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Beautiful story!  It was well written and so heartwarming.  The characters were charming and easy to love.  It had an interesting plot and grabbed my attention from the beginning.
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This series is a true gem.  I have enjoyed each of them.  Alexa Ashton truly has a gift for bringing you into her stories.  Well written
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Alexa Aston is one of my favorite authors.  This book is one of her winners.  I love the original twist in it where the hero has to save the heroine from the asylum and restore their relationship.  There was definitely character development and depth to the hero and heroine.  Imagine an innocent heroine inside an asylum where everyday was torture to the mind because she (and other ladies) did not deserve to be there. And then the lady overseeing them is sadistic.  There was no rape or molestation but the emotional and physical and mental abuse was there.  On top of that the heroine was heartbroken.  Then comes the hero. He remained true to his love and has shown it with his patience and determination to help the heroine heal.  
This truly was a journey of love in sickness and health.  And it was wonderful reading the book and witnessing true love.   The hero and heroine got their HEA.  Justice prevailed and the evil doers got their comeuppance.  This book is guaranteed to be in my “reread to feel good” list.  
I thank NetGalley for my copy.
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The Indomitable Human Spirit

Anna and Desmond had a difficult path to tread. Even though they were separated by life and its challenges, their love survived, just like they did. Anna went through trials that could have destroyed her, but she persevered. Could Anna ever be free of that asylum, where she spent so many years? This is a hard book to read, and it might make you weep. It is difficult to imagine a father like Anna’s, but in spite of him, she endured, but could she live a normal life again? You’ll have to read the story to find the answer. This story touched my heart. It is a story of love, courage, and resilience.
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Sometimes there are books you just simply need to read.  This is one of those books!

Two individuals who love each other deeply are cruelly separated by their fathers after they attempt to elope to Gretna Green.  Desmond (Dez) is escorted to the army where his father purchased a commission.  Anna's father places her in a despicable madhouse and tells everyone she has died.
Twelve years later Dez returns to England upon inheriting the title, Earl of Torrington, and learns Anna is alive.  Thus begins a journey of love to save Anna and help her after all those years of abuse.

Alexa Aston has brought so many emotions and visualizations to life in this story.  She shows what the human body is capable of handling and the will to survive.  Thank you Alexa for this amazing story!
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Desmond Bretton and Anna Browning has always loved her, he plans to marry her one day. Anna’s father has plans to marries her to an ancient man a viscount old enough to be her grandfather who wants young bride to produce heirs. They make a made dash and run away to Gretna Green to marry. Their patents find them and punish them. Desmond is sent to the army and Anna is presumed dead.  Many years later Desmond is the new Earl and Anna’s father has died and her family discovers her cruel father sent her to a madhouse to be committed as insane twelve years ago. I love the enchanting book  a we see her rescued and Desmond’s love for her is quite powerful and emotional. I love how he set out to help other women. Anna doesn’t feel worthy and breaks your heart to see them apart after so many years. Desmond knows his heart and now he must convince her to take a chance on their love, to have a home and family they have been denied for so many years. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.
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As I read the first chapter, I almost had to stop because I feared what would happen to Anna and knew it would not pleasant. Two friends had grown up together and fallen in love along the way, but Desmond knew that he had to let Anna go because he was just a second son and she deserved so much more. But when he came home from school, her father was trying to marry her off to an old man for money and he could not let that happen.
What follows was almost painful to read. The treatment women were given in an asylum. Anna was put there by her father because she tried to run away and would not marry whom he wanted. "Anna knew she had been left in Hell."
Twelve years later .... Dez returns to England due to inheriting the title since his sibling had perished. He had gotten news of Anna's death years back, from suicide it seemed.
But Anna was alive and the journey began to help her return to herself after years of abuse.
Sadness, despair, true horror and losing herself into her on mind to survive, Anna broke my heart. But Dez was amazing and loved her so much.
Alexa Aston has such a gift with her pen to bring her stories alive to the point of feeling the emotions of the characters and visualizing the surroundings. This was a story of how much the human body and soul can take and survive with the healing power of love. I will not forget this one anytime soon.
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To Save A Love by Alexa Aston is the fourth book in the Soldiers and Soulmates series. Desmond Bretton had been in love with Anne Browning since they were children. He arrives home from his final year at Eton to discover that her father intends to betroth her to a man four times her age and as she and his twin sister, Dalinda, conspire to keep this from happening, Des comes upon the perfect solution: he will marry her himself. They conspire to run to Scotland to marry and as they are on their journey, they are caught by both of their fathers. Des' father immediately purchases him a commission in the army and he was off. After several days of being held in her room, Anna's mother comes to speak with her before she is wrestled away. He father puts about that she filled her pockets with rocks and walked into the lake, but the reality it that he had her committed to an insane asylum. Twelve years later, Des is home. His father and brother have both perished and he has assumed the title. Dalinda is married and has two sons and a dying husband. Anna is dead. Or so he believes. Through a series of lucky discoveries, Des determines the truth of Anna's situation and endeavors to rescue her. 

This is an amazing plot...and one that is all to true for the time. Fathers and husbands had total control over the females in their care and committing an errant female to a life of incarceration happened regularly. And it was not a pretty life. Anna's twelve years were hell but many women were there longer and had weaker minds than Anna had. It took mere days of gentle kindness on the part of Des to bring her back to her reality. The descriptions of her time in the asylum were horrifying. So interesting. That a father would do this to his daughter... This was a wonderful book, so full of injustice, but so full of people willing to fight it. It was extremely descriptive and well worth reading. I highly recommend it. Good plot, good characters. 

I received a free ARC of To Save A Love from Dragonblade, through Netgalley,  in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions and interpretations contained herein are solely my own. #netgalley #tosavealove
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If you want a book that at the end you feel like you’ve been there with the characters the whole way through, that you’ve experienced their happiness and woes, that your heart has beat in time with theirs in the love scenes. 
Then you’ve picked the right book.

Alexa Aston always makes me feel this way.
Dez and Anna’s book is a heartbreaking, beautiful tragedy. It’s wonderful to read and enjoyable even in the traumatic parts, especially when you realise this is probably what really happened in 1800’s. 

This series of books is quite realistic in its telling or at least I found it so , she pulls no punches in her descriptions, that to me is good , I like to loose myself in the storyline and realism makes that so much easier.

The book is brilliant and addictive reading and it’s one I recommend.

I received an Arc copy of this book and chose to post this review
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Thanks goes to the publisher and Net-Galley for the complimentary copy of To Save a Love by Alexa Aston for the purpose of reading and reviewing prior to publication. My opinions are my own and no one has influenced them.

To Save a Love is a well-written Regency historical romance with compelling characters and a plot that will pull at your heartstrings. The pacing is excellent keeping me enmeshed from the first page to the last. Ms. Aston’s writing is emotional and brought me to tears.

Anna Browning’s character is amazing! Her experiences are heart wrenching and brought tears to my eyes on multiple occasions. Her indominable strength comes through in her ability to overcome her horrific adversities. Her love for the hero is unshakable and will not be denied. 

Dez, the Earl of Torrington, is a fantastic hero. He is unwilling to accept defeat, whether on the battlefield or with his lady love. His patience with Anna is admirable and undaunting. His determination to dig deep to help Anna touched my soul.

The romance between Anna and Dez is sweet and based on their young love for each other at eighteen. While apart for almost twelve years, they each still possess an abundance of love for each other. The passion between them is poignant and long overdue.

If you enjoy Regency romance with deep emotions and a love that will not die, then you will love To Save a Love as much as I. The ending is so fulfilling and had me  cheering. I’m so glad I have reacquainted myself with Ms. Aston’s writing. I highly recommend this book, along with her others. I look forward to reading her next novel. Happy reading!
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A tragic love story of love lost but fortunately found once more, this novel touches one at a deep level as Desmond and Anna struggle to find the path to healing of their wounded souls. Childhood sweethearts are separated by their cruel and autocratic fathers and whilst Dez is grateful for his time and the camaraderie he has found in the military, Anna is not so fortunate.  Upon inheriting the title of Earl of Torrington, Dez discovers that Anna has not died as reported by her late father, but has been hidden away in a lunatic asylum, where the conditions are both brutal and appalling. Together with Anna's cousin, Dez finds a way to have Anna released, but that is just the beginning of the battle.  Breaking through the mental fortress that Anna has built up within her mind takes time and understanding, but bit by bit he wins Anna's trust. It is a sad commentary on the era that women could be treated so badly and declared insane without the necessary steps being taken to prove the validity of the diagnosis. However, the story does come to a happy conclusion, and justice is served. The plot is well written, emotional, and heart-rending and I found myself wiping my eyes more than once. I received a copy of this novel as a gift from NetGalley and this is my honest and voluntary review.
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What an incredible love story -- Anna and Dez, perhaps, are the most deserving couple ever for a happy ever after. Their fathers are beyond cruel, and an attempted elopement is stopped short and the two separated. He goes off to war and she, sadly, to an insane asylum. He believes she has killed herself. 
What I wish someone had done is talk to author Alexa Aston and say, this is a wonderful story -- but 12 years? Twelve years in an insane asylum being tortured is so long a period, a recovery like Anna's is just not believable. The author did explain how Anna would protect her mind, even as she was being mistreated, and explained how she stayed strong. But even so, the story of how she returned to a better place did not ring true. What did work was the love story and the incredible kindness with which Dez treated his beloved. He loved her and would help her back to sanity. And in many ways, she saved herself with her resoluteness while imprisoned. Desmond Bretton and Anna Browning deserve every happiness. (I received an ARC from NetGalley. Opinions are mine.)
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Save A Love 
Alexa Aston takes on a very controversial subject matter, mental illness but makes it a wonderful touching story! This book was about growth, strength, awareness of appreciating those that love you and stick by you! I have a chronic illness that has been going on for the past 18 years and throughout my lengthy hospital stays and doctor appointments my husband has been by my side! Author Alexa Aston has shown that Anna & Dez are true soulmates and their love has been tested and it will still be there! 
The author depicted the ugliness of society & the degree some people will go to for greed! Alexa Aston wrote with a depth of compassion and tenderness for those who suffer breaks of the human mind and body and the anguish that they suffer! This book was packed of emotional pain, but also inner awakening. 
This was an amazing & enthralling read and I hope that she has wrote Dalinda & Rhy’s story!
I received an advanced copy from netgally, but these are my words & opinions!!
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A great story written about two people that has loved each other since childhood.
Desmond Bretton his twin sister Dalinda and Anna Browning has been friends forever. Desmond and Anna are in love!! 
They try to elope to Greta Green but is stopped by their fathers. Desmond is sent to the Army and Anna is sent to Gollingham Asylum.
Twelve long years went by Desmond still in the Army and Anna still in the Asylum. 
Des was told that Anna filled her clothes with rock and walked into the lake.
So much happens and events take place that to be able to read the book to find out what happens.
I hope that you enjoy the book!!
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Emotional Story of Hope! 

It always touches me when I read stories about women who have been unjustly locked in asylums. The reason was that they had disobeyed their fathers, brothers or spouses. Here is the touching story of one of these women, her name is Anna. Locked up very young, she created an inner world in order to hope and survive. Alexa Aston really surprised me with enthralling novel 'To Save a Love!. Ms. Aston has surely researched details about these women locked up by mistake. She painted the asylum, the treatment done to women. Some scenes are not always easy to follow and you might say 'Oh, no ....'! Her characters are endearing and their story is touching and filled with emotions. You will never forget their story. This emotional journey really depicts the reality that women lived during those hard times. 

The friend who will help her is Dez. When Anna was a young woman, her cruel and insane father wanted to force her to marry a man over 70 years old. Dez, who has always loved her since their childhood, proposes marriage to her, they elope only to be caught. Anna and Dez's fathers are cruel, mean and very controlling. So they send Dez to the army and Anna to an asylum. She is thought to be dead! Twelve have past, Dez comes back from the army to discover that she is living in an asylum where she suffered cruelty and awful treatments to crush her moral, soul and body. He finally finds her and nurses her to health. He then tries to get her out of her inner world that she created in order to survive and not go crazy. Will he succeed? Will he ever get her out of her world? Will Anna come back from her turmoil? Can they love each other like old times? Will they have a chance at a better future? 

"I received a complimentary copy of this book from Dradonblade Publishing Group and NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."
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From the very first chapter, this is a book that will have you captivated. Desmond Bretton and Anna Browning are childhood sweethearts but as their families have different expectations of their lives, they realise that they might not be together. Yet when Anna’s father decides to marry her to a man in his seventies, Dez and Anna decide to elope to Gretna Green. However, their plans soon unravel, and the couple are separated. Dez is sent off to the army and soon hears that Anna has died, yet the truth is all the more difficult to comprehend. Anna’s father sends her to an asylum where she is tortured for twelve years before Dez hears that she may not have died. Now the Earl of Torrington, Dez will do all that he can to save Anna and help her recover, yet not knowing whether she will ever love him as she once did.
This was quite an emotional story, yet the author Alex Aston does an admirable job of not making Anna’s story unredeemable. Despite the graphic description of Anna’s torture and her state of mind, her return to normalcy with the help of Dez, is done in quite a gentle way. Dez’s patience and understanding of Anna’s situation was made all the more believable given the violence that he would have been exposed to during his time in the army. Together both he and Anna make for such a truly wonderful couple. Yet this is not just their romance but an examination of the adversities that women faced during the Regency period. I recommend this book and look forward to more in the series.
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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First off, Dez has the patience of a saint. 
His caring for Anna is quite extraordinary and maybe a bit unbelievable for the time, but I'm going with it. 

Dez and Anna were eighteen when they tried to make a run for Gretna Green to marry in order to save Anna from an unwanted marriage. 
They were stopped by both their vindictive fathers. Dez was sent to war (he got off easy though he bears the burdens of twelve years of war). 
Anna suffered a much worse fate. She was sent to Gollingham asylum for twelve years. Yep, all those atrocities. 

Dez rescues her and in uniquely qualified to care for her in the immediate days of her removal from Gollingham. 
What was unbelievable was that Anna had gone a bit feral but only needed a few days to snap out of it and be herself again. And while the part with the vixen was an analogy of how she's a wounded animal, I've encountered foxes in England and, yeah, so not gonna happen. 
Anna also put up unnecessary barriers when she's just days out of an asylum, so, yeah. 

Its worth a read because of Dez and his steadfastness.
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This story has touched me like no others have. My heart is so full of emotions and although I know the story is fiction, unfortunately history has shown that patients in some madhouses were treated abominably and knowing that many of these patients didn't even belong in one, makes it even worse. Alexa Aston has written a story that will break your heart and yet restore it with a love story that surpasses all others. 

Des and Anna have loved each other since they were children and always knew they would marry but neither one of them ever expected what was to happen to rip them apart. Twelve years....twelve long and miserable years....Anna has spent in a madhouse, placed there by her father. While she's there, Des is in the army, fighting for his country and mourning the loss of his beloved, having been told she was dead. 

When he returns home, it's to find out that she's alive and is devastated to find out what she has been through. Be prepared to need some tissues when you read of the abuse, it's more than heartbreaking. I loved Des' character, what a strong hero he makes and does everything he can to free Anna, not only from that madhouse, but from her nightmares. I also loved Anna's character, no matter how much she was tortured and restrained, she stayed strong and true to herself. 

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
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When he comes to rescue her, will his love be enough to heal her soul ...

Oh my!
The first part was so heartbreaking, and it angered me so much. How people could have been allowed to treat others this way. So many monsters were rooming this place at this time, even if I know there are still plenty now.

Desmond has had not an easy life, yet he was free of his moves, if not of his career. He made friends and while he witnessed horrors, he was still able to think for himself and choose his path.
What Anna faced for twelve years is just unthinkable, the ugliness of the place and the vileness of the supposed caretakers left me with the feelings of thousand of cockroaches crawling my skin. How she survived for so long, shows in itself her resilience and strength.
No one can come out from such abuses unscathed, yet she emerges from the limbos where she retreated and he has every right to hold her head high.
Anna and Dez tale is one of hurt and pain as their fates were put in the hands of vicious beings. But their love is so pure that nor time, nor distance erased it, it was the fuel in Anna’s mind, her love kept her from spiraling down.
And while the evils behind their predicaments and lost years will never be punished, the fact they are given a second chance is itself a kind of revenge, a nose-thumbing to the adversity they faced.
Yet this book is more than a romance, it is also a plea to the treatment of women over time, how they were often seen as less than nothing and easily discarded with no one to really fight to their wellbeing.
Mrs Alexa Aston paints a moving love story and an advocacy to the women’s rights, with Anna as a voice to all the abused and belittled and Dez as her hands as he helps her to stand up again.
5 stars

I was granted an advance copy by the publisher Dragonblade Publishing, here is my true and unbiased opinion.
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What a heartwrenching story.  Anna and Dez are sweethearts, both having evil fathers.  After a botched attempt to elope, they are separated.  Anna is sent to an asylum, Dez to the military.   This story is about patience, love, determination and control. I couldn't put it down!  You will cry, but also rejoice!
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