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Oh, Julia and Rocco- they were just so darn cute. I am really loving these office/workplace romances. If you enjoyed The Boyfriend Project or The Trouble With Hating You, I would definitely recommend Here to Stay. This was my first book by Herrera that I have read, but I am definitely looking forward to more of her romance books in the future. I really enjoyed the incorporation of family and culture in this book. I thought that Rocco was so cute and adorable, and there were many relevant aspects that the author touched on. Julia's culture and family were a lovely addition to the story, and I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters. I thought this was a fun book, and I enjoyed reading it. My only complaint about the book was that I felt like it took a little too long for the characters to actually connect. I think it was a little more than 200 pages in before they finally had any physical contact, and I think I wanted a little more steam (which I can't believe I am even saying)! I will be posting a review on my bookstagram account. Thank you to Harlequin Publicity Team for giving me the chance to read this book!
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I did not know what to expect when I picked up this book. I knew I was in for a sexy and spicy romance, but the depth of characters and the friendship sprinkled throughout the book made this one I couldn't put down.

Rocco was sweet and sensitive, but not TOO sweet and sensitive. He did his job so he could save his sister and niece from the verbal abuse he put up with when he lived at home. He thought he came to Dallas to do a job, but when his office crush endangers his dream of getting his sister away from his parents, he will have to choose between love or family.

Julia is a fierce, strong, independent Dominican-Puerto Rican woman. She has the job of her dreams, running a center for newly immigrated children and families, but she knows the company that funds the program is considering getting rid of it as it goes Public. Rocco should be her nemesis, but the more she learns about him, the less she is able to separate her work life from her love life.

This is definitely a slow burn romance and when our heroes get together, the sparks fly. I was thankful that the ending wasn't drawn out and I got the HEA I wanted to see.

I loved the incredibly diverse cast both in culture and sexuality. A must read for romance fans who like their romances on the hot and heavy side.
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In interracial workplace romance Here to Stay,  a social worker who has sworn off men resists her attraction to the financial consultant who could shut down her after-school program for immigrant children.  Herrera's deeply emotional story about claiming the love you deserve will give you the feels long after you've read the last page.
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I am still fanning myself y'all because this was one Hot and steamy book that kept me from snoring . This was my first Adriana Herrera and sign me up for more of your books. Here to stay tells the story of Julia whose dream is to better lives big immigrants and Rocco the 'hotshot' consultant brought in by the company. They bicker and have that office tension but you can't deny the attraction sizzling through the pages . If you are looking for a contemporary romance with Dominican culture , an office romance and parts of the books to have you fanning yourself then you need to read this book . The characters were written beautifully , the plot was amazing. Thank you Carina press for my ARC in exchange of an honest review
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I loved the chemistry between the two characters. I also loved that friendships built from Gotham City Exile club. The family bond that Julia has with her family was great, I wanted eat every dish that her family made.
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Adriana Herrera is an auto-buy author for me, and she continues to be one of the absolute best in the romance game. Her characters feel so real to me, and it makes me miss living in New York, the people I hung out with there, the food I ate, etc. She always dials into really good conflict between the two characters, in this case, it's a kind of workplace rivalry that feels like it has high stakes.

I struggled a little in the beginning of this book because the premise that a luxury department store founded with a Robin Hood-like ethos is pretty unbelievable, because whatever luxury goods they peddle are made by people working under unfair conditions, hence the ability to sell them at huge markups? It makes the whole venture hypocritical at best? Of course, it's a novel, so I'll go with it. Still, things like consultants and IPOs and even retail business generally are extraordinarily difficult for me to care about.

Herrera is such a skilled author, though, that she got me on board by making the stakes personal, and soon I was very invested in the core romance. By the end, I was in tears, because the representation of a verbally abusive dad was very poignant. It really won me over.

***Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing and ARC in exchange for an honest review.***
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So what do you do when you’ve moved from New York to Dallas with your boyfriend only to find out he cheated on you & left you to essentially struggle? You dust yourself off and try again. I’m pretty sure Julia knew about Aaliyah. Julia Ortiz, instead of leaving Dallas, stayed and made a life for herself. She got herself a position running a charitable foundation for a high fashion major department store and is doing pretty well. However, the bosses (well some) at the company she works for want to take it public which means cuts are going to have to be made. Bring in Rocco, also a New Yorker, just in town to do his job as a consultant to see where those cuts will have to be made. Let’s just say they notice one another from the get go. This book is filled with lots of laughs, friendships that are relatable & real moments that make you think about what you would do in that situation because it can happen to anyone. Family is also a big factor in Julia’s life and you learn a lot about Rocco’s own not so great one. He has his issues as well but what I liked was that yes, his family issues impacted his life but it wasn’t this huge character flaw. He didn’t mistreat everyone in his path because he was wounded in the heart, he was cautious and wanted to do better for himself. He had friends, he loved and he had appreciation for the finer things in life such as Julia. Finally, let’s talk love, it was a slow burn but worth the wait. I rooted for them from the get go and wanted to shake Julia but understood why she was the way she was. What’s great is her family especially her father are invested in seeing her happy & in love. They gave her advice and cheered Rocco on when needed. I think when your family is wholeheartedly invested in your happiness, it’s a beautiful thing & so is this book. Thank you NetGalley and Carina Press for the opportunity to read & review this novel. #heretostay #netgalley #adrianahererra
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CW: abusive parent

As with all of Adriana's books I've read so far, especially her Dreamers series, I loved the found family element in this. the Gotham Exiles are such a fun and funny group. I love how Adriana builds that alongside the budding romance between Rocco and Julia. Their friendship group and family shows so much of who they are as people, and how they've been shaped by the good and the bad. 

Julia and Rocco were so good together. Sweet and sexy. Rocco was just such a softy. There's this scene with a cat that had Julia, and me, melting over Rocco. That guy I swear. 

Julia is such a force that Rocco can't help but fall for her. Seeing her at her job, interacting with her friends and family showed so much of her strengths and vulnerabilities. I love seeing LIs having a moment with the MC's family and Rocco has this with Julia's. Against the not so great moment with his family, it really showed how much Rocco has had to deal with and why he feels so pressured about getting this promotion. This man takes on too much for everyone! Just rest Rocco my word! Rest on Julia's shoulderrr. You know you want toooo. :D 

I'm gonna need a book for Jose and Tariq, Alba, and Rocco's sister! The secondary characters were so alive and interesting that I need stories for them too! 

I also think the conflict between Julia and Rocco was wrapped up nicely in the end. I wasn't sure how that was going to go but I think the author sorted it all out quite well.
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Cute & steamy contemporary romance where two ex New-Yorkers fall head over heels in Dallas. I loved the cultural representation. Julia and her family are delightful. A tight-knit friendships circle and an interesting work environment make this a charming & feelgood read. 
I had a feeling Julia and Rocco met before. They acted like it, but that wasn't ever cleared out. A perfect workplace romance with low drama and angst.  I can't wait to read more books by this author.
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Some Drama.... but the ending was good.
I know that an author has done a great job if I am enjoying myself while reading, I have been moved by something one way or another, and/or I have fallen for the swoony guy, just like Julia did.

This lighthearted read is a perfect diversion with Julia and her crazy, but loving family. She is stressed but loves her new job! And when she meets the guy she needs to impress, she is impressed by more than his work ethic.

Rocco is not only gorgeous, but he is so endearing too! It’s hard to dislike the guy not to mention he is so steamy too! The author manages to capture my attention with fun, memorable characters that blend perfectly together.

A good balance of office drama, including people you love to hate, personal drama – grrr, and beautiful, sexy connections that flow nicely and leave you with a smile.

Herrera has crafted an enjoyable, wee bit snarky, and fun story that is full of life.
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***4.5 STARS***


THE 411...

Julia Del Mar Ortiz wears her heart on her sleeve which led her to relocating from NYC to Dallas Texas with her boyfriend. She's landed her dream job & things couldn't be looking better until she gets dumped. Now stuck with a lofty apartment & a brand new car lease, she has to make the best of it. Running back to her family in NYC (as much as she loves them) is NOT an option! She is a Dominican/Puerto-Rican Afro-Latina running the charitable foundation for one of the most iconic high fashion department stores in the world is an honor. The only challenge is the blue eyed dark haired Irish Italian consultant hired to take them public which could mean she'd be out of a job. The foundation helps immigrant families with after school care & activities and advocates on their behalf. For Julia this foundation means everything & protecting it from getting cut off trumps her desire for Rocco Quinn. For Rocco, Julia reminds him of home with her Queens NYC swag and give it to you straight personality. He loves everything about her from the beautiful curls to the curves on her body. He also has one thing clear in his mind, he can't mess up this opportunity to score a promotion. He has too much personally riding on his career moves & falling for the girl who is running the foundation he may have to advise against funding is just not the wisest.

Content Warning: Alcohol abuse, verbal & emotional abuse, abusive parent


There is SO much to love about this new book by Adriana Herrera who I've added to my top favorite Latinx authors! Julia isn't perfect, she ackonwledges that she can be impulsive & tends to place the needs of the men in her life before her own. This wake up call she gets in Dallas doesn't go unchecked & she's determined to make positive changes. I LOVED seeing Julia establish herself within her found family group who dubbed themselves the "Gotham Exiles Club". The six of them are either from NYC or from Dominican Republic & are looking for some familiarity. They do brunches, baseball games, happy hour and really come through for one another. This is all new to Julia & Rocco who are really outside of their comfort zones but who are also eager to write their new chapters.

Rocco is driven by a need to help his younger sister & niece move from NYC away from their toxic parents. Raised by an alcoholic father & mother, Rocco has some baggage & inner demons he is handling the healthy way. I appreciated seeing a character do the work with therapy & actually apply what he's learned in moments where he knows he's being baited. For Julia finding her way in Dallas & living her most authentic life is what she craves. Her family is quite the opposite of Rocco's in that they are super supportive & loving (best scenes with Papi, Mami & Abue) but that can also become a safety net if she lets it. We see two ambitious individuals strive to reach their goals while also trying to abstain from giving into temptation. The conflict of interest in the workplace only makes for some off the meter chemistry & intense flirting. In Julia we get a strongly confident & sexy woman who knows what she wants. She isn't afraid to ask for it & that for Rocco is a true on. He's a sweetheart & a gentleman who has a whole different side to him when alone with his love interest. This romance is HOT & vulnerable in the best of ways! can we get more of these characters though? I will be sending wishes to the Book Gods for books following Dani, Jose, Tariq, Salome, and Alba (not a part of the Gotham Exiles Club but a wonderful BFF from back home) in what I'm hoping is the near future... *fingers crossed*
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This is the first book from Adriana Herrera for me. It took me just a few chapters to warm up to this book, but it quickly captivated my attention. I love the duel POV in this book. Rocco is easy to fall for and champion for. He’s damaged but it doesn’t set his entire character in a bad light. Julia is sassy and strong. I would love to learn more about the Gotham Exiles Club! Perhaps some future books about Jose and Tariq are in order!
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This romance was such a joy to read! I first sat down to start with just a few pages, which then led to almost half the book being read! It’s the type of story you can’t help falling for, and that I most definitely did.

Told in alternating voices, both Julia & Rocco find themselves in Texas working in the same business field. They’re both former New York natives that begin on opposite sides professionally, but quickly become personally wrapped up in one another. Trying to keep their professional & personal sides separate is a daunting task, but eventually they give in to the undeniable heat that’s been brewing between them.

What stole the story for me was the group of friends they establish between them (all New York natives, too) & the colorfully adorable family of Julia’s. All of these voices added such a vibrant hue to an already glowing story. I loved the cultures that were shining through in this novel.

If you’re looking for a genuine, vibrant romance that packs all the heat, this is definitely the story for you. I found myself rooting for Julia and Rocco right from the start. Watching them discover who they are separately and how they work together romantically was such a treat.
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“Rocco had that lethal combination of boyish good looks and a slight edge. Like he could mow my lawn for me and then walk into the house and do unspeakable things to my body. And good Lord that was not the reel I needed going through my head right now.”*

Julia moved to Texas for her boyfriend, then the scoundrel dumped her, leaving her with a too big apartment and a broken heart. She can’t deny her attraction to Rocco, the consultant whose recommendation could cost Julia her job helping families in need, but she’s not ready to trust another man, especially one who could devastate her career and her heart. Rocco, on the other hand, is torn between locking in a promotion which will ensure he can provide for his sister and young niece or going against his client’s wishes and saving Julia’s beloved community program.

Rocco’s backstory of his dysfunctional family, the support and encouragement he received from a childhood mentor, and his close relationship with his sister and niece fuel the conflict as does Julia’s bad breakup. Both characters have a fire to succeed in the workplace. Julia’s firm foundation of her loving family as well as her fierce and fabulous friend network (particularly the Gotham Exiles Club members) are just what Rocco needs, while she needs to learn to trust again.

This novel is packed with characters, but the author deftly manages them, making each one unique and somehow uncuttable despite their number.  Herrera infuses a beautiful energy in her prose, creating a vibrant and diverse world. Her love scenes are sensual and nicely display Julia and Rocco’s chemistry. Bonus, there’s an adorable feline in the story who stole my heart.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Carina Press for providing an Advance Reader Copy.

*Please note that my review is based on uncorrected text.
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This is a new author for me, but after reading this book I can't wait to check out some of her previous work!

I loved the two main characters and the tension that brings a good workplace romance. Both Julia and Rocco have clear goals, but what happens when these two people forced to spend time together have an undeniable and electric chemistry? I enjoyed the POVs of both of them, I loved the energy and passion that Julia transmitted and how sweet and concerned Rocco was.

And the icing on the cake? found family trope! I loved the wonderful family dynamics and the friendships created here. This story was really heartwarming and I totally recommend it.
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As an African-American female and 1/2 of an interracial marriage, I really enjoyed Here to Stay. So many of the conversations and work place politics the heroine faces in this  story mirror my own. It’s a fantastic read and the sexy is dialed all the way to hot, just the way I like. Adriana Herrera is new to me, and definitely an author I plan to follow. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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In case you didn’t already know this: everything Adriana Herrera writes is 𝗴𝗼𝗹𝗱. ⁣
I loved the story of Julia and Rocco so so much! Julia runs the charitable foundation of a big company, and Rocco was brought in as a consultant to help the company get ready for an IPO - so changes or cuts could be made at his recommendation. ⁣
Herrera does such an incredible job of creating tension without too much angst, of showing how Julia and Rocco both bring unique traits (and issues!) to a relationship, and really getting the reader invested in both characters individually, not just together as a couple. ⁣
So good! It was so good! And while it doesn’t come out until August 25th, it‘s the first in a series so there will be more where this came from! ⁣
Everything Adriana Herrera writes is 𝗚𝗢𝗟𝗗.⁣
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3.5/5 stars

I received a copy of Here to Stay through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Here to Stay is set in Texas with two New Yorker implants, Julia and Rocco. Julia is in charge of running an after school program that helps many kids and their families and Rocco is the consultant helping the programs parent company decide what needs to be cut in turning the company into an IPO. The romance between the two is slow burning, but in the end everything comes together for them.

Here to Stay was a good read and a well written romance. The romance itself was very slow burning and it took me a while to get into it, but by the end I was really happy with how everything came together.   I couldn’t really connect with either Julia or Rocco and their in your face New Yorker ways, but they do make a good couple. I found this romance to be you average romance, neither the best or the worst romance I’ve read. If you like slow burning romances it’s worth giving it a try.
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I had not read anything from Adriana Herrera but have heard a lot about her so was excited to give this book a read.  Here to Stay is the story of Julia and Rocco.  Julia is a NYC transplant working in Dallas with a non-profit foundation.  Rocco, also from NYC, is temporarily in Dallas to analyze and review the company that funds Julia's non-profit.  The two are instantly attracted but do their very best to keep things professional as their jobs are so closely intertwined and Rocco doing his could result in Julia losing hers.  I enjoyed this book.  The dialogue was funny and I loved the friends that come together in Dallas.  Julia's Dominican family was endearing.  There are some triggers with abuse in Rocco's family.  I did learn that I prefer an Alpha hero to Rocco's super soft tendencies but that is just personal preference.  While this book was a bit slow at times it kept me entertained and is one that I would overall recommend to someone who is looking for a witty rom-com.
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I enjoyed the premise of two New Yorkers finding real friends in Dallas.  Julia is a fiery Dominican-Puerto Rican woman who is doing everything she can to keep her programs to help the families of immigrant families while Rocco has been brought in as a consultant for the parent company to go public.  He’s under pressure to recommend shutting down the foundation employing Julia.  So they start off opposed to one another even though they are wildly attracted to each other.  So the novel seemed like it was going to be an enemies-to-lovers romance.  But that trope was dropped pretty quickly as Julia finds out that there is really a great, sensitive guy behind Rocco’s stoic demeanor.

Once that is cleared up and they both find an insta-group of friendly Gotham exiles in Dallas, the story drags a bit with all the angst.  It was pretty clear where this was all going; it just seemed to take a bit too long to get there.  I enjoyed the glimpses into Julia’s charming and loving family and culture, but I found myself skimming parts in the middle to see how everything would eventually wrap up with the plot based on Rocco’s consulting for Julia’s company as it prepared for an IPO.  And that got finished off much too quickly.  I would have enjoyed more about those company politics and a bit less about all Julia and Rocco’s internal (and repetitive) angst.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
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