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Lots of fun origami projects; several are old standbys but lots were new (to me anyway) designs that I'm looking forward to trying. Each project has pictures for nearly every step to make it easier to follow along.
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Didn't get to read this before it was archived! Seemed really interesting though. My bad. I love crafts and origami and stuff like that. I'm sure everything inside was super cute.
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A lovely book for the new origamist.  Full of traditional, easy to fold models.  However, if you are new to this, don’t expect to master the models straight away.  Learn the basics as you go along and slowly, slowly, you’ll get there.  Great photos too. 

The reason for the 4 stars rather than 5 stars, is because there is nothing new in this book.  Models are traditional classics that can be found in other similar books that have been out there for years.
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Mostly has familiar and simple models, but nice to see them rendered in the printed papers. Clear instructions and nice photographs.
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Origami is really different then a craft or entertaining outlet. I have a book of introductory Origami and it is much more juvenile, simple, and for learning. 

Then Origami becomes Art. It has the beauty of painting a picture, designing fabric, design, and beauty. My niece does beautiful origami, so she has already gotten me some really lovely, high quality paper. 

I have already started some projects. I love the birds the best. They are just stunning. Since, I am pretty new to Origami, it takes a bit of practice if you want perfection...and I do, but it looks much harder then it really is. The baskets also are unique and those will be something I will make. When you do crafts, you can never have enough small baskets. 

The layout of the book is easy to use and most important the guides for folding the paper are very clear. It is easy to understand. 

If you like Origami, I would definitely this as an upgrade to finer work. If you have not done it before, it is a relaxing and fun activity, especially this year with Corona never seeming to ease up. Enjoy! 

So, I already ordered the paperback copy for my niece. I am sure she will love it at Christmas. 

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me a copy of this book. It is very much appreciated. (less)
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A pretty origami book, great for an avid admirer or person who already has experience making origami. I don't think it would be too useful for a beginner trying to learn. 

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This book really wasn’t what I was expecting but after looking through it a couple of times I found it intriguing and very clever.
If you are looking for a book to teach you Origami this isn’t the one. If you want to be much more creative then give this a look.
You think of Origami as being done with plain white paper but here the use of pattered paper adds a whole different interest of the objects made.
I found it slightly strange that there was pages of different pattered pieces of paper. A bit like a directory of paper you could use. It may be that in the ‘physical’ book[ I had an online copy, these pages are to be used to make your own Origami – but nothing written to indicate this when reading the book and not of any use if you but a digital version.

There then follows a ‘Diagram of Folds. Section. This is in Japanese and English with pictures of the varies folds you need to do to achieve the finished piece. The instructions are very simplistic and I would think you would need to have already done some Origami first as for a beginner it would be quite hard.

There is a lot in this book and if you are looking at making some new things or practice your Origami them it’s an excellent visual book. If you are a beginner you might want to try a different simpler book but buy and keep this one for when you’ve practised a bit more.
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Love the illustrations, colours and simple instructions. Easy to follow and great for learning the basics of origami!
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I struggled with this book and felt it needed more instructions but this book woould be great for someone more experienced with oragami
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I loved the book. It is pretty similar to all other origami collections, but what I find different is the beautiful index with the images for each model. And also the papers full of designs and colours. As the other books do provide paper but they are that simple square papers.

This book is recommended for kids, and yes to the Origami beginner's too.
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This book is a really nice traditional tutorial manual for Japanese origami. It is really simple so even for beginners. A great little book to enjoy on the weekend when you have nothing to do. User friendly!
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I have done origami for many years, and this is a good book for a beginner. The photos of the various models  and instruction diagrams are well done. I wish I could have removed some of the paper provided to fold something myself, but, alas, ebooks aren't made of paper!
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I have had a book of origami paper planes sitting on my shelf for about a year. When the lockdown was announced in the UK, I decided to set myself a mini art project of folding a paper plane for every day of the lockdown. While I couldn't go outdoors or see friends and family, I would at least come out of lockdown an expert plane folder! The book included 100 sheets, and while when I started I couldn't possibly imagine spending 100 days in lockdown, 100 days did indeed come and go. 

I came across this book on NetGalley on around day 85 and immediately requested it. Folding those planes every day had become an enjoyable and almost therapeutic task and I was eager to continue practicing origami and continue on with my project after I ran out of sheets from the original book.

I really liked the selection of different activities in this book, ranging from the simpler and more common paper planes to slightly more interesting and complex designs such as a piano or a kimono. The instructions were a bit confusing sometimes, but they were translated from Japanese, so that's fair. A lot of the folds were similar throughout the different activities, though, so it definitely got easier as I went through them to figure out what to do. Having said that, there were some I weren't able to figure out at all, but I'm sure I will with practice!

Overall, I would recommend this title to anyone who has an interest in origami or just in doing something creative (even if you're a complete beginner like me!). It was fun to be able to use this book to assist me in my lockdown project and engage in something creative. I definitely feel like I've picked up a new skill/interest now! 

Thank you to the publisher and to NetGalley for approving me for this title.
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Loved this book the origami pictures are beautiful. And I love the section explaining the different folds.

The origami designs range from easy to difficult and has easy to understand instructions and illustrations. If you are interested in origami this book is fantastic and I highly recommend it.

I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
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Oh my, what a little treasure this is! 

My son is an avid origami maker, and we have read quite a few books on the subject, from boring to amazingly complex ( who knew you could do that with paper!) This is neither of those, it's pretty, user-friendly and easy enough for the novice, but enchanting enugh for the afficianado. The paper used and displayed throughout the book is also quite beautiful,. 

I'd highly recommend this, it's a delightful addition to any bookshelf and would make a  lovely gift. 
Many thanks to Net Galley, Kazuo Kobayashi, and Media Do International. Inc for my ARC.
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This is a great book to have in a classroom. I had a student in Grade 4 / Year 5 who was interested in origami and his enthusiasm for the subject and evident enjoyment led to the whole class becoming enthused.  

The book is split into three key parts, starting with colourful photos of the different pieces of origami. Sheets of origami paper come next (I’m assuming that this section is tear out), and with each sheet is a brief note explaining which origami piece it was used for.  Finally there’s the ‘folding section’, which starts with examples of the basic folds.  The origami designs range from easy to difficult (in no particular order) and each one has clear numbered instructions and illustrations.

For me, it’s a keeper.
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A fun and gorgeous manual for origami! Easy to follow steps and comes with patterns you can use. I had so much fun making some of the origami creatures in ti=his book! The steps are simple and easy to follow and the end result is awesome! This is a great craft book!
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A wonderful, fun starting point for anyone wanting to try the Japanese art of origami, as well as being a great addition for those with more experience. The 32 colourful illustrations at the beginning of the book are really inspiring. The paper included is brightly coloured and is both plain and patterned. I found the illustrated instructions at the back of the book to be very clear and generally straightforward. Thank you to Kazuo Kobayashi, Net Galley and Media Do International Publishing for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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First things first, patience is NEEDED, lots of it. The book has multiple designs that you can’t help but want to try but it takes awhile to get a hang of it so your forced to practice. But the sense of achievement is there when you finish one correctly
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I loved the wonderful paper designs this book has. Then it teaches designs of various things that can be made using these coloured papers.
It shows how to make flamingo, house, piano, plane, pig and many such things.
It is very concise and sophisticated book. One that you keep and take out if kids want to make things with papers. 
Books from Japan are hitting bestseller lists. Hope this becomes best sellers in its genre.
I liked to see colored papers with excellent designs in first half of the book.
Thanks netgalley and the publisher for excellent review copy.
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