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Great thriller that kept me turning the pages. Great story, great writing and characters. Really enjoyable and would read this author again.

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This is a complex multi-layered novel. As someone else pointed out it is hard to categorize as it covers so many fields and it goes off in so many directions that it is hard to follow. I am not going to attempt to describe the plot here. Read the publisher's blurb for that. You will find many sections of this novel engaging. But my conclusion is that the author's reach exceeded her grasp.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC of this novel.

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This legal drama has a plethora of characters to sort through and the challenge is for the reader to connect all the characters in the book. The main storyline follows Jessica who recently suffered a TBI, but has no memory of how the near death experience happened. She presents at a law firm seeking help for her future and possible hope regarding the missing pieces of her past. It’s a confusing read but in the end it very abruptly all comes together.

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Fatal Accusation is a complex multi layered read which takes you head first in to the murky world of lawyers and what justice actually means,

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This book was such a disappointment, with one of the worst endings ever. It’s like the writers just ran out of gas and gave up.

'Fatal Accusation' is allegedly about revenge. Betrayal. Double crossers and triple-crossers. Hackers and fraudsters. NSA data breaches. Secrets and spies.

Early on we meet a young lawyer, formerly with the NSA, who winds up in a wheelchair as a result of a subdural hematoma. Jessica can’t remember anything about how she got it. The hot shot lawyer handling Jessica's case for possible medical malpractice, Miranda, sniffs out something rotten in the deep state of D.C.

Enter about 8 million characters. Some have sterling backgrounds. Some don't. Most are somewhere in the middle. But you need a road map to keep everyone and their stories straight. After awhile, you probably don't care anymore.

Indeed, billing this book as a “legal thriller" is a stretch. It’s more of a convoluted cyber cat and mouse game with lawyers doing most of the chasing but little of the catching. Lots of legal mumbo-jumbo and maneuvering. Miranda and her colleagues spend a lot of time on their phones and being called into meetings. Meanwhile, too many rabbits disappear down too many holes.

Also, the title suggests a murder mystery. NOT. (That's a BIG rabbit hole.)

This story can’t seem to decide which way it wants to go. Or what it wants to be when it grows up. Med mal law. Immigration law. Patent law. Here a law. There a law. Everywhere a law, law...

Additionally, way too much time is spent back-storying characters’ educational and professional degrees and not enough on the essential plot and character development. As a result, the story folds in on itself over and over, leaving readers constantly seesawing between past and present. It’s enough to make you sea sick.

Don’t presume, lawyers, lawyers. But I’d stock up on Dramamine ‘fize you.


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