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The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook

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I love cake donuts, and I own a donut pan, so my eyes lit up when I saw this cookbook. It has a lot of great recipes for both cake and yeasted donuts.
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Beautifully photographed and chock full of donut recipes this is the only book you'll need to make these delicious wonders! This is a must-have for the donut fanatic in everyone, and it doesn't disappoint!
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Loving the cover and pictures with this baked donut cookbook! Such a fun concept and perfect for doing at home as a family.  Everyone loves a good doughnut, and now you can make them at home in a cinch!
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I've been making a lot of baked donuts in recent months, so I was on board for some new ideas. Mellas presents a wide variety of basic donuts - spiced, chocolate, fruit, and more. Not a lot of variations, though. THis is a solid choice if you're just starting out baking donuts.
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OOOOoo... This book is DANGEROUS.
I received this book and proceeded to make several batches of the best doughnuts ever (I am Dairy free so I don't ever get doughnuts) and oh my what a wonderful array of recopies to chose from. My favorites so far are the Chocolate Cake Doughnuts and the Red Velvet ones. Great recipes that are easy to follow, with few ingredients needed to make them.
I definitely recommend this book if you want something sweet!
I give it 4 out of 5 stars :) Only thing that would have made it better would be more pictures of the finished doughnuts.
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Thanks so much for a copy to read and give my honest opinion. Oven baked donuts....anyone? Beautiful cover! 60 different kinds of donuts for your donut maker or straight from the oven. 

What did I like? Honestly the cover drew my attention and my grandson is a huge donut eater so I asked for a review copy. So positives for the book is that you can really see pretty much every donut you’d want, with easy recipes. There is also some easy ideas on prepping and vegan donut ideas as well. Only negative I found is pretty much every recipe uses canola oil, I’m not a big fan but donuts are used in moderation.

Would I recommend or buy? So this cookbook is based on an idea and not really style of cooking like Italian so this is need based. It’s risky since the internet holds vast recipes of donuts versus having your own book. I’d have to have actually made donuts in the past, which I was pretty sure I used biscuit mix versus the whole mixed ingredients in a bowl. Desserts are not a huge part of my life and I seldom make them. Only one or two are vegan, gluten free so this is an up to you on need basis. 

Thoughts for the author? Interesting idea, I wasn’t even aware they made donut makers. I’d definitely give the gluten free a try. Thanks so much for a copy.
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With frying being something many folks avoid, this cookbook will com as a breth of fresh air to dounut lovers. After an introductor6y chapter, the book gets down to basics with delicious-sounding recipes, including gluten-free and vegan ones for tasty treats. Cooks in a hurry are not neglected with recipes using cake mix. There are even raised donuts, something I thought could not be done in an oven or donut maker.

Each recipe  has a helpful side bar that has yeild (donuts, mini donuts, and/or donut holes) and whether it can be made in an electric donut maker.

With lots of options, including filled donuts, you'll find this a very useful book.
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The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook: 60 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Your Oven and Mini Donut Maker by Sara Mellas is newly published cookbook. Who doesn’t love a good donut? From sugared or sprinkled to frosted or filled, donuts are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and sweeten your day. The best part is you don’t need to fuss with frying to whip up these fun, flavorful treats at home. Theses donuts can be made in an oven or donut maker, providing plenty of tried-and-true tricks and tasty recipes for beautifully baked donuts, donut holes, mini donuts, and more. From sweet staples, such as Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts to creative savory bakes like Jalapeno-Cheddar Cornbread Donuts, this donut cookbook serves you dozens of delightfully simple recipes to match every craving, along with perfectly paired frostings, glazes, and toppings.

The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook is a cookbook for every donut lover, particularly those of use that do not want to fry. Spending the last twelve weeks or so home with my family I have made all of my tried and true recipes, ran out of flour and yeast, and resupplied while looking for new things to try. This book was well timed, and inspired me to make some donuts. I am lucky enough to have a donut pan, and plenty of other pans, and was happy to find some new things for my weekend baking. I thought the introduction, including the basic techniques and supply lists were nicely done, and as a fellow New Englander the explanation behind writing the book resonated with me. I thought the recipes were easy to follow, well labeled, and detailed. I like the variants and options were also included, because I love to fiddle with recipes and find these suggestions helpful both in deciding if my idea will work and if the author already came up with something even better. There are several recipes that really caught my eye, some I was ready to try right away and others needed a shopping trip to complete so had to wait a bit. I was impressed that there were gluten free, vegan, and boozy recipes. The classics went over the best in my house, like the chocolate cake and pumpkin donuts- but the glazed blueberry and several filled donuts were also well received. 

The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook is a great resource for bakers that want to try their hand at donuts, without frying anything. Frequent bakers might want to add this to their cookbook collection, dabbles might want to borrow it from the library for the first look through to decide if they will use it often enough- I have a feeling I will be needed a paper copy.
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I suck at baking. Like REALLY suck cause apparently I can’t follow directions. Somehow, my donut came out amazing!! This book is great for non bakers like me. It breaks down ingredients into simple English verbatim. Thank you author and photographer for beautiful pics. I love the side notes and what items to purchase too. I’m going share this book with my other non baking friends.
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Donuts, donuts, donuts! Who does not like donuts. From basic and sugared, glazed, iced and frosted to filled donuts. This cookbook has 60 great recipes, some easy and some for the more experienced baker! There are even savory donuts, who knew!
The author teaches the reader the basics of prep, dry and wet ingredients. How to measure and what equipment to use. 
There are a couple of pages that tell you about essential ingredients such as baking soda and baking powder, butter and oil, chocolate, cocoa powder, dairy, eggs, flour, sugar etc. 
Now for the recipes, there are labels such as adults only, donut maker, homemade head start, make it mini and one bowl. Then there are recipe tips: variation tip, ingredient tip, technique tip, allergen tip and troubleshooting tip.
So with all that information, you can't go wrong with this donut cookbook. I am not experienced on making donuts so I will start out with the basics and go from there. But if you are a bit more experienced, get this cookbook for your shelves, well open of course so you can make some delicious donuts.
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Donuts seem to be making a comeback; for years they have had a bad reputation because they are deep-fried. Sara Mellas has found a way for all of us to enjoy donuts without having to suffer the shame of donuts fried in oil, and has perfected the baked donut. She presents these morsels of perfection in The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook: 60 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Your Oven and Mini Donut Maker.

The best test for a good cookbook is, of course, to prepare some of the recipes in the book to make sure they turn out and to make sure they are easy to follow. My first donuts from her book were Classic Raised Donuts. They turned out very good, although I have since found that I can make the dough in my automatic bread machine and save time and effort. I also tried the Chocolate Cake Donuts – my personal favorite – and they were easy and turned out scrumptious. There is a great variety of donuts, and I am planning to use this cookbook to make at least one type a week – the queue gets longer every time I go through the book. The book also includes beignets and donut desserts. Each recipe has an explanation at the top, which is helpful and apropos. 

This excellent cookbook not only contains excellent donuts, but the author has explained everything about donut making so that the most inexperienced baker can understand and follow her suggestions to turn out perfect donuts every time. The only thing missing is photographs – although there are a few, they don’t begin to cover the numerous donut recipes which are most likely beautiful and worth looking at while deciding which donut to make next.

This cookbook is well-written, and includes something for everyone. Highly recommended.

Special thanks to NetGalley for supplying a review copy of this book.
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A really fun cookbook family devours  donuts.So many fun recipes new ways to make donuts.A delicious book of recipes,#netgalley#callistomedia
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Wow there are some fabulous recipes in this book.   I can't wait to make them.   My only concern is that the recipes do not have nutritional information. 
This was an ARC from Netgalley
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Super fun cookbook! I am loving the idea of taking a beloved fried dessert and turning into a slightly healthier version by baking it. 

Of course it's still a donut but hey I will take the small victories when I can find them.

There 60 well organized recipes but sadly the majority of the book does not include pictures. That isn'ta deal breaker but I do prefer pictures when choosing recipes.

However, this book is very written and presented. I also love the links in the Kindle version you can easily move to any recipe in the book with just one click.

I received this book from NetGalley, Calisto Publishing-Rockridge Press for an honest review.
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Super fun cookbook!  Love the idea of taking a beloved fried treat and turning it ino a fun baked treat!  My family can't wait to try aot of these recipes!
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“The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook: 60 Sweet and Savory Recipes for Your Oven and Mini Donut Maker” by Sara Mellas is a good beginner cookbook for those who want to make baked donuts – I hesitate to call them healthier, because after all they still are donuts, but at least they’re not fried, so they’re slightly less-bad for you.

Ms. Mellas does a good job introducing the reader to the basics, covering equipment, ingredients, measuring, shortcuts, etc. before she gets to the recipes.  And there are plenty of recipes, covering a wide range of tastes, fillings, and toppings.  In addition to the basics, you also get vegan donuts, gluten-free donuts, holiday themed donuts, interesting dessert donuts, savory donuts, and even a doggy donut recipe – quite a variety to try out.  And most can be made as mini-donuts or donut holes as well.

A couple of quibbles – although there’s a lot of recipes, for the most part there are only two basic donut recipes (cake and raised) with slight variations and/or different toppings.  And some of the recipes/shortcuts are a bit too easy – beignets are simply crescent roll dough with powdered sugar.
But for the beginner baker, or for someone who loves homemade donuts but doesn’t want their kitchen smelling like a deep fat fryer for weeks, this book can definitely point you in the right direction.

I requested and received a free advanced electronic copy from Callisto Media / Rockridge Press via NetGalley. Thank you!
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Baked Donut Nirvana

If you love donuts, this is a super fun book about how to make donuts at home without deep frying. To successfully pull off the recipes, you need donut and/or donut hole pans, Some recipes are rolled out and hand cut, not requiring a special pan.

The author starts the book with a well-done introductory section that not only shares details about equipment and ingredients needed but also is full of tips that will help your donut-baking success. The recipes are divided into simple, logical sections like Glazed and Filled. She even has two interesting chapters at the end, one for donut holes and donut-like (like fritters and beignets) or donut-using desserts and another for savory donuts. There aren't many of the latter, but I think it's a fun addition. The recipes themselves are detailed and clear, which I think will help any attempt at making the recipes more successful. She's got some standard donut recipes, like a couple of varieties of old fashions (including a gluten-free version) and iced and sprinkled donuts. Some recipes are inspired by the seasons or holidays like gingerbread, pumpkin, and eggnog donuts. Others are a nod to other desserts or pastries, like Boston cream, red velvet cake, and German chocolate cake donuts. Some have unique ingredients like one with matcha tea. Others just seemed inspired and fun, like Firecracker Donut Hole Pops and Churros con Chocolate Donut Holes. If you enjoy donuts and want to play around with a slightly healthier version at home, this book is your ticket to baked donut nirvana.
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Every recipe in this book sounds delightful. I can only attest to the glazed donuts so far but two thumbs up. The donut holes are the next task during girls night. Would highly recommend
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I skimmed through this book I originally got approved, but just really got to sit down and read it today. It was a great, creative cookbook with unique recipes you don't always see often. I loved the simple set up of the book and the easy understanding of each recipe. Great resource to have and can't wait to add this to my shelf! Thank you so much for this opportunity!
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The Easy Baked Donut Cookbook is a well curated collection of baked donut recipes by Sara Mellas. Due out 2nd June 2020 from Callisto on their Rockridge Press imprint, it's 245 pages and available in paperback and ebook formats. It's worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links. I've really become enamored of ebooks with interactive formats lately.

The recipes are arranged thematically, an introduction with general directions is followed by chapters for basic and sugared, glazed, iced and frosted, filled, donut holes, and savory donuts. Each of the recipes includes an introductory description, ingredients listed in a bullet point sidebar (US measurements given, with *some* of the metric equivalents in parentheses), and step by step instructions. There is no nutritional info provided. Variations and alternatives (gluten free, vegan, etc) are provided in very limited numbers. The gluten-free recipes are the same as the non-gluten free versions except with substituted gluten-free flour.

My main quibble with the book is that the recipes are mostly not photographed. There are some photos, and they're clear and attractive, but they only represent about 5% of the recipes included in the book. It is, however, a very well written book full of tasty treats prepared in a novel way.

Four stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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