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The supernatural is just not for me, even though it has a regency feel to it. Its really good, but a bit too descriptive, then I expected and too much super natural powers for my liking. this may not sound right but I prefer something more realistic. But its harry potter meets regency.
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The Rake is Taken by Tracy Sumner

Finn Alexander knows nothing about his past until he is found in a slum by Lord Julian Alexander. He has a gift /curse depending on the circumstances of being able to read peoples minds. He is recently troubled about a woman he keeps dreaming about and he sets out to find her. Lady Victoria Hamilton also has secrets. When Finn finds her he manages to persuade her to spend time in the country with his family then the story becomes very interesting.

 A very descriptive book with some wonderful characters.

 I did find it a bit hard going in parts particularly with the psychic twist thrown in . 

A good story slightly different .
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The combination of a supernatural/paranormal element along with historical romance was one of the strongest aspects of this book. It's fairly rare, so it was a nice and unique romance read for me. 

FInn and Victoria had a lot of chemistry, and the difference in their backgrounds added to their relationship. The supporting cast of characters had depth and were likeable as well.
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I have mixed feelings about this book. I really enjoyed the concept of the story, people with supernatural abilities come together to join a league to protect one another. I liked the romance between Finn and Tori, it felt like a fresh take on a historical romance. What I didn't like was plot points that just felt abandoned. Tori's parents were talked about a lot...until they weren't, Agnes was an important person to Tori...until she wasn't mentioned again, etc. Also, I never had a real understanding of what Tori's supernatural abilities were. At first she could steal time, then she was a blocker, then she had dreams. It became quite confusing.
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This was an enjoyable read that contained romance, action, and a little of the supernatural. It was a great escape read. I loved the characters and definitely intend to read more of this series. 
Many thanks to Independently Published and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I got a cooy of this book from NetGalley.  I tried to finish the book but somehow reading about super natural abilities in a historical romance did not interest me as much as I thought it would.  It was like X-Men in a different time period.  It was well written and had exciting musterious elements to it but maybe I am more of a traditional normal people romance.   While I appreciate the action scenes and the connection betweent he hero and heroine, the premise of the plot just did not entertain me enough to retain my interest.  I am interested though in exploring the author’s other books outside of this series.
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I could not get into the characters or story line. Not connecting to any of the characters was my issue I believe.
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I was intrigued by the premise of this book and really wanted to enjoy it. However, the execution was severely lacking. It took way to long for the plot to move forward, which made the whole book too long. A very pivotal plot point was literally glossed over and the event that had so much emphasis put on it apparently happened "off screen" with no explanation. All in all, I was disappointed in the book.
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I didn't realize that this was the second in a series, but reading it as a stand alone was not a problem, except that I now want to read the first book. This is a supernatural, historical, steamy romance with intriguing characters who struggle through the social issues of the time. I found the book fascinating.

Finn Alexander has been having dreams and he thinks that Victoria Hamilton can help him. Finn can read minds and has been watching and helping Victoria as she uses her little "parlour trick" of taking short term memories from people. Victoria has never known love from her parents and is being forced into a loveless marriage to pay off her father's debts, or at least that's what she believes. When he was 9 years old, Finn was rescued from the streets by Julian Alexander, Viscount Beauchamp and the guardian of the Chronology and protector of The League, those who have supernatural talent. The Chronology is a tome written by Julian's wife, Piper's grandfather. It is a historical book listing people with powers Victoria doesn't realize that she has another talent- she can block out the powers of others and because of that she is in danger. Victoria is invited to spend some time at their estate, for her powers to be studies and she to be protected. But who is her real enemy, what is her connection to Finn's dreams and what about the powerful connection between Fin and Victoria? Lots of twists before the final HEA.

I read an ARC from This is my unbiased and voluntary review.
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Tracey Sumner is a new author for me, and am I glad I found her!  I love when the past gets combined with elements of the supernatural.  While this is a historical romance, this book is, at heart, a paranormal read in my opinion. 

And what a book it is!  It feels almost like a blockbuster Xmen movie in some regards.  Both our main characters have their own abilities and we get to know others with their own abilities too.  Victoria, among other things, can erase people's memories and Finn can read minds.

Victoria has had a relatively sad life, due in part to her father's advance into destitution, leaving her no choice but to marry a man she definitely doesn't want.  When she meets Finn, she starts to come alive and parts of herself that she never knew herself capable of come alive too.

Finn on the surface appears to be a happy go lucky guy, but there's an edge of sadness in him as well.  He's been dreaming of Victoria and when he realizes his power to read people doesn't work on her, his interest only intensifies.  

I enjoyed this read, though the pacing felt a little off, sometimes moving too fast, sometimes moving too slow.  I'd read it again though!  And can't wait to read the first in this series and the next one!

My opinions are my own and freely given.
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The Rake is Taken is the second book in the League of Lords series, but can be read as a stand alone.  

There was good chemistry between the leads, Victoria and Finn, and they were very likable characters.  They have unique "gifts" and the paranormal aspects of this story were well intertwined within the plot and well used in the story.

There was a lot of detail and description about things that often didn't really matter and I felt it bogged down the pace a lot.  Too wordy sometimes, and that did, unfortunately hinder my enjoyment some.  I couldn't quite get immersed and lost in this really cool world that was created.

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for my copy of The Rake is Taken.  The thoughts and opinions are all my own.
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With its touch of the paranormal, this steamy romance enchanted me from the first page.  While this story is a stand alone (Finn and Victoria get their HFN), there is an overarching thread of intrigue and danger that appears to continue with the rest of the series.  Great dialogue, lots of angst, a touch of intrigue, an element of danger.  I would have liked a little more on the mystical aspect so I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out with the next book in this series.
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The second in a series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. For lovers of fantasy and regency romances, The Rake is Taken is a rare novel that seamlessly integrates both in its narrative. The fact that it is well written with dynamic characters and an entertaining story line makes this a perfect read for those wanting the niche genre. The world is well developed as are the fleshed out characters, and it is difficult to not feel the chemistry between the leads. 

Overall, The Rake is Taken is a engaging read fans of the genre are sure to love.
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There are books that slowly seduce you, keep you turning the pages, wrapping you in the story., and this book is one of those.  

This is the story of Victoria and Finn, a unique hero and heroine that possess special psychic powers.  Victoria has the ability to erase people’s memories with a touch, and little does she know that she also possesses an additional power that can help a hidden psychic community.  A gift that can be precious to them but also very dangerous.

Finn, our Blue Bastard handsome devil, has been dreaming about Victoria.  Vivid dreams that promise to reveal something very important.  Finn has the power to read minds, but is intrigued when he realizes that he cannot read Victoria.  For the first time he finds himself wondering what she is thinking, what thoughts and desires are going through a women’s mind that he is not able to read.  His interest sparked he invites Victoria to his brother’s estate, wishing to learn more about her gift and also because he is drawn to her.  Not to mention the dreams.  

I love Finn.  He quietly seduces you and makes you hold your breath,  The chemistry that these two have is razor sharp, simmering, yet teasing you to boil over.  The author allows you to slowly uncover each layer, revealing a strong heroine and hero.  Victoria is smart, yet very cautious.  Finn is quiet and seductive.  

I was also happy to read an update on Piper and Julian, from The Lady is Trouble - first book in the series.  I enjoyed reading about the newly friendship that developed between Piper and Victoria.  Pipers understanding of how alone Victoria has been through the years.  The sadness.  It was lovely to catch up on the relationship of Finn and Julian.  Both stubborn and strong hero’s.  

I remember sharing that the first book reminded a bit of X-Men.  With all these unique characters and their powers, it was great to continue to learn about them.  I am looking forward to the third book and see how well our Duke manages.  

This is a good book and certainly kept me engaged.

** I received an advance copy in exchange for an honest review.
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The Rake is Taken is the story of Finn, a man that can read minds and Victoria, a woman with the ability to erase thoughts. Calling her gift a “parlor trick” throughout the story became more and more amusing as we learned how powerful her supernatural abilities were. The love story between these two was beautiful. I wish there had been a little more action or suspense that could have been solved by the supernatural abilities of the two main characters. 4 stars.
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‘The Rake is Taken‘ is the second title in the ‘League of Lords‘ series, and while some might say since it is a story completely about one couple this could be read as a stand-alone. While I don’t disagree with that, I do wish I’d had the time to read the first story in the series before Victoria and Finn’s story for I would have had a better background and the couple from the first story do make an appearance. So really, it becomes a matter of personal preference or funds whether you read this series in order or simply dive into a good story with not only a Historical Victorian Romance timeframe but most definitely Paranormal Romance involvement.

I really enjoyed ‘The Rake is Taken‘ for it not only has a very good story with intriguing but interesting characters it also enters into the paranormal world within a timeframe where anything like this would have been seen as witchcraft or the dark arts – and the people involved punished at the least, ostracized or killed at the most. (Yes, I know, we always have been a civilized world, right?)

To be frank, I don’t feel I can go into any details beyond what you’ll find in the Cover Description for saying more could in fact spoil this story (and the series) for some readers. Yet, it is a fascinating story of unique abilities, and finding just the one right person to accept, even begin to understand the uniqueness of the gift each has as a natural ability. I adored Finn, he’s a devil-may-care type of man with a depth that few ever truly encounter. Victoria held my heart captive for she’s been through a lot, her expectations of love aren’t the greatest which is why finding Finn, as exasperating as he can be, was pure magic for her. I believe that anyone who loves a good Paranormal Romance will enjoy ‘The Rake is Taken‘ for at the heart, although set in Victorian England, this is mainly a Paranormal story, IMO. Of course, Historical Romance readers will enjoy this one as a genre, but it’s not often I see a story with this depth tied to the paranormal and historical world so effortlessly. And on that note, I’m not going to divulge any more. I had a great time in this world and if these are your Romance genres then I’m betting you’d enjoy yourself as well… if they aren’t, then take a risk and indulge yourself – I think you’ll be glad you did.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*
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The Rake is Taken is book 2 in Tracy Sumner new series. This is Finn and Victoria story. I enjoyed this book much more than the 1st book. It could be because all the background on the characters are now known to me. Once again there is the occult in the story, the League is growing as more misfits are found. Not as overwhelming with the powers this time around, since the League is trying to help with control. So it is basically a love story with the guy from the wrong side of the tracks.....or is he? I can’t wait for the next book.
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I didn’t know what to expect when I chose this book from Netgalley, and when I began reading, I wasn’t immediately hooked. It’s probably because I found it a bit confusing and I was working on editing another book. So I took a break for a few days and when I went back to it, I found it impossible to put down. Truly, it was an amazing book and I will be looking for more books from this author.

Let me start by saying the plot for this book is unusual. It’s a historical romance with a paranormal theme that does not include vampires, shapeshifters, or anything like that. The characters in this book are seemingly normal, but with supernatural abilities (mind-reading, healing, mind-altering, fire-starter, and so forth). For obvious reasons, they don’t really fit in with other people and the League strives to find these poor outcasts and form a family to offer support and protection. 

The characters are unusual and likable, the genuine and honest types of people with whom you’d like to be friends (or family). Finn and Victoria fight their attraction for one another, her because her father has driven them to the edge of destitution and she needs to marry a detestable man who will give her father the money he needs (Unfortunately, we never get a full explanation for why her father feels obligated to the match, but I’m hopeful this will be addressed in another book.), and him because he is not an acceptable match for her status (in his mind, anyway). Luckily, friends intervene to ensure they marry for love.

The thing that makes this book outstanding, in addition to the unusual plot, is the poetic writing. I am always impressed when I find an author with the ability to convey the usual in unusual words. At times, the wording was a bit cumbersome, but for the most part, I found myself dreamily reading and being seduced by the phrases (particularly metaphors). Finn is described in chapter one with a phrase that eloquently highlights the man behind the facade: “Finn brushed lint from his sleeve in what had become a habitual show of insouciance he wished he could jettison from his behaviors.” He is portrayed by a plethora of sensual images, from his scent of bergamot and brandy that drifts to Victoria “on a steamy breeze, sliding along her skin like the gentlest of caresses,” to Humphrey’s assessment that he looks “like you’ve been pulled through a keyhole.” Ultimately, Finn projects a carefree, happy figure, when he is desperately lonely and Victoria is the first woman to notice.

Victoria is also the portrait of sensuality, but this is tempered by her independence, persistence, compassion, and sense of responsibility. She, too, is sad without even realizing it. She is uncontrollably drawn to Finn, even when she knows it can go nowhere. He vexes and confuses her. At one point, frustrated by a conversation with Finn, “she shook her head, thoughts piling up on each other like mud sliding down a slope.” This is a frequent occurrence with Finn. And how’s this for a clever metaphor? During one interaction with Finn, he closes his eyes during a conversation. Then, “he opened one eye and pinned it on her, a reverse wink.” 

From one page to the next, I found one thing after another that made me pause and admire the skill that went into the writing of this prose. It was (mostly) effortless, with only a few occasions that caused me to stumble as I attempted to figure out the intention of the phrasing. This is a book about misfits, deeply unhappy without one another, deliriously happy when noticed, and ultimately loved, by the other. If I had to sum up the book with only one phrase, stealing from Ms. Sumner, I would say, “It’s a skill, posing as someone else. A skill I’ve worked hard to master. Not inborn, I assure you. Although it’s made easy when you’re surrounded by people lacking in self-awareness.” The follow-up, of course, is that when the right person comes along, it’s no longer necessary to pretend.  I highly recommend this book and I cannot wait to read more from this author.
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Wow, I really enjoyed this original paranormal historical romance. Finn and Victoria both had very different paranormal abilities that effect and compliment the other abilities. It is always exciting to read a new twist a romance genre. Their romance was a page turner filled with sexy times, suspense and a HEA. 

Tracy Sumner is a new author for me. I like her writing style but the average reader is going to need a dictionary for  her creative descriptions. I plan to read more books in the "League of Lords" series.

I voluntarily read a advance readers copy provided by the author/NetGalley.
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Tracy Sumner has done it again and worked her magic spell over The Rake is Taken. 

The other day, I was in the mood for a romance novel, which seems to be happening frequently this summer. (Go figure, right?) I wanted a historical romance, as they seem to be one of my favorite "escape" reads. I had read The Lady is Trouble earlier, so I grabbed the next book in the League of Lords paranormal Victorian series. 

Author Tracy Sumner reintroduces the readers to Finn, the ultimate bad boy who knows exactly what a woman wants...and not just because he can hear all her thoughts! Spicy!! 

What I really like about Sumner's novels is the character development and the action. Seriously this  book had as much action as it did romance, and I love that! Finn and Lady Victoria Hamilton hit if off with sparks flying in every direction.

The supernatural element really gets to  me as well, especially since it is not presented in a mystical witchcraft way...but more in a Regency X-men type of special abilities. Tracy Sumner definitely has a  good imagination and uses it very well to show the reader what it is like to be Finn - as he longs for the one woman in London that he can not have. She also shows what it is like to be Lady Victoria with all her insecurities and doubts.

Perhaps this young couple and all their friends are the ancestors of the X-Men characters from our time. This is one of my favorite series because of the interplay between the characters, the supernatural abilities and secret organization, and the romance! My only wish is that there were more details about all the dreams that link Victoria and Finn... I feel like I just had a good sampling, but I want more!!

Thank you to NetGalley for this temporary advance review copy for me to read and enjoy. As always, my review is voluntary and my opinions are my own.
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