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A relaxing read for the summer holidays. Emotionally charged and well worth picking up.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for letting me access an advance copy of this book in exchange for my feedback.
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The comparisons with Thelma and Louise are obvious but useful. I liked the swashbuckling sense of freedom, the great characters, and the setting and found it to live up to its comparison.
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Reminiscent of Thelma & Louise, Hadley & Grace took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Suzanne tackled heavy themes in a light way that made reading enjoyable. 

I sincerely thank Suzanne for the opportunity to read this one early.
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This is the story of 2 women and 3 children and the cross country adventure 
It’s a modern day Thelma and Louise
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I really enjoyed this book. It was gripping from the start. Fantastically written. Would definitely recommend.
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Because In An Instant was one of my favorite books last year, I was excited to read this. But I think it set the bar so high that initially I was a bit disappointed. They were such different stories, but I came to love the characters in this one.
Hadley is thirty eight years old, married to brutish husband Frank and has a teenage daughter Mattie.
Her nephew Skipper, with an IQ of 75 and a passion for baseball, lives with her too, after her irresponsible sister left him in her care.
Twenty eight year old Grace works for Frank. Her husband Jimmy is deployed in the Army, leaving her alone to care for their four month old son. His gambling problem has left her with virtually no money to survive.
She takes the job with Frank. When he stiffs her out of a commission that she is due, she decides to take matters into her own hands.
That same night, Hadley is determined to take the kids and finally leave her abusive situation.
 Her plan puts her and Grace together, where they team up to get away.
This contemporary/family drama had a few too many coincidences for my taste, and didn't seem completely realistic. But I absolutely adored the characters in it, and I really cared what would happen to them.
They made it a delightful and entertaining read.
Thank you Lake Union Publishing for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
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I'm a sucker for a good road trip story and Hadley and Grace more than delivers! There's emotion and drama and it shows women overcoming adversity to find friendship and love on the other side. Yes, it's been compared to Thelma & Louise and for good reason - if you loved that movie, read this book.
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Such well developed characters in this sort-of Thelma and Louise story (but I think it is better). The reality of what Hadley and Grace have done in taking almost a million dollars from Hadley's husband's safe comes home to both them as the FBI gets involved. Traveling with an 11-month old baby, a teenage girl and a challenged young boy mean much emotion and self-awareness in this well written novel. Recommended.
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I really enjoyed reading this It really is a fun story. The key to enjoying this book is just sit back and enjoy the ride without analyzing it or picking apart the more far-fetched parts.
The characters are fun and likeable (most of them!) and the story fast-paced and many times comic.
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I absolutely love Suzanne Redfearn’s books. I found In an Instant to have memorable characters and am so happy to have the same feeling after reading Hadley and Grace.  This modern day Thelma and Louise storyline is quick paced and action packed as two strangers find themselves on the run with kids in tow.  Both women have separate reasons for their choices and will learn and grow on this adventure. I received an ARC of this book, all opinions are my own.
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Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC.

The cover of this book caught me at first. Then, the synopsis, which is much like Thelma and Louise, which is one of my favorite movies. I enjoyed the ride this book gave me, and connected to the characters easily. One of the best books I've read so far in 2021. Looking forward to more by this author.
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Thank you so much to Lake Union publishers, the author and Netgalley for an advanced copy. Please be warned that this review may contain spoilers - read at your own risk.
Hadley and Grace is about two very unique women who are doing the best they can for their families. They both have a plan, get what they are owed from Frank Torelli (Hadley's husband + Grace's boss) and create new lives. Grace is escaping financial instability with her baby boy Miles, caused by her soldier husband who keeps clearing out their bank account because of his gambling problem. Hadley wants to seek refuge from Frank who is her abuser, she brings her nephew Skipper and teenage daughter Mattie along with her. 
However, when they both meet trying to take back what they are due, they become a team. 
While on the run, they discover Frank's money stash was dirty, illegally earned money, They are criminals. 
Their journey completely changes their identities and personalities, they have all sorts of obstacles and adventures, both physically and mentally. They become each others family and It was a very charming story. 
This was an enjoyable read. I was very torn about how many stars to give this book until I finally settled on 4 stars, 
I have two ideas/criticisms: 1) Some information was a little far-fetched, for example; I would've loved to know about Hadley's journey to Africa and how Grace managed to get the children there without parents permissions etc. 
2) I would've LOVED to have read a chapter or two in the perspective of Frank or Mattie or even Skipper, through the eyes of a 9 year old. 
Susanne Redfern really did nail it though to retell the story of Thelma and Louise in the modern day. Thank you so much for the advanced copy. This book is also available to buy as an audiobook.
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Hadley and Grace has been compared with Thelma and Louise, which I loved.  In some ways it is similar but it is definitely a different story.  I really enjoyed learning about Hadley, who is in an abusive marriage.  She wants better for herself but mostly for her daughter and nephew who she is raising.  She secretly goes to her husband's business to get some money to help her escape.  This is where she meets Grace, who has an infant.  They are not good friends and don't even like each other, but they know they have to team up in order to get away.  This is where the action really begins.  I loved every moment and felt for the ladies who only wanted  a better life for them and their children.

Thank you to #NetGalley, #SuzanneRedfearn, #lakeunionpublisher for this ARC.  The opinions expressed are my own.
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Two women wanting to escape + 1 car = a road journey. That was the core of the book by author Suzanne Redfearn, inspired by Thelma and Louise, which had many rocking emotional moments as the story progressed.

I loved the author’s earlier book and hoped this one too would touch my emotions on a deeper level. Initially, it took me some time to connect with the two women. Both Hadley and Grace had their own problems. Wife was abused, employee was fooled.

Slowly as the pages turned, traversing through many implausible events including car chase and shooting, with FBI closing in, the writing revealed the strength in the two women. Their friendship was forged by the trials they faced together.

Emotions slowly found me, in their laughter and tears, pain and happiness, and I was pulled along as the shotgun rider on this trip. The author revealed her prowess in writing emotive dialogues, at the way the book wrenched my heart-strings. The characters were nuanced well; they shone as the story progressed. Had me cheering for them.

Overall, a beautiful heart-warming story.
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This is your modern day Thelma and Louise story, and you cannot help but love these two moms as they run from the law and the same man who has made both of their lives miserable. One is a new mother with an accidental criminal past, and the other a woman who is fleeing from an abusive husband. You cannot help but cheer for them to get away, as you can tell they are not true criminals, just two free spirited souls trying to survive out on the open road with their kids. I loved reading how the author is a big fan of the original Thelma and Louise (I am a big fan of country singer Pam Tillis, who is good friends with the author of Thelma and Louise. Fun fact, the author based her character Thelma on Pam), and I found myself wanting to country line dance with Grace in the bar (exactly something my best friend and me would do together). There is plenty of drama and sadness mixed into this story, but it was one heck of a fun ride with two women who finally realize they need each other more than they'll ever know. Thank you NetGalley for this fun, unputdownable read.
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Favorite Quotes:

Handing him over to Vanessa feels a little like handing a live grenade to a known sufferer of seizures. 

“You don’t need to gloat about it,” Grace says. “I’m not gloating.” “You are. You’re gloating all over the place. You’re completely covered in gloat.”

The media storm around this is going to blow up. He can already see a Lifetime Original Movie being made. Hell, the motel clerk, that scrawny kid at the desk who went white as the walls around him when Mark showed his badge, probably has six marriage proposals by now and a dozen benefactors willing to give him a new smile. Every damn person in the article is going to be a celebrity and a hero, while the FBI is being painted as the Big Bad Wolf hunting Little Red Riding Hood and taking money from little old ladies and young men who need dental work.

She looks like a Greek goddess—empowered, bold, and fearless— like she should be chiseled of marble and holding up a temple.

… rumors have been floating around about a movie being made. Grace cringes at the idea, certain someone like Angelina Jolie will be cast to play Hadley, while some actress who looks like Nanny McPhee will play her.

My Review:

I was riveted and on edge while reading this cunningly crafted book and was holding my breath that the two protagonists would survive, and it didn’t look likely.  The storylines were intriguing, tragic, highly emotive, and perfectly pitched to maintain an undercurrent of tension while also balancing out the emotions with more lighthearted and amusing observations and memories of two women who by happenstance and a series of poor choices became bonded and accidental fugitives on a cross-country run from the FBI with their children in tow.  

The pacing and storytelling were nothing short of brilliant and evoked a steady stream of heart clenches and keen visuals.  I ached for the woman working as hard as she could to keep her head above water and wearing worn-out shoes with superglued soles while contending with a screaming inconsolable baby. Suzanne Redfearn has mad skills and a rabid new fangirl.
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The first book I read by this author was In An Instant and it was wonderful. I loved it. Now I've read this one and thought I was going to be disappointed. I thought it's too much like Thelma and Louise. I almost stopped reading it when that tie in hit me. I was not in the mood for a story based on that. But... this is a great story. It's a pager turner and in parts a real tearjerker. It made me laugh in a few places and get very angry in some. So lots of emotions. Yes, it's very good. A tense yet sweet story.

Hadley is in a horrible marriage and wants out. She wants better for their daughter and the nephew she's been raising for four years. He's a special needs child and so full of love. He also loves baseball and uses that in many ways. Hadley gets a chance finally to escape her abusive marriage when her sister decides she wants her child back. 

Grace is married and has a new baby. Her husband is a soldier with a horrible gambling addiction. When she finds they are completely broke again she can't take it anymore and packs up the baby and leaves. She loves her husband but does not want this kind of life any longer. Not for herself or the baby.

When Hadley and Grace cross paths things start to go crazy. They have to team up and from then on things are never the same for either. With their children in tow they hit the road. One to escape her abuser and the other to escape a gambler. Little do they know what all they are going to have to go through and do to get the life they so richly deserve.

This book takes you on a road trip that you won't soon forget. While it's really a beautiful story it's also a sad one. Things that happen will make you wonder at times if it is worth it. They meet some pretty nice people and some not so nice. This book does NOT have a lot of vulgar language in it as I read in another review. It does not contain explicit sex scenes and it's really just an all around good story. It's a heartfelt story about two women who want what's best for their families. There is also a FBI agent I really liked. Actually two of them. But that you'll have to read about for yourself.

Thank you to #NetGalley, #SuzanneRedfearn, #lakeunionpublisher for this ARC. This is my own true thoughts about this book.

5/5 stars and I do recommend you read this one. It's very good!
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“Hadley and Grace” is the story of two moms who are renegades, rebels, or perhaps just moms with three kids. What happened that night was a coincidence, and yet these women have a hidden, exceptional connection. Their fates intertwined to place the two of them at that place and that time, and things will never be the same. The story unfolds in chapters that alternate between characters, and are labeled to easily identify the point of view. Hadley Torelli is beautiful and wealthy. Grace Herrick works for Hadley’s husband, and she needs money since her husband, now deployed in Afghanistan, has depleted their meager bank account.  FBI Special Agent Mark Wilkes is investigating racketeering, expecting to get a promotion and buy his son a dog. 
Hadley and Grace have the absurd idea that two women with three kids can abscond with a fortune, and evade husbands, gangsters, and the FBI. They drag backpacks, diapers, and car seats. They must constantly stop for formula, diapers, water, food, drinks, and a never ending supply of snacks not to mention changes of clothes. They squabble like siblings with nothing in common and yet are fiercely loyal to each other. The baby cries; the kids cry, they want to cry. It is ridiculous, and yet it works. The media calls them “Thelma and Louise,” but really they are “Lucy and Ethel” on the lamb. The ending? Well, I am not giving that away.
 “Hadley and Grace” is more about the people than what they are doing. They are strong women; they are mothers; they are dangerous, and they know the power they wield over men. I received a review copy of “Hadley and Grace” from Suzanne Redfearn and Lake Union Publishing. Readers will both laugh and cringe on every page; I know I did.
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Since Thelma and Louise has always been one of my favorite movies, I guess it's not Really a surprise that I loved Hadley and Grace so much.  One of my favorite books of the year, for sure.
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An enjoyable read especially since I've been on a law and order SVU kick. I liked Hadley and Grace and all of the characters and while the story was a little fantastical it didn't need to be completely plausible. I will say it's not my favorite of Redfearn's books but I loved In an instant so much that it would be hard to top that. I also just read Finlay Donovan is killing it and for two very similar books I liked that one just a little more. But seriously no complaints with this one it. I think a lot of people would enjoy it.
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