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Levi Wyse's forgetfulness was the reason that Elsie Miller broke up with him two years ago. Elsie never knew why he forgot and left her at an out of state wedding. Levi is overwhelmed with taking care of his wheelchair bound sister Abigail and paying her medical bills. Abigail convinces Levi that they need Elsie to help her with her household chores and to organize Levi's business. I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher. This is my honest and voluntarily given review. I think this book is for a younger audience than me. I really like that the book contained humor and biblical quotes that tied well in the story. I was surprised that Elsie's family allowed her to work with Levi since they witnessed a passionate kiss between them. I really like how hard of hearing George kept them in line at the saltwater taffy outing. There is also a sweet secondary romance. For me, this story was overlong and dragged for me. I grew tired of Levi either avoiding Elsie or kissing her passionately. This was a book that I almost didn't finish.
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The Amish Christmas Gift by Laura Hilton is the story of Elsie Miller and Levi Wyse;  They were a dating before a misunderstanding caused them to break up.   Now much later they are brought back together by the request of Levi's sister for Elsie to be the elf to him and to get him organized.  It is a very touching story, and a wonderful ending.
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The Amish Christmas Gift is a sweet and amusing Amish Christmas story with proliferation of peppermint, a toy train time limit, an absentminded Amishman, icky ice cream, a familial matchmaker, and an executive elf. The perfect romance for this holiday season… Lisa
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This book is part of a series: Hidden Springs by Laura V. Hilton.  Levi kept a secret that was destroying everything he loved and cherished.  Elsie suffered the consequences. 

The book is a little more suggestive than most Amish books I have read.  I still enjoyed the characters and the storyline.  How could you not like Amish George or sweet Abigail?

Christmas was just around the corner.  I enjoyed the premise of the holiday season and the fun of family and friends getting to celebrate together.  When have you ever experienced a taffy pull? It made me think of a time when my Dad and Mom made homemade candy.  It became quite messy and they were in a rush to get it done.  I think I was around 12 but I can remember it as if it was yesterday.
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Elsie's inability to keep a job was quite humorous. She was, apparently, a bit of a klutz. And too nice to not be taken advantage of. And didn't know much about things you aren't supposed to put in a microwave... Despite her seeming lack of marketable talent, Elsie's heart was big and she was an organizational whiz. She was the type of woman who enjoyed bringing order out of chaos.

Enter Levi. His broken heart and the guilt he carried escalated his forgetfulness to extreme levels. This poor, broken man had a heart full of kindness and yet his burdens were far too heavy for him to carry. Because God never intended us to carry our own sin!

I loved Levi's kindness to his disabled sister, Abigail. He had a very hard time saying no to her about anything - especially because he blamed himself for her confinement to a wheelchair.

When circumstances bring Elise and Levi back together so she can be an assistant to Levi and his sister, sparks fly as they both attempt to deal with feelings of resentment, insufficiency, and repressed love.

The Amish Christmas Gift is full of surprises and quirky characters who make an appearance as well. "Amish George" is quite the riot! I especially liked him and Elsie's younger brother, Noah.

I have read many stories by Laura V. Hilton and always enjoy the plot and the way she integrates the Gospel message with serious heart issues and fun romance. The faith message Levi learned is all about forgiveness. Elsie had to learn to trust God - that He knows best and has good plans for His children.

While the story was clean, I was surprised at the level of passion it contained. Levi spent quite a bit of time dreaming about kissing Elsie and had to restrain himself from thinking about her in ways that are more intimate as well. Their kisses were much more passionate and touchy than I'm comfortable with. I would have appreciated the longing and the kisses to be toned down a bit.
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What a delightful book!  I enjoyed reading this so much and definitely recommend it for lovers of Amish and Christmas books.  

A sweet romance filled with lots of emotions as characters develop and redevelop relationships.  Add in some tragedies,  and intrigue, along with comedy that actually had me laughing out loud and my husband questioning what I was finding so funny.  You don’t want to miss this book!

Thanks to Forever (Grand Central Publishing) and NetGalley for the advanced copy.  The opinions expressed are my own.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It has tear-jerker moments, funny moments, and a lot of sad and misunderstood moments. I just fell in love with Levi and Elsie and the heart-wrenching moments in their love story. A good reminder to not assume things, speak what’s in your heart, and accept the help that others offer so that you don’t deprive them of a blessing.
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Oh my goodness I just can not stop laughing at some of these characters and their antics. George was hands down my favorite character he was a pistol and I can totally picture him and could not help but laugh at everything he was doing. Elsie was a hot mess just trying to keep it together and I so can relate to her in so many ways. Levi he has secrets that could make or break someone and sometimes I just wanted to shake him but he too was just a broken soul looking to find his place in this world. I will say I hope that Abigail and Noah's story is next because I so want to know what happens with those two it was easy to fall in love with them and this journey as you read Elsie and Levi's story. If you find kissing or even passionate kissing bothersome in Christian books then this is not the book for you, other than that I would say this book is a good clean read and totally worth the read.
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I loved the characters in this delightful Amish romance.  Elsie Miller has been fired from more jobs than most Amish women because, somehow, unusual things just seem to happen to Elsie.  However, she’s very gifted at organization, but those types of jobs are hard to find.  

Levi Wyse is a compassionate young man who is raising his younger sister after the tragic death of their other family members.  He’s extremely unorganized and forgetful.  (He’s still in love with Elsie, but they broke up because he forgot that he had taken her to a family wedding; left Elsie behind; and she had to take a bus back home.) 

Levi’s wooden toy making business is rapidly increasing, but he desperately needs help with the organization side of his business.  Elsie needs a job; Levi needs help: they both still have feelings for each other—-sounds like the perfect solution.  But for Elsie and Levi, the course of true love is anything but smooth.

There’s some very funny moments in this story, especially the ones that involve Amish George and his role as their chaperone.  But there’s also themes about faith in this story as to how God works through tragedy and the availability of His unfailing love and mercy. All of this combines to make a beautiful story of faith, family, and finding God’s perfect peace.

One more note:  There are some kissing scenes in this story that are completely appropriate, but a little bit more ardent than what’s usually in an Amish novel.  It’s still a sweet, clean story.  Just mentioning this in case that’s not something you look for in an Amish novel. 

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, but I really enjoyed it!  It was very interesting to get a peek at what life is like in Amish culture.  Levi and Elsie were great characters, and I quickly became very invested in what happened to them. This was a wonderful uplifting read, just the kind of book I need right now. This is my honest review of a book I received from netgalley.
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Trying to put the memory of her old love behind her Elsie Miller thinks she has moved on, that is until her sister announces her engagement to his brother at the dinner table one evening. More than her dinner was ruined that evening and to think her father even knew about it.
Levi Wyse's persistent forgetfulness is one of the reasons she broke it off with him but what happens when he sister chooses her to keep this handsome Amish toy maker organized.
Being forced to spend time with Levi, Elsie figures she'll just make the best of it and then go back to her normal life. What she doesn't count on is his feelings for her to be as strong as ever and to find herself once again falling for this handsome man.
Levi confesses he feels he is the one responsible for a tragedy, but is he really?
Can the spirit of the holiday season bring these two hurting souls to an understanding that will once again have love blooming?
I very much enjoyed this book and recommend it.

Published October 27th 2020 by Forever
I was given a complimentary copy. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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The Amish Christmas Gift by Laura V. Hilton is the 2nd novel in the Hidden Springs series.  It can be read as a standalone if you have not had a chance to read The Amish Wedding Promise.  The Amish Christmas Gift is a heartfelt story.  I thought the story contained good writing and the story moved along at a steady pace.  There are some charming characters in this story with quirky traits.  Elsie Miller is a whiz at organization, but she has trouble at other occupations.  Elsie is getting quite the reputation in town.  She can usually be seen with a candy cane in her hand.  Levi Wyse is in his mid-twenties and responsible for the care of his seventeen year old sister, Abigail who is in a wheelchair.  Levi has been working to pay off their extensive medical bills with the construction business that was started by his father plus the toys he makes in his spare time.  He would prefer to make toys fulltime, but he is not sure that would support them.  Levi makes beautiful handcrafted wood toys, but he would forget his head if it was not attached.  Absentminded does not begin to describe Levi.  Let us not forget George who is hard of hearing and makes up for it by talking at a high volume.  I laughed often while reading this humorous Amish tale.  Miscommunication and misunderstanding abound for Levi and Elsie.  I did feel there was a little too much internal dialogue and repetition of the same details.  Faith, family, love, guilt, and miscommunication are the themes in this cute story.  There are some good life lessons and I like how the author included the scripture verses that went with each one.  It was presented in an easy to understand manner that really made the point hit home for me.  The Amish Christmas Gift is a sweet and amusing Amish Christmas story with proliferation of peppermint, a toy train time limit, an absentminded Amishman, icky ice cream, a familial matchmaker, and an executive elf.
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The Amish Christmas Gift by Laura V. Hilton
(Hidden Springs, 2) 
Past relationships and close quarters stir up old emotions, making Christmas the perfect time for a magical connection in this heartwarming second chance Amish romance.
Elsie Miller has witnessed and experienced Levi Wyse's forgetfulness too many times to count. But even after they broke things off, Elsie never forgot the handsome Amish toymaker or her love for him. So when Levi's sister asks her to help keep him organized for the busy Christmas season, Elsie agrees. But she didn't expect working alongside Levi to reignite those old feelings.
Secretly, Levi's heart will always belong to Elsie. But she deserves a better man, one who isn't so absentminded  or responsible for a terrible tragedy. Now, she's at his workshop every day and as Christmas draws near, his reasons for staying away become harder and harder to remember. Will the spirit of Christmas heal past hurts and give Elsie and Levi the greatest gift of all: a future together? 
This is Elsie Miller and Levi Wyse's story.
She shooed the thought away. No point going there. Water under the bridge and all that.
He leaned over the counter saying something to the Englisch man on the other side. The Englisch man laughed as a sudden burst of wind caught a paper on the counter. The paper blew off. Neither man appeared to notice, but she gave chase, stalling its progress with her foot.
It was the size and shape of a folded check. Definitely important. Levi would be looking for it, upset that he lost it.
Levi now scrabbling for something on the floor in front of the register. Why was Levi in town on 
a Monday anyway? He hadn’t made a purchase, not that she knew of anyway, but had carried in a huge cardboard box full of something that rattled and had the Englisch clerk oohing and aahing and gushing nonsense about how “this year Santa Claus will be bringing lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” Then, all in a dither, the clerk had called for the store owner, who came out of his office, talked quietly for a bit, then handed Levi a piece of paper. The one that he’d already lost. Though to be fair, it had been caught by a gust of wind that blew in with a customer, so it wasn’t entirely his fault.
Levi Wyse was nothing but trouble. Too bad he was so handsome. And too bad her heart had major problems remembering that he was trouble. Which was why she resorted to spying to avoid getting her feelings hurt when he would inevitably reject her and walk away…But she just couldn’t help but stare, long, wish, dream, and regret the way things had ended.
I highly recommend reading.
The Amish Christmas Gift by Laura V. Hilton is a wonderful well written 5 star book.
I am looking forward to reading more books by Laura V. Hilton.
I received a complimentary e-book from Net Galley.
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Thanks go to the publisher and Net-Galley for the complimentary copy of The Amish Christmas Gift by Linda V. Hilton for the purpose of reading and reviewing prior to publication. My opinions are my own, and no one has influenced.

The Amish Christmas Gift is a charming Amish romance with characters that will touch your heart and make you sigh with joy. Ms. Hilton give the reader an authentic view of Amish life and community.

Elsie Miller’s character is sweet natured and has the qualities I most admire in Amish fiction. She hard working and loves her family. When she gives her word, she doesn’t go back on it, even if it is no longer the best decision for her.

 Levi Wyse is a great hero, if a forgetful one who struggles expressing himself. Many times what he says doesn’t match what he means. I liked him from the start. His dedication to his sister is admirable.

The romance between Elsie and Levi is a second chance at love, getting it right this time. Both of them made mistakes in their previous courtship and both still love each other, but are held apart by guilt and regret. I truly wanted them to find a way to make it work this time.

If you enjoy Amish fiction with endearing character and a plot that will touch your heart, then you will love The Amish Christmas Gift as much as I did. While this is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Hilton, it will not be the last. Happy reading!
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I'm going to be honest, this week has been rough, and I'm not going to sugarcoat things like I normally would. I'm sorry in advance. And no, I'm not posting this elsewhere (I don't post negative reviews outside of NetGalley because that's not something I enjoy doing).

I have read a lot of Amish romance books, and I think that unfortunately did not do this book any favors.  I was expecting the usual Amish culture, but instead I felt like I was reading a really altered version of Amish life.  It didn't feel familiar, and I was hoping for a cozy Amish read like I've gotten before.  The writing style was a bit off for me, it felt stilted and didn't flow well.  The main characters were not likeable at all, and I'll be totally blunt - they are idiots.  Why? Let me explain...  

The guy is so absent-minded that he left the girl he was courting in another STATE while taking her to a wedding.  Was he frantically trying to return to his sister? Yes.  Was that an adequate excuse to abandon an Amish girl alone in another state?  No.  How do you forget you came to the wedding with someone, who then had to purchase a bus ride home?  His internal monologue didn't help, when he would blame her, then blame himself, then blame her again for why they were broken up.  On multiple occasions, he completely ignores people, forgets they're trying to talk to him, and pay zero attention to his surroundings.  The man needs a keeper desperately.

And then there's the girl.  She can't hold down a job.  Why?  Well, let's look at her last blown job opportunity.  On her FIRST day, she is left alone and told to check the packing slip of a shipment of ice cream, to make sure they didn't give bad flavors.  Don't sign for it if it's a weird flavor.  Simple instructions, yes?  No, apparently too difficult for this one.  She gets so flustered by the delivery man that she signs without looking and then sees the flavor is Dill Pickle.  Um, EW?  She's so well known for being clumsy and clueless that no one wants to hire her.  Oh and did I mention she wants to leave Amish life and go work for her older brother?  If she thinks getting a job in Amish country is hard, try doing it in corporate America.  Good luck.
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This was not the story for me. It was not typical Amish in any way and found it hard to read for that reason. Outside of the Holiday I found nothing.
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The Amish Christmas Gift by Laura V. Hilton is a wonderful book to read at this time of year. 

It teaches us a great lesson.  Listen and be sure you understand everything before you make a decision. Once you make a mistake, you may find it hard to com back from the mistake. It can also be said love congers all. 

Can Elsie and Levi’s hearts be united again?

Laura writes in such a way that you do not want to put the book down. 

Forever Grand Central Publishing will release this book on October 27.   I was give an ARC through Netgalley and was not required to give a positive review.  5 stars all the way.
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The Amish Christmas Gift is a very well written inspirational romance.  Good character and plot development.  Fans of Amish fiction will enjoy this book.  I received an advance ebook from the publisher and this is my unbiased review.
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The author gives us a Christmas gift with this read, and once you start you will be page turning for answers!
We are given a sweet young woman full of compassion, but she is having trouble holding a job, some only last one day.
Now her former fiancée sister needs help and wants her brother to hire her, awkward, maybe, but this is an Amish community. You see Elsie's true heart when she helps Abigail, Levi's sister, but these two hurting individuals are avoiding one another, they are in love, but a chasm has opened up in their relationship, one that may be too far to cross.
We have a little bit of everything here, and you will love George, but be careful he wields a wild stick!
These two need to accept God's grace, and forgiveness, will they be able to get there?
I loved the second romance that appears to be happening here, but you will have to enjoy that for yourself!

I received this book through Net Galley and the Publisher Forever, and was not required to give a positive review.
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A heartwarming Christmas story, author Laura Hilton writes a book that will keep you turning the pages.

Main characters Elsie and Levi used to love each other but tragedy strikes and lives change. Both must learn forgiveness. Forgiveness of others and of self. With Christmas looming they must learn to work together. A sweet romance, if you enjoy Amish stories I recommend this one!

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
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