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This is a great adaptation for teens of the Extinction Rebellion Guide. Having read both books, I can definitely say that Challenge Everything includes all the great points made by The Extinction Rebellion while making more accessible and applicable for younger readers. Many teens don't have the same resources as adults, or know how to make the differences they want and Challenge Everything made clear suggestions that are beneficial for everyone and that follow the same principles as the Extinction Rebellion.
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I received this as an ARC on NetGalley

- stark facts and stats about the climate with workable solutions
- easy to understand 
- personality showed but didn't distract from the message
- questions interspersed keep you engaged

- i would have liked to see more about animal cruelty in cleaning products etc. But this is the only thing
- that's it? I can't think of anything else!

This is a stark reminder of the crisis our world is facing, from a person very involved in the fight against it. The facts and figures this was based on were shocking, but very true and horrific. They made me want to and how I live completely. I'm definitely considering joining xr now. Please read this book! It will inspire you and give you tools to change how you live.

This book made me realize how even the smallest things we do can really damage the world!

One thing I would say is: possible triggers for animal cruelty, but I felt it was handled sensitively and with due warnings.

I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn about activism, the climate, meat and similar topics. Also, to climate deniers who will see why when they read it.

Overall: 5/5 :)
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This is a fantastic introduction to climate activism for young adults. Clear and easy to follow, and a quick read! It doesn't gloss over topics, and is neither over-simplified or over-complicated. They're nice and handy guides and can inspire the younger generations to make changes in their lives.
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Thank you to NetGalley and Pavilion Books for an advance reader copy in exchange for an honest review.

Challenge Everything is such an interesting introduction to the principles of the Extinction Rebellion for young people, and gives clear aid to those interested in boycotting or protesting for the state of our climate. I think the conversation about morals in this book is really important, and really interesting to read and question in our own lives whether we are really doing the best we can to counteract our changing climate. Whether or not you agree with Extinction Rebellion principles and actions, I think this is an incredibly important read for any young person who wants to make a change.
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This was a great, short introduction for younger people on the world of Extinction Rebellion and the climate crisis. Sometimes when you begin looking into climate change, all the information and facts can be overwhelming; but this book did a great job of just giving you a basic grasp of things you should be concerned about, or begin to research more.  The layout of the book was great, and I loved all the graphics included. Most of the content was informative, however there were some areas of this book I did not agree with, mainly the part about squatting. However, I'd definitely recommend this to everyone to read when beginning the journey to inform themselves on all the work we need to do to tackle climate change.
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An excellent introduction to climate activism for teenagers and young adults, and a compelling call to arms. The section laying out some aspects of the crisis were brief, focusing more on personal actions than either the science or the systemic change needed to prevent catastrophe. But that is widely available elsewhere. And it is more than made up for here by excellent sections on being ready to deal with deniers and on morality - the importance of personal moral codes and the morality of non-violent direct action.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This made for very interesting and informative reading - lots of exhortations to challenge the world as it is at present made to young people via diet, researching businesses, politics etc.  I think it contains issues which are at the heart of what young people are interested in at present and passionate about.  However, in places it reads like a manifesto or recruiting campaign for Extinction Rebellion.  Also, I'm honestly not sure how having such a book in a school would go down - for some in the school community it would not be a problem, for others the fact that the author advocates Non-Violent Direct Action (in the form of civil disobediance), explicitly says they don't go to school any more as a strike/protest, and also says that the police don't bother them because they are 16/look young - I don't think this would be acceptable.  I'm not saying that there are not good moments in this book: certain sections did make me think, nod in agreement or look at my own practices.  The writing style was quite obviously that of a young person - quite chatty and overly friendly in places.
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Challenge Everything: An Extinction Rebellion Youth Guide to Saving the Planet is an interesting read for any age who is looking to find out more about Extinction Rebellion and the cause they are trying to make people aware of. It's a thought provoking read.
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