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The Universe is Your Search Engine

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This is a great reminder that what we put out into the world is often what comes back to us.  Enjoyed the message!
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This is definitely a great way to view the law of attraction with the way we use our thoughts and vibrations. I’ve never quite seen law of attraction explained in this way. There was a lot of science involved, with explanations and figures. Put the fear of it being woowoo aside. Even Jesus taught us the power of thought and actions. This author explains the power of thought and actions in a way no other book has before. I love how she compares to things in real life, such as imagine if scenarios. The science is explained in such a clear and interesting way. The author gives exercise with a link to website with worksheets to download and use. The only thing I did not like is her spiritual opinions on souls and basically a reincarnation type of belief. I read it with interest but it turned me off, and I don’t think it was necessary. She gave a great summary at the end to help, as a cheat sheet. Overall a good read, but part of her opinions discounted the jewel of the book of what is otherwise a good book.
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As a written piece that opens options for exploring concepts that may  or may not be within one's purview, this book is a 5.

As a teaching guide to how to make use of digital books to expand interaction and give online researchable references, this book. is a 5.

As a book of fact, this book is a 2.

As a book of exercises, I found the exercises that we were led to online to be mild, I rate them a 2, I can find them almost anywhere online.

The book was easy to read.  That's a 5 in my estimation.

Whether or not one agrees with the concepts put forth is not part of my review.
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It’s been a while since i’ve read a book like this and this particular book was a nice digestible one to jump back into. Super easy to follow and read and I love that the author took some of the scientific aspects of it and merged it really well with the spiritual aspects.
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I have read a few books on the laws of attraction, but they were mostly dating type books and really terrible for the most part. Anita M. Scott has instead written a book about the laws of attraction as they pertain to the universe and then your life, as our lives are directly connected to the universe and all its laws. It's a science book for people who don't' necessarily love science, a life coaching book for those like me who roll their yes at such things. Don't sleep on this book!
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An interesting book on the Law of Attraction with some focus on the science behind it. The book was easy to understand and the author provided tips and tools to use in your every day life. It definitely has me inspired to remember to pay attention to the way I'm thinking and how it affects what I attract into my life. Thank you to NetGalley and Balboa Press for a copy in exchange for a review.
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Clear book on Law of Attraction with great exercises.  Did a nice job of explaining key topics, summarizing highlights and explaining the overall layout of the book so the reader could follow easily.  I was a little disappointed since it seemed like it was going to discuss scientific evidence, but much was not cited or used scholarly sources.  However this did not diminish the basis of the principles described.  Overall, it was helpful to guide the topic in practice, accessible ways. Would recommend it!
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This is a great book for those wanting to learn about manifesting.  For those who love reading books about manifesting, make sure you read this book.  I love the authors analogies and how she provides scientific information to back up her teachings.
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I really enjoy reading books about the law of attraction, but they're usually pretty similar. Something I loved about this book, and what made it different for me, was the fact that it comes with exercises, so you get to put into practice what you just read.

If you're unfamiliar with the law of attraction, or even if you do know a lot about it, I think you might enjoy this book. The author compares the universe to a "search engine", which makes it more interesting to read, and it also makes it easier to understand all the concepts around manifestation.

The book even includes more exercises and helpful content at the end, so you get to practice even more.

Definitely a great read if you want to know about the law of attraction, while learning how it works with entertaining exercises.
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"If you can think it, you can achieve it!" This is an age old adage that many of us have heard our entire lives, but in The Universe is Your Search Engine, Anita Scott puts this adage to the ultimate test. Google Books calls this book " the ultimate owner's manual for making every goal a reality." Admittedly, I am not always the biggest fan of "self-help" non-fiction books, but every once in a while, a powerful one comes along that makes me nod my head and say, "Yes" or "I never thought of it that way." One of the things that I enjoyed about this book was the fact that it was easy to read and made sense for the "common person." Sometimes with books that explain the inner working of the brain, laws of attraction, thought consciousness, etc. I get bogged down with all of the scientific and medical jargon that makes my brain hurt. However, I did not think that was the case with this book. I thought everything was explained in a practical way that made it applicable to daily life. I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year for the books, one that no one could have ever predicted. This book was refreshing, as it served as a reminder about the power of positive thinking. It was definitely motivating to read, and one that I think people should check out. Thank you to Get Red PR for sending me a digital copy of this book.
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I have been a LoA practitioner off and on for several years, and definitely notice when my mindset is more grateful and positive, the “luckier” I become in life. When my mindset is more negative or I find myself in a slump, it seems life hands me one lousy break after another. What I like about this book is it takes a more scientific approach in explaining the law of attraction and how our thoughts/mind and matter work to create our reality. If you like an evidence based explanation (you are the type that needs some scientific proof), this book will give you a lot to think about. The author shares information on studies that have been completed and references to check out also.

If you are looking to use the law of attraction to change your life, I would definitely recommend adding this book to your personal library. The information provided will help get you going in the right direction. The author provides many steps and exercises to help change your repetitive and sometimes hindering thought patterns, I especially loved the exercises at the end of the book that really dig into your thoughts and perception and all of the online resources that come with the book. There was so much useful information that I know I will be referring to this book again and again to keep my own mindset where I want it to be to continue to create the life I want to live.
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The Universe is Your Search Engine is a must-have addition to all readers who are interested in incorporating LOA into their daily lives. This book contains a plethora of exercises, analogies, anecdotes, and explanations that make the book a useful reference to return to again and again as readers deepen their knowledge of the principles and application of the Law of Attraction.

It is organized in three parts: The Law of Attraction (LOA) from a simplified metaphysical perspective; “Other Components” that influence one’s life and affect the efficacy of the universe’s search engine; and a Workbook that provides exercises supporting the application of the principles discussed. Scott offers courses online; access to the Level 1 Discovery course is at no additional cost with the purchase of the book.

The author works with the analogy that the Law of Attraction functions like a common search engine — whatever subject you think of entering into the search engine, your expectation should be that results aligning with the subject matter will populate. Her comparisons of using technology to applying the principals of the LOA work well.

Those who are unfamiliar with basic metaphysical principles will especially find the first section to be thoroughly informative; others who are attuned to the concept of LOA can focus on reading the “HEAR THIS” subsections, exercises, and anecdotes throughout the chapters for the author’s personal experiences with LOA. The Universe is Your Search Engine isn’t designed to be a sit-down, one-time read through for fun kind of book. It’s designed to be a tool, and I think it’s a tool that works well for those who want to deepen their active participation in LOA. 

Many thanks for the ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley. This is my honest review.
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This book is a very good place to begin for someone just diving into the world of manifesting.  As someone who has been consciously manifesting for about a decade, I appreciated the excellent reminders for how to be most effective.  I also appreciated that the author made the science behind manifestation and vibrations easy to understand.  I was raised in the same cult as the author, and it was interesting to see how she connected the dots between religious fears of death and destruction to difficulties manifesting our best life.  I would absolutely recommend this book, especially to those of us leaving religious oppression.
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Book: “The Universe is Your Search Engine: A User’s Guide to the Science of Attraction, Anita M. Scott, Balboa Press, 2020

Book Review by Mary Mikawoz

Book available: June 23, 2020

I am going to cut to the chase. It is quite simply a very good book and collates decades of research on my part. I have been on a spiritual journey since I was a teenager.  This explains in simple terms how the world operates from a spiritual and scientific model.  It incorporates Quantum Physics which makes a lot of sense in this technologically advanced world we are living in.

It quite simply compares life to being a Search Engine where you ask for and receive what you have asked for.  As life is made up of energy which is in constant motion, what you give attention to and desire, will come to you. If you are concerned about getting cancer, you will, in fact, experience that experience. If, on the other hand, you envelope good health, that is what you get. In the same way you put key words into a search engine on the Internet and within split seconds, you get your results, the Universe works and operates in a similar method.

I like what the author, Anita M. Scott, has done with providing key points in each chapter.  She provides very good exercises towards the back of each chapter and provides links to her website for internal questions with a password.  Towards, the end of the book, she reinforces the accumulated amount of information you have learned along with the exercises that you can print off.

I really feel this book is very good and will save you tons of time in research. I do feel as if she has benefitted from spiritual thought leaders like Esther Hicks who channels Abraham, people like Mike Dooley of the Secret and Thoughts Become Things. In fact, some of her information goes way back to include “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles and others of that time. Most recently, Gregg Braden's work comes to mind on a scientifically-based way.  

It is also added to with recent developments in Quantum Physics research.  I would have appreciated a little bit more in-depth information on advances in Quantum Physics as I think we are smart enough to incorporate it in our minds and have found it explained more in other spiritual books I have read.  We are capable beings and can handle it.

I agree with most concepts which Anita M. Scott provides but not all.  Some, based on my own experience, I have to question but in the overall scheme of things, they are minor discrepancies.

It is an excellent book and for that reason, I give it a 4.5 out of 5 and highly recommend it.  It is a game-changer if you let it be.

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I love reading books like The Universe is Your Search Engine by Anita M. Scott!

I think almost everyone could use a boost in their thought patterns and directing more positive energy into our lives. You’ve probably heard of The Law of Attraction, but how do you do it exactly? In this book, Anita shows us how our thoughts and desires can be manifested.


In this groundbreaking book by Anita M. Scott—a leading expert in evolved thought consciousness and the Law of Attraction—you now have the ultimate owner’s manual for making every goal a reality. Anita succinctly explains the science of thought—specifically, how our thoughts interact with matter and energy, allowing us to manifest the life we want and deserve. Then, by demonstrating the fundamentals used to drive the Internet search engines and applying them to thought consciousness, Anita gives you the blueprint for uncovering, managing, and directing your thoughts—So that you can concisely transmit your true desires to the Universe, netting you quicker return of those desires.

The Universe Is Your Search Engine applies the scientific principles of quantum physics and metaphysics to intentional thinking so that you can best assess your goals and give clarity to the messages you broadcast. In return, you will reap rewards of that focused effort and achieve the personal evolution you so greatly desire.

This book helps you:
⁃Understand how to harness the Law of Attraction—energy, both within and around you—to create experiences that transform your reality.
⁃Understand thought consciousness so that you can cultivate your self-awareness and focus on your true desires.
⁃Recognize the mindful shifts needed to be made to attain the life you deserve.

•Know how to “Google” your dream life.
•Have anything you desire returned to you.

Instead of getting caught in the tidal wave of depressing thoughts and expecting negative outcomes, you will learn how to train yourself to attract the positive things you deserve! Read this book and start manifesting! Get your Kindle version here.
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I really enjoyed reading and exploring The Universe is Your Search Engine. It opened my mind up to a new way of thinking. What impact do my thoughts have on my life? Can changing my thinking change my life? I'm still exploring these concepts and testing them in my own life. But I enjoyed the opportunity to explore some new concepts.
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I so get it! Many of the author's thoughts are similar to belief systems I have had my entire life. I remember my family looking at me like I was crazy when I blurted out you can talk yourself in and out of just about anything. What I read is an understandable and expounding of ,'mind over matter' and a little more scientific version of Dr. Normal Vincent Peale's, "The Power of Positive Thinking" . Enjoyable read. Might be one to re-read and a slower pace. 
I was provided an Advanced reader copy of the and was under no obligation to provide a review.The opinions expressed are my own.
Thanks to the author,publisher,and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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The Universe is Your Search Engine is an educational and insightful read on the correlation between science and the process of completing our goals with a positive outcome. This is a great guide that separates the book into three parts; one being the background and learning definitions, second part describing how everything you learned works with our thought process, and the final part is interactive where you take what you learned and use it in your life.

I love science and really enjoyed the breakdown of the topics. Anita gave a recap on matter, atoms, wavelengths, and everything necessary to fully understand how science works with our minds. It was so interesting to read about The Law of Attraction and how wavelengths can affect or explain certain feelings. 

One of my favorite things that I learned is how being knowledgeable on the subject can help me look at being more willing to expect positive outcomes. It doesn't mean that they will always happen, but I think Anita's words will help me remember that every negative thought can be canceled out with every 5 positive thoughts. 

I give The Universe is Your Seach Engine 4 stars. As a science nerd, I really enjoyed getting a refresher and it was super interesting to see how much of our daily lives are connected to science. I will be using Anita's tip of positive affirmations in my life to help me stay more positive and hopeful in fulfilling my everyday goals!
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It was hard to read this book because I might be the target reader for this book. I have a deep science education. I also have a hard time connecting science to more spiritual ideas. This book does exactly that. I was drawn to the book for that reason but I don't think I can still connect and follow along. It might still work for others who don't have a hard time connecting science and spirituality. For this book to work for me, I would was less emphasis on science (because it is hard to justify scientific explanation without boring a large population), and more emphasis on the exercises part of the book (which I enjoyed)
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I truly enjoyed reading "The Universe is your Search Engine".  This is a great read for someone trying to understand how the Universe works and quantum physics.. I highly recommend this book. I tell  my clients about it all the time
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