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The Adventures of an Air Force Medic

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The title of this book is a bit misleading. My expectations were to read a blood and guts tale of a front-line medic working in hot war zones. Instead, it was a story of a junior nurse working in a fairly calm military hospital in the USA,. It could have been the story of almost any hospital-based nurse - everyday drudgery interspersed with complex relationship issues and the occasional medical drama.
I really liked the author's empathetic style and his description of the various characters he met on his fairly short medical journey.
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I couldn’t finish this book. I don’t remember the last time that happened. It was not well written.  I’m trying to be kind. The narrator sounded like an immature child. It occurred to me while reading they had to definitely be an adult. He interacts with others in the book very superficially and seems unable to understand or empathize with them at all. There are large chunks missing from the advance copy I received. Or maybe there are not, and it’s just extremely poorly edited. I was excited to read this as I spent  8 years as an Air Force medic. My only thought reading it though, was that I was glad I had not worked with this person, and I definitely did not want to read about his “unobserved life.”
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