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This book is a cute story about a woman named Missy Peters. She is an ex-model who now owns a boutique, called Fashionably Date.  She had a bad relationship and now she doesn't believe in them.  She has a chance encounter with a man who owns a gym, Nick Zambini, and they develop a business arrangement.  The more time that they spend together, the closer they get.  Soon Missy has to decide if her feelings for Nick are stronger than her reservations about dating. 
I really enjoyed this sweet read.  There are some pretty comedic accidents that happen to Missy, luckily Nick is usually nearby.  I enjoyed that Missy didn't become a man-hater and that she didn't have a complete 180 personality change.  The characters are well written and make you want them to have a happy ending (which they do.)
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I have to say I was so in need of a quick read from Susan Hatler! I love the way that her books just flow as if you are right there with the characters while they are talking! There is romance, humor and all the feels with her books! 

Missy Peters is ready to start new when she moves to a new city and changes careers. Missy was a supermodel but now has decided to help other look their best and has opened a clothing boutique. When Missy is on her way to work one morning, she sees a cute puppy that has darted in the road and know that she has to do something to help. Missy saves the puppy all while being saved herself by gym owner Nick Zambini. 

Nick pays no attention to the fact that a city bus that is passing by them has Missy's picture on it from her modeling days. Nick is nice, handsome and is pretty set in his career. Missy is not sure that she is ready to start dating again so soon, but know that if she passes up an evening with Nick, that might be her last chance with him. Missy decides to take no chances on loosing her opportunity to at least get to know Nick a little more. 

Nick has mentioned to Missy that he would like to be able to help each other out in their businesses and maybe cross advertise for each other. Missy is not so sure that it would work out for her but she is certain that Nick is going to use their date as an opportunity to talk to Missy about their joint partnership. To Missy's surprise, Nick does not mention the businesses opportunity on their date like she thought he was going to do. He was focused on her which was so nice and such a change for her. 

Missy makes Nick promise to take her out again and then things begin to heat up between them. Will the joint business work and will it ruin their chance of a relationship? You will have to read this one to find out what happens with Missy and Nick. I highly recommend this short read! I devoured it in no time. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed this book and all opinions are my own. Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher and the author for an advanced copy of this book!
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Susan Hatler is officially one of my favorite Romance writers. Fashionably Date is a sweet clean romance with all the witty and fun dialogues one could ever imagine. 

If you're looking for pure romance with a mix of wit and flirting, this is it folks!

One of my best reads
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Another fun romance from Susan Halter! Sweet, clean, charming and entertaining.

With Susan Halter, you always have a fun meet-cute, and then a sweet romance that leaves you smiling and happy. Missy was a fun character, with walls around her heart after being hurt int he past. She is a former-model-turned-boutique-owner who takes making women feel empowered and beautiful seriously. 

While Missy initially starts seeing Nick solely for business purposes, the two of them cannot deny the connection and chemistry that they have. Nick just wants to be whatever Missy will allow him to be, whether it's just business or romance. 

Fun and full of humor, and great rom-com from a master of romcoms.
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Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? Nick and Missy mixed a little business with pleasure when he talked her into a cross-promotion of his gym and her upscale clothing boutique. If you like meet-cutes they have a fun one. Nick saves Missy from falling, not once, but twice!!

Nick is a charmer and super swoony, but Missy's got major trust issues since her ex-fiance cheated on her with her maid of honor, so when Nick keeps a few things a secret she almost throws their blossoming relationship in the trash, so to speak. I liked Missy and completely understood her trust issues, but she was smart enough to listen to good advice from her friends. These two characters oozed chemistry--I could almost feel it through my Kindle.

I'm really enjoying this Do-Over Date series. The stories are clean romances short enough to enjoy in an afternoon or evening, and they always have a happy ending which is alway a plus in my book.

I received a complimentary copy from Hatco Publishing via NetGalley. All thoughts expressed in my review are my own.
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Missy Nick
Fashionably Date was the first book I've read by this author. Overall this was a great book. Just wish there was a little more and not such a quick wrap up at the end an epilogue would have been awesome. But I did enjoy reading about Missy and Nick.
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I binged this series this past week so I could read this story. The series does overlap with characters, but you could read this as a stand alone. This has been a fun series of quick reads. It's perfect for when you don't have a lot of time to invest in a book. Missy is a fun character. She has trust issues, but she is also a sweet independent woman. She's knocked off her feet by Nick and he is such a great character as well. There are some mixed signals, but thanks to the wonderful Courtney Carmichael they get straightened out. Courtney is a fun character in this series and I hope she gets a HEA story.

As a side note, there is a couple mentioned that isn't part of this series. I was interested in their story as well. It took a little hunting, but I finally found it. If anyone is interested in Claire and Alex's story, it's in Forever in A Kiss. I haven't read it yet, but the blurb says it includes Missy and her ex-fiance, which makes me even more interested.
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Missy's former fiance cheated on her with her maid of honour, so she's understandably wary of men. When workaholic Nick saves her from an accident as she rescues a puppy from the road, sparks fly, but she tries to tell herself that she's only interested in dating casually, and at first it seems as though he's only interested in a work partnership anyway. When she discovers something that suggests he's cheating too, will she choose to go all in and trust him, or listen to her own fears?

This felt a little more 'cookie-cutter' than many of the author's books, so I wasn't quite as keen on it, but it was still a good light read as a brief escape. Overall, though, the story is fun and has the important message that if you care for someone and want a relationship with them, you have to really be willing to 'go all in' and trust them unless you have proof that they're lying. An enjoyable read, clean and well written. It's nothing too deep, but sometimes that's what you want.

Note that I received a complimentary copy of the book from NetGalley. I was not required to write a positive review and this is my considered opinion of the book.
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Thanks to netgalley for the chance to read this book.

Another great book from Susan, a quick and easy read. Couldn’t put it down. 

Missy an ex model is getting over the last relationship when she found out her fiancé was having an affair with her matron of honour just before their wedding. She literally falls into the arms of Nick, can she put her past relationship behind her and give Nick a chance.
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A story of a second chance. That is Missy Peters has given up on love after her fiancé was caught cheating with her maid of honor. Now after leaving life as a model she has opened a clothing boutique. She has no desire for love, she does like her morning coffee and her friends.
Nick Zambini owns a gym and meets Missy one morning at the coffee cart. After an easy met and saving a dog and her from getting hit by a bicycle they slowly find time for one another. Nick also wants to somehow combine their two businesses in a cross-promotion which she likes as well. The two of them work well together and also seem to mesh as a couple. That is until an old feeling comes back for Missy which makes her run. Now, will she go back to Nick or allow her fears to keep her away. This is a very good book and was a quick read with good characters.
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Fashionably Date by Susan Hatler a fashionable five-star read. This is number five in the Do-Over Date series, but I have read it as stand-alone and didn’t feel like I missed anything. This was super easy to read and I really enjoyed it, Nick and Missy were such easy to like characters, even when you wanted to knock their heads together as they couldn’t see the wood for the trees. But they have a great story and one you will enjoy, but its wasn’t just them that made this story for me, it was the great secondary characters that I enjoyed meeting.
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(3.5 to 4 stars) - Conflicting trust issues!

It sure seems irreconcilable - Missy's been cheated on by her ex-fiance, and Nick's insecure ex constantly thought he was cheating.

This has Susan Hatler's signature fun & flirty style with main characters who manage to be both gorgeous and sympathetic. It gets off to a terrific start as the two meet-cute and their relationship develops with just a few questionable moments to keep Missy (& us) wondering what those are about & what's going on in Nick's head.

*** SPOILERS ***
I understand Nick's frustration at being doubted when he hasn't given Missy a reason to doubt - but a text like that WAS a reason to at least question. And his answer was hardly reassuring - even though he could have been so by promising her that she'd know soon or telling her it's a surprise.

Presumably, he was being hypersensitive because of his previous relationship, but he had to have recognized that he was making it worse for her, knowing full well what her fiance had done to her.

However, trust isn't given, it's something that's earned. I don't think it's fair to Missy to expect her to fully trust Nick when she hasn't known him that long yet, they've barely established a relationship, & they haven't had much of an opportunity to prove their trustworthiness yet.

Trust in relationships doesn't develop from closing your eyes & jumping "all in". It comes from getting to know each other better & experiencing those moments that demonstrate your partner's got your back

I would have liked for them both to apologize for how they handled the situation, and promise to talk things out from now on

The reconciliation was sweet, but a ring? Nuh uh, way too soon. They barely know each other & still haven't learned how to communicate - or if they can.

So the 1st half of the story is easily 4.5 to 5 stars, but the 2nd half is a 3. The romance is entertaining, but the 2 frustrations above really impacted my enjoyment.

*Clean romance level: passionate kisses, nothing graphic
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This book was perfect. It was easy to read and light hearted. Not too much drama. 
I finished it in a few hours, i couldn't put it down. 
This book was the perfect length. 

Missy was so relatable and as i women who has been cheated on in the past her feelings and insecurities were so understandable.  Nick was the perfect love interest.

This was a great read and i now need to read the other Do-Over date series. 

This book was the perfect length.
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I love these do over stories! I love seeing people finding another chance and getting some happiness! 

Nick and Missy are two business owners who find that a merger of business and personal matters could be likely but issues from the past resurface and Missy’s pain might cause the biggest mistake of her life! 

As always we have an amazing cast of characters that bring hilarity and support! I just would love some duel POV but overall great story
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