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Bayberry, Vermont grew up around the Bayberry Candle Company founded by Kate Taylor’s family. The only problem with such a close-knit community is that, when the company falters financially, it impacts the entire town. And Kate is worried.

Wesley Adams is an up-and-coming financial analyst at Watson & Summers, a major NYC financial firm. He works with some of the firm’s largest clients, so he is surprised when the president of the company sends him to Bayberry to evaluate the candle company. Particularly since his mother had just called him and asked him help her friend Penney Taylor, owner of the company. Penney is also aunt to Kate Taylor, the girl Wesley had a major crush on during the short time they family lived there when he was fifteen. 

Wesley must navigate his resurgent attraction to Kate, his growing relationships with the citizens of Bayberry, and his responsibilities / future at Watson & Summers. There’s no real explanation as to why Mr. Summers would be interested in an analysis of the Bayberry Candle Company or why he would send one of his top analysts to handle the analysis. But if you can overlook that minor story problem, the book is a great read. It’s a Hallmark Publishing novel so, of course, it reads like a Hallmark movie, which is great to me because I love Hallmark movies. Plus, it includes a recipe that sound delicious.

I received a copy of the book from NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing. The opinion is my own.
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I absolutely loved this warm, cozy Christmas story, it put me in the Christmas spirit even in the middle of a hot July.. The author's descriptive writing style pulled me in and made me feel as if I were right there in the snowy wonderland of Vermont. The romance was sweet and heartwarming. Hallmark this would make a great movie. Thank you to Hallmark and NetGalley for letting me review this wonderful book. .
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Christmas in Bayberry is a delightful holiday tale by Jennifer Faye.  Kate Taylor came to live in Bayberry when she was a teen. Her parents had just been taken by a tragic auto accident and Kate was taken in by her loving Aunt Penney, her dad’s sister. Aunt Penney ran the family company, the Bayberry Candle Company. With the exception of her time at college, Kate had lived in Bayberry ever since with no intention of ever leaving home and this close knit community. And, when the time came, she would be in line to take over the reins of the candle company.

Wesley Adams lived very briefly in Bayberry, but it had seemed like home to him. It was during his short stint in Bayberry that Kate had also just arrived. Wes, being shy, and Kate, deeply grieving, had kept their interchanges minimal, but Wes had never forgotten the young girl that had captured his heart.

However, the candle company is in a bit of a financial bind and Aunt Penney calls her old friend, Martha Adams, to see about getting her son, now working as a financial analyst who evaluates struggling companies to plan a turnaround or a sale, to help.

Wes is assigned the task of analyzing this small family owned company in early December.  While he is pleased with the opportunity to go back to Bayberry, he is not excited to be going out of town right as the CEO is making a decision on who will be the next person to assume the role of assistant vice president.  He must make quick work of the task and get back to New York in time for the announcement.

What Aunt Penney doesn’t do is talk to Kate about the issues, or tell her why the handsome young man has taken over Kate’s office. And Wes is not at liberty to explain.  Something else Wes has trouble explaining to himself is the strong attraction he still feels toward Kate.  Kate, the outgoing young woman that she is, is not content to allow Wes to do nothing but work, especially when it is her favorite time of year and there are so many holiday projects to be accomplished.

This is a delightful story that highlights timing, tenacity, and triumph when the going gets rough. I did enjoy this book and I do recommend it!
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The only thing I regret about this book is I did not read it with snow falling, snuggled in a fuzzy blanket while drinking hot chocolate.  This was a charming book with a lovable cast of characters.  Kate and Wes will make you wonder if you got a second chance to have your first love would you?
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Jennifer Faye brings us Wesley Adams living in New York City working around the clock hoping to get promoted to assistant vice president.  Before getting to his boss's office, he gets a call from his mom wanting him to help out a friend in Bayberry.  Upon entering his boss's office, he learns that in order to gain an edge in the competition, he needs to go to Bayberry, Vermont.  Arriving back at Bayberry, he remembers living there before his father got another job and leaving before he could ask his crush to the annual dance.

While working hard, Wes is reminded daily that there are many wondrous things to celebrate outside the office.  He gets to spend time with his crush Kate and enjoy the simple things in life.  Katherine and the townspeople get Wes to be more involved in all the festivities leading up to Christmas all while trying to complete his report before the holiday season.

What conclusion does Wes come up with for the Bayberry Candle Company?  Does the Christmas spirit encourage Wes to ask his crush to this year's dance?  How can Bayberry, Vermont compare with New York City and the life he has versus perhaps the life he wants?

Jennifer Faye's sweet Christmas story reminds us of family, love, and the magic of Christmas.  I have enjoyed Wes and Kate's story.  I look forward to reading more from this author.  I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for this privilege.
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Some books feel like a blanket—they’re warm, comforting reads that pack in a bundle of emotions. Christmas in Bayberry is much like a blanket book, only add in a roaring fire, a mug of hot chocolate, and a plush chair for good measure. Really, it’s the height of cozy.

Author Jennifer Faye has managed this by raising the stakes while letting up on the tension. Yes, the candle company is in a mess. Yes, Kate is so wrapped up in financial worry and selfless devotion to her town that she has zero time for a personal life. Yes, Wes is so focused on his financial job that at the first bit of small town kindness he practically dissipates in a cloud of emotion. But these characters—and, in turn, the warmhearted town they inhabit—are so genuine, so sincere, that they all just have to reach a happy ending.

That’s not to suggest that there’s no tension, or that the book inevitably breezes on by. Faye knows how to jam up the otherwise festive spirit, and a fun cast of quirky secondary characters keeps the main duo on alert. Most of this is propelled by the blooming romance between Kate and Wes, and Faye finds plenty of charming moments to pull them together.

Like so many of Hallmark published books, Christmas in Bayberry feels cinematic. Tight dialogue. Quick scenes. Relaxed drama offset by uplifting fun. Perhaps best of all, it taps into that Hallmark Christmas tone, laying on the rich holiday cheer, gorgeous setting, and pure fun.
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Christmas in Bayberry has a wonderful storyline with beautiful characterization. It's a great book for anyone interested in clean romance. The story is sweet.

The book is overly descriptive and it retracted from the intrigue of the story.
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Just wow...  This was a Hallmark Christmas movie in book form!  I loved it!  Exactly like a movie, but we get to see a little more insight into the minds of these characters.  I've always heard good things about Jennifer Faye and her ability to bring all characters and the setting alive, but this was my first chance to experience that.  They were so real and fulfilling that I found myself waiting on the edge of my seat to see everyone settled.  Maybe not as I expected, but settled nonetheless.

Kate is eagerly awaiting her aunt to turn the family's Candle company over to her.  She's studied and trained for it and has plans to grow the company through new ideas.  Which is a good thing considering most of the town is employed by it!  However the truth comes out soon enough, the company is not in good financial health, and Kate's aunt is holding off on giving the company to her niece until they find out how bad things are.

Enter Wes, the financial planner who has this one last job before a promotion that will get him everything he thinks he's ever wanted.  He never expected to come to the town of Bayberry and fall in love with it and the residents.  Not to mention run into his childhood crush from when he'd come to Bayberry as a boy.  The crush he had on Kate was the stuff of teenage legends.

These two are left each between a rock and a hard place.  Both having to choose between their love and their professions.  The ending is a nice little twist that makes you acknowledge the power of love and Christmas.

This was a great read!  I can't wait to rewind and "watch" again!

All opinions are my own and freely given.
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This is a first read by this author for me. As a dedicated fan of Hallmark's Christmas movies, I was eager in this Christmas themed book.

Kate and Wes met in High School, but Wes's family left Bayberry before he got a chance to ask Kate to the Christmas Candlelight dance.. With perfect Hallmark style the author uses the magic of Christmas to prove beyond doubt that life is not about working 24/7 , but about appreciating ones many blessings and learning what is most important.

I loved the small town Holiday spirited atmosphere,  the characters were all lovely ( another great Hallmark  trait) and the fact it snowed here and there was perfect for a July heatwave read . I also believe the real Santa made several appearances. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Hallmark publishing for allowing me to read and review Christmas in Bayberry.
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I had the pleasure of reading an arc of this book.  It’s a Christmas romance with a story line.  With a recipe thrown in.
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I adore Christmas Romances and will happily read them any time of the year. In fact, I’ll often (especially in this crazy world right now) re-read one of my favorites whenever I need a pick-me-up, go back to a happy place type of experience. So, you could say I’m addicted to Christmas Romance – which makes the new ‘Christmas in Bayberry‘ an extra special treat right now.

Kate wants to take over the reins from her aunt of the candle company that is the center of this small town and is a major employer for most of the residents of Bayberry. But her aunt isn’t quite ready to pass over control and has in fact asked for a review of the books and operations from a financial firm in New York. Unfortunately, the candle company is in trouble which means the town is in trouble as well. She’s looking for a solution without alerting anyone of what may become their new reality -and also without letting Kate know why she’s not ready to step down. Of course, nothing stays secret in a small town, ever. And when Kate realizes exactly why Wes is in town her attraction to this man, and the reality of perhaps not seeing her dream come to life is a bit at war with each other. She’s full of ideas to keep the candle company viable and profitable – some great, others not so much so – but she’s trying to save not only the company she loves but the town as well. Her greatest fear is that either she or the man she’s come to love will have to give up a dream to keep them together longer than the Christmas season.

Wes is returning to Bayberry, a small town he briefly lived in during the years when his father would move the family to greener grass far too frequently. His dream is a promotion, a corner office, and a place to stay, to set down roots forever and this assignment could be the final part he needs to get that promotion officially announced. He didn’t count on running into his high school crush, or to fall for the town, its residents, or its traditions while knowing that the best financial option was to sell the company that was the glue of this community. He might have found the person he could have that forever with – but the cost of destroying each of their dreams would be a price that neither can afford.

I fell in love with ‘Christmas in Bayberry‘ quite quickly. Kate, Wes, Aunt Penny, and a town full of quirky, likable, relatable people pulled me in and never let go. There is a depth to these characters, a need to see a solution for everyone found without destroying dreams that I found both charming and insightful. I’ve enjoyed Jennifer Faye’s work in the past, and she brought her best to this Christmas romance. Expect a few twists, a surprise or two, and a love that feels so real that emotions jump off of the pages. There was no one here that I didn’t like in some way, simply real folks dealing with reality as best they can while two very special people discover that love can grow anywhere, that it’s not the location but the people involved that truly matter. I had such fun and would recommend this trip to Bayberry to any Romance reader at any time of the year. Hallmark movie? Oh, yes, please!

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Hallmark Publishing via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I LOVE Hallmark movies, especially Christmas ones so this was the perfect book to read for “Christmas in July”. For Kate and Wes, I imagined them as people I’ve seen in other Hallmark Christmas movies and they fit the characters perfectly. Yes many Hallmark movies are similar and always have both happy and sad storylines...mostly always ending with that special kiss at the end but I absolutely never get sick of it! I hope that Hallmark decides to make this one into a future movie! If so, I recommend Ashley Williams as Kate and Kristoffer Polaha as Wes. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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Christmas in Bayberry is a heartfelt and moving story. Its wonderful written and has a great storyline. Its a page turner and kept my interest. The characters are enjoyable and a delightful to read about. I truly enjoyed reading this story. 
Thank you NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for letting me read this story.
I read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are of my own.
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An easy book to read and enjoy despite it being July. There was a good storyline, interesting characters and a plot that keeps you wanting to know if they will succeed in saving the candle factory.l recommend that you read this book.
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The small town of Bayberry thrives from its candle company. Little does this Christmas loving town know that their livelihood is in trouble. This book was too cute, a perfect Christmas in July read. Its a feel-good, clean romance. While predictable, the story was really sweet to watch unfold. 

Thank you NetGalley for this ARC.
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This book follows the story of Wes, a hot shot account manager for the top company in the world. He is up for another promotion, this time as assistant VP for the company, a position he has been fighting for since graduating college. After a brief meeting with his boss he is sent to the quaint little village of Bayberry to look into a companies finances. What he doesn't really count on is bumping into an old school friend and having feelings from 17years ago reemerge!

I loved this book, I felt like I was watching a classic hallmark or channel 5 Christmas film on TV - you know the one's I'm on about right? If not you need to make sure you watch a few this year! Reading this I could see the village, the factory and all of the characters as if I was standing there with them and watching the storyline unravel in front of me. I was most definitely carried away by the Christmas vibes and the only thing missing was a big mug of hot chocolate. 

How much I'd love to visit 'Mel's Grille' and can just picture myself sat there tucking into one of the turkey sandwiches!! 

I can see how some readers might feel that this is a bit 'fluffy' and unrealistic but this is just what I love. Reading this feels like a warm hug from your best friend. If there was ever a film made of this then you can put me down for watching it straight away!!! 

If you're like me, a fan of Christmas and cheery romance books then I would recommend this 100%. I can't describe it any better than by saying it's exactly like those corny Christmas movies that are all over the TV for months before December.
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“Christmas in Bayberry” presents readers with the ideal “feel-good” story for the holiday season. The whole town of Bayberry gets into the Christmas spirit every year. Most of the good cheer revolves around the Bayberry Candle Company, a family business that forms the heart of the town and the main employer for residents. However, Bayberry Candle may be in financial trouble! When Wes arrives on the scene from New York to evaluate the business, residents await his conclusions with both hope and trepidation. At the same time, Wes hopes to rekindle a past romance with Kate, one of the family members and manager of the company. Santa Claus has some surprises in store!

The characters are realistic, and the plot moves along well for the most part. Although the plot is predictable, it holds true to what readers can expect from the Hallmark stories. The small town setting bursts with charm and neighborliness. Readers of this novel will quickly be transported from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, to a town that represents the very best positive values and traditions. I want to live in Bayberry!

I received this novel from the publisher and from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are entirely my own.
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Set in a small town the candle factory is having problems. Someone is sent there to see if it is worth saving, trouble is the two main characters have a teenage past, can they get over that and can they find happiness and save he factory as well.  Read and enjoy this as I have done.     5 stars

My own review via an ARC.
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Christmas in Bayberry is a feel good, heartwarming book that will get you in the Christmas spirit, even in July. Bayberry, Vermont is home to the Bayberry Candle Company founded by the Taylor family generations back, where Penney Taylor is head of the company and her niece Kate wants to take her place one day. But the company is in trouble and Penney has hired Wesley Adams from a firm in Manhattan to come and look at the company books for a recommendation going forward.
Wes has one goal in mind-to get a promotion to become an assistant vice president of the company. His dad moved the family, consisting of him, Wes and his mom, around so much that is was hard to put down roots. This is just a side trip on his agenda to bigger plans. But Bayberry will be a nice change. When Wes was fifteen the family lived in Bayberry for a short time and he didn't want to leave because he had a crush on Kate. She doesn't remember him but the two develop a friendship despite the reason for Wes's trip to Bayberry. The candle company is the largest employer in town and it would fall apart if the candle company went out of business. Traditions are important in the town of just under one thousand people where everyone is part of a big family. Can Wes find a positive outcome and will the relationship of the Wes and Kate make it no matter what happens? This is a story that embodies the true spirit of Christmas and where maybe miracles really happen.
I received a complimentary ARC from Hallmark Publishing through NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions expressed are mine only.
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Bayberry is a small town.  The only thing keeping it alive is the Bayberry Candle Company which has been in Kate's family since its beginning.  But the company is in big trouble financially and her Aunt,  the owner who she lives with,  has called in a financial consultant.  Wesley, who lived briefly in Bayberry years ago is sent by his company to do the analysis and recommendation on its future.  Will the town's means of livelihood be saved by a Christmas Miracle or is it destined to close down?  A feel good book that has interesting characters and deals with Christmas traditions and the hope for a miracle.  Definitely worth reading.
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