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Thank you to net galley, the publisher and the amazing lily sparks for this book! I loved everything about this book, the plot, the characters and the cover! Teen killers club starts with Signal who has just been accused of killing her best friend rose, she is now known as a class A. Class A people are the worst of the worst and with no choice, she take a special plea to join teen killers club but not everything is as it seems! Seriously tho read this book I finished it in two days and pray for a sequel!
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This book, the ending, OMG, I loved Teen Killers Club so much! ❤️

Lily Sparks is a Natural. She is such a talented writer and I am already waiting to read more of her books. Her writing style is so engaging and engrossing. I was latched in from the first page until the very last. In this YA Crime Fiction, Lily Sparks effortlessly slipped in deep thoughts that get you thinking while weaving an exciting and riveting story. Her characters are so fell formed, lovable and real and I can literally not put into words how much I loved them, especially Erik. I appreciate it when I just can't predict what is next and Lily nailed that in this debut novel of hers. This unpredictable storyline kept me on the edge and created the kind of tension, that I really got a kick out of. I was left contemplating about subjects such as, who is good and who is bad, what makes a person evil, the misuse of power, power struggle,being controlled and ultimately the question,what is Freedom?
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Thank you to Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the premise of it was incredibly original and the characters were so interesting. I felt like all the characters were written authentically, with heart, and with humour. 

I would have liked to have seen the main character be tested more, so that we could have felt worried about her since she hadn't actually killed anyone. I enjoyed the love triangle we had going on and found that the two LIs were incredibly well-balanced.

I found myself racing through this book hoping for a resolution but don't feel like I really did. But hopefully that's because there is a sequel in place???
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This book. Wow. I mean, I was onboard the moment I read the blurb - it’s a YA mystery set in a camp. A camp where the country's most dangerous teens are sent as an (off the record) alternative to life in prison or a death sentence. A camp where they LEARN TO KILL BETTER!
I wouldn’t recommend this book if you are squeamish… It doesn’t take long at all before we are learning about how to dismember then “dispose of” a body - in reasonably graphic detail. It’s not the sort of thing I was expecting with an author called Lily Sparks - guess that means I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… didn’t I say this in another review? *sigh*
We go into the story with the belief that our main character is innocent of the murder (graphic) of her best friend. Once we meet the other “campers”, it’s hard not to start to wonder if perhaps she’s not entirely truthful. Maybe she does belong there?
The other campers are a varied bunch - total 3 girls and 5 boys - all of which have killed at least one person. I really enjoyed that as we learned about certain characters, we learned not only how they kill - come on, death by hacked pacemaker? Brilliant! I need to meet this author and give her a high five! - but also WHY some of them did it. As far as society is concerned, they all set out to do it on purpose, and are non-rehabilitatable. But even though I left the book unsure as to whether Javier was actually a decent human, I actually liked that. It was nice to not have everything wrapped up in a nice little bow. 
Not going to lie, the twists just keep on coming! I didn’t see all of them, and that was neat! At one point, the character doesn’t even mentally state the theory she has, but the book was so well written that you knew what she was thinking, and accepted it, and then forgot that it hadn’t been confirmed!
The writing is beautiful - “Life is a fuse, and I am the red spark shooting towards its end, each moment burning away as soon as I exist within it, bright, sparkling, then gone.” It’s a spectacular juxtaposition to some of the more… murdery writing in the book.
Content warnings: gore, more gore, sexual assault (brief and not more than a kiss), language, discussions of drug use, discussions of murder.
Overall Rating: 5 stars. (yes, I really need to read something I don’t LOVE, but they just end up being so damn good!
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Teen Killers Club is an addictive and slightly creepy read, It's fast pace and original plot messes with your head from the first page, drawing you in to the protagonist's world and leaving you to wonder just who is trustworthy. An absolute page turner.
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"I see the angel and I want to set her free." 

This book was SO, so good. I truly did not want it to end.

Signal Deere has been convicted of killing her best friend, Rose. Though she swears her innocence, all the evidence frames her as the murderer. When Signal is given a choice of spending her life in prison or essentially escaping, she chooses the latter...but not without consequences.

She arrives at a camp seemingly in the middle of nowhere, along with seven other teenagers, all of whom have been identified as killers. Signal learns that she is the newest member of the Teen Killers Club; the name speaks for itself. The teens spend their days at camp training to become assassins, though it is unclear who is truly running this secret club. They're all controlled by "kill switches," implantable capsules that can end their life in an instant if they fall out of line, making escape almost impossible.

Lily Sparks created a truly captivating plot. I cannot praise her storytelling enough, from her impeccable writing to her establishment of unique and diverse characters. This book is a mix of fiction, mystery/thriller, romance, and even a bit of sci-fi. I could not turn the pages fast enough.

Disclaimer: there IS a lot of gore, so if you are squeamish at the mere mention of blood, you may want to proceed with caution.

I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review. Thank you to Netgalley and Crooked Lane Books for giving me the opportunity to read this book!

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<i> Thank you NetGalley for giving me an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review </i>

Pleasantly surprised with how this book turned out-- it was almost everything that I wasn't expecting it to be. The novel was carefully and beautifully written with true to life characters and believable plot twists. Once I had started to read this I absolutely could not find it in me to put it down and ended up reading it in one sitting. As a debut novel this surpassed all of my expectations and I'm hoping that I would be able to see more of this author quite soon.

- Despite the overdone plot line, this book made it look like it was being introduced to the public for the first time; truly one of the best reads I've had this year. 
- GREAT writing style. Could not possibly emphasize this enough, it was incredibly immersive and vividly written-- exactly the opposite of almost every young adult novel out there. 
- The characters were very three dimensional. All of them felt real and had a certain depth to them. Usually with these kinds of books I've noticed that most if not all of them are squeamish or whiny or downright annoying but nope not this one. 
- This was THE book I didn't even know I was looking for. I mean seriously, teenage assassins with a culty feel? don't mind if I do. 

- Honestly the only gripe I had with this book wasn't even in the book itself rather its premise which was poorly written. The only reason why I had delayed reading this book so much was because of its crappily written premise that made it look like just another teenage cliche Wattpad story. Though I guess that just goes to show that you shouldn't judge a book by its premise.. or cover for that matter.
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I was lucky enough to receive Teen Killers Club as an e-arc from Crooked Lane Books via Netgalley to give an honest review, and to be honest, I loved this book! It was very addictive, I was unable to put it down. It was nothing like I’ve ever read before, so out of the box and incising. Yes, it may have been a bit young for me being 21, but nonetheless I would read it again and again. Sparks was able to draw me into the fictional world of Signal’s messy life, following along as she discovers not only herself, not only love but who framed her for Rose’s horrific murder. With so many twists and turns, subplots alongside the main narrative arch it was highly enjoyable. So much about the book worked well, it flowed perfectly from one point to the next, hitting all the right points. When I received this book, I had very high exceptions for it and I was very excited to read it, and these expectations were not only met, but exceed. I have nothing but high approval of this novel, and recommend it to those who will enjoy the genre, or want to get into the genre.

Characters: The characters were brilliant, all well built and developed, each one having a voice of their own. Unique characteristics that were well defined, and even though they are all killers, I can’t help but love them – and sort of want to be friends with them. I loved how even though they have committed horrific crimes, they still have a warmth in their hearts that was brought out by Signal, whose positivity helped bring the group together to become a close-nit group of friends able to fight back for their own rights and freedom.

Plot: The plot followed a well thought out and set narrative arch, setting out the ground works making it understandable where we are in the timeframe of Signal’s life and who she is as a person. Cutting back to the time of Signal and Rose before the tragedy struck fitted into the main storyline perfectly, helping to add in the background information needed, painting the picture inside my head. Making me play the movie of the book inside my head as I read it.

Writing: Spark’s way of writing the novel was wonderful, the description of characters and places; hearing signal’s inner monologue and thoughts really drawing myself into the story. The lighthearted writing against the slightly more dark premise of the book work together in a fashion where the whole story melts together.

Pros: Fun, fascinating and a fantastic read | Cons: Sometimes felt a little juvenile | Rating: 5/5 Stars
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What can I say..... I have a lot of mixed feelings over this one. The premise is interesting and I love the idea behind it. My one hang up however was the protagonist, Signal, and of course the unnecessary love triangle. Signal is stuck in a camp with other Class A, or rather other teens who are killers, and yet throughout the entire time she barely makes any decisions that would actually help her survive being there. I just couldn’t get behind it, and I mean come on, you are stuck in a place with other people who could kill you and where you could be killed, you should definitely be trying to stay alive. This has more romance drama that was unnecessary and I honestly felt that Signal barely grew as a person. However despite my grips and my negative rambling I did like this book. I adored Nobody and Eric the most and I’m fine with how the story wrapped up. Overall it was a interesting read and fast one to get through.
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I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down! I loved the mystery surrounding everything that I had to keep on reading you know the one more chapter deal but then I would read the one more chapter and say it again. The only reason for the four stars was the romance of the book, now dont get me wrong the author did do a great job with it and it didn't take over the whole story. Would I recommend this story? Heck yes! I definitely cant wait to read more by this author! I also want to Thank netgalley and crooked lane books for giving me the chance to read and review this book for my honest opinion.
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I received a digital arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Spoilers! Not any of the major endings, but some smaller details and plot points.

OH WOW. So do I have mixed emotions about this book.

The story revolves around Signal, a girl who believes she is innocent and was framed for the murder of her best friend Rose. She is given a second chance to live a life outside of prison by joining this secret camp of teen killers.

Right off the bat let me say I really really enjoyed reading this book and I REALLY hope the author writes a sequel. I was so excited for every time I had a chance to read a little more of this book, and to me loving the experience of reading a book is the most important thing. So 5/5 stars for that.

The story was a really unique and interesting one and there was enough mystery to really keep you on your toes. Another thing I really enjoyed was it gave me, oddly enough, Unwind by Neal Shusterman vibes. The whole "group of kids who are hated by society even though they're just kids, now matter what they have or haven't done" thing is an obvious similarity, though of course in this book, these kids are actual former prisoners. But besides that, the talk of the Protectionists and the testing and classifying of individuals just really reminded me of Unwind. In both books, there are definitely those moments where you stop and think about the way we judge and handle those who society looks down on and kids in general. They're obviously very different books, but I loved those little similarities.

That being said, I did have some issues with the book...

While I loved getting to know these somewhat normal characters and this very not normal camp and all of the mystery and suspense that came with them, I am very over the teen book cliches that have once again shown their faces in this book. Love triangles, "The Bad Boy Who Isn't Good For You But Wants to Make Out Anyway", and "I'm Not Like Other Girls" tropes? It's unnecessary and overdone. These tropes by no means keep me from liking a book, but I do think they aren't necessary. Thankfully, after the first quarter of the book or so, the "I'm Not Like Other Girls" dies down a bit. In this particular book's love triangle, we have Erik starring as the guy who is a jerk at least 50% of the time, but because he's infinitely more interesting than good guy Javier who is so very bland (besides his back story), you end up rooting for Erik anyway. Or at least I did.

I also had a couple of moments that just left me confused as they seemed to be convenient plot points that didn't really make sense with the previous information we'd been given. For example, I was so confused about why everyone believed two of the characters were dating, when right after they supposedly broke up, one of them was making out and "dating" another person. I get you're a teenager at camp, but still. No one questioned it. Along those same lines, one of the campers had a huge issue with the main character, Signal, flirting with any guy, more so Erik but also any guy there. But when Signal ends up kissing a guy, suddenly the camper is rooting for her! I understand they had become sort of friends, but people don't just change their feelings like that. I just found it convenient that when Signal is finally openly ready to be with someone, everyone is now okay with it. It's a minor thing but it kind of bugged me.

My biggest issue with the book is probably the camp. I don't understand why they never really taught the kids how to fight. Where were knife lessons and lessons on defensive techniques? Maybe we are supposed to assume that they were taught that in between the scenes we actually read about, I don't know. But Signal sure didn't seem to have actually learned how to kill someone. I mean... what's the point in learning how to dispose of a body if there's no body to dispose?

How the book wraps up, the characters all tie together, and the mystery is solved has me really split. I won't say what happens, because you should read it to find out, but... I love when books tie things together and characters are connected in ways you may not have thought of, but in this book, I feel like some of the endings and connections come off as a little far-fetched and convenient. But then again, it's a book about a Teen Killers Club... what else should I expect?

To wrap things up...

Despite the many issues I had with this book, I really enjoyed it! I demand a second book ASAP! I NEED to know how and why certain people are alive and demand to know Erik's backstory. I was so disappointed that we never got to find out more about his past, but I'm hoping it's because the author wanted to leave room for Book 2.

I would definitely recommend this book as it's a great fast-paced read! 3.5/5 stars!
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Thank You to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for this ARC!!

Seventeen-year-old Signal Deere is convicted of her best friend Rose's brutal murder, she's designated a "Class A", the most dangerous and manipulative criminal profile. To avoid prison, Signal signs on for a secret program for 18-and-under Class As and is whisked off to an abandoned sleep-away camp, where she and seven bunk mates will train as assassins. 

But Signal doesn't fit in and neither does she manage to take part actively in the camp because unlike her other campers, she is innocent.

I just loved this book because its so different and unique!! Its an amazing YA adventure which keeps you hooked on till the end. Initially some of the characters creep you out because they are just teenagers who actually like killing but gradually through the book you start liking all of them. The mystery of Rose's death keeps you guessing right till the end. And the ending... what do I say... It just makes me cry out for a sequel.

Highly recommended!!
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(Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for sending me an e-copy of the novel for an honest review.)

Given the choice of life in prison or an unknown alternative, what would you choose?

With no chance of an appeal or to clear her name for a crime she claims she did not commit, Signal Deere chooses the alternative. At a camp with other teens who are all convicted murderers, two camp leaders train them to be the "perfect" killers. The teens undergo brutal and gruelling tasks designed to emphasize their lack of empathy and have psychopathic traits to convince them all they are good for is killing.

Signal disrupts this idea with her compassion, empathy, and desire to prove to the camp leaders that she was not born to be a heartless killer. This pushes the teens at camp to change how they perceive themselves and each other. Framed for her best friend's murder, Signal is forced to find the truth of who set her up and blend in as a psychopathic killer or suffer the consequences. 

From the moment I started this book, I knew it was going to be a wild ride. Lily Sparks' novel is brilliant, thrilling, and highly addictive. It is a story that offers a respective and humane characterization of teen killers, often showing how easy it is for society to label people they fear and do not understand. "Teen Killers Club" is a perfect mix of everything I love in a story: crime, thriller, humor, romance, and tons of action that should not be missed out on!

I really hope there will be a sequel because I am not ready to say goodbye to the story or characters! This novel will be published on November 10, 2020 and I recommend everyone to save the date and be on the lookout. You will not have regrets!

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If it weren't for the homicidal tendencies, then these would be really sweet kids. The logic probably falls apart if you examine it too closely, but it's such a cracking, quick read that you won't have the time.
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(not sure if the press is an American or British one, but it seemed as if the grammar was more in the British style, but there were still issues even so. Okay, end of work!brain's two cents. Wait, I take it back. THANK YOU for not using an apostrophe when writing "Class As"!!!! Finally someone else has done it right 💜 )

With the exception of some relationship-related thoughts scattered about (and it's really more about their placement than being relationship thoughts on the first place) in the wrong places in the narrative/not a time when the protagonist (inexperienced as she may be) is not going to be thinking those thoughts when she's also just as inexperienced in killing and life and death situations, and that's where she's finding herself. 

Part of me wishes some things were more developed. Like, I really like the idea behind looking into someone's social media, search history, what websites are bookmarked, open watching habits .... Taking all that and using a program to make a classification program to rank how dangerous an offender is and if that offender is likely to repeat (instead of still kinda taking a shot in the dark at it now like we do). Yes, the book shows that Signal was framed, but when you get to the end, you see what really happened. Any normal case and her file would not have flagged as class A.
The other thing as far as development goes: it's hit or miss who we learn about back story and how they got to be an A, and how they feel about it. One of the best passages is when Javier is explaining to Signal what he did - and then ends with how he feels about it. We get glimpses of it with the others but it really could have added so much.

And almost on that same point - I want to know so much more about these characters. I don't know if it's in a sequel, in prequels for.each of them that include their crime(s)... But these were almost all characters I wanted to spend more time with. 

I think for now I'm going to say a solid 3.5/5... a couple things could be tweaked in that last edit stage that would benefit (obvi too late to add to it, but that's what new books are for)
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Not to sound too much like the SNL character, but this book has it all! Murder, mystery, action, friendship, romance, cults on my! Imagine Dexter went to sleep away camp and learned alongside other killers ... that’s the basic premise of this story. It was a little creepy but kept me guessing throughout. Once I got into it I couldn’t put it down. I secretly hope we get a sequel to find out what happens next. 

ARC provided by #NetGalley in exchange for an honest and thoughtful review.
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Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for providing a digital ARC of Teen Killers Club in exchange for an honest review.

I'm pretty sure I have a type and this book is it. I've read similar premises before, but never this intricately or well done. It feels weird to say this book was fun because yeah, technically its about murder, but oh my god was it fun. You've got your summer camp asthetic+ tough characters who are actually sweethearts+ obviously lopsided love triangles everyone but the oblivious protagonist can see+ found family tropes+ enemies to friends and yet this book still manages to be unique.

Teen Killers Club takes all the best YA tropes and spins them on their head to make a wild, unique, edge of your seat story. Can't wait for the sequel (I haven't actually found proof of one anywhere online one but if there isn't one being written I will personally revolt).
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In this action packed YA adventure, Signal Deere must fight all she is to become what the world believes her to be. Her mission in life is to find out who killed her best friend Rose.  

One the story starts it doesn't let go and the reader is transported into a new world with danger, action, violence and humor. 

Teen Killer Club, surprisingly, is a light hearted story (for being about a handful of teen killers), that asks some pretty pointed questions; not only about society but about people and their motivations, psyche and hearts. 

While there are a few gut wrenching moments, nothing is overly graphic and the story is balanced with humor and intelligence. 

I really enjoyed Signal and her need to find the truth all without losing her true self, as well as the other teen killers, who all had wonderful depth and interesting personalities. It was a joy to learn more about them as the story went on. The mystery of Rose's death kept me guessing at every turn. 

If I had a complaint it is the second half felt like a slightly different story. The way the plot gets redirected feels a bit too out of line with the flow of the first half of the story. It's not bad in any way, just nit where I was expecting it to go. 

This is definitely book one in a series as there are many more adventures to be hand and questions to be answered; very fun story. I received an ARC via NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books and I am leaving an honest review.
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This book was a total whirlwind! You go into the book not knowing who to trust, main character included, and it just gets worse as you start to like different characters. The book really makes you question everything you thought you knew and really sends you for a loop. There was a point where I didn’t even trust the camp counselors. The characters are ruthless yet at times charming, and that’s what really made the book for me. If you’re looking for a really fast and fun read, this is the book I would recommend. It’s a little creepy and very addicting and I’ll be likely to read this author’s future works!
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What can I say..... I have a lot of mixed feelings over this one. The premise is interesting and I love the idea behind it. My one  hang up however was the protagonist, Signal, and of course the unnecessary love triangle. Signal is stuck in a camp with other Class A, or rather other teens who are killers, and yet throughout the entire time she barely makes any decisions that would actually help her survive being there. I just couldn’t get behind it, and I mean come on, you are stuck in a place with other people who could kill you and where you could be killed, you should definitely be trying to stay alive. This has more romance drama that was unnecessary and I honestly felt that Signal barely grew as a person. However despite my grips and my negative rambling I did like this book. I adored Nobody and Eric the most and I’m fine with how the story wrapped up. Overall it was a interesting read and fast one to get through.
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