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Really loved this book!

It’s original, fresh and fun!

I really like how strong the heroine is in this story. The plot moves quickly and keeps the reader engaged. 

If you love Regency romance, this one is not to be missed!
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If you love second chance romance then this is for you! For fans of Sarah Maclean--I think she's the best comp author.
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Lady Charlotte Wentworth is in need of a husband. If she can’t find one on her own, her father will force her to marry his choice. All Lottie wants to do is find someone that will marry her and then leave her be on her own estate far from said husband. What she doesn’t expect is that her search for a husband begins by running into the man who ruined her marriage prospects during her only season. Lottie can’t seem to avoid Ethan Ridley, called Mac by his friends and Lord Amesbury by the ton. When he offers to make amends, they end up in a fake engagement to give her more time for her real search. Of course, they both come to realize they want their relationship to go from faux to real despite serious obstacles in their way. The banter between Lottie and Ethan is incredibly entertaining. She gets in some great lines that he receives with gusto. Their fake engagement includes a great balance of sweetness, jests, and steam. The various romantic tropes used feel integral for the story to lead to its inevitable outcome.
VERDICT: A fun, Regency romance that makes you root for the hero and heroine while you laugh at their antics.
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Otro no sos vos, soy yo, ya esta clase de libros no me engancha, me da a que la ultima camada de romances históricos que estuvieron publicando son todos con un tono muy moderno, o yo me siento que estoy leyendo una rom com  con gente disfrazada de otro siglo y personalmente no es lo que busco.
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I really want to love historical romance and I’ve tried a few but it’s just not for me I don’t think. Definitely a case of it’s me not the book because on paper I should have liked this one.
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This is the first book in the Misfits of Mayfair series. It features Lady Charlotte Wentworth played the biddable female the ton expected and it made her completely miserable. This time around she plans to do her season her way. When a suitor attempts to manipulate her she claims to be engaged to a man from her past. Ethan, Lord Amesbury, agrees because he feels he owes Lady Charlotte for almost ruining her. This story tells of how Ethan, who is now older and wiser, shows Charlotte that he is the one for her. 

I would recommend this romance. The author does a good job bringing her characters to life with lively and interesting dialogue.

I was provided a copy of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.
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I mean is there anything better than a good historical romance? This one was just so much fun and sexy!
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Bethany Bennett's debut novel with its second chances and fake relationship is at once classic and unexpected. It is well worth a read.

This story of redemption and triumph was well crafted, the banter quick and the emotions deep. Secondary characters added depth and the main characters were realistic and layered. I loved Lottie’s willingness to reconsider long-held beliefs and goals. Ethan was steadfast and lovable.

The plot takes a few unexpected turns, but will feel familiar to any lover of historical romance.

CW: attempted violence against a woman
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Written by a true romance fan, beautiful story! I'm always a fan of enemies to lovers trope, not to mention a fake realtionship? Give me more! Loved it and would recommend it to a friend!
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Review excerpted from my blog post over at Titillated Termagant Romance Reviews (

My Rating: 4 stars

Library recommendation: Recommended for public library historical romance collections.

Warning: Hereafter, you chance spoilers. I will try never to reveal major plot points, but to review any book, you must reveal some parts of the story. 


Number of titles I have read by this author: 1

Love story speed: Medium burn

Relationship dynamics:  The Scottish Rogue (H) / The Scandalous Spinster (h)

Physical descriptions: Lottie is tall and “sturdy” (curvy), with brown hair and eyes. Ethan is very tall, broad, very muscular and tanned, with curly dark hair and blue eyes.

Sexual content: Some; on-page and explicit.

Triggers: Sexual assault (not rape; of h, not by H); drugging and kidnap (of h, not by H)

Grammar/Editing: My ARC had a few typos and word choice issues (e.g. agreeable vs. amenable).

Review: This, the first book in the Mayfair Misfits series, is set in Regency era England and is generally well-researched, except for some spelling blunders (e.g. Gunter’s vs. Gunther’s Tea Shop) and some anachronistic words and turns of phrase (e.g. “minefield” – first used in 1877) that may not appear to historical purists. That being said, the more modern language may appeal to those making their first foray into the historical romance subgenre.

The main characters in this novel are Ethan and Lottie. Ethan is a memorable hero because he is so accepting of Lottie, even with her managing ways. He wants a spirited, brash woman and not a docile lady, which I found appealing. He also learns from his mistakes and affects positive change in his life as a result (#lifegoals). Lottie is memorable for being a heroine who saves herself – she starts strong and stays strong, which I particularly enjoyed. Their relationship is somewhat burdened at times with misunderstandings caused by simple miscommunication but, overall, they are mutually supportive and have great chemistry. The supporting characters are generally well-developed, although I found that Lottie’s father was oversold and underdelivered once he came on-page. In truth, I felt like there was an opportunity missed in terms of audience satisfaction when Lottie and Ethan finally meet with her father. The primary villain’s comeuppance is extremely satisfying, however.

I definitely intend to continue with this series.

Full disclosure: I received a free advance review copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I enjoyed this book well enough, I liked Ethan, and I appreciated Lottie and her ability to stick up for herself and know what she wanted for herself and her drive to get it. But I felt at times she was too stuck on her dream and it wasn't to the benefit of anyone. I liked the romance between the characters, and I thought the writing was well done. It wasn't my favorite book, but I did enjoy it and I will for sure check out the authors work in the future!
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Received in exchange for a honest review.

Ethan love love love Ethan. He has such remorse and guilt over what he did so many years ago as a youth and he wants to make up for the way he was. So much so that he is willing to go to any length to help Lady Charlotte. Only he falls in love with this plucky sassy woman and she him.

Lady Charlotte is very independent and stubborn. To stop a suitor she is willing to fake an engagement to another even one that she does not like or does she? That is the question. The story begins with her being saucy but cold towards Ethan because of how he was to her all those years ago. She shows her independent side when he sees her the first time and aids her but this only intrigues him. His different attitude and ways has her flummoxed but she doesn’t want to let go of that anger except when they meet up again she needs his help and he gives it willingly hoping that he can prove to her that he is sorry and hopes they can move on. 

They have some great banter between them and are a formidable team against high society who loves a good juicy gossip story. No matter how hard the ton tries to sully these two, they stand together and turn it into good for them. It also brings them closer. I think it is their fight against society that has them get closer. Lady Charlotte sees that Ethan isn’t the man he once was and sees him as an ally and supporter. Ethan is smitten with her. They grow close and fall in love and it is entertaining to watch. They are a great couple and support each other but are also friends and that formed a solid relationship for them to build upon. A great romance that has you smile and just sit back and enjoy.
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I enjoyed this story and will definitely keep an eye out for the next book in the series! Lottie and Ethan are a wonderful duo, and it was a joy to see them get their happy ending. If you're looking for a historical romance with all the flavor of high-society London but without the typical stuffy balls, domineering parents/guardians, or societal expectations, you will love Lottie and Ethan. Both of them give no mind to whether their actions will fan the flames of the ton's gossip and instead are focused on doing what they believe is best for only themselves... that is, until they get caught up in their feelings for one another. This story also boasts a dynamic cast of lovable side characters and a deplorable villain who is easy to hate.

On the other hand, at times it felt as if too much was going on in this book. There are so many locations and plot elements that just as I'd become adjusted to one, the story would move on to another. The fake engagement trope didn't come into play until around the 40% mark, at which point I'd almost forgotten it's the main story element the book blurb promotes. With the fake engagement, a second chance at love, enemies-to-friends-to-lovers, spare to the throne, a villainous spurned suitor, and a disapproving father, among others, it seemed as if Bethany Bennett couldn't decide which elements she wanted to incorporate so she wrote them all into the story. It made for an engaging and fast-paced tale, but personally I would've preferred fewer of these elements in favor of dedicating more time to certain locations or elements of the plot.

Thank you to Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Netgalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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Lady Charlotte Wentworth  was just a girl, who fell in love with a boy, who she thought would marry her. Boy accepted bribe to leave from her dad and she never knew about it. But years later they reunite and will have to go through alittle bit of everything to try to have their happily ever after.
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Bethany Bennett's debut title is PURE ROMANCE GOLD! The wit, the gorgeous setting build, and the va-va-va-voom of the Romantic chemistry this author has delivered make for an amazing and SO enjoyable read. I look forward to what heralds to be a wonderful continuation of this series, and so many gifts this author will deliver in the future!
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This is the first book I've read by Bethany Bennett and I absolutely LOVED it.  While Lottie is okay, the character I really loved was Ethan.  He is everything you could hope for in a hero!  I didn't like that Lottie was really not committed to their relationship until the end, but because Ethan was an exceptional H, I can overlook that Lottie frustrated me sometimes.  Very well done.  Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read in advance for an honest review.
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Overall I enjoyed this book, but it felt a little slow to me. I loved Lottie and Ethan & their relationship, but I think since the majority of the conflict in the book was internal, it lingered quite a but on the “will they won’t they.” I wish it had just a *little* more momentum. Though for a debut I think it was pretty good, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for future books by Bethany Bennet— her writing style was really lovely
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I can’t believe I’ve been sticking to contemporary romance all this time and not ventured into the realm of historical romance. I enjoyed this book so very much.

Take one dashing Scottish giant, a lady who would rather get around in britches than skirts, and throw in a fake relationship, a kidnapping, treasure hunters, and a lot of naughty adventures and you’ve got one heck of an entertaining read!

Back when she was just a girl, and newly introduced to society, Charlotte fell in love with a boy. Her father deemed him an unsuitable match and sent him away, causing scandal and drama that Charlotte never quite recovered from.

Now that she’s older, knows her own mind, and looking for a husband, who should she run into? Ethan, the man who ruined her reputation and hurt her pride the first time around. But maybe they are now in a position to help each other out…and nothing ever goes wrong with fake relationships. Right?!

Like I said, I loved this one so much. It was funny, and sweet, and the characters were wonderful.
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4.5 stars. An excellent second chance story and debut novel from Bethany Bennett. Some other time-tested tropes are involved—enemies to friends to lovers and fake marriage—making a solid, well-developed story that will appeal to Regency readers.

Lady Charlotte Wentworth had a disastrous first season and has decided to abandon polite society. She has discovered a talent for estate management and wants nothing more than to run her own estate. An unfortunate carriage accident reunites her with Ethan, Lord Amesbury, the last man she wanted to see.

Ethan is a Scottish sheep farmer who unexpectedly inherited a title. He is also the man who ruined Lottie’s first season through his wild ways and thoughtless behavior. Ethan has matured over the years and wants to make amends for his past. The opportunity comes when Lottie is pressured by her father to marry James Montague, heir to an earl. Lottie and Ethan concoct a fake engagement to deter her suitor, but Montague does not take rejection easily.

Bennett’s writing was solid and on a par with many veteran historical romance authors. She has an excellent career ahead of her. The characters had a lot of appeal and their emotional development seemed genuine. My only minor issue was that I was left with a few questions not sufficiently answered. Overall, Any Rogue Will Do is an incredibly strong debut novel. Ethan’s best friend was intriguing and is surely the hero of the next book from the author (which I will gladly read).

ARC provided by Netgalley.
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Absolutely loved this book and cannot wait to read more from this debut author.
Even though it took me a little bit to get into it, once I did...I couldn't put it down. Really enjoyed the enemies to lovers & fake relationship in this story. I love when an author takes the time to have the characters go from enemies to friends to lovers. It just adds a bit more to their relationship that way. 
The steam level was great too!
I have been and will continue to recommend this fantastic debut novel!
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