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I was not expecting 640 pages when I started to read this book! However I quite enjoyed it! The story was pretty interesting and I loved the characters and the switching POV! Also *Warning* it starts pretty soon with mature content! (+18) 🤗

The concept of the supernatural is very intriguing and I loved the variety that was shown! Especially the different kinds of shifters! ☺️ I‘d love to have the abilities from the main character, who wouldn’t want to see handsome men in their dreams?!? 😂
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I had high hopes for this story and it wasn’t bad, but just not for me. 
I like the steamy scenes, possessive wolf, and cat sidekick. 
However, the main character is annoying. h is from the human word and when dragged into the supernatural world, her inner monologue is repetitive, lacks common sense, and critical think skills. For example, h is injured and is told by H that a healer was going to come talk to her. Her inner monologue debated whether this healer was a real doctor or some kind of supernatural being for like three or four full paragraphs. Meanwhile she’s in a supernatural forest in a cabin and was just exposed to many supernatural creatures. The healer uses magic and h’s mind goes “huh, I guess she’s not a human doctor then” uh no duh! 
Another issue is the multiple POVs. I don’t mind multiple POVs usually but in this story the author changes POVs by paragraph instead of chapter. So, it the main characters kiss, a simple kiss is dragged out by reading both of the inner monologues of H and h. 
I ended up putting it down around 41% of the way through. To be honest, it just wasn’t worth the frustration and I was tired of rolling my eyes.
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This is a paranormal read full of self discovery, insta-love, and alpha males that comes out this May.  I received an advanced readers copy from NetGalley and read about 60% of it until I had to stop because it felt like the book really started to drag on unnecessarily. It was just too long and nothing was really happening. 

Caly’s life is routine, from her morning coffee/music to her job as a paralegal, until she rear ends a car. The man in the car doesn’t make her pay for the damage and just lets her leave. She is feeling extremely lucky and feels her luck grow when he asks her out the next day. Everything is starting to change for the better in Caly’s life, but with a killer she doesn’t know about on the loose and a whole other world hiding from her view, her life might end up changing more than she ever imagined could be possible.
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#Calypso's Heart by author # M. C. Solaris is a wonderful, fun and must have novel. This new series has vampires, immortals, and a strong heroine. When I was finished I was ready for the next. 
Thank you for the advance copy,
#Netgalley, #M.C. Solaris and #Victory Editing
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Unfortunately I DNF’d this book at 30% as much as I wanted to enjoy it I just really wasn’t invested in this story. I wasn’t enjoying the past/present POV’s too much  and I didn’t feel any connection with the main character, I really wasn’t a fan of her and couldn’t sympathise with her actions as an adult. 

Thank you NetGalley and HarperCollins for giving me access to this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This fantasy romance book was just ok. It lacked that special something that makes a fantasy romance stick out from all the other similar titles.
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I haven’t read a good PNR since Black Dagger Brotherhood series and they weren’t lying when they said if you enjoy that series you’ll enjoy this book! 
Truth is I didn’t have much hope going in because I’ve been let down by a lot of PNR lately but holy crap did I love this story!
The author instantly sucked you in the world, it was like being transported there and living it with the characters. 
I seriously loved Calys character she showed true strength, the type that shows you can be strong but still have flaws.
The first few chapters are a little slow but once it gets going it’s honestly amazing and totally worth the read! I can’t wait to read more by this author!
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Unpopular opinion to come. 

This tome is 650+ pages, probably 400+ pages too long. 

Unfortunately, the opening chapter alone is full of the usual cliches, including but not limited to a dream sequence and the breath that the MC wasn't aware of holding (twice in consecutive paragraphs even). 

The MC, Caly, is your ordinary girl, nothing special to look at, no discernible interests apart from her coffee and her playlists. The male characters are all paste-board clichè shifters and a vampire. 

I started skimming the book from about 30% on. I liked it until then, but it was repetitive after that first third. 

The book definitely had a lot of mature content, shifter romance/sex scenes. The lauded multiple POV were confusing at times, since it felt like the author couldn't make up their mind which view to jump into. 

I just hope that the other books in the series are edited more carefully.
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Big thanks to netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a review.

I made it through about 35% before I had to quit. I tried but just couldn't. All of what I read could be summed up with "twins, they were twins, aristocrats, twin towers, frost, twins, feminine females that ever femaled with feminine female parts, twins twinning, twins"

The POV was all over the place, switching from one person's POV to another's within the same paragraph.

The language was dull and boring and literally the same thing over and over again. Yes, they are twins, who are twins that tower over everyone they meet so they can only be described as twin towers towering over everyone with their towering twin smirks.

Literal quotes:
"perfectly groomed female brows"
"feminine eardrums"

This is the worst review I've ever left and although I didn't enjoy the book at all, I think the story could have some real potential. With more varied descriptions, less descriptions (they wear white shirts literally every time they step into a scene) and a better POV set up I believe this would be an enjoyable read.
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Meet Caly, an ordinary girl, that has not much personality besides an obsession with her coffee of the moment and her playlists, that is not so ordinary after all. First, she gets abducted by the guys she’s been dating (in her defense, it was only two dates) because he wants to know what species she is. Then, she is rescued by a sexy Alpha male (wolf shifter) and his group (called the Orion order) and she learns that she is not actually human and that she has special abilities and is immortal. The guy who abducted and tortured her is also a powerful shifter and a serial killer, the one that Orion’s order has been looking for, for quite some time.

I enjoyed the first 30% of this book, but it gets boring after that. The scenes are repetitive and not much happens besides the everyday life of Caly, the sexy shifters, and the vampire. Also, the way the order of Orion is introduced is a little bit confusing. It took me two whole chapters to finally figure out who was who and I even thought that the guy she was dating was part of the order for a while. 

I thought this story would be more about the murders and the search for the psycho killer, but I made it as far as 70% and I am still reading about Caly getting used to her new life as a species and having torrid sex with her lifemate/sexy wolf shifter. I just don’t care about this story and the characters enough anymore to continue. There are so many useless descriptions and this story drags on and on and on. Everything is described…I don’t mind descriptions, but I don’t need to know about the color of your makeup, the yoga outfit that someone is wearing, all the ingredients in your friend’s sandwich, or the way your messy bun is not as pretty as you wish it were.

Overall, the beginning was promising, and reading the reviews I assume that the end gets better and that it’s worth it because there are a lot of 4 stars and 5 stars reviews… But the middle is boring, ordinary, and way too long, it killed the mystery and the ambiance that the first chapters created. There are many repetitive or pointless scenes, and a lot of inner monologues, that could have been removed to allow us to get to the real plot of the story (because I am still assuming that this story is somewhat about catching a serial killer).

Review published on Goodreads on November 26, 2020
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It was such a beautiful and easy read!
Loved the pack and their banter! I’ll definitely miss them!

It is an adult/contemporary/fastasy/romance novel. The beginning was really fast and interensting. What I missed from this book was the challenge. I wish there was more action and adventure but it was a really good story. There were a lot of details and descriptions, but it was for the worldbuilding and for the understanding of all the different species!!

There was a lot of romance and smut, which I loved. The sex scenes were kind of repetitive but really steamy.

Loved the different POVs from the pack and can’t wait to read more of their story! And I want a mug “Once you go Alpha..”!!

I’m so ready for the sequel and Rhyker’s story❤️

I want to thank netgalley and the publisher for the ARC of this book in exchange of an honest review!!
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I quite enjoyed this book! Fantasy romances always satisfy me because they always have the perfect amount of angst and love that I'm looking for, and this didn't disappoint.
Although I'd probably have enjoyed this more at a younger age, it was a good read and I recommend for fans of Jennifer L Armentrout's books!
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DNF & 50%

Unfortunately this one was just a miss for me. The paranormal elements were interesting but overall the book was 200 pages too long with the descriptions and inner monologue stretching to an unnecessary degree that every scene felt sluggish and overworked. The males of the Order felt juvenile and stuck in their rut of assigned personalities, and the chemistry between Blake and Caly felt very cookie cutter for the paranormal romance genre. Caly felt particularly vapid and naive and I just couldn't connect to her as a main character. 

Thank you to netgalley for providing a digital copy in exchange for an honest review.
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ARC Review: Received for free via Netgalley for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Thank you for letting me review this title.
Overall it's a good book, it dragged a bit in some moments.
The plot was interesting and the characters had a good growth.
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So I REALLY, REALLY tried with this book. After reading the description, the book sounded interesting. Then, after I started reading it and my frustration began, I read the current reviews and decided to not give up. There were way too many POVs with way too much unnecessary and repeat information. Then, when it was something that should’ve had more info, it wasn’t given. As it was, because of all the extra POVs and info (that easily could’ve been in separate books), I decided I didn’t care about the twins frat boy antics (and the one twin’s penchant for chain-smoking). The only secondary character who I thought would be an interesting read was Nico. When Caly starts describing the healer, whose description was already given many chapters back, I was pretty much done. At that point, I found myself skipping paragraphs and almost whole pages of the secondary characters POVs, especially when they didn’t pertain to what was happening in the story. .
**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book
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Carly, a supposed ordinary girl with a penchant for romance novels and Blake, an alpha werewolf shifter become unexpected partners in Calypso's Heart. Carly's dreams turn out to be more than just dreams and she helps Blake hunt down a murderer. I really wanted to love this book and the bones were good. However, there was too much detail about things that were inconsequential. I got bored with the details dragging on and had a hard time staying focused. Maybe some would appreciate the details that I thought dragged on, but this book wasn't for me.
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Okay, before I really get into this review, there are a few things you need to know going into this book.

~ It is long, like Kristen Ashley long. Its starts a little slow, the first 8ish chapters keep you wondering when it is going to really kick into gear. But those first 8 chapters aren’t bad, they just have you wondering what direction this is going

~ There are a lot of details, and world building. Again, this is not necessarily bad but it makes for a long book. There are so many Species involved in this series all the details are kinda needed to help you understand how 3 shifters, a vampire and an aristocrat tech nerd all live happily in a house. If this book was 200 pages shorter I would probably be writing about how it didn’t make sense how all these species got along and interacted so well.

~This book is told in lots of POV’s - so while reading this book it is definitely getting set up for books to come. And since this book is so detailed and LONG - the books to come hopefully won’t need all the back story and world building since this one is pretty much covering it all. Also the way the POV’s change are quick. It can be confusing, but there are some parts that I actually loved the way it flipped back and forth between the couple through a conversation, so you always know what the hell the other is thinking for their actions. Sometimes it was actually funny to read how they were thinking the same thing, but their actions were totally different.

Now, as if this review isn’t long enough lets dive into the actual book a bit.

Caly is a dream traveler, but she is raised in the human world. Has absolutely no idea Specians even exist let alone that she is one. But, she has spent her entire life feeling like something is missing, and not being able to figure out just what it is. She is a great heroine, and we really get to dive into the way she thinks. While she is extremely drawn to Blake, she still keeps her true emotions at a distance, because being raised human she still can't grasp the LifeMate thing.

During the first part of the book she meets a guy named Nick, when she rear-ends him driving to work. He is a Specian and can scent that she is one as well, so he follows her. Then bumps into her and asks her out because he thinks she hit him on purpose.

Blake (our hot alpha wolf of The Order) has been hunting The Ghost (aka Nick) for years and they just can’t catch him. The first time he meets Caly is in a dream that she pulls him into. But he can only see her eyes. I will say, the topic of Caly’s eyes if definitely brought up in this book a lot, like a lot.

Yes, Blake and Caly have an insta-love connection in this book - BUT THEY ARE LIFE MATES GUYS!! It’s supposed to be like that. For this book being so long, the sex was definitely there, but also spread out enough that it didn’t feel like it was over done in my opinion.

Now, the side characters are awesome! I can’t wait for the Twins’ books. Actually I really can’t wait for Nico. I love me a mysterious badass. We get all their POVs in this book, so we can to know them each a little bit more.

And so you know, like I said it starts off a little slow, then we get some huge Ghost drama and you are totally sucked in. The middle of the book is definitely a lot of world and character development. It is a lot of how Caly is transitioning to this new world, how her relationship is going and meeting new characters that are coming. Then the higher drama comes back in the end.

I did truly love all the details about these characters, their personalities, their abilities and the world that they lived it. Everything was explained very well in my opinion. My only real complaint is the middle just got a little boring for me. I do love me some angst and I would have liked to see more happening with The Ghost throughout the whole book. Which I think would have made this a solid 5 star with those elements continued through the entire book and not just the beginning and end.

I can’t wait to read Rhyker’s book and see how it is. Since this is the first book in what looks to be at least 4 books already, but I can definitely see at least 6 books coming from it so far it makes sense that it is the developing book.

If you are looking for a book for a long weekend, and some traveling, where you have the time to delve in and get lost in this world this is a great book. I don’t think this can be enjoyed to its fullest in short pieces though, but that’s also just my personality.
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Awesome book! Loved it, Blake is chasing an evil being. Caly  accidentally becomes prey to the evil known as the ghost! Can Blake and his pack protect Caly? Especially when Caly is human or is she? This book has all kinds of fun supernaturals in it! First time reading this author but not last!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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Initially I was unsure about this book. While the synopsis captured my attention, I was a little unsure  about the way this book was going to go. I was so unsure that I had the book loaded up on my screen but didn't start reading until some time later. It took me until about a good 100 pages in before I settled into the writing style. I would still that the author go back to the first 1/3 of the book and doing some re-writing. I found it hard to keep track of the POVs. It was like the majority of  the chapter was in one POV then for a sentence or two it would randomly switch. It was very confusing. This made it harder to really get into the story, I would suggest to the author that the book just be in the POV of Blake and Caly or at least stating at the start of the chapter whos POV it would be in. 

I kept reading this story out of sheer will and the promise of an interesting plot. As the story progressed I did get pulled into the plot, there were many characters that were interesting, they just need fine tuned. The development of Blake and Caly's relationship was interesting and I did enjoy how the secondary characters showed development as well.

Overall this book needs a lot of work but the story is very interesting once you get into it.
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This book is far from perfect, and yet I really, really liked it! Can’t wait for the sequel 😊

When I say it’s far from perfect, my main issue is with the writing - it’s a bit “green” and could use some copywriting. It also got a bit boring around the second third of the book, and can be too descriptive at times.

However, it has many of the main ingredients for a great book: great worldbuilding, relatable MC, hot and adorable love interest, sexy scenes 🔥, funny scenes, dangerous scenes, amazing friendships...

The romance might be an issue for those who aren’t fans of instalove, but I would give it a go anyway if I were you ;) plus, I need to highlight again, the FRIENDSHIPS! I hate it when a book makes the story all about the MC and the love interest, as if there aren’t any other people of relevance in their life. This book has so many moments that are about friendship, and some of the funniest scenes happen thanks to that.

I’m curious to see what comes next in the sereis, would love to have a deeper look into the Species’ world, find out who the villain is and what he wants... And of course, see what happens with the other potential couples in the story! 😁
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