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Her Husband’s Grave

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I'm afraid I gave up on this, I stuck with it for a few chapters but reading it became a chore. Lifes too short for books you dont enjoy.
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Robyn agreed to help her cousin Vicky look into the disappearance of her husband Simon but at what cost?  Robyn,  a psychologist, has, ahem issues,  No one in the village wants her help but who wants her gone?  Not a particularly surprising reveal but the characters, albeit also standard, are actually well done.  Thanks for the ARC.
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Thank you for providing me a copy of this book. 
I run out of time so sorry I wasn't able to finish this.
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This book had me intrigued, however, it's not one I'd rush to read again. The plot of the story was good and included some content that I didn't expect to appear. The reveal of the killer completely surprised me purely in the sense of it just didn't seem like that big of a deal to me and I thought could of been someone else. I liked how you get to read the story from each characters perspective and also how it goes back to a particular moment in time to giving a build up.
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Firstly a big thanks to Netgalley and the Author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this book but it was far from a standout for me and I fearr it will soon be forgotten amognst many other "thrillers" on my goodread shelf and should I pick it up in the library I'd have to reread my review to work out if I had indeed read it. All in all it was just a bit forgettable.

There are a lot of POVs in the story which make for a juddery dialogue and interrupted the flow. 

Secondly -Dr Robyn Adams is a somewhat cliched criminal psychologist (think alcohol/ drug dependency issues, damaged from her previous case, emotionally stunted etc etc) returning home to 
the small coastal village who most certainly did not want an "outsider" interfering in the investigation..

I did find the suspense was minimal with personal and family relationships as a central theme, often priorities over the crime which became a bit frustrating and prevented a decent build up of tension. Nothing particularly wring with the book itself just not a lot unique or memorable either.
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This was a very standard, yet enjoyable thriller. There were the traditional elements of a thriller, protaganist with a troubled past, murder in the small town that the protaganist if from, and local cops who aren't interested in help from big ciy hotshots. There were also twists and turns that I didn't predict, which made this an enjoyable read, even if you read thrillers like it's your job.
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I love a thriller that i just cannot unpuzzle for the life of me, when i was invited onto this tour, i was beyond excited and i was right. It was a great read.

When Robyns cousin calls asking for help, despite having not seen each other for years - she is family and goes to her aid. Vickys husband has been found dead and buried on the beach, a place that once held such fond memories for the cousins as they grew up. Robyn is determined to help solve this case after all she has the experience of supporting the police.

Its not as simple as that, as things often are. She is met with people who think she is of no aid to them, her own problems from before and the fact someone really doesnt want her there digging around.

This was really clever, i felt like it kept me hooked until the very end, i literally could not put it down. As a reader, in hindsight the hints are there, but there is no way i was getting the answers on my own. 

The characters were flawed with their own issues they were battling and i enjoyed that, they had so many other emotions other than grief to deal with as the cousins tried to reunite. The cast of supporting characters are all well developed and all have a relevant part to the story. The narrative itself in places was dark and very very twisty. I really think this is one people should be checking out because its not like anything else. I really felt in the dark with this and for me that is what made it such an enjoyable reading experience. 

I was gifted my copy for the blog tour.
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I found this crime book really interesting  I'm not sure if its in a series but it read like it was. The main protagonist Robyn is called by her cousin Vicki and informed Vicki's husband has died and she needs her  Robyn is a doctor of psychology and she has worked with the police on serial killer cases in the past and is still recovering from her last investigation  

The book is really well written we flip between past and present and the past really adds to the present storyline. Robyn isn't wanted on the case by the local police but she pulls strings to get involved  she somehow ends up completely tangled up within the investigation  

Viki is a broken women and her grief is written really well  She is trying to find ways to manage her grief aswell as raise her child mia at the same time. She is completely jealous of Robyns hot shot life yet Robyn is equally as jealous of Vicki's life. 

A great story about love hurt betrayal commitment and family aswell as trying to find out who the murderer was. I felt like there were so many suspects I was changing my mind every few chapters. The book really kept me on my toes. I must say it got a bit wierd nearer the end but it felt like a natural progression of the craziness of the story. 
Good crime book. Recommend and happy yo give 4 stars. 

Thanks to netgalley  the author and publisher for the advanced digital copy in exchange for my fair and honest review
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This book starts off really slow , but it did pick up. It struggled to keep my attention, and I found the characters hard to connect to. It was predictable in some areas. Overall I would say it was ok. I liked it but I didnt love it.
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A multi POV thriller that finds a criminal psychologist at the point of burnout accepting a request to assist the investigation into her estranged cousin's husband's murder.  The biggest problem is the request came from her cousin, not the investigating law enforcement agency.  Each of the characters is well defined, the well worn psychologist,  her secret admirer, the grieving widow and her young daughter all play a big emotionally charged part in the story along with comments from the killer (?) that pull the reader back and forth as the story progresses.  The tension remains high as we watch the characters move closer to a deadly meeting.  It was a surprise when the killer is revealed.
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I tried to read this.  I did.  I just could not connect with the characters who seemed to embody every problem in the world.  I don't like people with loads of issues - addictions, chemical imbalances, non-functioning adults... This book has it all.  The characters were just too unpleasant to get past to enjoy the story.
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Her Husband’s Grave begins with a body being found buried on a beach.  The victim’ s wife, Vicky, asks her cousin, whom she has not seen in a while, to help solve the murder case.  The cousin,  Robyn, is a criminal psychologist who is dealing with her own demons.  I was not immediately drawn into this book and the only character I enjoyed was Robyn’s cousin’s daughter, Mia.  The plot moves slowly and I did lose interest at times.  The ending was ok.  .  Thank you to P L Kane and NetGalley for affording me the opportunity to read this novel.  Two and 1/2 stars.
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I was too much of a fan of this one. It might have been more interesting if the characters were more likeable. Unfortunately this one wasn’t for me.
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Thank you to NetGalley and HQ Digital for the arc of Her Husband's Grave written by P.L Kane.

This book was not for me. I was honestly quite bored, and struggled to finish. I didn't like the characters, but the writing style was not too bad, though not my favorite. This book was just not a winner for me.
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A Body On A Beach....
A body buried on a beach, a coastal village, old secrets and threats to life - criminal psychologist, Robyn Adams, has her hands well and truly full. Engaging murder mystery with many threads and some really enjoyable storytelling despite some very unlikeable characters!
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Solid and satisfying crime thriller swirling around Robin Adams, a criminal psychologist, who goes back to her childhood home to help her cousin Vicky after her husband is found dead.  Robin is exhausted and traumatized by her last case.  She needs to rest but feels an obligation.  What follows is a well written and well plotted story with twists and turns I wasn’t expecting and had to rush through to the unexpected ending.
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Robyn is a consultant psychologist working with the police and is still recovering from serious injuries she received from a serial killer on her last case.  She receives a phone call from her cousin Vicky asking for her help as her husband Simon has been found murdered on their local beach.  Robyn hasn’t seen Vicky for a few years but decides to travel to help her as she used to spend her summer holidays there with Vicky.  The police don’t appreciate Robyn’s help and she soon realises that someone doesn’t want her there meddling.  Robyn starts to receive threatening notes and knows that as secrets are revealed her life will be in danger,  I enjoyed the storyline but certainly didn’t like the two main characters and the book didn’t really grip me.
Thanks to Netgalley and HQ Digital for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Robyn is surprised to receive a call from her cousin Vicky, someone she hasn’t spoken to for years, asking for help.  She jumps in her car and returns to Golden Sands to find that her cousins Husband has been found murdered, buried on the beach; and she agrees to help.  But she has to try and get in with the police first…..

As she delves into the investigation, other secrets are uncovered, and Robyn finds herself hitting an all time low.  But despite her own problems, she promised Mia (her cousin’s little girl), that she would find the killer; and she is determined.  But the more she investigates, the more danger she finds herself in.  And as secrets she’s been trying to hide come out, can her newly found relationship with her cousin survive?

There were some bits I really enjoyed about this book and others that I wasn’t so sure about.  Starting with the characters, Robyn isn’t the warmest person and I found her quite hard to like.  Although she has her own issues going on, as well as an addiction to painkillers, as a psychologist I would have thought she’d have her head screwed on a bit more.  But then from what she appears to have gone through recently (in the previous book?), and her past I can see why she is messed up.  However, that doesn’t excuse the things she does, and the things that have happened in her past.

Vicky again, isn’t a particularly nice character.  She’s obviously in a bad place because she’s just lost her Husband, but her attitude and the way she goes about things is definitely questionable.  Although I wasn’t a massive fan of Robyn, I did feel for her.  Vicky asked for her to come and then treats her terribly.

Saying that though, there were a couple of characters I really liked.  Watts was brilliant. Poor guy though; he needs to realise he’s far to good for Robyn and go find himself a nice girl!!  And Mia was cute, wise and funny – a fantastic little character.

In terms of the plot, I enjoyed the storyline behind the murder and the things that the investigations uncovers.  There are bits throughout the book where the chapter is told by an unknown source, and refers back in time.  It becomes clear what this is later but I was slightly confused by this at first. I felt at the times that the plot focussed a lot of the family issues, rather than the crime; but this just added an extra layer to the story for me.

The pace of the novel was pretty good, although I felt that it suddenly ended.  There was a lot of suspense building up to the conclusions, but I felt that the ending came quite quickly and would have liked a bit more detail.  I felt like some of the things were wrapped up in a sentence or two.

Although the storyline involves murder and some other darker subjects, I found this to be quite a light read, and found that the writing style was quite light hearted.  The narrative between the characters is quite stuttery, and at first this put me off my flow a bit, but I actually came to quite enjoy this later as it made it feel more real.

Overall I did enjoy this, and would definitely read more from this author again.  Although there were a few areas that niggled me, it didn’t put me off the story.  And even though I don’t particularly like Robyn, I’d still be interested to see what happens to her next.  Hopefully she sorts herself out!!

Rating 3.5
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Robyn is a psychologist who is well-known for her role in capturing serial killers. When her cousin's husband is found murdered she is called on to help.  A bit disjointed with side plots. The characters have a problem with stammering the beginning of sentences. The ending was somewhat predictable as was the main character.

Copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley
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This is a good read but I feel that I didn’t gel with any of the characters.

Thank you to Netgalley for my copy.
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