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A Pride and Prejudice based fake relationship trope with female LBGTQIA protagonists? Yes please. Elle is an astrologer who never seems to make it past the first date, usually hearing that she’s just a little too much. Darcy is a perfectionist actuary who’s response to prior heartbreak is to avoid getting involved in another relationship. They’re set up on a blind date by Darcy’s brother, who is also Elle’s new business partner. While the date is a disaster, Darcy senses a perfect way to get her brother to butt out of her personal life - why not just pretend to have hit it off with Elle? Perhaps if her brother wasn’t quite so invested in romance (his business is a matchmaking app that is doing quite well in a flooded market) it would have worked. Instead, Darcy and Elle enter into an agreement to use this relationship to get through the holiday season. 

Written in the Stars is a cute and fun speedy read. One or two minor surprises, but if you’re looking for a solid and wonderfully predictable (in the best way possible) escapist romcom, Bellefleur has certainly delivered. With everything so chaotic recently, a mildly bumpy road to a guaranteed happily ever after may be just what your weekend needs.
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i had fun reading this. i enjoyed our main characters, elle and darcy. i want to be a bit more like both of them. i think they're fun and realistic. the drama wasn't too convoluted until the very end. but i read a lot of romance, i know when to expect unnecessary drama for plot reasons. 

i've attempted reading a few sapphic romances, and i'm glad to say that i was actually able to finish this one. i'm glad that this exists and that i read it. i was hesitant at first, for a couple reasons. firstly, there's not a lot of well written sapphic romances (i've been trying to read more). secondly, for more personal reasons, i thought it might be difficult to read a sapphic romance. let me clarify. i am super repressed and want to be loved. 

i think the ending was abrupt and everything could have been more fleshed  out. i wish we got more relationship development. if you're going to name one of your characters darcy, you might as well make it a bit more slow burn, ya know.

i also think that the fanfic stuff was a bit cringy. i say that as someone who regularly reads fanfic on ao3. the astrology stuff is also kind of cringy to read about. but once i got over the kinda corny vibe, i really enjoyed how shamelessly happy the astrology and fanfic stuff was. 

everything was very sincere in this book, which i greatly appreciated. 

thank you to the publisher and netgalley for providing my review copy
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What a steamy read! I picked up this book during one of the roughest weeks of my life and it was the perfect decision because it helped me get out of my own head. I’m a huge fan of the fake relationships trope and if it has laugh out loud banter, even better. I really loved the main character Elle and her carefree ways. Darcy grew on me as the story went on and it was fun to watch their relationship progress. Bellefleur wrote great chemistry and I’m truly so impressed this was her debut. I can’t wait to check out Brendan’s story in Hang the Moon which is being published in May! ⁣
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This was such a cute, original rom-com, with excellent queer rep. The opposites-attract dynamic and flirty, sexy banter kept me turning pages. What a delight!
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I adored this book and I couldn't put it down! It's a cute and romantic story, and some of the events may seem like overdone tropes, but I never thought I'd read a fake dating queer novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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This one was absolutely adorable! I am always here for a fake relationship romance, but I especially love how this one started. A bad blind date? Perfection. The texting and conversations between Darcy and Elle were so entertaining. I also enjoyed the friendships in this book as well. It was just funny and swoony, and everything I wanted from a cute rom-com!
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Written in the Stars was a delightful grumpy/sunshine romance that tugged at the heartstrings.

Elle was a romantic and made her living doing contract work for a new online dating app. Her new boss, Brendon, set her up with his sister Darcy and while the two didn’t have the meet-cute Brendon had hoped for, they still got their happily ever after. Darcy and Elle were complete opposites; Darcy was prickly and didn’t know if she believed in love and Elle was looking for the One. Bellefleur mixed humor and family angst without one overpowering the other, this made both Darcy and Elle come across as well rounded characters.

I opted to go the audiobook route and I was impressed with Lauren Sweet’s performance. She captured Elle’s whimsical nature while also conveying Darcy’s sardonic outlook. Written in the Stars was a romance that left me with a smile on my face and was just what I needed.
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Darcy and Elle did NOT have a good first date. Free spirited astrologist Elle showed up late and was a bit frazzled, and  straight laced Darcy appeared dismissive and snobbish. So Elle is extra surprised when  she learns from Darcy’s brother, and Elle’s new business partner,  that Darcy was smitten! Elle learns that Darcy said this to get her brother off her case, and the two realize that pretending to date may to be both of their advantages. They’ll pretend to be a happy couple to get through their various holiday events. But as the December 31st end date of their ruse looms nearer, Darcy and Elle begin to have a challenging time discerning what is is pretend, and what feelings are very real. 

Alexandria Bellefleur brings a wonderful breath of fresh air to a romance trope that is seeing a lot of popularity. Although the beats of this story may not be particularly unique, the tiny details and character development of our leads is a delight, and make for a charming, warm, holiday read. Great humor and lovely chemistry have me looking  forward to Bellefluer adding more wonderful  LGBTQ+ Positive Romances in the future.
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THIS BOOK WAS SO CUTE. Oh my gosh, I never thought I'd enjoy the fake relationship trope as much as I did in this one. It was funny, then STEAMY, then heartbreaking, then heartwarming! I had so many feelings about it. I felt like the characters were really well developed and grew throughout the book. Darcy was frustrating at times, but I think frustrating characters are often a requisite part of a romance or romantic comedy. I absolutely adored this book and would absolutely read more by this author.
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This book started off great, but quickly went downhill for me. I didn't particularly like any of the characters, and especially couldn't stand Darcy's brother who annoyed me to no end.
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This book is light and fluffy with some hot sex scenes. However, I had a hard time connecting with the main heroine. It might have been her interest in astrology which isn’t something I’m interested in. For those who are into such things, this book may be more accessible.
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I couldn't put down this book once I started. This was such a cute f/f love story. Darcy and Elle had so much chemistry and I was absolutely obsessed with both of them. The ;) scenes were A++. One of my favorite reads of 2020!
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I enjoyed how astrology was interjected in this story. It gave a fresh, young angle. Very Buzzfeed or Hello Giggles millennial vibes. The emotional vulnerability of the main characters was extremely well done. Even the supporting characters’ expressed their emotional flaws and mishaps in raw & authentic ways during the many emotionally charged scenes. While there were not big sweeping character arcs with profound denouements, the characters did take that giant first step toward healing & it all ended with a sweet hope for a fragile love story just beginning after numerous stumbles.
Most of the time I didn’t care for really any of the characters and found it hard to root for them. The dialogue was stilted and awkward much of the time at the sacrifice of authentic characterisation. While the sense of scene in Seattle was well done, the Christmas timing was shallow. It could have been Seattle in the spring as far as I could tell.
All in all it was quite refreshing to read a sapphic love story that wasn’t about coming out--thank god!
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Written in the Stars is a joyful, effervescent sapphic romance. Elle and Darcy have a disaster of a first date, but agree to pretend to date to get their families off their backs. Neither Elle nor Darcy thought they ran any risk of falling for the other, but they quickly grow uncertain as they learn to see past the other's surface. Elle and Darcy are complex, multi-dimensional characters, unexpected without seeming forced, passionate and hopeful and tender.
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Written in the Stars is a cute contemporary romance featuring a F/F romance. Elle and Darcy are complete opposites. Elle is into astrology and Darcy is an actuary. They meet on a blind date gone wrong and decide to fake a relationship to get their families off their backs.

I adored they way Elle and Darcy met, and the fake relationship that ensued. Despite their massive differences they mesh together really well. They both have a lot of family issues to work through and come to terms with their blossoming relationship. 

Bellefleur does a fantastic job writing both Elle (bisexual) and Darcy (lesbian) and I cannot wait to read the next book!
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This book was definitely a delight. It may be one of my favorite romances of 2020? Certainly my favorite romance debut.

If you love opposites attract romances, this one's for you. While Pride and Prejudice is definitely the basis for this book, the nature of what makes these characters so opposite is quite different. Darcy is an actuary, a sly no-nonsense woman who has given up on the idea of love. Elle is an astrologist with a penchant for chaos and a spice for life. When Darcy’s brother, Elle’s friend and business partner, sets them up on a date while sparks fly, the date is nothing short of disastrous. So when Elle hears that the date was perfect from the brother, she has questions. From there, fake dating to get their families off their backs ensue and it is precious. Watching as their feelings and mutual respect grew was just delightful.

This book has a lot of my favorite tropes and they unfolded in a way that was very satisfying. To add it being a queer wlw romance on top of that and I was a happy camper. Bellefleur has a good eye for what makes characters tick, how families and past experiences can shape how we approach romance and how scary really falling can be. Elle and Darcy will be characters I think about and their story is one I know I will want to return to. And their character development was perfection. Watching Elle prove her less than supportive family wrong? Chef’s kiss levels of satisfaction, let me tell you.

Overall, this had everything I could have wanted in a romance: chemistry, banter, steamy moments. A high recommendation for me.
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Ratings (out of of 5):
Chemistry: 🧪🧪🧪🧪🧪
Banter: 👄👄👄👄
Heart: 💛💛💛💛💛
Elle is an astrologer. Darcy is an actuary. Elle is colorful, vivacious, and a little bit messy. Darcy has a cool veneer and curated life. Everything is curated, which is how she wraps her brain around the empty spaces. They agree to “fake date” to appease both of their families and expect to merely tolerate one another. But Darcy and Elle learn that there is more to the other than it seems. Elle is a brilliant, deeply perceptive person who has found great success doing what she loves. Darcy is a sensitive, lonely person who clings to her armor because she thinks it will protect her heart. Learning to love is hard. Learning to stand up for what you deserve is harder. But the most worthwhile pursuits often are.
This book was a little bit P&P, a little bit Bridget Jones, and a whole lot of fun with characters that fly off the page in vivid color.
Elle is so damn vibrant and magical. But her magic comes from her relentless hope, something that seems so alien to Darcy at the first but becomes her lifeline in the end. And Darcy? What a deep well she is. Neither Darcy nor Elle is lacking in any way - they’re lovely just the way they are - but they complement and bring out the best in one another, which was so satisfying.
This is a beautiful book with big feelings and big laughs that has that sweeping romcom pacing that we love but isn’t afraid to linger in the soft moments that matter most.
If you’re looking for a RomCom with big movie feels, relatable conflict, sexy sexy, and a big HEA, definitely read this book. Now.
Kiss and tell:
This book is so hot but so tender at the same time. The sex is written with so much attention to detail - emotionally as well as physically - and the result is achingly sweet. Kissing, hand play, and oral feature and are the perfect blend of sweet and spicy.
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Written in the Stars features the reluctant romance between Elle and Darcy.  Elle is an astrologer and Darcy is an actuary making them polar opposites.  They do share the same pressure from their family to "settle" down.  After a disastrous first date, they agree to be in a fake relationship during the holidays.  And everyone knows how these types of tropes shake-out. Not only does this novel feature the fake relationship, you also get a bit of an enemy to lovers trope.  

What I liked about the book:  
*I loved the focus on astrology. This is a big portion of the queer community and it is great to see it portrayed so positively.  
*I felt like both Elle and Darcy were well-developed as characters and their behavior in the novel is consistent with their character. There is one exception to this listed below.  
*There were some great steamy scenes in this book.  
*I loved how the author wrote about the setting of Seattle.  Having visited several times, this fits with my mental picture of the city and the culture. The escape room date was fantastic as it was set in the Seattle Underground.   

What I didn't like:  
*I really wanted a bit more diversity in this book - either in gender expression, race, ethnicity or even body size.  While both of the main characters are queer, they are both conventionally attractive and white.  Everyone in their circle is white and in small, thin bodies.  It would have been nice if the author had tried to diversify the cast a bit in some way.  
*Given Darcy's focus on risk as her job as an actuary, I found it unbelievable that she wouldn't have talked with Elle about STI prevention before proceeding. While the acts performed in this book are less risky than penetrative acts, there is still a risk. Given that Darcy talks about the danger of black ice at one point, I find it hard to believe she wouldn't have thought about this.  
*While I found the steamy scenes hot, I do feel like they lacked some realness. There was no use of any sort of toys which is unusual for these types of acts.  Even a discussion about this would have been good and made it more authentic.    
*One of the main characters is bisexual and I would have liked them to delve into that a bit.  When you're dating in this community, that's something that you talk about.

Overall, I enjoyed this book, especially due to the astrology angle. While I wanted a bit more development in several areas, I did enjoy the novel and would recommend it.  

Thanks to HarperCollins Publishers and NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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When I first started hearing about this book on Twitter and Booktube, I was immediately drawn to it. I, admittedly, have never read Pride and Prejudice and I’ve also never watched any of the movie adaptions. So, while a lot of readers may have been drawn to the story because of the retelling aspect, I was really just into it because, at this point, I get excited about any sapphic romance. Not all of them turn out to be the gems I’d love for them to be, but this one did.

The story features dual perspectives as readers follow the progression of the relationship between Elle and Darcy. Both characters were well-written and really fun to read through, though Elle was my favorite. She was quite the Disaster Bisexual™ and I saw so much of myself in her that I couldn’t help but feel like the story was made for me. Darcy is definitely the grouch of the two, but still a very lovable and relatable character. Both girls have things outside of the relationship that bring them down, which kept the story from being only about romance. Darcy’s last relationship ended horribly, and she’s still greatly affected by it, while Elle has issues with the way her family members treat her. Actually, there’s a lot of handling family trauma in this story for both of the girls, which I personally liked reading, especially since none of it was rooted in homophobia.

On that note, I wanted to also point out that this story was, thankfully, one where queer characters can have a happy ending without the trauma of homophobic slurs. Stories that tackle the struggles of dealing with and being threatened by homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, etc. are extremely important and unfortunately relatable to many of us, but it’s also nice to have access to queer stories that are fluffy and loving, or realistic but have a “happily ever after” ending. It’s a wonderful reading experience to see our sexualities represented so well and without negativity. I cannot speak for the lesbian representation in this story, but I loved Elle’s bisexual representation.

Ultimately, there were only two reasons I gave this read 4 and a half stars instead of 5. The first is a personal preference: there are explicit scenes in this, and I personally am uncomfortable with explicit scenes in novels. I skip over those, but I have seen other reviewers who are comfortable with explicit content say that they really enjoyed those sections, so if you enjoy some smut in your reads, that is just one more reason for you to pick this book up!

The second thing I didn’t like in this were the Harry Potter references. Althea from Althea is Reading talked about this more in depth in their review, which is definitely worth a read. As they pointed out, being unaware of JKR’s blatant bigotry comes from a place of privilege, and referencing her work in your own comes across as an act of support. I really hope to see stories do away with the HP references, especially being as there are so many beautiful and worthy stories written by amazing and diverse writers who do not spread violent hate speech that would be far better options for pop culture references.

Overall, I loved this adult sapphic rom-com! I got a ton of laughs out of it, and found a new favorite F/F story to recommend to people incessantly. I’m so glad I got the chance to check this story out, and I will definitely be picking up the follow-up novel (Hang the Moon, another queer story which focuses on Darcy’s brother and best friend who may or may not fall for each other).
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This was an adorable queer, holiday-themed spin on the classic Pride and Prejudice story. I really enjoyed the two characters a lot. They felt like friends I know or would love to have. I loved the descriptions of clothes and their banter. The romance took a typical path, and though I know it was a retelling, because I enjoyed these characters, I wish it had innovated more to give us something extra. However, the author's writing, especially character development, was great and I look forward to reading more.
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