glad that I picked this one up. It was a great use of my reading time. I honestly still find myself thinking about what I read in this book – what was real and what was not.

Mila is the main character in Watch Over Me. As the book opens, she’s getting ready to transition out of her foster home and into a new job. She is going to be a teacher at this home run by these two adults who take on foster children. As it turns out, she finds family while at this home. She has to confront the ghosts of her pasts — literally. You see, she sees these ghosts dancing in the field, but she is not the only person who can see them. So far, Mila only has one student — Lee. She forms a deep bond with him. And together, they work through their trauma. We get to see what lead to Mila being in foster care and see her process her adverse childhood experiences (ACEs for those who aren’t in the social work/human services field). Eventually Mila begins healing from her trauma.

Watch Over Me is another beautifully written book from Nina LaCour. If I had to determine an aesthetic for this book, it would be cottagecore. You see, Mila stays in a cabin where she has a fireplace for heat and a skylight. There is homeschooling. The characters wear simple clothing. Additionally, they grow food and sell specialty flowers at the farmer’s market. However, this book is not at all obnoxious about being cottagecore. I loved the vibe, I’ll admit.

It was such a comfort to wind down with. I mean, yes, Mila has her ghosts. But, she learns and heals from what has happened to her. She processes and ends up accepting the love she deserves and forgives herself. I think that if you have also been through something, this book can be a balm. Pick up this quiet book for an excellent read that is on the cusp of young adult and new adult.
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This is a title that I lived at the time of requesting but lost interest upon reading it. I’ve tried reading it three times now and I just can’t get into it, unfortunately.
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I'm a big fan of Nina LaCour, her writing is atmospheric and beautiful, so I was super excited to get a digital ARC of this book. Main character Mia is easily relatable and has great depth, and the plot has enough of a magical realism bent to really engage the reader. The themes of survival and trauma were handled with both grace and a realistic eye- the characters behave in a way that isn't predictable, but is definitely understandable.
LaCour has another brutal and beautiful book in "Watch Over Me".
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After aging out of the foster care system, newly graduated Mila finds her self on an isolated farm on the Northern Carolina coast. She accepts a job working as the new school teacher. She loves her student, Lee, but she didn't expect the farm to be full of ghosts that trigger memories of her past.

This was a very quick read, but I found it a bit slow. I think I had high expectations, since so many people on booktube raved about how good it was. Unfortunately, I just found it to be average. I didn't truly connect with any of the characters, and maybe that is because I haven't really experienced a lot of grief in my life, so it was hard to relate to what Mila was feeling. I liked the chapters from Mila's past, I wanted to know more about what happened to her and I was invested in trying to figure out what she felt was so terrible that she did. The big reveal was just a bit underwhelming and I was disappointed, although I do understand why it would make her feel guilty.  

I did like the over arching themes of grief, trauma and healing, but like I said, just an average read in my opinion.
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This book was really strange, and I know there is a certain audience for it, but unfortunately I am not that audience. I think fans of We Were Liars would enjoy this book! I loved the atmosphere of this book and I could picture the farm perfectly. However, I was hoping for a more haunting book and this book was haunting in a different way. This was not a bad book, by any means, but this is not the type of story I usually gravitate towards. It’s very character driven. I do appreciate that this story was about trauma and grief, but I prefer a more head-on confrontation with those topics, and this was a more poetic way.
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I enjoyed this haunting and dreamy book. The writing was beautiful without being overly flowery to the point where you get lose the story in the wordiness. I liked that this ghost story wasn't the typical scary story, but it certainly is haunting. This binger of a book also is just asethetically gorgeous!
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This wasn't a bad book, but I don't think it was the one for me. 

Watch Over Me is an emotionally powerful story about Mila, a teenage girl haunted by the demons of her past after moving to a remote farm. The farm is a refuge, but it's also haunted by trauma.

This was book was deeply emotional and made me cry quite a few times, to be honest. Nina LaCour has a beautiful writing style, unlike anything I've read before. This was my first book by this author, but it won't be my last. I'm looking forward to exploring more of her published titles after seeing how fantastic her writing truly is. 

That being said, the writing was probably my favorite aspect of this story. It was lush, emotional, and perfectly captured the haunted atmosphere of the story. It was chilling without being terrifying, and that struck the perfect balance. 

The reason I gave this book a three star rating was because I struggled to connect to the story. I don't know if it was because of format (I half read it through an ebook and half audio book) or if it was the story. But either way, I didn't emotionally connect to the characters in a way that kept me gripped into the story. It was enjoyable, but not something I was invested in. That being said, I do want to read more from this author in the future because of how beautiful her writing is, and I'm looking forward to that very much!

Although this book wasn't for me, I'd still recommend it to anyone who likes emotional stories with some demons. I feel like a lot of people could really really love this book, and if it sounds interesting to you, than I'd highly suggest giving it a chance!
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