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The Light of His Presence

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I keep this book sat my desk and re-read a prayer every morning. It helps me focus and grow my prayer life and reminds me what I need to bring to my Heavenly Father each day.
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This book was very good!
Very helpful and learning how to pray and having help when you don't know what to say.
I would highly recommend this book.
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This book belongs on everybody’s bookcase! A definite must read. I enjoyed it and will recommend it to my friends.
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The Light of His Presence: Prayers to Draw You Near to the Heart of God by Anne Graham Lotz is a deeply moving book of prayers. I immediately felt drawn in by this book, which surprised me. I expected a book of disjointed topical prayers. Sometimes those kind of books feel awkward and stilted, like you are reading something that is an example of a prayer to emulate. I did not find anything like that in this book. Instead, I found prayers that touched my heart with their sincerity and deep felt emotions. I felt drawn in and could immediately relate as my heart prayed the same. It is a wonderful book to pick up and draw nearer to God and feel His Presence. I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher with no obligations. These opinions are entirely my own.
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He who fears God fears no man.
He who kneels before God will stand in any situation.
Leonard Ravenhill

A strong worshipful book on guiding the reader thru prayers. It can be difficult to pray. To be focused and to keep the focus off yourself and on who God is. This book is extremely well done in that. Each prayer is titled with a prayer than with scripture or a quote on prayer. This compilation of prayers is a great resource to align with the heart of God. Highly recommend.

A special thank you to WaterBrook & Multnomah and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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I find it somewhat comforting to know that even someone like Anne Graham Lotz finds that she, too, has struggled with prayer at times. She lists her three main areas of struggles as concentration, consistency and content. I do not know about you but I could not agree more! She offers her latest book as an encouragement to guide readers in what she has discovered works for her. She also suggests readers to write their prayers out. Lotz’s book also includes two of my favorite things which are inspiring quotes from Christians throughout the ages and a section for journaling, I highly recommend this book!
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I found The Light of His Presence by Anne Graham Lotz to be an amazing resource for prayer in my life.  I’m so blessed to have this book in my hands and I find that I flip all over the place in it to pray all sorts of areas all at once.  She really is such a blessing to share her prayers in all sorts of areas with us.  She’s lived what she’s written in these pages and it shows real, raw prayer. So, I turn to the topic I’m wanting to pray about and see how it fits into my personal experience in that moment.  For example, it might be fear and then she prays Scripture through her section on fear.  I will be using this for years to come.  I highly encourage this resource for your prayer time.  
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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I always enjoy this authors writings. Sometimes you just need a guide to get started with a prayer. When chaos is all around you and it seems like things are falling apart it is also always easy to pray. I love how this is set up and I like where you can write out your prayers.  This is one I will keep close by to pick up often.  They way she shares her love for God through helping others is inspiring. 
Thanks to net galley and the publisher for the advanced copy.
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It’s hard to imagine that anyone who writes prayers as eloquently as Anne Graham Lotz does in The Light Of His Presence struggles with prayer. Yet, Anne confides that she has struggled with concentration, consistency and content during her prayer time. This gives those of us who struggle in these areas great encouragement as we read this book.

Ann’s thematic prayers are beautifully crafted, full or praise and highly honoring to God. They reflect the heart of someone who knows her Savior intimately. 

This is a beautiful book that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn, through modeling and example, how to glorify God through their words.
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This is the second book that I have read by Anne Graham Lotz, and I must say that I love her heart for God! She is transparent with her struggles, and sins, Everything that she struggles  with in her life, she uses as a testimony to help those around her. 

I believe that this is a wonderful book on prayer for everyone no matter where they are in their journey with Jesus!
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The Light of His Presence
Prayers to Draw You Near to the Heart of God
by Anne Graham Lotz
 WaterBrook & Multnomah 
Pub Date 06 Oct 2020

I am reviewing a copy of The Light of His Presence, through Waterbrook and Multonomah and Netgalley:

What makes us think of other things we need to do, when we bow or heads to pray?   How can we make time to pray in the middle of our busy often chaotic lives?  When we do pray, how do we know what to say, and how to say it

Anne Graham Lotz, like the majority of us has struggled with prayer. She has discovered over the years that writing out her prayers has allowed her to draw into a deeper conversation with God.

The Light of His Presence is a collection of forty of these honest and tender prayers for real-life situations as an invitation to deepen your own prayer life through worship, confession, thanksgiving, and intercession.   This devotional will encourage you to lean more fully into God’s promises, using this power packed devotional resource which not only includes Anne Graham Lotz prayers, but includes inspiring Christian quotes throughout the age as well as a place to do your own journaling.

I give The Light of His Presence five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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As always, Anne Graham Lotz does a wonderful job of drawing us closer to Jesus. I love how inspiring this book is and how she stays completely within Scripture. You don’t have to question her motives or teaching because it’s purely with the purpose of showing us the glory and love of God. 

This book gave me such hope as I struggle with health issues and worry. Her words were a reminder that I only have to turn to God in prayer. I highly recommend this book and it deserves the 5 star rating I’m giving it.
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The Light of His Presence by Anne Graham Lotz.

I have been extremely encouraged by Anne’s vulnerability in sharing her struggles with prayer. Being the daughter of Reverend Billy Graham, as she shares her experiences. I am left with a since, I am not the only one who struggles with praying! I wonder how many like myself have the same insecurities. Over thinking what should I be praying, how am I to pray......not to mention the heightened anxiety of praying out loud. 
I began Anne’s book honestly a little skeptical, that however change very quickly. I also quickly discovered that this was a book that reading start to finish was going to be a challenge. Which is what I have been trying  to do until this morning. This morning, with coffee cup filled, kitten on my lap. I looked at the table of contents, instead of picking up where I left off. With the challenges we are all facing in this crazy year if 2020. There is an deep desire to be praying. With so much to pray for. I choose one, and began to read it out loud. .In a moment it became the prayer of my own heart, adding In the names of my own loved ones. This book along with my Mothers bible, will be on my bedside table. I am so encouraged to know I am able to find a topic that can give me a starting point. This morning, I have been in His Presence, He has heard my cry. I have a incredible since of Shalom, Peace!
The Power of Prayer is Priceless!
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The prayers written by Anne Graham Lotz in The Light of His Presence are heart felt, powerful, scripture based prayers.  These prayers speak to my heart because they say what I myself have not been able to put into words.  Using the practice of praying God’s Word back to Him, , I have used these prayers as a platform to draw closer to Him and to write out my own prayers.  Thank you Anne for always leading us by example, especially in the area of prayer!
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The Light of His Presence by Anne Graham Lotz is a compilation of prayers. Simple and beautiful prayers that can be used in your own prayer life or as a guide to build your own deeper prayers. The words found in these pages touch on everyday topics and struggles, reminding us that we’re all part of a community going through similar situations. Lotz filled the book with scripture quotes, presented in a reverent yet intimate tone, that work as a reminder of the truths and promises found in God’s word. These prayers encourage the reader to use prayer to build a relationship with God. I received a copy of this book from the publisher but was not under any obligation to write a review. All opinions are strictly mine.
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Worship. Confession. Thanksgiving. Intercession.

Anne Graham Lotz has gifted her readers with a power-filled glimpse into her prayer life. In The Light of His Presence: Prayers to Draw You Near to the Heart of God, she shares 40 intimate prayers that focus on today’s struggles, salvation, restoration, mission, and much more.

Scripture-filled prayers recount God’s story and His love for His people. At times, I felt like I was observing Daniel praying. I paused to reflect on Daniel’s confession that he and Israel had sinned and considered today’s sins.

High and lofty prayers that raised the reader to the heights of the heavens, and simple prayers that humbly sat before the Lord of Glory, these prayers are heartfelt devotions.

In several of her prayers, Lotz reminds God of His promises and writes “We hold You to Your word.” I am uncomfortable with this. If we trust God and His word, then there is no reason to tell Him that He is obligated to fulfill what we request. Whether in this earthly life or our heavenly life, God said it, and He will do it.

I especially loved “A Prayer of Adoration for the Bridegroom” inspired by Song of Songs 2:5-4. She uses the imagery found in the Song of Songs to pray back to the Lover of her Soul, Jesus.

I received an advance NetGalley copy of The Light of His Presence from Waterbrook and Multnomah as part of the launch team for an honest review.
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#The Light of His Presence#  by  Anne  Graham Lotz is a Christian living book.  Anne Graham  Lotz   is the daughter of Billy Graham.  She has spoken on seven continents. She has  spoken in prisons, churches seminaries. She  openly  shares how she finds prayer difficult. She  wrote this book of prayers  to help others   with their prayer life.   She has written   ten best selling books.   Her prayers are personal  and apply to different situations.  This book is a wonderful way to  teach the reader how to pray.  Thank you to netgalley, the publisher,  the author for allowing me to read and review the  book.   I hope the book is really successful.
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Anne Graham Lotz has provided an extensive work to assist anyone with a desire to improve their prayer routine. In her Introduction she describes her own challenges with her prayer life: her ability to concentrate among typical, everyday distractions; her efforts to maintain consistency in her prayer routine; and her desire to make the content of her prayers thoughtful and heartfelt rather than simplistic. To assist others she has written 40 prayers for our use and as examples for us to write our own prayers. She has also included quotes and artwork that are beautiful and inspiring.

I received a free copy of this book as a member of her book launch group. I am a providing my honest  review voluntarily and highly recommend this book to everyone.
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The Light of His Presence contains prayers for many occasions and feelings, many springboards to our own prayers as well as thoughts to continue talking with God.
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This collection of prayers is a great place to start if you struggle with your prayer life. It covers prayers for every issue you could possibly think of. Whether you are looking for instruction or inspiration, this book will be huge help. Anne draws heavily from scripture to write out her prayers. There's also beautiful art work and quotes through out, as well. Highly recommended.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher for the purpose of review.
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