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I'm kicking myself for not reading this sooner. 

After a disastrous first date, Ellie and Darcy swear that they'll never cross paths again. But things change as parental expectations loom closer, and the two decide to fake a relationship - Darcy will have her concerned brother off her back as she readies for an important exam, and Ellie gets to prove to her family that she has value. As their chemistry grows between trips to thrift stores and old observatories, Ellie and Darcy will have to open their hearts. 

Written in the Stars is the perfect holiday book full of heart-stopping kisses and self-aware characters in their messy glory. With elements of Pride and Prejudice, Bellefleur knowing winks at the readers as she draws them in comforting tropes with unexpected twists. Characters apologize to each other, the evil ex doesn't make a third act appearance and the truth that love takes work. It's hard not to fall in love with Darcy as she rediscovers fanfiction, and when Ellie writes her astrology lists for her popular Twitter account, as well as the cast of side characters who are waiting to be explored in the companion. novel.

 In short, this adult contemporary is determined to win your heart. 

A copy was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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this was super sweet! I really enjoyed both Elle and Darcy and even though they were so different, I was able to connect to them both. I didn't love the sex scenes but that's a me issue as I tend to be super picky with them anyway. this was a perfect read to finish off the year with with it being set around the holidays and I'll definitely be picking up the sequel!
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I just finished this and...........I have nothing negative to say. I loved this book SO much. This is the sapphic romance I've dreamed of reading. It has all of the traditional romance tropes but with two leading ladies instead of your traditional m/f couple. That's all I've wanted from a romance novel since I first dove into the genre a year or two ago. 

I loved this book because of the characters. Darcy could literally propose to me tomorrow and I'd say yes. I just adored how she was hesitant to let Elle into her life due to all of Elle's-- eccentricities but she fell in love with her because of them. With the dual perspectives we get, we get to see each character through the other character's eyes and I think that was a great decision. I'm not sure I would've believed the romance as much if I hadn't experienced the story that way. 

Usually, romance novels lose me towards the latter half when some sort of ridiculous plot device is thrown in to cause tension between our two love interests. I didn't feel like that happened in this story. This tension is building throughout the novel, so it feels completely natural when it comes to a head. It was a little convenience the way it happened, but I'll let it slide. 

Also, the steamy scenes? I was SO excited those were thrown in. Sapphic romances are usually sweet and heartwarming, but for some reason we don't get any smut. But the author did a great job in this book so I not only felt the romantic attraction but the sexual attraction as well. 

I also enjoyed the development of the side characters as well. I wasn't entirely interested in reading the second novel before I jumped into this one, since I solely picked this one up because of the sapphic romance but now I want to see what will happen between our next couple, hopefully with some glimpses of how Darcy and Elle are doing thrown in. 

The only gripe I had was the author seemed to write a lot about lips and teeth? Like all of the actions had to do with a character biting their lips, or sucking their teeth, etc. For some reason it really started to jump out at me towards the end but that's such a small issue, it didn't hinder my enjoyment. 

Overall, I'd highly recommend this book. I'd even go ahead and say it's my new favorite romance of all time.
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Charming, sweet romance. The two central characters are very likable and they are accompanied by interesting side characters that will certainly populate future books.
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Really lovely, so well written, and very steamy! Elle & Darcy are wonderful and I shipped them from the moment their first date turned into a disaster. Cannot wait to read the next book in this series!
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Really enjoyed this! The only real critique I could have would be that the ending felt very rushed, with no space for readers to really bask in the happy ending. I was also very disappointed that there was no epilogue to give us a glimpse into Darcy and Elle’s relationship after the ending. While I don’t think I’ll be reading Brendon’s story, I had a great time reading this and will be recommending it for the good sapphic rep and the delicious tropes.
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I liked the romance at the center of this story, as it was both sweet and steamy. I liked the development of the Elle and Darcy as characters—initially I found them both kind of annoying, but may the end was totally rooting for their relationship! I also really enjoyed the secondary characters of Brendan and Margot.
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Alexandria Bellefleur makes her debut with WRITTEN IN THE STARS, a fun and romantic novel about two wildly different women and their Zodiac-approved love story.

Elle Jones is one of the beloved astrologers behind the popular Twitter account, Oh My Stars. She loves what she does, reading birth charts and helping people make decisions about their lives, but she also truly believes in the power of providing people with a language to describe themselves and learn about others. That’s why it’s no surprise when the dating app OTP (One True Pairing) asks Elle and her co-astrologer and best friend, Margot, to team up with them to help nerds and geeks find true love using the stars and planets as a guide. With a book deal wrapping up and a lucrative partnership on the horizon, life seems to be looking up for free-spirited Elle. That is, until her coworker sets her up with his sister, Darcy.

Darcy Lowell is an uptight, detail-oriented actuary (whatever that is). Still reeling from a failed relationship, she has poured herself into her work and takes comfort in the stability of facts and figures. So when her brother, Brandon, sets her up with a woman who shows up 15 minutes late to their date and proceeds to pour wine all over her and her favorite dress, she decides that it’s time to give up. But Brandon isn’t backing down that easily, and before she knows it, Darcy has crafted the ultimate lie: not only does she tell him that her date with Elle went well, she makes it sound like they might be soulmates.

Needless to say, Elle is surprised to hear that their date was such a hit --- especially since she left without saying goodbye, almost cried all the way home and vowed never to speak to Darcy again. Still, she can’t ignore the pressure from her family to settle down or do something worthwhile, so when Darcy suggests that they fake-date to get their well-meaning but annoying families off their backs, she agrees. The only problem is that Elle and Darcy are insanely attracted to one another --- and they can’t stand each other. Darcy is sarcastic and jaded, always making fun of Elle’s devotion to the Zodiac, and Elle cannot tolerate how regimented Darcy is about her life, career and very white apartment.

One fake date at a time, the two start not only to like one another, but to help each other grow, too. Whether their relationship was written in the stars or not, working through the logistics of a fake relationship while being swayed by some very real feelings is tricky, and Elle and Darcy have vastly different goals for their romantic lives. One laugh-out-loud date at a time, Bellefleur crafts a delightful and whimsical love story for fans of Christina Lauren, Alexis Daria and Emily Henry.

This is the perfect mash-up of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and BRIDGET JONES’S DIARY, and Bellefleur’s gender-swapped Darcy and Elizabeth stand-ins not only pay tremendous homage to Austen’s classic, but transform and upend it in a way that feels entirely new. I loved grumpy Darcy just as much as I loved sunshiny Elle, and the ways that Bellefleur fleshed out their careers, families and individual romantic goals made me feel as though I had known them for years, certainly far longer than the time it took me to read the novel. I am always laudatory of authors who write believable women who value their careers just as much as they value their love lives, but something about Darcy and Elle made the juxtaposition feel that much more real. Both are ambitious and excellent at their jobs, and it made their search for --- and realization of --- love that much more poignant and joyful.

WRITTEN IN THE STARS is an #OwnVoices debut, and Bellefleur announces herself as an incredible new talent. Although the book is about two queer women searching for love, she steers clear of homophobic side characters and sadness, reveling instead in the pure joy of two women finding love. While the fake-dating trope will be familiar to romance readers and rom-com watchers, Bellefleur writes it like you’ve never seen it before. She constantly finds ways to transform and uplift her characters in the process, and produces some of the best banter I have had the fortune of reading in any romance novel.

Combined with a knock-your-socks-off meet-cute, plenty of steamy but believable love scenes, and just the right amount of woo-woo, WRITTEN IN THE STARS feels fresh and original, heartfelt and fun.
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It was a great start – or rather a bad start – Great for the reader, bad for the main characters.  Elle agrees to a blind date with the sister of a friend and colleague, Brandon.  Darcy agrees to the date, to stop Brandon from fixing her up.  Unfortunately they are complete total opposites. Elle is an astrologer who owns a company, Oh My Stars which is partnering with Brandon's company, OTP (One True Pairing) to help people find their soulmates and Darcy is a very successful Actuary (she analyzes "variables and trends" to "establish accurate and fair pricing for insurance" using mathematics/calculus) who scoffs at astrology and OTP.  The date ends quickly after Elle accidentally spills red wine on Darcy's vintage dress.  After Darcy tells Brandon that the date went great, she makes a deal with Elle – she will go with Elle to her family Thanksgiving and Elle will go with Darcy to Brandon's Christmas party.  But to be convincing to their relatives, means they will have to spend time together, getting to know each other.

The chemistry between the two was off the charts (ha!).  But then something happened that neither expected and they fought to deny it until they couldn't. They fell madly in love with each other.

Bellefleur's next book is Hang the Moon. A romance between Brandon and Darcy's best friend, Anne. I'm definitely going the check it out.
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Fun fact—the moon doesn’t actually produce any light of its own. It reflects light from the sun, making it appear bright at night. So, if I look like the moon, I guess that means I’m reflecting the light that’s around me.’

Okay, I loved this, so much! I love that Darcy and Elle are already familiar with one another because they've gone on a date, though disastrous. I am a total sucker for fake dating and it was such a fun spin to see a disastrous date turn into a "relationship" because both Darcy and Elle need help from one another for romance reasons. Fake dating is such a fun trope, especially when the relationship is being faked because of family reasons. Add in, that this book is an unexpected holiday romance. I had so much fun. I liked both Elle and Darcy. Elle, especially, I loved how true to herself she was. These two were complete opposites, playing up the intensity behind the idea that the two of them would never get together! Where Elle is chaotic and messy, Darcy is in control and ordered.

What a wonderful book, I am definitely looking forward to more from this author!
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An astrologer and actuary walk into a bar…and it’s a disaster. Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur, delivers a fake relationship romance with heart, growth and family at the holidays.

Elle Jones, one of the astrologers behind the popular Twitter account, Oh My Stars, dreams of finding her soul mate. A new business venture with her BFF, has her agreeing to go on a blind date with said friend’s sister.

Darcy Lowell isn’t looking for a relationship after the disastrous breakup that had her moving to the city.. but brothers will be brothers.

The first meet wasn’t the meet cute one would hope for. While both felt some physical chemistry, the date ended before it even began. Which is why Elle is surprised to learn that Darcy is smitten. Only she said that to get her brother off her back, but Elle’s mom overheard and the two hatch a plan.

The tale that unfolds had awkward moments, sweet discoveries and delicious heat. We see growth in not just the couple, but in family members. The two act as a couple through Thanksgiving, double dates and holiday parties, but somewhere along the way they develop a friendship which gives way to romantic feelings.

Elle is kindness personify but thanks to family and a string of first dates she isn’t confident in the romance department. She is loud, eclectic, and follows her heart.

Darcy is a bit of a control freak from perfectly lined bookshelves to muted colors. She has built a high wall around her heart and hides the things she is passionate about. It was lovely seeing walks come down, and confidence grow, even if miscommunication and fears interfere along the way.

Written in the Stars is an addictive festive romance you’ll want to curl up with. Don’t forget the wine and holiday cookies.
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All. Of. The. Stars. I was hooked from page one. This was such a delightful read. I could not put it down. Will wrap back in a few days to add my review link. I cannot wait to see what comes next from this author!
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This was really cute! I love fake dating and enemies to lovers romances, and this was definitely that! Elle and Darcy’s story was really sweet, though they themselves felt a little like caricatures, you really can’t help but root for them from start to finish!
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I enjoyed this book. I thought the first half was stronger than the second half. The disastrous first date was a lot of fun to read. The rationale for the fake relationship was a little silly but I went with it. I liked the astrology part and when Darcy stood up to Elle's family, swoon. 
The second half dragged a little and was less exciting and swoon worthy than the first half. I really dislike the theme/trope of a character being dissuaded from pursuing a relationship because others tell them they aren't good enough.  

All said and done, I enjoyed this story and was invested in their HEA and I look forwards to the next book.
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WRITTEN IN THE STARS is an ambitious book. It takes classic romance/rom-com tropes, art and astrology, and a nod to the quintessential Pride and Prejudice and weaves it all together into something that, if nothing else, is delightfully and refreshingly LGBTQ+. I love all of these elements, and I desperately wanted to love this book as well - unfortunately, I found it fell somewhat flat. The characters are just a little too cliche to be fully interesting, and while the plot is clever, the execution leaves something to be desired. I liked the central relationship, but aspects of it felt over-the-top and/or forced - and the sex scenes felt rushed/slightly unrealistic to me as well. While this is probably a matter of preference for me, it was still unexpectedly jarring and pulled me out of the story instead of drawing me further in. I did enjoy certain aspects of the book (like the astrology memes!), but overall it just didn't feel like it reached its full potential.
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This was an adorably queer, fake relationship, opposites attract romance. Bellefleur did a great job of creating complex characters that needed emotional growth in order to be together, but sometimes it felt like the book got a little more tell than show. I loved the way that Elle explained astrology. Props to an LGBTQ+ book that did not use homophobic friends/family as a conflict.

Thanks to Avon and Netgalley for a copy to review.
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Who am I, reading contemporary romance again? I loved this one. I had a lot of laugh out loud moments and a few tears. I think what made this more of a 5 star for me (when in reality it may be a 4 star read) is that Elle's family issues mirror mine and...oh man; the feels were really real for me. Also, the sex scenes were straight up fire. 

Overall, the reasons for hesitation in a relationship were valid (and maybe a smidge close to home) and the reasons to push through it were just as valid. I don't think there were any epic plot twists but the overall story was crafted well, had a lot of heart, and I was invested in it. 

I love that I called the setup for Brendon's story to be the follow-up book. I can't wait to read more from this author!
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Y’all! I adored Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur so much! This book was adorable and heartwarming and almost perfect! It’s a sapphic romance with so many Pride & Prejudice undertones and nods that I geeked out the whole time I was reading! It kind of ended up being a retelling of the P&P and I am here for it. Add in the fake dating relationship and this book was my kind of book crack! I can’t recommend it enough! It was a total five star read for me! 

What made this book so great was the characters and how fleshed out the main ones were. I loved how confident Elle was in all of her nerdery and was not ashamed of what she loved. I also loved Darcy from the start despite her bad reaction to the incident on her and Elle's blind date. Darcy was so Darcy-like that it was amazing! I loved that she was an actuary with an unholy love of soap operas. These characters felt so real to me. As much as I loved this book for the f/f romance, I adored Elle and Margo's friendship and the sibling dynamic between Darcy and Brendon! Elle's family and Darcy's mother, not so much.

This book had so many tropes and things I loved in it. The only thing that would have made this more perfect would have been more of Elle and Darcy being together together because the ending, while good, felt a bit abrupt to me. Maybe we’ll get more of them together in the companion novel about Darcy’s brother, Brendon. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! I need his love story in my life too! And I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we get Margot's happily ever after as well. Alexandria Bellefleur is an author that I'm going to keep my eye on, that's for sure.
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Note: I didn’t finish this book.
My first thoughts when I read the first couple chapters in this book: It is like Boyfriend Material but lesbian.
Being a lesbian myself, I was really looking forward to this story. Even if I wasn’t crazy about it’s gay lookalike book, I thought that since it’s two women falling in love, it would hopefully be better.
Sadly enough, I didn’t enjoy it.
I thought the writing so, so. The story felt like over done and cliche. The characters were not calling to me. The whole horoscope side of it was a bit too much. Some things irked me like the “she’s so hot when she get’s angry” part.
I wanted to DNF 20% in but kept reading halfway, but it bored me so gave up 45% in.
I really wanted to love this book, but I didn’t.
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Honestly, I haven't actually read this one yet because I ended up buying the final book anyway, but for the sake of my feedback ratio I will review the first chapter and cover: The first chapter was adorable, and I am so excited to wrap up in a blanket and read this one over the holidays. I love sapphic romances, and this cover is just the sweetest.
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