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Anatomy Made Simple for Artists

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As an anatomist, I just could not get past the anatomical spelling mistakes throughout the book.  It is geared toward helping artists understand muscle anatomy in order to better draw the human body - but, there is a lot of misinformation in the book - hence my rating of 1 star.

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I use this as a reference guide. Being a self-taught artist would find this little gem a great tool to better their art
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This is a basic book on human anatomy it would not be helpful for learning in-depth drawings because the instructions are too basic. 

However, given the complexity of learning to draw anatomy I feel it is a decent basic reference. You would need other education guides to help add to this information but not a bad book on the subject.

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Is there anything simple about anatomy? My anatomy grade suggests not. 
The author does provide some background information on the human body, but it is very basic, perhaps too basic. There is a disconnect between the text and the drawings themselves and there is a lot unsaid or unexplained. A step by step how-to this book is not. There is a lot of white space, which may work for a coffee table type book, but as an instructional type manual, it doesn't quite meet the mark.
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Anatomy made simple for artists is a guide to the body, the shape, and the position that enables the artist to understand the painting and definitions needed to make their talent come alive in whatever medium they choose to express themselves and their talent in.
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I’m currently getting back into drawing and sketching so this was a godsend to be approved for this. It’s a great guide for a beginner like me, gives great hints and tips , but it would have been nice for the pictures to be in colour but still a handy little guide for beginners 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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This book is a short foray into artistic anatomy. It doesn't tread any new territory, and the territory it treads has undoubtedly been covered better and more usefully for artists in a variety of other publications. It's not really a scientific book, and for an artist's guide of any kind it is not heavy on the illustrations. That alone is a perplexing choice for any artistic anatomy book - even if said anatomy text is focused less on teaching someone the skill of life drawing or drawing people, and is focused more on being a reference for artists wanting to ensure anatomical accuracy. I wouldn't give this to a beginning artist as it's so sparse on information that could be helpful for a total novice, and I also wouldn't give it to a practiced artist either because they'll undoubtedly find it lacking like I do. It's not poorly written, but also it doesn't really fulfill any of the potential niches I expected a book like this to cover. I have a whole two shelves of books dedicated to drawing, painting, and creating art in general, and I wouldn't buy this one to add to it as it was very underwhelming. Maybe it is meant for Junior High art students.  This book was provided as a free ARC thanks to NetGalley.
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A very complete and technical manual about anatomic drawing. It was very interesting.

Thanks to Arcturus Publishing and NetGalley for this ARC.
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This is interesting book. I liked it, but I wanted more of the book. Most of the very short book was large anatomy drawings. I would have liked more text and information go alongside it. It is a good book to get familiar with aspects of anatomy, but if you want a comprehensive guide you should look elsewhere.
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This book is useful for anyone who wants to improve drawing the human form. The sketches of the bones and muscles help you make your human form drawings more realistic.
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The anatomy you'll find in this book isn't all that great for artists.

This is a very, very short read (79 pages!) with most of the space not being utilized to the extent that it could have been, filled with brief medically-toned anatomical descriptions of various areas of the body accompanied by crudely drawn skeletal models, despite the statement at the beginning that "it is futile to merely study anatomy by looking at each bone and muscle in a static state". That's pretty much the entirety of this book, but okay.

The artwork sketches are okay and all, however there is a huge disconnect between what you are shown anatomically and how you can achieve that in your artwork considering how the body adapts to range of motion, varying body structures, and other such dynamics. Zero information is provided to show you how to convey this information artistically, fluidly; there's a ton of telling and not much showing. Medically speaking (as someone who has taken medical classes in college), this isn't a great resource in a technical sense either as it's fairly generic, sub-par even to medical 101 resources.

Towards the final 80% of the book there's a section titled Using Anatomy where the author basically reiterates that knowing technical information alone is not enough to enhance your artistic message, and then we're provided with a few pages of life drawings and the author's hot take on artistic philosophy yet again. While that is all good and well, I was extremely underwhelmed with the quality of these supposed "teachings" and lack of usable information.

The tone and word choice used comes off as an elitist lecture more than anything, and would have been better suited as a web article rather than a book. As this is a book, I will say that I believe it is condescending and lazy, and I feel that anyone who actually pays money for this grossly written "resource" is being taken advantage of. I do not recommend this book for artists, you're better off searching for more insightful and applicable resources.
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This book is a great introduction to anatomy for beginners. It explains bone structure, muscles and how they work, and the shape of the body in a simple way that anyone can understand.

I feel it would be useful for anyone learning to draw people, as it gives some good advice on where to focus and how the posture affects your artwork.

The only thing I would have liked is to see more illustrations. There are some excellent drawings in the book, but I feel that some more would have balanced out the text and made some descriptions clearer.

All in all, a good book for beginners who are overwhelmed by the more advanced books on art.

Many thanks to Netgalley and Arcturus Publishing for providing me with an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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The purpose of this book, I believe, is to descripe how anatomy works, in very simple and short ways. The book goes through bones and muscles, tendons and different body parts as units. It also focuses on how muscles work in different parts of the body - how they effect movement. (How a frown occurs, for example.)

It is a fascinating read about how the human body works via bones and muscles, and how the body moves. The book is uselful for anyone who wishes to gain a basic understanding of human anatomy. It's a short introduction of sorts, and thus covers only the very basics.

I would have perhaps hoped for more instructions on drawings or more detailed images of different positions/movements of the body.
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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This book was a shockingly quick read! It deals with how the bodys muscles and bones interact with art and how to vividly depict movement. It's a very cool read!
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As the title suggests, this was an excellent book for artists.  I have been trying to improve my gesture drawing and figurative paintings.  It is very important to know what features of the body are the most important to make a good painting.  This book points out the important bones and muscles so you can paint or draw the structure of the body most efficiently.  It also explains which muscles will be more noticeable when the body bends and twists.  That information is very valuable in gesture drawing.

This book is a must-have for any artist.

I received this galley from NetGalley.
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This art book trains reader about anatomy of human body. It describes various bones, muscles and postures to make painting realistic.
Pencil shaded examples given are wonderful.
It deals with matter with great expertise and increases complexity in training gradually.
A wonderful book to train yourself for drawing realistic portraits.
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Anatomy Made Simple for Artists is a short introduction to simple human anatomy aimed at artists. Originally released in 2004, this reformat and re-release by Arcturus Publishing is due out 1st June 2020, has 79 pages and will be available in ebook format. It's worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links. I've really become enamored of ebooks with interactive formats lately.

This is an odd booklet. It presents the human body in line drawings with anatomically correct language (which is as it should be), but without any real artistic tutelage other than the drawings themselves. There are *some* tips such as identifying and analysing the spread of force when sitting or standing in particular poses, as well as some few tips on life drawing, but they are few and far between.

It's to be expected that a 79 page booklet would be bare bones (sorry, intentional pun), but this one sort of skirts the line and winds up being neither fish nor fowl. The RRP is set to be quite consumer friendly, so I can see that this might be a good choice with which beginning artists can get started.

The text is well written, and as previously mentioned, anatomically correct, but it is odd that there are so few drawings in relation to the text.

Three and a half stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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Anatomy made simple for artists is a short book on how anatomy shapes up the human body. There's nothing extra that might bloat the information volume and there are a lot of pictures with examples of what the author is talking about. The experience of reading was great because of all this.
I would say that this book can be quite interesting for anyone who wants to learn more about the anatomy of the body and why we look the way we look, especially when we move. It's great for artists striving to put the ever-moving human body on a non-moving piece of paper, but also great in just explaining the positioning of bone and muscle.
I enjoyed greatly understanding better how to draw people that look more natural and am very happy to say I learned some new things about the body like where I have tendons, which I only had general idea about from high school.
Overall a great book and a short read. I definitely recommend it both for artist and anyone else interested.

*Thanks to NetGalley and Arcturus Publishing for providing me with an ARC of this title in exchange for an honest review.*
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Simply put: you can't make anatomy simple as it is very complicated. I have anatomy books of about 500 pages. So in no way it can be complete in a booklet like this. OK, let's say you want an introduction to anatomy for beginners or, on the other hand, a quick reference for experienced artists. If so, you need short explanations and very good illustrations. Images that you can study and understand well without misunderstanding. That's the failure of this book: the illustrations should be in color, in way to understand where begins and where ends a muscle or other anatomical part, the text should not be handwritten.
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