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For those lovers of Netflix's The Crown, this is the perfect antidote for the long months between seasons. Set during World War 2, Before the Crown fictionalizes the relationship between Elizabeth and her prince - Phillip. Though she's not yet queen, the eyes of the world are on her and the pressure from her family is immense as she makes the decision of who she wants to marry. 
I was delighted to get this glimpse into Buckingham Palace and imagine what it must've been like for young Elizabeth, a little bit smitten but very much practical as she embarks on a courtship with Phillip. I'd like to think that it honestly portrays the beginnings of what has become a lifetime of love and partnership.
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Perfect for fans of the The Crown and fans of QE2 . This fantastic novel takes place before Phillip and Elizabeth’s Wedding . How they met , become engaged and eventually. Full of characters you are familiar with Margaret , the Queen Mum and others transport yourself to another place and time .
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I like this book and would highly recommend reading it. Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book.
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I just finished a very royal buddy read of Before the Crown by Flora Harding. This is the perfect companion to The Crown on Netflix and offers an inside look to the early relationship between Elizabeth and Philip.

I was excited to read about the years leading up to the marriage between the princess and prince, but I was surprised at how much the book seemed to focus on Philip. Early on, he came across as pompous and unlikeable, but I had to remind myself that he was young and guided by his self-serving Uncle Dickie who treated everything as a business transaction. I would have liked more background on his family instead of just little drops here and there.

I’ve always known that Elizabeth was a dutiful daughter and knew what her future held, but it was interesting to see just how much she took her role to heart. It seems like every decision she made and every action she took was for someone other than herself. This actually made me sad for her because she even approached her relationship with Philip in the same manner. It was nice to see her hold tight to the one thing she really wanted for so many years.

Overall, if you love everything royal then you will enjoy this book. The Kindle version is available now!

Thanks to Netgalley and HarperCollins for my advanced copy.  All opinions are my own.
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It is very easy to admire to imagine Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Elizabeth and Philip while I was reading. I never realized that as the future queen Elizabeth had to be the one to propose to Philip or that her father opposed her marrying at the age of 21. I did know that Philip had to give up his Greek citizenship and his place in the line of succession for both the Greek and Danish thrones. I could understand why his sisters weren't invited to the wedding since they were married to men with Nazi ties, but I still felt sympathy towards for not being able to have family because of who he was marrying. After reading this book and watching The Crown, I now want to read a few biographies on Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.
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I've always been fascinated by the royal family. Somehow we see the love story of the younger royals unfold before our eyes these past years, This is interesting to see how the Queen and Prince Phillips started as a couple. This is engaging and refreshing and tells me that if it's meant to be, it will happen, eventually.  I would have to reread this one sometime.

Thanks you #netgalley and the publisher for the free copy.
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The gorgeous cover of Before the Crown prepares you for the beautiful romance that lies within the pages. A story of mystery, glamour, and expectation about the love story of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Before the Crown is a lovely romance that is sure to sweep you away.
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I love reading about British royalty and this book about the courtship between then-Princess Elizabeth and Phillip Mountbatten is wonderful. While obviously a work of fiction, Harding has done her research and gives a deeper look into Phillip's early life and how it influenced the man he became. If you love The Crown, this debut novel will be right up your alley. It's a surprising love story that gives a whole new dimension to how I look at the Queen and Phillip's now 70+ year marriage.

Thank you to NetGalley, HarperCollins Australia, One More Chapter and the author for an advanced copy to review.
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Thank you NetGalley and One More Chapter for an ARC of Before The Crown by Flora Harding.
Elizabeth Windsor grows up wanting to be a behind the scenes girl but is abruptly thrown into the light and center stage when her Uncle abdicates the throne. This is her story meeting the wild Phillip who steals her heart at 14 but is too shy to say anything.  This is a great look at Elizabeth’s life prior to becoming the Queen and her sense of duty to fulfill that role.
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First- that cover!  I thoroughly enjoyed this fictionalized account of the courtship and engagement and eventual wedding of the then Princess Elizabeth of York and Prince Philip of Greece.

I'm an avid Royal watcher and especially love the British Royal Family so this book was a real treat for me! From all my readings and watching interviews of this couple I feel that a lot of this book seemed pretty realistic. Who really knows what happens and what is said behind closed doors? I do feel Fiona Harding did a lot of good research with the story and she definitely got their two personalities down-pat!

If you love watching The Crown then I definitely feel this book is a must. You will get the backstory of Elizabeth and Philip's "romance" before the actual start of the Netflix series. My favourite part of the book was the time of the wedding. I was on pins and needles with all the little things going wrong. It's nice to know it turned out to be a glorious day and everything ended up going smoothly. I must say Elizabeth and Philip had many obstacles to overcome in order to wed. They were of a different era and there are several rumours that circulate about them. I tend to want to simply enjoy that they have reached a grand old age together and have held on steadfast and strong!

p.s. I do wish there were more interactions with the formidable Queen Mary!

I'd like to kindly thank NetGalley and Harper Collins Publishers Australia for granting me access to this Advanced Reader Copy.
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Before The Crown by Flora Harding is a wonderful debut novel. This novel tells us about the courtship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The story is told from Elizabeth’s and Phillip’s alternating perspectives. It did not seem at the time that Elizabeth and Phillip were not a good match. Elizabeth’s parents were against it. We learn that Phillip was penniless, his family was exiled from Greece. He was basically abandoned by his parents and his three sisters all ended up marrying high ranking Nazis officials.
From the tender age of 13 Elizabeth loved Phillip. We will never know if her love was centered in infatuation in those early years. As we know, they were married despite all obstacles, and that marriage has lasted a very long time.  A part of me was impressed that Philip gave up everything to marry Elizabeth: he lost his title, his Greek citizenship, his position in the Greek and Danish succession and his surname changed to Mountbatten and then changed again upon his marriage. 

I would say that the author did a tremendous amount of research regarding Philip’s story.  He certainly did not have it easy.  While part of the story focuses on the King’s disapproval of the match, the book never covers how intensely the Queen disapproved of Philip. Bits of the story gives us a view of Margaret, Elizabeth’s younger sister.   

This is definitely a work of fiction.  The conversations between the characters are well crafted from the author’s imagination.  I was a little disappointed that there were no end notes telling the readers where her ‘historical’ information was derived.  Despite that fact, the story was a very enjoyable read. The characters were well developed.  The settings were written so beautifully the reader can easily envision the scene.  The story is a fascinating look behind how Elizabeth and Philip, the couple, came to be.  It is their love story. I look forward to see what Flora Harding has in store for us next. A sequel perhaps?

 I would like to thank Flora Harding, HarperCollinsUK, OneMoreChapter and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Courtesy of NetGalley, I received this ARC, detailing the initial relationship of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. This is a story of their family history and nuances, their courtship and engagement, ending with their wedding. This novel held my attention, well researched, compellingly written, and definitely an interesting aspect of the British monarchy
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Flora Gardner's Before the Crown is an engaging tale of the courtship between Princess Elizabeth of England and Prince Phillip of Greece.  Harding presents Elizabeth as a young woman burdened by the knowledge of the impact that her future duty as queen will have upon the life she will be able to lead.  Smitten with Phillip, as she gets to know him better, she falls in love with him and hopes to marry him.  Because she outranks Phillip, it falls to her to propose.  But does he care about her?  And if so, in what way?  And then there is the matter of her parents' disapproval of the match.  Elizabeth requires the approval if her father, the King, before she can marry because she is not yet 25.  Can Elizabeth and Phillip reach an agreement that is acceptable not only to both of them, but also to the King and Queen?

Harding does her best to keep the story suspenseful even though nearly everyone in the English speaking world (and beyond)  knows how the tale turns out.  There are vivid descriptions of the time the couple spend together, and the struggles each face in trying to reach the outcome each desires.  Harding particularly excels at making the reader feel the weight of the crown through her depictions of both Elizabeth and her father the King.  But when all is said and done, there is not much that any writer can do about the limitations of the arc of this courtship story.  It is something of a letdown to reach the end of the book and find that you know only a little bit more about the characters than you did before you started reading.  If you enjoy Netflix's The Crown or are otherwise a fan of British royalty, this book is definitely for you.    Recommended.
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I started this before season four of @netflix #TheCrown was released but got sidetracked with #bingewatching and #Thanksgiving. I think this book would be better enjoyed by someone anxiously awaiting the next season that is still months away. Much like the complaints with the new season, I felt uncomfortable reading fictional personal reactions and emotions of people who are still alive. The #BritishMonarchy is fascinating, but their lives are their own and fact versus fiction is being confused in these modern tales. A ⭐️⭐️⭐️ read to enjoy when you are desperate for #seasonfive of #thecrownnetflix. 📚📚📚 #bookstagram #netgalley #netgalleyreview #england #queenelizabeth #royals
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Oh sigh. Harding as written a delightful novel about the courtship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip-all imagined, of course. Or is it? Set in 1945, when Elizabeth's family was opposed to the match, it captures time and place well. There are no surprises - they've now been married since forever- but fans of the Crown will enjoy this for a more expansive fire of the relationship in its early days. Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
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This is a beautifully written account of the courtship between Princess Elizabeth  and Prince Phillip.  The facts that were given about Prince Phillips childhood and family were especially interesting as I was unaware of his lineage..  The way they met and the time in between until they were married  is a lovely story especially considering they have now been married for 73 years.
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I love all things royal family and this portrayal of the romance between Elizabeth and Philip did not disappoint.  If you are a fan of The Crown, then you will love this book.  The sweet start of their romance is written beautifully and it left me wanting more of the two.  

Thank you for the advanced reader copy!
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Before the Crown by Flora Harding is a delightful, heartwarming account of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s courtship. This is the perfect cozy, winter read for fans of Netflix’s The Crown. It pulls back the curtain on their young royal romance. Watching a young, serious Elizabeth and a dashing Philip fall in love reminded me that strong love is possible, and that long, successful marriages are often based on solid friendships.

I always feel a little odd reading historical fiction based on people who are still living, but Harding is complimentary and kind in her portrayal of the royal couple. 

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my advance reader's copy.
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For somebody who does not consider themselves to be a royalist, I have read alot of royal family based books this year.  And I am a massive fan of The Crown!  They are just such an interesting family, with their own unique way of life and traditions. While this is a work of fiction it is littered with historical facts.  There is nothing wrong with learning something while you read!

Before The Crown is exactly what it sounds like.  It is the story of Princess Elizabeth, the heir to throne, and Prince Phillip before her ascension to the throne.    How they meet, how they fall in love and the struggles they faced to have their wish to marry granted.  The King is opposed to the union as he doesn't believe he is the right fit for the family, but Elizabeth is sure of what she wants and will not give up without a fight.

It is a sweet story of their courtship right up to their wedding day,  Lovers of the Crown will absolutely love this one.

Thanks to Harper Collins Australia for my advanced copy of this book to read
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Engaging story of the courting of Elizabeth and Philip, from the time they first met up until their wedding. The book reveals that the king and queen did not approve of Philip, he was "not one of us" even though he was a prince. It also reveals that every meeting of Elizabeth and Philip was chaperoned. But, more importantly, it revealed how their love for each other was born.

I received a digital ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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