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The Rule of St. Benedict

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Thank you to St. Martin's Press for giving me a free digital galley in exchange for feedback.

I don't have any short-term plans to join a monastery.  After all, I'm married, and also don't belong to a church tradition that has monasteries.  Yes, I realize those aren't unsurmountable goals, but this probably isn't going to happen unless my life changes pretty dramatically.

For someone like me, this translation of the Rule of St. Benedict was ideal.  I've only read this book once before, and it was too long ago for me to say anything helpful about how this translation compares to others, but I thought it was very readable, even colloquial in spots.  Even for a person who isn't in a monastery, I found it rich with spiritual advice and life wisdom that I could use today, and I think even a person who isn't Christian would find benefit in reading it.
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This is a good introduction to the Rile of St. Benedict. The introduction was very enlightening and though I am Catholic, I appreciated the explanations of Catholic/Christian terms aimed at those who are outside of/unfamiliar with the faith.

The translation was very easy to understand and digest!
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This book was not what I was expecting it to be. I’m not Catholic, so I’m not very familiar with Catholicism and the monastic life. This book covers all the rules for those choosing to live the monastic lifestyle.

The rules cover what the monks should sing and when, punishments for those who don’t follow the rules, that they are not allowed to own personal property, what they are allowed to eat and in what measure, hierarchy, etc.

Information and details make for quite dry reading. As a handbook, I’m sure it has its place of usefulness.
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This is a new translation of this timeless classic, based on a Swiss manuscript. The introductory material is well worth reading. The author of this material puts this work in context and gives a nice background and history of the Rule of St. Benedict. Recommended for students of St. Benedict and historical Christianity.
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The sixth century Italy, the life of Benedict is a very interesting thing to read about.. The translation and the way it was written was fascinating. I love the way it was translated. .
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A fresh translation of the Rule of Benedict, from sixth century Italy.

The introductory materials and translation with notes are strong.  The translator does well to welcome the reader into the world of sixth century Italy, the life of Benedict, and what precipitated the establishment of his Rule.  The translation is very clear in modern English, and the notes are helpful for understanding for those who may not be familiar with the language of the monastery.

The substance of the Rule has become the basis of the Benedictine family of monasteries and part of the basis of all other monastic orders of the West.  Benedict focused highly on a lot of the practical details about life in a monastic setting: everything from the purpose of being a monk to details about how meals ought to be governed and when various psalms should be read.  

This is a helpful edition of the Rule for a modern audience.  There are many principles which all can benefit from in terms of discipline and spirituality in the faith.  On the whole, however, one can see the challenges that arise from such a hierarchical understanding of all relationships, and where danger might arise in considering the abbot as Jesus Himself.  We can understand the impulse to withdraw into the contemplative life, and certainly can appreciate the need for seasons of contemplation and periods of contemplation - but Jesus lived in and among the people, and His people should be as well.
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As a newly minted Episcopalian I’ve been learning about various church fathers and saints. The Rule of St. Benedict was fascinating. I appreciated the appendix that provided chapter and verse references for all the many verses St. Benedict quoted throughout his Rule.
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Outstanding and very readable modern translation of this iconic book. For those not familiar with Benedict and monasticism there is a long introduction. For those who want to learn more there is a long list of other books to read.
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Very readable religious book that serves as a great meditative guide for implementing discipline in your life.  Chapters are short guides on various topics including prayer, behavior in church and homelife with snippets of bible verses interspersed with instruction from St Benedict. I especially enjoyed the introduction detailing more about St Benedict's life and journey to abbot formation.
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