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3 .5 STARSI suspect that a lot of people will give this book a higher rating than I have as it was well written, had a good story line and few characters that were of interest. The problem is that I did not really care for the quasi romantic parts of this book and generally speaking found it to be not in my preferred style. 
Ethan Faulkner is a precocious child with a brilliant but troublesome sister, a war vet for a father, and a weary mother trying to manage their family. One night a young woman rings their doorbell, desperate to hide from two men who are pursuing her, when one of the two barges in after her. The struggle leaves both of Ethan's parents dead.
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Thank you for providing me a copy of this book. 
I run out of time so sorry I wasn't able to finish this.
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Never Turn Back was highlight entertaining with the page-turning aspect of the plot that left you wanting to know more about Ethan and this family and the decisions that impact a family. I really enjoyed reading the book, the well developed characters, and plot. I would definitely recommend this book to others.
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Christoher Swann's Never Turn Back is a tense story about siblings bound together by a turbulent history. For me, the characters are what made the book, but the twists and turns helped. Thank you to Crooked Lane and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review.
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After reading the description of the book I was looking forward to reading this book. It was a great read. Very exciting. I couldn’t put it down. It was thrilling to read, could actually feel my heart racing while reading it. Great plot. And very well written
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Never Turn Back is about a family tragedy that forever changes Ethan’s life, but just when he thinks he’s put the past behind him, a hot new love interest turns his world upside down. 

Favorite moments of mine include the shady Irish uncle with possible mafia ties and the fun and heartfelt relationship Ethan has with his sister, Susannah. There are many instances when I laughed out loud when reading the clever dialogue between this colorful cast of characters. Animal lovers will also be relieved to learn that, no, the dog doesn’t die. 

With plenty of action and suspense, this book is a quick read that packs a punch.

Thanks to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the advanced copy of this book. The opinions are my own.
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Ethan Faulkner and his family were victims of a home invasion that killed his parents more than twelve years ago. 
On the surface, Ethan has put this horrendous time of his life behind him and almost no one in his present day life knows about what happened in the past. But a one night stand that turns into more also turns his well tamped down life and past into turmoil and what follows is a twisty tale of obsession, revenge and murder. There are a couple of twists that I didn’t expect making this a well crafted mystery thriller that will pull you in and keep you engaged and turning the pages well into the night.
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3.5 stars.  I enjoyed this one.  The characters are what made this book.  The author did such a great job bringing the characters to life.  Not really a mystery but suspenseful with a good pace.
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Great, fast paced and engaging. I really enjoyed this book and the character development throughout. This is the first I have read from this author but it won’t be the last
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This is the first book I read from this author and I loved it. The story is engaging and hooked me from the beginning. The characters are interesting and believable. I will definitely read more from this author
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This was my first book by Christopher Swann and it was so enjoyable, it definitely won't be my last! I'm hoping this could possibly become a series, the characters were ones I didn't want to say goodbye to.
When siblings Ethan and Susannah were young, they were the victims of a home invasion that killed their parents and left them injured.
Susannah has not recovered emtionally, and continues to struggle in life.
Ethan has seemed to move forward, he is a popular teacher and has started a relationship with fellow educator Marisa, who is new to his school.
But Marisa becomes obsessed with his past, and Ethan decides he's had enough.
When he tries to break up with Marisa, she won't accept that they are over and begins to stalk him.
Then a murder occurs, all the clues point to Ethan and he must once again fight for his life.
This tense and twisty atmospheric thriller was an exciting read.
I loved the quirky, diverse characters, they kept me fascinated.
The great writing really kept me engrossed in the story and anxious to find out what would happen next.
Thank you Crooked Lane Books for the e-ARC via NetGalley.
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A thank you to NetGalley for sharing the ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I'll skip the summary since you can find it in a lot of places and just get into the nuts & bolts of my review. Unfortunately, I wasn't nearly as thrilled as I'd hoped to be based (shallowly) on the cover, the description, and number of 4 star review. It's a perfectly serviceable thriller - it's just that it felt a little disjoined, the characters neither fully developed and didn't seem to much connect with the reader or the other characters. The was simply too much going on for relatively short number of pages. However, like I said, it does fit the thriller bill and reading it is not without enjoyment and I certainly do not consider it as having been a waste of time. Such can not be said for a  number of books I read and I would be more than happy to give another book by the author a whirl.
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Rating: 2  🍷 🍷 !!!!!!!
Book: Never Turn Back 
Available NOW -Release Date: October 6, 2020
Author: Christopher Swann
Genre: Thrillers, Mystery, Suspense

I really wanted to like this book. I liked the premise and thought it was going to be a different type of story. While there were some parts that were very thrilling, there were far too many overly descriptive parts and it lost me. I did not like the main character at all and it the mystery wasn’t much of a mystery.

Thank you to @NetGalley and @CrookedLaneBooks for an advanced copy of @NeverTurnBack. 

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Never Turn Back by Christopher Swann

Ethan Faulkner is a precocious child with a brilliant, but troublesome sister, a father who was a war vet, and a weary mother who is trying to manage their family.  One night, a young woman rings their doorbell, trying to hide from two men who are pursuing her.

This was an mystery dealing With the murder of a father and mother.  Their son and daughter have been looking for the killer for many years.  The author takes us down many paths to find the killer.  Many characters, not all good.  It took awhile to get into the story.

Thanks to Net Galley for sending me an advanced reader’s cp[y for review.
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I have mixed feelings about this book! I liked the plotline and the characters, but I wanted more thrill in the content. The writing was ok.  There were parts that were intense and I got lost in the book and other times when I skipped over paragraphs because it was irrelevant descriptions that stalled the progression of the story. The characters were the best part of the book. There were ex-cons, a shady uncle, murderers, psychopaths, obsessive girlfriend, an English teacher, and one lovable dog. The characters were what made the book so interesting. Even though I didn't fully enjoy the book, I would still recommend this book to readers that like a good action story.
Warning: There is a lot of language in this book! There is also mention of sex, rape, drugs, sexting, and issues of mental health.
Thank you to NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review!
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This was an intriguing read with memorable characters. The plot kept me guessing with many twists and turns along the way. I really enjoyed it.  
Many thanks to Crooked Lane Books and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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**I received an eARC of 'Never Turn Back' through NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books, in exchange for an honest review**

'Never Turn Back' draws you in right from the start! Many emotions flow through the story, as Christopher Swann details Ethan's life. He's in a constant battle: trying to move past the demons from his past life, while his present predicament makes a point to rehash. He loves the women in his life (his sister and girlfriend), yet his ties with them are inextricably bound to the moment he yearns to forget. 

Never Turn Back spirals through many twists and turns as Ethan struggles to make sense of his life. This story certainly kept me engaged to the final pages!

I recommend 'Never Turn Back' to those searching for a good thriller with layers of family connections. You will love this book!
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Late one night, young Ethan Faulkner and his sister Susannah witness the murder of their parents who are trying to help a woman in need. Years later, Ethan is a successful teacher at a private school and his sister is still reeling from the events that took place that night. After a one night stand, Ethan finds his sister in his apartment and at the beginning of the next week his one night stand, Marisa, gets a job working with him as his substitute coteacher. He thinks he may have lucked out, but things soon go bad fast. 

This book was a fast paced thriller that I had a difficult time putting down. The dual timeline between Ethan's childhood and the current time is well done, even when it takes place in the middle of the chapter. The characters are three dimensional and I really enjoyed the banter between a few of the main characters. If you like a good thriller this is definitely one to read!

My appreciation to Crooked Lane Books, Christopher Swann, and NetGalley for gifting me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This was a thrilling and exciting book with lots of suspenseful moments. A random attack by strangers has left Ethan and his sister orphaned and scarred. Now they are adults, but their past is back to haunt them.  I really like the relationship between Ethan and his sister Susanna. They were both relatable characters in this fast-paced mystery.
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Wow!!  This book is explosive and definitely one of my better reads for 2020!  Alot of suspense!  Overall a fantastic book with fantastic characters!!
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