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Seventeen-year-old Signal Deere has raised eyebrows for years as an unhappy Goth misfit from the trailer park. When she's convicted of her best friend Rose's brutal murder, she's designated a Class A--the most dangerous and manipulative criminal profile. —What I loved about this book most was that Signal was so extremely cool and badass. Her character stood out to me as tenacious and lovable. 

I found this book to be fast-paced and moving. I highly recommend it!
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This book was phenomenal!  I loved every moment of it.  Was some of it predictable?  Of course it was.  the mystery itself was, confusing at times, but it was still a well written book.  I loved the ride, the character development, and the plot.
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Wow! What a ride. This is a fast paced suspenseful YA book. It blew my expectations away. 

Thank you to the Publisher and Netgalley for the advanced e-reader copy. All opinions expressed are my own.
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The characters, the world, the mystery and the unexpected crazy twists and turns it takes are all superb.I don't usually read this genre but this one was recommended. It really pulled me into its world. Can't wait to read more from Sparks.
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This book was super interesting in the beginning! It starts off with Signal being blamed for a crime she didn't commit, and being shipped off to a camp for teen killers. There is definitely something fishy, as the teens are being taught how to get away with murder. 

I loved all the characters in the book. Signal was well-written, and all of the other teens were also complex characters with engaging back stories. The best part for me was the friendship that is formed between all the teens- I do love the found family trope. 

The love triangle was also enjoyable and well-written, and Signal's chemistry with both boys was very obvious. 

The conclusion was very unsatisfying for me, as it wasn't very logical. Why were they training teen killers to murder previous teen killers?? They could just put them in prison to end the cycle? Why was the program started in the first place, since the first batch of teen killer wouldn't have a target. 

Anyhow, the book was a fun read, and I really liked the twist of who killed Rose.
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This book was a blast. I have never read anything quite like it before, the closest I could think of what an episode of Buffy where a student gets enlisted into a CIA programme. Anyway I read it in a oner. It’s pitched perfectly for a teenage audience, it’s dark and the loose ends are tied up. I’m hoping there is a sequel because I want to find who these characters grow to be. Thanks to the publisher and netgalley for and egalley.
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Such a brilliant fast paced suspenseful YA book! This easily brought me out of my reading slump. Lily sparks knows how to draw you in and keep you interested
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Thank you Netgalley for this ARC of Teen Killer Club by Lily Sparks.

YA dystopian enthusiast, line up!  This has everything, murder, romance, angsty teens, daring heists, an awkward female protagonist, and a love triangle.  The only thing that's actually missing is dystopia!

Signal (a freaking cool name, IMO), has been wrongly accused of murder, and put in the category of class five, the most violent of young offenders.  After already serving time in juvie, Signal is surprised to find her, as well as several other violent teen prisoners, shipped off to what looks like a pristine summer camp.  No barking guards, no terrible food, no chains or bars.  Instead it's something even more terrifying.  They're being trained to be young killers.

As an admitted cop thriller/murder suspense/true crime junkie, the premise of this book was right up my alley.  But, it was just way too formulaic.  Not that I could predict all of it, but the blue print was strong.  It also wasn't quite as strong of a story as I would have liked it to be, it definitely had it's slow moments.
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This was a wild ride! That is expected when you are following a group of teen killers who are being trained to kill better. This novel felt very campy. It was such a fun book. While I don’t want to ever root for killers, the characters were great. 

This book has two main plots. One murder mystery and the training of the teens. Both of them were engaging and made me want more.
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4.5 stars.

I really loved reading every page of this book! It was fast-paced and full of suspense but enough of slice of life moments in between while trying to solve the murder mystery that kicked the whole plot into motion.

The characters were interesting but with a bit of troupe/cliche aspects to their personalities.  They all have their own stories though some of the characters are more in the background and aren't showed much compared to the others and not much details are given. I was hoping to know how they some got caught and a little bit more information about their crimes because they're all teen killers and as a murder mystery enthusiast, I was curious.

Now the story wasn't all that unique in idea but the characters, pacing and writing style completely owned it that I couldn't stop reading it and ended up staying until 5:30am to finish it! Don't get me started on the last portion of the book and that plot twist at the end, so amazing!!

Overall, this was amazing and loved it so much more than I thought I would and for once I found it too short because I wanted more of it! I'm very curious as to how things will play out in the next book and all hell breaking loose.

Thank you Netgalley for providing me with the digital copy for an honest review.
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I thought this was a really fascinating plot, but I was left really unsatisfied by the author’s explanation of the origin of the club and how it is continuing. I’m sure this will be explained in sequels, but I don’t think I”m invested enough in the story. It left off feeling too rushed and slapdash. I also didn’t appreciate the love triangle.
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This was a lot of fun! The basic premise of teen killers being trained into assassins is super unique, and I loved the focus on the actual training itself. The things the characters had to learn to do / why they needed to do it was very interesting, but I was less enthused about the romantic aspect of the story - romances in my non-romance fiction usually doesn't really hit home for me, and this was no exception. Otherwise very fun though!
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Teen Killers Club! If that's not a title that grabs your attention then I don't know what is! I'll admit to being a little apprehensive before starting this book because it sounded awesome but it could have gone so horribly wrong. I was worried my cold dead heart would be shattered. But fear not! Teen Killers Club was just the right mix of YA and fucked upness that keeps me going. I LOVED it from start to finish and I didn't want it to end.
The story follows 17 year old Signal who is framed for the murder of her best friend (she was actually beheaded!) and who instead of spending the rest of her miserable life in jail is offered the opportunity to be transferred from jail to a secret training programme...... to become a teenage assassin! How awesome does that sound? These teenage assassins are trained in everything from making weapons, scaling obstacles to actually dismembering and destroying bodies. There are times when it gets a little gruesome and times when it's just downright messed up. Signal however doesn't fit in because she's not actually this psychopathic killer that they think she is and hates doing the training. She thought that the camp would be slightly less 'serial killerish' and slightly more 'open' so she could focus on figuring out who really killed her friend and clearing her name. Throw in a little unexpected bad boy romance and bish, bash, bosh, job done.
Anyway, back to the gushing. I loved the whole thing, I loved all of the characters, I loved the training they did, I loved the storyline, I loved the romance, I loved the ending. I loved EVERYTHING. Please can I have some more?
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Really quick I want to mention that.. I work at a campground. Okay to the review!

As unique and inventive and intriguing to me a camp for convicted teen killers being trained as assassins is, this book lacked the ability to convince me of any of it. For one thing the camp, with its cast of campers, and all of the camp activities that they do, felt more than a little silly and childish to me, in stark contrast to the book’s very serious premise. I was never able to reconcile this wild difference between the book’s silliness vs it’s actual context. I can’t even think of anything to compare it to. The whole book actually felt like a tough dark killer of a book that is inwardly a softy and can’t make up its mind how it wants to be perceived by others, so it puts on a front, and occasionally does something bad.

This disappointed me as a reader. I felt pulled in different directions and manipulated and like I said before, overwhelmed with a sense that I was just unconvinced of it all. I highly doubt that 2 boys who’ve combined killed over 10 people, are really going to up and enter into a jealous flirting battle over a fellow convicted teenage girl
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This has one of the best covers I've seen in a long time! I'd have it as a poster on my wall. 

But although there was much to enjoy here, I found I couldn't connect with it. I'd read more from this author in the future though.
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This book is a damn good time.

If you want a relatively fast-paced, murdery book then you have come to the right place. Teen Killers Club is essentially about a killer bootcamp. And Signal should not be there by any means.

This book is full of morally-grey characters that are dealing with the best possible solution after being convicted as Class A criminals. The entire thing is full of summer-camp vibes, which is honestly just fun. And of course there are hidden truths that must be unraveled. Because there's a reason why killer bootcamp's don't really exist, right?

I wish there had been a little more exploration into the mental health side of this book. All of the main characters are "diagnosed" with anti-social personality disorder, or psychopathy. While I understand this may have shifted the tone of the story slightly, exploration into this real mental disorder could have been incredible.

Similarly, I wish there was more about the dystopian-esque justice system that is the reason for the killer camp. Bits and pieces are scattered throughout the story, enough to peak the reader's interest about this unique concept. But overall it didn't feel completely fleshed out.

A killer debut and an author to keep an eye on.
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This story is such a unique take and has such a compelling writing style. I was interested in the premise, but was completely taken by surprise at how much I loved this story.
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In Teen Killers Club we follow Signal, a girl who has allegedly murdered her best friend but has zero recollection of doing that. After her conviction Signal finds herself taking her only option out of prison by joining a camp for misfit murderers of the highest class under a Suicide Squad type plot. While at camp she meets the most ragtag group of teens, each character developed so well that I feel like I know them and I definitely want more of them.

Well that last line was hilarious. Wanna know what it is pick up the book it’s definitely worth it ! 
I didn’t expect much going in to this book but boy did I come out with more than I signed up for. 
What an exhilarating ride! 
 A training camp for teen killers? I mean what's not to be excited about?
God, this book made me laugh out loud which I very rarely do when reading!
It's SO dark and macabrely funny, the kind of offbeat-morbid that makes you want to gawk on like a fool. Here, campers learn how to dismember and hide dead bodies so they'll never be found. Every morning, they must complete an obstacle course that simulates breaking and entering. They're quizzed on the precise amount of acid needed to dissolve a corpse, learn how to craft shivs out of soup cans, and play a game of tag in which they slice each other's carotid arteries with Sharpies. All of this is executed with enough pep to give gossip girls elite a run for their money.

This book is about more than blood and guts. There is a true mystery, and a love triangle that keeps the story moving. Plus lots of blood and guts for those of us that like it. In a way it reminds me of #Murdertrending and Clown in a Cornfield while at the same time being completely different. This book was so much bloody fun I am highly disappointed I have to wait for the next one.

The pacing of the book was steady and held my attention. You have the unsolved murder mystery of Signal’s best friend Rose, but you also learn about why each of the teenagers have been sent to this camp and the crimes that they respectively committed. Furthermore, learning about the inner workings of the camp itself was both highly disturbing and fascinating. I never felt like the plot became stagnant. I was definitely engrossed through out.

If you’re looking for a great “escape” read, I definitely recommend this one. It’s one hell of a roller coaster ride packed with plenty of twists, turns, and murderous happenings.
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Great title for fans of YA true crime books. A very fast read with twists and turns that will keep readers guessing.
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I loved this book! I was hooked from the beginning. I liked that the main character was innocent but there was always a shred of doubt there. The romantic triangle was a bit unnecessary, but I couldn't put this down and read it all the way through. Possibly my favorite YA book of the year.
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