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I love knitting books and love Jesie Ostermiller's techniques for choosing colours. This is a beautiful and inspiring book with tips, technique instructions, and patterns. Perfect for anyone stuck in a rut (like me) and always working with the same colours. Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group for the opportunity to review an advanced copy.
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Overall I was very satisfied with this book. it was refreshing with new information and very much provided the reader with a good sense of how to explore color theory while using different fibers and textiles.
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I was very prepared to devour this book but was disappointed that it was only the first few chapters and not enough to really sink your teeth into.  I am sure the rest of the book will be stupendous because the little bit I was able to take in was really good!  In the future, please consider making the entire book available.
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I did like the Idea of this title and was disappointed that I was only able to see the table of contents. unfortunately because the title was incomplete I cannot provide a full review without being able reading the material. I do like the concept and the instructional information that was supposed to be available to be reviewed.. IF this title is to be available for review in the future I would be happy to provide a more in depth review about the techniques described.
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As a beginner when it comes to knitting, I found this guide both helpful and easy to understand. Great for learning more about color and how to make your work vibrant.
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I received an abbreviated copy of this title from NetGalley and/or the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The Colorwork Bible looks to be an extensive how-to guide for using color in your knitting. Ms Ostermiller goes to great length to provide you with an understanding of color theory, and I can only guess that her pattern writing is also thorough. I enjoyed what I was able to read, and look forward to picking up the book and learning even more.
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*I received an ARC from netgalley of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I was provided the first three chapters of this book and honestly I'm 100% in and asking for a full copy from santa for christmas.

As a beginnerish/intermediate-ish knitter, based on the first few chapters, I see this book becoming an invaluable resource in my knit-learning journey. 

There is a great initial chapter on understanding colour - loads of easy to understand detail about the nature of colour and choosing colours.

Subsequent chapters are dedicated to a different colour work technique each - and while I'm already across stripes (the chapter provided) I can see how the format used for this chapter will be great for the other techniques in the full copy of the book. I especially appreciate the swatch section that guides you through a simple swatch of the given technique and the promise of patterns incorporating them later in the book.

Definitely recommend for beginner knitters who want to explore colour techniques in their work!
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I have been knitting since I was 8 years old (nearly 50 years), and my very first knitting project was a striped scarf (made up of all of my grandma’s leftover yarn). So I have a very long history with knitting colorwork. I have already tried all of the techniques described in this book (and taught classes about a few of them), so I wasn’t sure that there would be much of value for me in this book. I decided to review this excerpt just to see if there was anything new to me. And I have to say that, even within this limited sample, I learned some new techniques that I will carry forward in my knitting. 

I felt that the section on color theory was well presented and not too intimidating (although as a graphic artist, I already know much of this information, so I am not the best gauge). And as obvious as it seems in retrospect, I never thought to use the b&w camera feature on my phone to help judge value. Genius!!

And the author’s explanation about odd numbered stripes and jogless stripes in circular knitting all presented new information that I had not known. If even this short sample provides this much new information, I can only imagine how much I could learn from the entire book. This one is definitely going to be added to my knitting library in the near future. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with an advanced reading copy.
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This review is based on a preview of Chapters 1-3. 

This book is chock full of information about learning how to do colorwork. The information provided in chapters 1-3 seemed like really good information for beginners or for someone who doesn't have much experience with colorwork. For colorwork veterans, it's hard to say whether or not the book dives in deeper. There wasn't enough information for me to determine whether this book will teach me anything new. With that in mind, I'd recommend this book to colorwork beginners. Anyone else who is interested in colorwork needs to see a physical copy and find out whether or not they would benefit from buying the book.

This sample was provided to me through Netgalley for review purposes. All opinions are my own.
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I was provided with the introduction and Chapters 1 and 3 to preview. With this in mind, the photography within the book was beautiful. An in-depth introduction about the color wheel was provided, which can transfer over to various other media projects such as painting.
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Based on the limited number of review pages I received, I believe this will be a great resource.

The table of contents indicates six types of techniques will be taught and that 11 patterns are provided.

The Understanding Color chapter was excellent.

However, based on the limited amount of review pages, I cannot publish a review outside of NetGalley, as it would be pointless.
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Color color color!

I love color. My entire wardrobe is black, dark blue and grey. (Maybe an occasional orange) so maybe you don't know that I love color. I buy these colors because they're easy to match and also because I love color. Nothing pops like a bright yellow scarf against some dark grey sweater or a hot pink cowl against a navy blue coat. 

So when I saw this book up on Netgalley, I just had to look at it. What does Jesie know about color that I don't!? I must find out!

I really liked the layout of the book. The pictures were colorful and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. I only had 16 pages to review and didn't get a chance to peak at the patterns, but I would be interested in finding this book in the wild and looking through it to see if I wanted to do any of the patterns. (It's been out for almost a year, but I haven't been able to get to a bookstore and look through it.)
I like the color wheels and the discussions of color at the beginning as well. I remember my third grade art lessons so none of this was a surprise, but I liked the refresher and it would help a lot of knitters who are intimidated by color or by matching colors in a project. 

This is a great book and I am excited to find it to look at the patterns. This is also a great book for beginning crafters!
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**For this title the Introduction, Chapter 1: The Color Wheel, and Chapter 3: Stripes, were provided for review.**

Based on the very limited sections that I was able to review, it appears that the illustrations and instructions will be comprehensive and easy to follow. I am unlikely to purchase this book myself, though I may look for it at the library. I would have liked to have seen a bit more to know if it was actually worth purchasing, but the design is really appealing and fresh.
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There were only 3 chapters given for review. But from those 3 chapters, I induced that it can be a resourceful book for colorworks.
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This is an absolutely stunning book! Love the photos and the colour combinations. There are many ideas and tips for combining colours as well as photos of specific techniques. A must have for any knitter.
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There wasn't any new information for the intermediate to advanced knitter in the preview pages (first 16 of the book.)  Color wheels are available everywhere.  Knitting stripes (even jogless stripes) isn't exactly rocket science.

This was disappointing, but I don't know what the rest of the book looks like.
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The Colorwork Bible takes a different approach to knitting than most books. While knitting books often have beautfiul patterns, the authors rely on specific brands and colors from those specific brands to create products. As a knitter with a budget, I find those books unapproachable. However, this book gives the knitter the tools to create lovely pieces by analyzing why and how colors in a pattern work together. At first I was unimpressed by the color wheel chapter, but as I thought about it I realized the chapter is essential in giving the knitter independence from branded patterns. I hope to get my hands on a full copy of this book soon.
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I'm reviewing this book based on the pages I received. If there is more material available to NetGalley reviewers, I could give a more indepth survey.   The photos appear bright, clear and colourful.  Ostermiller takes the reader through the colour wheel, colour theory and then into the various techniques of colour knitting.  A beginner could easily start off with simple striping and be able to use Ostermiller's instructions as she is very straightforward in manner.    I could not review the rest of the book since I only seemed to be able to view the initial pages of colour theory and technique but not the actual patterns.  If the patterns are as thorough and clear as the rest of the book, this book will be a winner!
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The Colorwork Bible by Jessie Ostermiller, covering six key colorwork techniques, is a reference book that should be in the library of every knitter.  The descriptions are logical and straightforward in easy-to-understand language. The illustrations and photographs are crisp and clear, allowing the reader to easily see the details necessary to replicate each technique.

I especially liked the way the author described options for each technique then explained the effect on the colorwork. The variations and effects are also illustrated with photographs, making it easy understand the impact of decisions that knitters make for each and every project.

After previewing several chapters, I immediately purchased this book and can already see that I will use it often.
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I didn’t realise this was only a 16 page sample of The Colorwork Bible so that was a little disappointing to discover BUT it’s off to a very good start. 

In chapter one we start off looking at colour, the colour wheel and how to use it to pick your colours ( eg triadic colours). This was really interesting to me, I think I’m generally quite good at picking colours for a project but I will definitely be trying out the different methods for choosing colours in this chapter. 

The final chapter is all about stripes. In this chapter Jesi talks about changing colours, knitting in the round, swatching and whether to cut or carry your yarn when knitting stripes. She covers different methods to use and gives some great tips. 

I’ve been knitting for 3 years but I think of myself as an advanced beginner/intermediate knitter with lots of things still left to learn so I will definitely be using some of the tips from this sample. 

Overall, the book seems to be very well written with a great layout & design, the instructions are clear and easy to understand and it looks to be the beginning of a great book. The only negative I have is that the sample I received wasn’t longer.
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