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I've been following the Sisterhood series and this just wasn't what I expected. It felt like the story was dragging and then was way rushed towards the end.
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Book Review: Truth and Justice by Fern Michaels
5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
Pub Date: Aug 25th

I loved this story!!!!! This is a part of Fern Michaels "Sisterhood" series but these books can be read as a standalone. I myself have only read one other Sisterhood book before this one and Ms Michaels tells this story in a way where you don't feel lost if you read it as a standalone. This has her signature style of writing a story that is comfortable but yet captivating and has you rooting for the main character. Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Books for my honest review.
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it was ok. not what I expected .But it was not my favorite of the Sisterhood series. I thought it was going to be better. The characters are always up for a challenge., but it was not the best of the series for me.
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Fern Michaels took a somewhat of a detour, in Truth and Justice, the 31st book in the Sisterhood series. When I began reading, I immediately detected a detour from the norm, and I must admit that I was intrigued to see where this would go. Bella falls in love and marries a soldier who is about to deploy. Young love is sweet. Or is it? Bella does not have the maturity that is required to handle a military marriage, nor does she have the history of a relationship to sustain her while her husband is deployed. 
At first, I felt sorry for Bella, but as the story line developed, I found myself disliking her. Also, I was not at all pleased with the fact that the Sisters allowed her access to the inner sanctum, which is something that they NEVER do. The involvement of the Sisters was almost secondary to the plot, but all in all I did enjoy this book, although it was out of the norm. It sparked a reaction which says that it was a good read. Thank you to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the opportunity to review this book.
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This was my first Fern Michaels book. Although it was a overall good read, I was a little disappointed at the neatly wrapped up ending. I guess I may have been hoping for more of a suspenseful ending but overall it was a good read.
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Thank you Net Galley for a copy of this ARC.  Ice already read several of the books in this series so I was already introduced to Myra.  Fern Michael's does not disappoint... ever!  It was a fun read as all of her books are.
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Sisterhood 31

We meet Andy and Bella on a 48 leave from the military so they can get married, Not really knowing alot about each other, but the one thing they did agree on was  to go to separate sites to leave specimens in case something happens to Andy while in the military. After not hearing from Andy or receiving any pay for a year Bella felt like Andy didn't love her so she filed for divorce. On the day she filed two Military Police show up and tell her husband is dead.  

She accidentally meets a woman that is part of the Vigilantes. They discover that Andy has a sister that has a infatuation with him and is a con artist and has scammed unsuspecting men out of millions.  She has taken all of Andy's money and posed as Bella to get her eggs and Andy's sperm so she could have Andy's baby.

With the Vigilantes on the case you know justice will be served.  

This was another great read from Fern Michaels.  I love all her books and can't wait for the next one!!
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WOW!  Great suspense/thriller.
Andy and Bella met a married in a whirlwind relationship.  On. a 48 hour leave from the military, they married and they he was deployed.   Bella waited anxiously for some word from Andy, but after a year of silence and no military pay, Bella gave up hope and filed for divorce.
Sara, Andy's step sister, had a secret infatuation with Andy, and longed to be his one and only.  She is a career con artist, and has scammed millions out of unsuspecting men.  With no regard for Bella, she has taken all of Andy's money as well, and plans to start a future dedicated to Andy.
Bella accidentally meets a woman part of a group known as the Vigilantes.  They come to her rescue and give her support, comfort and protection and see that justice is served.
This plot was always changing and kept me guessing.  Truly enjoyed it.
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Bella and Andy met and fell in love so fast and only saw each other a couple weekends before they suddenly decided to marry with a justice of the peace before Andy had to leave for Afghanistan. They had exactly 48 short hours for their honeymoon, and then he was whisked away on his deployment. Just like that he was gone. Bella felt kind of lost because it all happened so fast. Now what was she going to do? She wrote him over several months, but she never got a response. Meanwhile, all the other wives and girlfriends were getting letters and Facetimes from their men. She received none of his paychecks, or anything. So strange. Well, as the story goes on, months later she finds he was killed...but the plot thickens. Andy had given the paperwork to change his Will leaving everything he owns to Bella, and to change his Power of Attorney to Bella's name with his friend at the last minute before he left so it could be delivered safely and taken care of, but somehow it never happened. Also, they had their eggs and sperm saved for "just in case", but oddly they come up stolen as well. 

More strange "con artist" type things happen during this story and it becomes a true game of cat and mouse. Bella needs a lawyer on the case and fast. Suddenly we find the Sisterhood is at it again and they won't stop until proper justice is served. This was a great storyline, with some unexpected plot twists and turns that vengeance serves up well done at the end. It was a fun read and I recommend it.

I would like to thank Kensington Books and #NetGalley for this digital ARC in return for my honest review. 

Look for #TruthandJustice to come out on August 28, 2020.
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A member of the group of infamous ladies called The Vigilante’s encounters Bella as she is crying in a restaurant and tries to comfort her. Bella married the love of her life - her soul mate - and had two whole days with him before he left her crying as he was immediately deployed. Gone almost before it started and now she is left with emptiness and silence.  
Shortly after meeting the lady a tragic Bella calls on her new friend to help her. Bella has been wronged big time by a woman she has never meet, a lady named Sara. Quickly marked the woman of many names by the vigilantes, as she has changed her identity so many times in her life of accumulating riches by taking wherever and however she can. She however is now in the crosshairs of the Vigilantes, she took something from Bella that crossed all lines of decency. The ladies know that Bella isn’t safe either her life itself is in jeopardy and they plan to get what she took from Bella back and save her life ... if they can ever find the elusive Sara.
I’ve read a lot of Fern Michaels but this one I would never have guessed she wrote it doesn’t have the same depth and smoothness I am familiar with in her writings. It’s good and entertains but I’m not sure I agree with how it ended. You can judge for yourself. Thank you NetGalley, Fern Michaels and Kensington books for allowing me to read this ARC.
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Thank you to the author, Kensington Books and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I did not realize this was part of a series, and had not read any of the previous books. And trust me, now I never will - I found the writing saccharine and formulaic, not to mention sexist. Women of all ages are consistently referred to as "girls", and they are continually giggling, shrieking, screeching and throwing their hands in the air. I don't think a single one of the women's dialogues was able to get away without at least one of the above, preferable seems to be all four. Grown men are referred as to "boys", and much is made of how they need sustenance - provided of course with loving care by the women and described in detail, to do the heavy lifting in the plot. The premise was intriguing, but I got so fed up with the story as a whole that I just could not. Looking through the other reviews, I see I am very much the exception with my opinion, so I'm sure the author will continue to churn out these masterpieces.
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It has been awhile since I read a Sisterhood book and this one did not disappoint.  
Bella is a military wife who has not heard from her new husband for a long time, she is going broke paying his bills and decides to divorce him. She finds out he died 8 months ago, and no one told her.  
She meets Alicia one of the members of the Sisterhood.  It turns out a con artist has taken not only Bella’s inheritance about something even more precious from Andy.   The Sisterhood to the rescue.  
The writing is good, and the story moved at a good pace.  I have always enjoyed Fern Michaels stories.  Thank you, Net Galley, for the advance copy for an honest review.  I will read another one.
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This is the first Sisterhood book that I've read so I felt like I missed a lot of the back story. The military part seemed way off and not plausible. Bella struck me as immature and silly at times. Just an okay story.
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I love the Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels and this one was no exception. It is a story of a young widow, Bella whose husband was killed recently in Afghanistan. Bella only had 2 days of being married to Andy before he was deployed. Alexis, a member of the Sisterhood, sees Bella quietly crying in the corner of a restaurant and goes over to see if there is anything that she can do to help. She then leaves her card with Bella and tells her if she ever needs anything to call her. Little did Bella know that she would very soon need help. As she comes to realize that her late husband had indeed provided for her future, ( something she thought that he had failed to do) and that that provision has been stolen from her she also realizes as do the sisters that her life may actually be in danger. This book was a little different from the normal actions that I usually had come to expect from the Sisterhood but was still a great read. I received an e-book copy of this book through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kensington and Fern Michaels for this opportunity
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Once again, Fern Michaels captures the reader from the very first written word to the last!  Another fun and quite entertaining book in the Women's Vigilantes Series.  The women (with the help of the men!) are once again involved in helping to right the wrong!  This book was just delightful to read and I thank you for the opportunity to have read it prior to publication--just loved it!  As a great gift to yourself, read the others in the series--you will love every one!
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Huge Fern Michaels' fan because of  consistently great characters and passionate romance brought to life. Her name provokes an automatic one-click from me. I am never disappointed. This books was no exception.
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"The Sisterhood: a group of women from all walks of life bound by friendship and a quest for justice. Armed with vast resources, top-notch expertise, and a loyal network of allies around the globe, the Sisterhood will not rest until every wrong is made right."
It doesn't end there! The sisterhood uncovers this women's husband past away while serving our country and prior to his departure the couple preserve their eggs for procreation.
Fast forward and we uncover a major problem: A con artist is doing some dirty work and he's not going to give up without a fight.
If you want action, suspense, thrills -you found it here along with courage, hope, conviction!
All of it works wonders for this book baby that will soon be hitting shelves.
Be on the lookout this is one great read you won't want to miss from Mary Aka Fern Michaels.
Just a side note for woman struggling to re-enter the workforce like myself after divorcing a jack wipe like most of us have -I highly recommend reading her bio. It's liberating, hopeful, and inspiring.
Thank you Fern, the pub, Netgalley, and Amazon Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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I never liked the premise of this whole series, but wanted to give it another chance so I read the book.  I t was well done, and the plotting superb, but I didn't care for the way they want about solving the problems  Too much take the law into your own hands for me.
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The Sisterhood is a vigilante group who goes all over righting wrongs.  They are a group of women who are mostly rich and well educated and like to help the law along a little and make sure justice is served.  I’ve been reading these books just for entertainment for several years.  I don’t agree with their methods but I find the whole thing amusing.

This story deals with a soldier who had a whirlwind impromptu wedding and honeymoon days before he had to deploy.  Soon after he leaves his wife stops getting contacted by him and none of her military benefits kick in.  She is very discouraged and thinks she made a mistake with this man.  She discovers, too late, that her husband had left the paperwork with a friend to pass on to his sister to take care of.  And then other things come up missing too and the Sisterhood has to track everyone down and get it all straightened out for this wife.   

It’s an involved story, but fascinating and fun to read.  I’m not sure I’m happy with the conclusion but it is interesting, all the same.  

I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from NetGalley.  All views expressed are only my honest opinion.
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This is a suspense book, and it is the 31st of the Sisterhood series. I did not know this was part of a series when I requested it, but I have to say I read it like a stand alone and it was still great. I loved this book. The case in this book was so great because you could believe it could happen, but it was an one a million choice of it happening. I really loved the characters as well. I will have to read more of this series. I could not put this book down. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Kensington Publishing Corporation) or author (Fern Michaels) via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review about how I feel about this book, and I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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