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LOVE Catalina and Alessandro! I figure there is one more book left to their story and can't wait to see what happens next! And that ending!!! Yeah, definitely can't wait to see what happens next!
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I think most book lovers would have a hard time naming their "favorite author." But over the years, as I read and reread everything by Ilona Andrews, and find myself in times of stress picking up their books again, I have to say that Ilona Andrews is my favorite. Having this egalley drop in the midst of quarantine (after I had just finished a complete reread of Kate Daniels and Innkeeper, and was just starting on a reread of Hidden Legacy), was an unexpected, but wonderful, surprise.

Switching over the leading characters in the middle of a series can be tough, and the last book, Sapphire Flames, had to spend time convincing the reader that Catalina and Alessandro could lead the series. We get right into the thick of it in Emerald Blaze, firmly on board with the pair. We're introduced to new monsters, new bad guys, potential new allies, all while spending time with the other characters we've grown to love. 

This was a very strong addition to the series, and I can't wait to see where Andrews leads us next!
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Monsters, magic, romance and weapons: a perfect combination for an entertaining read. Ilona Andrews delivers again in Emerald Blaze. The pacing is fast. The characters have heart. The romance is indeed ablaze. In serious times, this book is a fun distraction for dedicated readers and new fans alike.
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Another great book by Ilona Andrews! 
Watching Catalina come even more into her power is so much fun! Loved it from start to finish and didn't want to put it down!
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Ok, this started a little slow and sped up...and then it sped up some more and then it sped up some more and eventually, you as the reader are like, EVERYTHING ELSE MUST STOP WHILE I READ. Eventually, I crashed headlong into the end and then I was very sad.

Anyway, another amazing book from the writing team of Ilona Andrews. Some secrets are revealed, new monsters show up, there's a lot of the family in here (my absolute favorite part of these books), the big bad for the next book is out there and they have been set up for you to get the maximum delight in their downfall. Personally, I hope they got chopped into little living pieces or smashed flat but I would take them being irrevocably dead. The set-up is that good.

Anyway, that's about all I can say that's non-spoilery. Other than, this was so very good and I recommend Ilona Andrews to everyone who stays still long enough for me to tackle them. 

On reading notes: this can be read as a stand-alone, but it's a lot richer if you read the previous book in Catalina's story, Sapphire Flames. For maximum enjoyment, start at the first in the series: Burn for Me.
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