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I have enjoyed this cozy mystery and picking up on the clues throughout.  The characters are fun and kept me interested. I am enjoying the romance between Aidan and Savanna and hope it continues to develop.  
Many thanks to Hallmark Publishing and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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had no idea Hallmark was now publishing books, and that could be why I felt there was an overall generally 'nice' feel to the book. The sisters all got along, they all had burgeoning relationships with nice men (or were married to them), had good relationships with their parents, and liked their jobs and, obviously, were good at them. Savanna is an art expert turned elementary school art teacher, although she spends very little time at the school actually doing her job.

Savanna is on the committee of Art in the Park, a committee that is trying to attract the festival to her hometown of Carson, Michigan. This can be a lucrative venture, bringing in lots of visitors to the festival, and highlighting the town for tourists and art lovers in the future. The murder of one of the Art in the Park committee members, however, is a shock to everyone, and Savanna takes it upon herself to work to clear the person arrested for it. She and her sisters band together to help solve the murder.

I found it more slow-going than I usually like, and don't even remember 'whodunnit'. Not a memorable series for me, I'm afraid, although I am definitely in the minority.
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Behind the Frame by Tracy Gardner is the 2nd book in A Shepherd Sisters Mystery series, and a very enjoyable book.  This book is published by Hallmark, and one of my favorite television channels is the Hallmark mystery.  I love how the sisters come together to find the real killer, very entertaining.  I will be reading the first book in the series, Out of the Picture, and looking forward to the next book in the series.  If you enjoy cozy mysteries, that involve sisters, I highly recommend this book.  
I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Behind the Frame is the second installment of A Shepherd Sisters Mystery series,  This is a wonderful and thoughtful story. Its well written and has a good storyline. The characters are enjoyable and easy to read. Its a page turner. 
I read and and reviewed an Advanced Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are of my own. Thank you NetGalley and Hallmark Publishing for letting read this story.
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You know you have a good writer when a reader can start a series without reading the first book and feel like you know what is going on and who everyone is to each other. I bought the first book but have not read it. I saw this on NetGalley and was instantly drawn in. I am now going to go back and read the first one while waiting for the next one to be released.

A good clean read for cozy mystery and mystery in general enthusiasts. You of course have your murder scene but nothing too grisly. No foul language and no steamy romance scenes.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Hallmark Publishing, through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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Great cozy mystery to get immersed in--a little romance, a mystery and beautiful scenery on the banks of Lake Michigan.
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Shepherd Sisters Mystery is a fun good of characters. Savanna is a fun, intelligent and nosy MC. It’s easy to fall in love with her and her family. Savanna is responsible for bringing Art in the Park festival. When a committee member helping with the festival is found dead. Savanna and her sisters are determined to solve the case. 
This was my first time reading and I believe if I read the first one first it would have been better. There are lots of characters to get to know. Overall a great series! 
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I received a copy of Behind the Frame: A Shepherd Sisters Mystery through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Behind the Frame is the second installment of A Shepherd Sisters Mystery series, but the first I have read. In this cozy mystery Savanna Shepherd, a former art expert who is now an art teacher, is planning the Art in the Park festival that she has brought to Carson. When one of the people on the planning committee turns up dead, Savanna and her two sisters are on the case, turning over every stone until they locate the motive and killer.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. The characters are very likable and they mystery was well plotted and fast paced, making it hard to put down. I enjoy the small town of Carson and how everyone knows each other in someway or another. This was a great mystery read and I look forward to going back and reading the first in the series. It will be exciting to see what comes next in this great series.
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A friend recommended this book to me and I'm glad she did!
I enjoyed this story a lot and I finished it one day. I didn't want to put it down until I finished. I don't like to put a book down in the middle of the story because then I'll keep wondering what happened next.
This author has done a great job in pulling me into the book immediately! I wasn't disappointed at all!
Wonderful characters with an awesome plot! This book is just too good to pass up!
P.S. This would make an awesome Hallmark movie! 
I highly recommend! Five stars
My thanks to Netgalley. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.
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An engrossing story in a town on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Savanna Shepherd, a local elementary school art teacher, is instrumental in Carson being chosen to host Art in the Park.  When a member of the planning committee is found murdered and a local man is accused of the crime, Savanna and her sisters get involved to try to prove his innocence.  I loved the interactions between Savanna and her sisters and how close that they are.  They work well together to find clues to the mystery and there is no shortage of suspects.  This book had all of the things that I love about a cozy mystery, a small town that I would like to visit, characters that I would like to meet and an intriguing mystery.  I hope that there will be more books in this series so that I can visit Carson and the Shepherd Sisters again soon.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Behind the Frame by Tracey Gardner
Book #2: Shepherd Sisters Mysteries Series
Source: NetGalley 
Rating: 4½/5 stars

Savanna Shepherd, fresh off solving her first crime, is looking forward to the end of the school year and the opening of the Art in the Park festival.  As one of the driving forces behind bringing the festival to Carson, Savanna is very much looking forward to a highly successful summer.  What she isn’t looking forward to is a spate of vandalism and the murder of a prominent community member. 

Though Savanna has no intention of becoming involved in yet another murder investigation, she just can’t seem to help herself.  To be fair, getting involved wasn’t a conscious choice, but one born out of bad luck.  Savanna found the victim and from the moment she did, she knew something was hinky about the whole affair.  Even after sleeping on the events and sorting them in her mind, Savanna believes there is far more to the murder of her friend, than just a simple murder.  

As Savanna begins to track down the clues and the oddities, she uncovers all manner of secrets.  There are the secret relationships, the past criminal records, the unethical relationship between a festival judge and a contestant, and a pure belief that the wrong man has been accused of the murder.  To clear an innocent man, Savanna is going to risk her own life in the process of pulling all the pieces of the puzzle together.  

As if a murder investigation weren’t enough, Savanna and her sisters are also dealing with all manner of shenanigans on a personal level.  Savanna is still feel slightly uncertain of her relationship with the town doctor, Sydney is forging her own path with a most unlikely male suitor, and Skylar has a secret she’s been keeping that she just can’t wait to share with her family.  As usual, the sisters come together to help and support one another through thick and thin.  Lord knows, the Shepherd sisters can find a mess of trouble without going to much effort 😊 

The Bottom Line:  I didn’t see an immediate continuation of Savanna’s story – rather than an emphasis on a different sister - coming and I quite liked the surprise.  Once again, I enjoyed the camaraderie among the sisters and their willingness to support and help one another even though the task seems banana pants crazy.  With so much going in the girls’ personal lives, I feel this book demonstrated a lot of growth among the various characters and that is always going to win me over.  Each of the Shepherd sisters bring their individual strengths to the table and as those strengths are growing and evolving, the stories are becoming even better.  I have seriously high hopes for this series!
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Release Date: August 11th 2020


Savanna is planning Michigans art in the park festival. It’s a huge honor for Carson to be chosen! However when a councilman is murdered and a family friend is accused,  Savanna, Sydney and Skylar will uncover every clue they can to prove his innocence. When the attacks start hitting close to home, can they stay alive long enough to put all the piece together?

This is the second in the #shepardsisters series. I didn’t feel I was missing a lot of information by not having read the first one. That being said, I am going to back and read the first one as I thoroughly enjoyed book 2. This would be an amazing @hallmarkmovie series!!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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More mysteries in Carson
The author of multiple books, Tracy Gardner, presents "Behind the Frame. A Shepherd Sisters Mystery from Hallmark Publishing". Savanna Shepherd, art teacher at the local elementary school in her hometown, the little beach town Carson, is highly involved trying to assure that the Art in the Park Festival will be help in Carson this year. But there seem to be forces at work trying to stop the festival. The shocking beheading of the statue of Jessamina Carson in the park and the red spray-painted words "Never Carson" on the base of the statue, and a dead body only being three of the disturbing happenings. Are the destructions linked to the murder? Can Aidan, Savanna's new love interest keep her and her sisters Skylar and Sydney save? And most of all, will the festival take place. You can find the answers to these questions and more in Gardner's book.
This is the second book by Tracy Gardner which I have read. It is also the second one in Gardner's series about the Shepherd Sisters. I want to read more of her novels and cannot wait for the third volume of the series. The book holds real and well developed characters. It is easy to read and enjoyable and as usual, one of the typical Hallmark recipes, this time for Mini Rhubarb Pies, is included. I highly recommend this book to all the readers who want a break and like romantic mysteries.
The complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge. I was under no obligation to offer a positive review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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4 stars - Great! Might re-read.

I love this series! I can see this playing out on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, easily. The ensemble sleuthing, with each sister bringing something to the investigation, is so fun. I love Savanna's family. And the author does a great job with balancing the requisite "Don't start snooping; you could get hurt." with the actual snooping, some with support or approval. The LEO cautions Savanna to be smart and leave things to them, but he also respects her and listens to the insights and clues she brings in. The characters are my favorite thing about this - some nice developments for all three sisters in their personal lives.

The mystery in this was great. I was guessing until the very end when Savanna put all the final pieces together. I enjoyed the complicated and twisty path to get to the solution. I hope there will be more books in this series because both have been a delight. Cozy fans should not miss these!
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I enjoyed this book immensely and I wasn't expecting too.  When I started I was leery because the destruction of a statue hit a little to close to home after this summer but I was pleasantly surprised.  The mystery and characters soon had be engrossed and for a couple of hours I forgot about the real world and let myself be immersed in the intrigue in Carson.
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I enjoyed the characters in this cozy mystery.  The three Shepherd sisters are entertaining, and I liked their commitment to being there for each other at all times.  The storyline is interesting, and the solution to the mystery wasn’t apparent for the majority of the book.  This is a clean story with a little bit of sweet romance as a secondary storyline.  I like this series, and hope there will be another book that features these sisters.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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A super hallmark cosy mystery perfect for those winter evenings. Interesting and likeable characters? A fun story and great storytelling. X
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So far I have only come across one other series that features a trio of sisters and I must say that the Shepherd sisters are every bit as good as the Swensen sisters. This story instantly draws you in with the horrific crime of the statue beheading followed by a murder.  There is a lot of smart to go with that art that that Savannah teaches to the school kids as she uses her skills of observation to notice that the things are off just enough to not be right. Plenty of suspects to choose from after all, there is an ex-wife, a disgruntled son, some hinky business dealings, and political plotting. While this is the second book in the new series, it takes no time to figure out who is who in the cast of characters. All three Shepherd sisters are unique and vibrant ladies who work well together, much like a picture with balanced colors. The usual cozy story must-haves are present including the splash of romance that makes you feel as warm and gooey as a rhurbarb pie, which happens to be the recipe found at the back of the book. By the way, this pie pairs quite well with a yooper hand pie, which is not only mentioned but also described in such a way that I had to look it up and make one. This was my first Shepherd Sister Mystery and my first time trying both rhubarb and rutabaga.
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This cozy mystery has all the Hallmarks of a good read (see what I did there? LOL) - a small town, a family that gets along and loves each other, and a mystery that keeps the pages turning!  It was fun to catch up with the Shepherd sisters and I'm looking forward to the next book!  If you're a fan of the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel, you'll enjoy this book!
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When Savanna Shepherd discovered councilman/mayoral candidate/friend John Bellamy's murdered body and then heard that the police had arrested a local chef she'd known for years, she couldn't help but be drawn into the investigation. Carson, Michigan is a small town on the shores of the lake and is home to some interesting characters. This is a good mystery that kept me guessing to the end. I really enjoyed this second book in the Shepherd Sisters series.
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