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The Night Girl was a fun read with an interesting premise, however, it fell short for me personally. If you’re looking for a humorous fantasy romp then this book has it all. From the opening sentences to one of the most inventive scenes with a piece of furniture, there are some really unique scenes in The Night Girl. As a protagonist, Perpetua is interesting and to begin with feels genuine, resembling a real person rather than a fictional one. 

The problem is that as the novel continued Perpetua didn’t hold up to scrutiny. At the start, I was impressed with how she was portrayed as a woman attending interviews and having to contend with annoying and often ridiculous questions. Her reactions to interviews and job applications were completely on point, not over the top, but the right mixture of wariness and anger that women worldwide know all too well. Likewise, when she first becomes aware of the supernatural she doesn’t freak out. She doesn’t exactly take it in her stride, she just weighs it up practically; she needs a job and it’s a good job. There are a lot worse things out there and she knows that for sure because she interviewed for a lot of them!

This sort of attitude leads to her being championed as someone who “sees everything”, however, the further along the story goes the more the wool is pulled over Perpetua’s eyes. She is supposed to be so aware and yet she misses the most obvious information despite it being mentioned multiple times. These clues, given to her and the reader, are given too many times. I’m not sure if this book is intended for an adult or young adult audience (other books by the author have been YA), and honestly, I don’t think that should make a difference. I’ve read young adult books all my life and in my experience, a perceived younger audience does not require the author to drop more tips.

What started as a novel with brilliant opening sentences and great world-building just didn’t quite meet the finishing line for me. I still enjoyed the novel, hence the three-star rating, and for some people, a fun fantasy read is just what they’re looking for in a book. I’ll admit, I’m a little pickier and there was only so much nose wrinkling I could take by the protagonist before the author’s lack of ingenuity being able to find another response got irritating.
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This was such a great read! It’s paranormal meets real world. There’s so many twists and turns and I couldn’t put this book down. I read it over the summer and I remember it being one of my favorite reads.
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I fell in love with this book for the setting alone. It was nice to see the book portray the setting so well and accurately. I loved how the main character just rolled with the punches. The integration of magic into the real world was fun and I don’t think I’ll be able to look at downtown Toronto the same way again.
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I just love Fantasy books and now this one is on my favourite list. The story line, the cover, the aesthetic. I do not know what is not beautiful about this book. I enjoyed the book very much.
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A good book and would recommend reading it. Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this book.
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A tale unlike anything I've ever read, Perpétua has just moved to Toronto to try change her life, with only $ 200 in her pocket looking for a place to stay and a job. She starts to see gargoyles around the city and they seem to be moving and then she meets a taxi driver who points her to a job in the  underground downtown Toronto as an assistant. And in that job she is introduced to a new world, where mythological beings are real and live among us, hidden. And she will try to improve their lives by finding jobs and introducing them to the world.

In this book there are elves, elves, fairies, trolls and they live among us.

What I liked most was an atmosphere in Toronto, it was good to revisit Canada through the pages of this book.

I see the tale as a metaphor for society, with people living on the margins of society, without visibility and opportunities. It was a good read.
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Wow, I love it so far.
This book was on my backlog for almost a year, but I absolutely admire it. It's Pratchett meets Canada in a loveable and anyone who began a new life in a big city will instantly feel close to Perpetua. 
She's a great protagonist, frisky, sharp witted, but also down to earth, and very human. Well..
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i loved how unique this read was, the characters were great and I really enjoyed the environment that was set up, it had what I kinda wanted from harry potter.
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A highly entertaining and gripping urban fantasy. I loved the storytelling, the character development and the excellent world building.
The plot is well crafted and kept me hooked.
It's strongly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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This story had some unexpected twists. Perpetua had no idea what she was in for when she stepped off the bus in Toronto but she was bold and determined. She refuses to be intimidated and holds her ground when common sense should have told her to run. I love the contrast of her assertiveness against Fergus's sweet, gentle nature. I didn't want to stop reading. I want to read more about this world of goblins, trolls and fairies hiding in plain sight.
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I received an ARC of this from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

I really enjoyed this. It was really cute but also had a really serious message on how people (or trolls, goblins, or elves) should treat one another. It’s a quirky romance novel which includes a fight for equality and justice. I love that it takes place in Toronto because I know where everything is that the Author is referring to; especially after working in and using the PATH For 7 years. 
Very cool, very fresh, I really enjoyed it.
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I went into this book not really knowing what to expect. The description on NetGalley seemed appealing enough and the cover art was okay, but the story could have gone either way.

I'm glad that I gave it a chance though, because it turned out a quick and rewarding read. The story itself isn't very original - girl moves into big city to escape her little town life and her overbearing mother, and makes a life for herself. She also discovers a cause worth fighting for, makes a few friends, and some enemies, and finds love in the process.

What I didn't expect was that this story would have so much heart! I loved Perpetua almost from the first chapter. She is a very determined young lady who nevertheless has a very good sense of what is right and what is wrong. She also has the courage to stand up against what she perceives is wrong and won't stand by when others are mistreated, even if that lands her in to trouble herself.

I liked the fact that all the characters here have real and mostly relatable motives for their actions. Nobody is evil just for the sake of being evil or because the story needs a villain. At first, you would think that the fairies are evil, since they basically forced goblins to live in fear and squalor for centuries. But then you come to understand why they did it. Fairies can pass for human, some goblins can as well, and those manage to integrate into society. But there are those who are too alien looking to ever be able to do that, so they have to hide. Because everyone involved still remembers the pitchforks, the cold iron, and the savagery of men, even if the war ended over a thousand years ago.

It is evident, at least to Perpetua and the readers, that the status quo cannot endure much longer, but both parties are too scared to change anything, because some of them were alive during that war.

My complaint about the resolution of this conflict is that it is too good to be true. With the events of 2020, I admit that I lost a lot of hope in the human race, so I tended to side with the fairies on this one. In real world, this would have ended in rivers of blood and riots on the streets, mass executions and ethnic purges, not mutual, if rather reluctant acceptance. But this is a fairy tale, so I will accept its rather naive happy ending. Maybe we need more positive books right now with all the ugliness in the world.

PS. I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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It doesnt support or open after I download the pdf version of it. It's also not showing in my shelf in netgalley and I cant open it to read Please look into the issue and if you can send me the pdf in my mail ID- I cant read the book from here. Please look into the issue
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The Night Girl by James Bow is a New Adult Fantasy novel set in Toronto Canada.  

The main character, Perpetua, has just arrived in the city, and she is determined to prove to her mother that she can make it on her own.  With only $500 in her pocket Perpetua is going to have to find a job fast, and this proves easier said than done.

By the time a friendly cab driver (who may or may not have ulterior motives) suggests checking out an employment listing he shows her, Perpetua is feeling pretty desperate.  There is no way she wants to go back to her mother with her tail between her legs.  Perpetua isn’t feeling very confident of her prospects when she goes to apply in person and finds the business tucked in the back end of the subway corridors, next to a storefront offering limerick services. However, when she is offered the position on the spot she decides to over look this – as well as the fact that her employer is more than a little peculiar.  After all, it does pay well.

When she arrives for her first day of work Perpetua is presented with a rather unusual training situation, but the job is nothing she can’t handle and she soon settles into her role.  She has a sneaking suspicion the place might be haunted – even her chair itself seems possessed – yet it isn’t until she finally meets some of the company’s clients that things start to get really weird.  Perpetua is hit with the realisation that she should have paid more attention to the things her boss has told her, as well as what is in that contract of employment that she signed.

As if all this bizarre new information isn’t enough, Perpetua soon discovers that her boss has been hiding things from her – things that just might have a lot to do with the less than friendly visit she received from a rather official sounding department she has never even heard of before.  Unsure of who can and cannot be trusted, Perpetua knows she has to figure it out fast before someone gets hurt.  That is, if she isn’t already too late.

Vivid details, memorable characters, and a looming mystery all made this story a delight to read.  

3.5/5 stars from me.

Thank you NetGalley, REUTS Publications and Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) for granting me a free copy of this publication in exchange for an impartial review.
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“I could use a little magic right now.” 

Haven’t we all thought that at least once, twice, or in my case every day! For our MC Perpetua Tallulah Collins (yes, its quite a mouthful),  I think the adage “Be careful what you wish for” is quite appropriate. After a row with her mum, Perpetua takes a humongous leap of faith and leaves the only home she’s ever known to try her luck in the big city- Toronto Canada. With $500 tucked away in her bra, because where else would she put it right, she journeys into the big unknown. 

To say her trip takes some unexpected twists turns and dives is an understatement as she encounters a weird magical stalker/cab driver, gets directions from a Gargoyle, has a plethora of “What in tarnation, did anyone else see that!” moments and ends up working for a real troll.

Perpetua soon realizes everything may not be as it seems and that deception is closer than she thinks. As the mysteries surrounding her past and present collide, harsh truths come to light which paints our main character in quite a different light. With the help of some magical interventions, and a lot of luck she may just be the catalyst that lifts the veil between humanity and the unknown. 

The best way to describe the Night Girl is honestly-  “organized chaos.” The careful balance between reality and the veil gave a shockingly realistic insight into humanity and their inability to comprehend that which is deemed different or out of the societal norm. 

I loved having that ‘aha’ moment when the book title makes sense and everything starts falling into place. I thoroughly enjoyed the role that fate/destiny or perhaps mere coincidence played in a lot of the scenes within the novel. Perpetua’s sense of optimism and determination for equality was heartwarming as she looks beyond appearances to see who people truly are.

Totally off-topic, but equally notable,  I also wish to commend James on writing perhaps the sweetest love scene to date. Too often it’s more about the act than the emotions behind it and in the Night Girl, I loved that the girl was guiding the guy, there were no raunchy descriptions but rather an honest and real moment between a cab guy and his traffic girl. 

The Night Girl was witty and intriguing with just the right touch of humor that made for a thoroughly enjoyable read. One of the most memorable themes for me throughout the Night Girl was definitely acceptance. Because in the end, we all have monsters lying underneath the surface now don’t we? 

Thank you to NetGalley and REUTS Publications, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) for providing me with an arc. All views expressed above are my own.

This book review will appear on my blog from 19th Aug 2020 and can be found here:
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A fun and enchanting coming of age story...with goblins, trolls, and faeries. Our main character, Perpetua, decides she needs to leave her small Northern Ontario town and move to the big city in Toronto to start her life. As anyone who moves to Toronto with not a lot of money soon finds out...this city is very hard to start your life in. She struggles with finding a job, homelessness, and loneliness. Fortunately a touch of magic helps her out because she has a gift and can see creatures others can not and because of this she also lands a really great job for someone of her age with no experience and the only draw back is her kind of weird boss and the hours are the night shift. 

She soon discovers the company she works for is an employment agency for trolls and goblins who unfortunately can't do a lot of jobs so they just all kind of hang out with her most of the day as the office begins to double as a community centre. As she settles into her new job she begins to find out things about the company that she feels need to be looked into deeper. 

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in the PATH and convinced myself there was a whole underground Toronto so when I first started reading this book and our main character is wandering around the PATH looking for this subbasement I was immediately taken back to my childhood and it just made me feel so great and is just a love letter to Toronto. 

This book on the surface is just a fun urban fantasy book but it deals with a lot of very important topics on  a deeper level. The homeless crisis in this city, racial discrimination, infrastructure issues and the real cost of building so quickly. There's insta-love in here and I just found the whole romantic plot to be completely unnecessary because it could have worked just as well, or even better, if they were just friends.
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Perpetua Collins is fed up of living in a small town with her mother. She’s decided it’s time she moves out, and heads to Toronto with only 500 pounds in her pocket (bra…).  As soon as she gets there peculiar things start happening, she appears to be able to control traffic, and could have sworn that gargoyle moved. But it couldn’t have, could it? Before she knows it she works for a goblin, and learns more than she knew there was to know about the city. 

This book is a really fun read but also touches on themes of discrimination, racism and being an outsider. Of fighting for your rights or blending into the shadows. Definitely worth a read!
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This is a delightful story! We follow Perpetua as she gets to know an underground world where Trolls, Goblins, Faeries and Gargoyles are forced to hide sometimes in plain sight.
I was a fantastic journey through an outsiders perspective.
I love that this book is set in Toronto, Canada. More books set there please!
It is a fun, adventurous ride. I am currently also reading a book on discrimination LGBTQ+ members face in different parts of the world, and while this book has no overt political leanings, it's clear a lot of the same problems in the book Goblins etc face, is the way that group and refugees have to live.
I give it 9/10. Highly recommend if you like fiction/fantasy.
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What an unexpected gem of a story! 

I didn’t actually mean to request to read and review this title as I already had many books to read, however, my cat made me jump and I hit the ‘read now’ button and I’m so glad that I did. I loved this book; the characters are endearing  (I would be extremely happy  to call Howard the troll my friend), while Perpetua is a strong female protagonist, worthy of respect; the world of the Underground City is depicted clearly, so that I can recreate it in my mind; plus it has many humorous moments.
Along with this, the topics of marginalisation, prejudice and racism all feature, as does the issue of basic rights and comforts for all, yet despite the troubles that occur with as different races attempt to live together as equals, the overall tone is optimistic and uplifting. 

Goblins, trolls, faeries, and the occasional amnesiac all contribute to the story, a story where, ultimately, all the characters want to feel worthwhile and desire a place to call home. 

If you read the blurb and are still teetering on the ‘to read or not to read’ decision, choose the ‘to read’ option, you’ll be glad that you did. 

With thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an e-arc in exchange for an honest review!

The Night Girl is a wonderful urban fantasy which creates unique and compelling characters set in a new and exciting world which allows the reader to fall in love with a magical Toronto. The characters are, despite their fantastical nature, incredibly relatable - especially our protagonist Perpetual who works in employment for trolls and goblins.

The writing style is enjoyable and the pacing allows for the reader to settle into the story before picking up, much like Perpetua's life. While this may not be the most shocking of books and some of the plot twists are easily spottable pages before, The Night Girl is an enjoyable and fun read. 

Perpetua is not your traditional 'hero' expected within this type of novel, but she is relatable and an enjoyable protagonist which leaves you hoping for more stories in this world.

My only criticism of the novel is that the romance seemed unnecessary to me, however as it is not a focal point, I don't see too many issues with this.
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