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This reads as an Argentine version of Bend it Like Beckham, albeit a version filled with a very authentic background in Argentinian society.  Camilla's devotion to her team and concern for her brother and mother will resonate with readers who are deeply into sports; the history and concerns in Argentine society at that time don't overwhelm but will inform readers looking for #ownvoices insights.

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Furia is about Camila "Furia" Hassan, a talented Argentinian "futbolera" who has to hide her passion for soccer from her parents who don't think women should play sports. She lives in the shadow of her brother. Pablo, who plays for a local club, and her former love interest, Diego, who is an internationally recognized soccer star. When Diego returns to Rosario, their romance is rekindled, forcing Camila to decide whether she'll go back to Europe with him, or defy her parents and society's regressive gender roles to follow her dream of playing pro soccer in the US.

This book uses soccer as a lens to examine so many different issues, but systemic misogyny is the all-pervasive undercurrent that runs through the story, whether just below the surface or erupting into view. The Ni Una Más (Not One More) movement, which demands an end to gender-based violence, is part of this story as a reminder of the most brutal result of misogyny. Camila navigates the world with this knowledge hanging over her. However, I don't want to make this book sound like it's all about women being brutalized and marginalized. These elements are very real, but it's ultimately about how Camila is a fighter, as are so many other women and girls around her. 

There is a pretty big romance element to this book, but because I am not a fan of romance in general it didn't grab me, I am sure other people will enjoy it. Other than that one element, which is totally just a matter of personal preference, this book is a winner for me.

This is a powerful story that grapples with real-world misogyny without diminishing women's power.
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This is a compelling story full of heart and feminism and kick-butt female athletes. I have no interest in soccer, but that didn't put me off at all; the soccer parts are really well-written and the story is much more about the relationships and deeper wants, while still having plenty to offer the reader who does love soccer. The Argentina setting is vividly drawn.
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I loved everything about this book - strong female characters, soccer/futbol, family relationships, finding your own way in life...   Camila "Furia" Hassan is a complex character who constantly pushes against the expectations of her family, her controlling father in particular, as she fights to make her own path in life.  This a must-have for my classroom library.
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This was a fantastic feminist YA, with coming of age themes all set in the context of futbol in Argentina. I love a sporting context book especially those empowering women and if you want a YA that strongly empowers young women, then look no further. There is a romance in this story but it is pitched well and doesn’t overpower the story or the amazing heroine Camila ‘Furia’ Hassan.

Set in the barrios of a city in Argentina, the background for FURIA was rich, vibrant, dangerous and varied. The environment was one where women were oppressed but fighting for equality, rights, a life and dreams. There were background story lines that painted a picture of life for all females especially children and young women that were chilling.

Camilla ignited my interest like a flame with her hopes of becoming a professional futbol player and going to the USA where there were more possibilites. In fact, Camilla had familial credentials in professional football but no-one was championing a young women like Camilla, no matter how talented she was.

Camila however, had drive for her dreams and played secretly in a team. I loved the scrimmage and match play narratives, the description was excellent and I truly felt like a spectator watching ‘Furia’ come alive. Camila’s dream and life was complicated by Diego, her childhood friend returning for a visit from Juventus. Sparks ignited between these two and it was something real and beautiful.

This story took a direction that made my feminist heart sing for Camila. The decisions and sacrifices she made; the fights physical, verbal and emotional were all worth it to have hope. This was a read of excitement, beauty in the barrios and characters to feel truly wrapped up in but most of all it conveyed an empowering message for young women.

I highly rec this book, it’s going to be a favourite of the year. FURIA, FURIA, FURIA…(in football chanting song).

Thank you to Algonquin Young Readers for the early review copy.
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I absolutely loved this book. Camila Hassan wants to play soccer professionally and spends much of this book secretly practicing for the FIFA Sudamericano Tournament. There is so much that Camila has to overcome including an abusive father and a society that is very negative towards women. I think Camila is a strong character who knows what she wants in life and isn't afraid to push boundaries and will not settle until she reaches her goals. Camila's father is a very toxic man. One of the things that I hate about some men is this sense of machismo, and that is exactly how I would describe Camila's father and the culture of society in this book. I really found myself rooting for Camila and I wanted her to succeed. At the same time I also really loved how her relationship with Diego grew and progressed. I found myself wondering how she could balance her dreams (which seemed impossible) and being in a relationship with someone who was so famous and had an entire life in a different continent. The pacing in the beginning and middle of the book was excellent, but I did feel the ending was a bit too rushed, especially the events after the Sudamericano games. Still, I really enjoyed this book.
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Thank so much to net galley for sending me a copy of this book. I was so excited to read this book and I ended up not being disappointed.
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I loved this. I loved the family dynamics, the soccer (futbol!), and even though I'm usually way too gay to enjoy hetero romances (but the perfect amount of gay for a good sports book), I even was entirely compelled by Camila and Diego, and the tension that following her own dreams or being with the boy she loves created. I'd also read an entire book just about Coach Alicia, which is both a testament to how much I love badass older women and how well written the secondary characters in this book were.
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