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3.5/5 stars

How to Lose an Ex in 10 Days is about Belle Delphine, a twenty-six-year-old journalist. Belle lives with her 10 months older sister, Rosie, and their best friend Tess. The novel spans over the course of the 10 days leading up to Rosie’s wedding. As Belle starts to take notice of her colleague and friend Nate, she has this internal struggle because she still feels haunted by her ex who six years earlier left her at the alter who she has had no contact with since, that is until he comes back just a day or two after this internal struggle begins. This becomes problematic for Belle in many ways, but mostly because her ex, Ed, is dead. Now she is being literally haunted by Ed while trying to juggle Rosie’s wedding, Nate’s feelings, why Ed is here, and decipher her own feelings.

While I really enjoyed the plot and the idea behind the novel, I am giving it 3.5/5 starts because there were a lot of things at play that made me question the validity of the novel. Lucas’s writing style and characters are amazing, but the pacing of the novel didn’t feel right and I will get into that shortly, but I want to really highlight and praise the things that did work. Lucas’s writing style is one that I absolutely adore. I have not read her other novel, but now I want to because her style, at least in this novel, is very unique. The story is told from Belle’s first-person perspective, but it is almost second person with Belle speaking directly to the reader at some points. When Belle first speaks to the reader, I was taken aback unsure if it was a mistake because this is very uncommon, but the way that Lucas executes this exchange through the novel does not pull the reader out of the novel but actually does the opposite and pulls them further into the story and you begin to feel like Belle’s closest confidante. It was very fun to read.

Lottie Lucas’s characters are another reason I enjoyed this novel. We have the main characters: Belle, Nate, Ed, Rosie, and hen we have some secondary characters like Belle and Rosie’s best friend Tess, their Mum and Grandmother and Rosie’s fiancé Leo (who is my favorite character and the best person who ever existed). Belle is a character with a lot of guilt, shame, and trust issues especially trusting herself. She is guarded from being jilted at the alter and one of my favorite things about her is that she talks about herself before her wedding day and how she misses that person and wishes that she could be that person again. Belle is an extremely relatable character, even though most of us reading this have probably not been left at the alter, her struggle is one that is very familiar for so many different reasons. Rosie, Belle’s older sister, is a very strict, very solid character and she is very blunt which is needed for Belle in some ways but the way that these characters interact with each other mirrors a lot of sister relationships the good and the bad of them. Our two main men, Nate and Ed, are very different on the surface and Belle compares them a lot throughout the novel. Both men are aggravating and yet I loved them both. Our secondary characters were very flushed out and really brought a lot of relatability and understanding to our main characters and the story itself.

How to Lose an Ex in 10 Days covers really important themes such as closure, self-absorption, trusting yourself, and what means to take control of your life. Belle was left at the alter and SIX YEARS later she is still not able to move on from it. She never hunted Ed down because her friends and family, especially her sister, told her it would be better to just put it behind her and she felt that she had to that for them to prove that she could be okay. Belle bases a lot of decisions off of what she thinks she needs to do for her loved ones. With all that Belle struggles with in these 10 short days she has to come to terms with how she wants to move forward in her life and what that looks like. Lucas does a great job at covering these themes, however, the quickness with which Belle comes to these terms seems too fast and that brings us to the biggest downfall of the novel which is the pacing. 

The novel spans over the course of 10 days. Within those 10 days Belle starts to have feelings for her co-worker which in and of itself is not a problem but on top of that Belle is confronted by her ex, which she has made very clear that she is not over, finds out that he has been dead, and then finds closure with all this by the end of the novel. The stages she goes through makes sense but there is a sense of rushing and while I enjoyed the aspects, I was constantly questioning the validity of the novel every time I set it down. I just didn’t buy that things could be so resolved in only 10 days. If this novel would have been in the span of four months I could kind of see it, but it just didn’t make sense to me. With the pacing, the synopsis tells us that her ex comes back and haunts her but that main plot point doesn’t start as soon as you would expect, and it felt like Lucas was forcing herself to build up to it. I would catch myself trying to speed ahead or try to find where Belle finds out, but it just was unneeded build up. 

While the pacing of the novel was not great and really hindered the novel, Lucas’s characters, and themes along with this fun plot was an enjoyable read. It is not a new favorite and my issue with the pacing makes it hard for me to recommend the book, but the writing style alone is enough for me to give Lucas’s other book and future books a read. 

*I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.*

(Will update my feedback with Amazon and BN Review once they become available)
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I feel like writers need to stop making these similar plot lines to the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, because there is just nothing that will compare to that movie. This is the third book I've read that tried to compare to one of my favorite romcoms, and it fell short, I love writing rant reviews but I feel bad writing them for books that were given to me. That’s why I’m trying to make this more critical and less of a negative one. This just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The whole book wasn’t that interesting to me, to be honest and I found that most of the stuff happening didn’t make that much sense and also like it just wasn’t that important to the story.
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When I saw this book on the website I was immediately interested as I've also read her other book 'Ten Things  My Cat Hates About You' last year. I gave that one 3 stars and was curious to see if the author had improved her storytelling/writing.

I think she did improve her writing and was happy to see that.
I do have to be honest and say it was a struggle to get through this book.
For some reason I didn't connect to the main character (Belle) and didn't care about what was happening. I also didn't like Nate at all.

Then there is the paranormal aspect of this story. The synopsis says something about 'haunting her every step … literally!' and talks about a supernatural mission from above, but I really didn't realise it would literally mean that there would be a ghost in the story haha.

This was a miss for me and now after reading two of her books I've come to the conclusion that I won't be reading more books by her. The stories sound great and her writing is good, but they unfortunately just don't hit me like I would want to.
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Belle was jilted at the altar, and since then she hasn't been able to have a relationship. When she starts getting close to her gorgeous work colleague, the boyfriend who left her at the altar makes an unusual appearance.

The book was ok at first, but I have to say I'm not a fan of supernatural encounters, and this put me off. It reminded me of Working Wonders by Jenny Colgan, so if you liked it and / or you are into supernatural encounters, you might enjoy this book.

** Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exchange of my honest opinion. **
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How to lose an ex in 10 days by Lottie Lucas is interesting, romantic comedy with a twist. Very different from any other romance story I have read before and I like that it is set in my own home city, Edinburgh. 

Six years after being left at the alter, Belle has never recovered, feeling hopeless she hasn't dared date since, she is in a job she has no passion for and has been secretly falling for a man she has no courage to ask out.
Things start to look up, as all her dreams come true when handsome co-worker Nate, asks her out on a date.

Retuning from her lunch date, feeling on cloud nine, Belle's world comes crashing down when she is met at the office by none other than Ed, the man who jilted her six years ago.
This kicks up a lot of old feelings Belle hadn't worked through. She hates him with a passion and needs to know why he left in order to gain closure. But Ed is here for a reason, they have unfinished business and he can't leave until they work through it.

To begin with this seems like a classic chick-lit romance, but unfortunately lost me after the "twist", I persevered as I hate to give up on a book. A few things I couldn't get my head around, Nate ended things and wouldn't hear her out because she didn't tell him about her ex-fiance, after just ONE lunch date. 
Who airs out their dirty laundry after one date?
I also found her older sister very petty and completely selfish, a fair few of the characters weren't very likable but I suppose that was the authors intent, they all just seemed to act like children. 

I gave this book 3 stars, although the story wasn't particularly my cup of tea, the sentiment wasn't lost. The overall focus is very much on forgiveness and dealing with feelings rather than burying them, moving on and learning to love again.
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I found this book to be a pleasant enough read to start with, meandering along in the typical chick-lit style. Belle Delphine is getting ready for her sister’s wedding. With that distraction and handsome Nate now returning her smouldering looks across the office, she’s finding it difficult to concentrate on work. Add in to the mix her ex-fiance returning after six years of no contact and she’s certainly got a lot on her plate. Then we have the twist and from then on I just found I lost interest in the book. I suppose it is a quirky take on the whole ‘ex’ scenario but it just want for me. I would rate this book 2.5 stars. Thank you to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter and the author for the chance to review.
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Belle Delphine experienced everyone’s worst nightmare and was left at the altar. Six years later her sisters getting married and a new man is on the scene but suddenly her ex is back too. Can she help with wedding prep, sort out her love life and get rid of her ex all in 10 days? 

This is such a mixed review for me as I really loved Lottie’s writing style and would definitely read more of her work but this story just wasn’t for me. 

I love a good romance book and was really enjoying this one UNTIL we find out half way through why her ex is really back. Honestly, it was like a switch went off for me and I was no longer interested at all. I hate leaving things unfinished so carried on reading but was unfortunately completely disinterested from there. I would’ve much rathered that the whole supernatural element was left out and that he was just trying to win her back. I also feel this book was a lot longer than it needed to be? I wouldn’t recommend this book but it certainly won’t put me off of reading more of her work!
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I have mixed feelings on this one! I’ll start by saying I liked the writing and I would read other books by the same author but this story just missed the mark for me. I was enjoying the first half until we find out more about the main characters Belle’s ex and why he has suddenly reappeared and then I lost interest. It just seemed really stupid and unnecessary and it didn’t really add anything to the story. It would’ve been better, for me, if he was just an arsehole ex boyfriend who was hanging around trying to win Belle back rather than this whole supernatural element. From that point I just couldn’t take anything seriously, it all just seemed a bit pointless. The characters were also quite unlikeable, Belle was really whiny and I felt she was just toying with Nate and Ed and constantly changing her mind about who she wanted to be with. Although to be fair, her whole relationship with Nate was kind of nonexistent, they just shared flirty glances across the office but apparently that means they’ve been in love the whole time? None of the characters really felt complete or well rounded, I felt like I didn’t know much about any of them. Suddenly halfway through Belle’s sister kind of exploded and turned into a bit of a bitch for no reason. She was really mean to Belle which I don’t think was justified, she was being haunted by the man who left her at the alter, that’s kinda more important than making confetti cones for your wedding hun. The mother was also awful, she’s really selfish and kind of toxic. She constantly trying to upstage her own daughters. The only character I kind of liked was Belle’s friend Tess but to be honest, all we really know about her was that she has rich parents who she rarely speaks to and that she’s an artist. I felt her character didn’t actually do anything, she didn’t bring anything to the story. 
All in all, I liked the first half and I liked the writing, I think it’s just for me personally I don’t like these far fetched ‘supernatural’ type aspects, I like real life contemporary fiction.  If you’re looking for a romance with an unusual twist, then I’d definitely recommend. 
Thanks very much for allowing me to read this.
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Belle is devastated after her fiancée, Ed, disappears on their wedding day. He never made it to the church on time, and she never had any kind of contact with him after. Six long years later, and Belle is still stuck half in love with Ed, but also still angry at him. She hides this really well from her sister and her best friend. At the office, there is a tentative romance brewing between her and Nate, a senior journalist for the paper.
There was a very unexpected, shocking twist there in the middle. And for a few seconds, I was completely thrown for a loop. This added an element to the story that I did not expect at all. It wasn’t bad per se, but up until then, I wouldn’t have said it fit in with the story. But if you can assemble this new bit of information, then it works all right with the rest of the story.

I did not buy Belle and Nate as a couple. Their entire relationship consisted of a view furtive looks at the office, some mild flirting, and plenty of misunderstandings. There really wasn’t any kind of relationship development between them. I think they spent more time at odds with each other, than trying to get to know one another. And Belle’s time was a bit consumed with all kinds of other shenanigans.

So, it was okay. I did find it interesting enough to read until the end. I agree with other reviewers that the writing is excellent, and this book certainly did not put me off reading other books by the same author. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This book reminded me a lot of the classic romantic comedies of the early ‘00s — sort of like Just Like Heaven meets How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. 

It all starts out in a pretty standard rom-comy way: It finally seems things are going Belle’s way. Her sister is getting married in a few days and, finally, her newsroom crush on Nate D’Angelo is reciprocated. 

But then her ex, Ed — aka: the guy who left her at the altar — is back. And he’s haunting her every step. 

It isn’t long until Belle’s past and present come crashing into each other, leaving her just 10 days to save the wedding, get the guy and lose the ex. Easy, right? 

I found the writing throughout the novel to be really well done. A lot of the characters felt really well fleshed out — even though there were moments where I wanted to shake Belle by the shoulders and ask her what was she thinking? 

I wasn’t sure if I liked the big reveal at first but, as we got more insight into Ed and Belle’s relationship and found out what really happened that day, it really grew on me. 

I just kind of wish there’d been a little more interaction between Belle and Nate. While we’re dropped into the story long after the two of them have first met, their interactions all felt a bit rushed — which made it a bit difficult, at times, to root for their relationship.
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This book had an interesting premise, but in the end it felt very miscategorized to me. It's not really a Romance, more like Women's Fiction. It also slowed way down around halfway through and I was kind if slogging through it eventually. 

 If you want a read about healing after heartache and learning to love yourself then you might like this one, but it wasn't for me. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Left at the altar with a twist. This was an enjoyable tale of a woman jilted and trying to put the pieces of her life back together. A light hearted, easy read that is engaging and entertaining. Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to review this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion
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This was great. Perfect escapism. Funny, great characters. A fab storyline and laugh out loud moments. About living life. Something we are all desperately missing at the moment. Fab.
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Ed left Belle at the altar.  She's struggled to get over it and now, at long last, she thinks she might be ready to move on with Nate.  But wait- Ed's back!  With a twist!  No spoilers but this isn't really a romance novel - much as I wanted it to be- but rather it's a story of a woman dealing with lots of issues and moving on.  That said, I found myself rooting for Belle (also occasionally wanting to whisper advice in her ear).  It does sag a bit in the second half but still it's a good read.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.
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How To Lose An Ex In Ten Days
Lottie Lucas
Contemporary / Romance / Paranormal
2.5 Stars 🌟🌟💫

Thank you to NetGalley and One More Chapter for providing me with an ARC of this book to try in exchange for an honest review.

I was so excited when I first came across this title on NetGalley, the premise sounded really promising for a fun, light chick-lit read and the cover was really cute (I’m a sucker for cover art). The title brings to mind classic Rom Com movies (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days anyone?) – I was definitely ready to read this one.

Now this book is marked as a Romance – and from the description and comparable authors offered up (noted as perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk) I thought it would definitely fall into the Romantic Comedy category. When I reread the description now, I see that the big surprise was eluded to – however going into the book I was entirely taken aback by it.

The story starts out in your usual contemporary romantic comedy way. Belle Delphine is your usually new adult, out of university in a job she doesn’t really love or feel challenged by and lacking a love life. The lack of love life is partially self-induced, as she was left at the altar by an ex and has yet to fully move on from the experience. 

Things are looking up though, as she has met someone and it seems she might be ready to make the leap forward with her cute co-worker, Nate. This is of course when *ta-da* the ex decides to make a reappearance in her life!

To start, I’ll say that the writing itself was good and I could see how those that enjoy Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk (like me!) could easily find that same feel in this author’s work. I thought the premise to the story itself was also good and I really was intrigued by the characters and how everything would unfold. I also want to note that I really appreciated and enjoyed the strong female friendships and sisterly bond going on between Belle, Rosie, and Tess.

The rest of my review will be below the line as it will contain some spoilers.

** Spoilers Below **

Now while I did find parts very enjoyable, this book ended up just being an okay read for me. Partly due to the ‘twist’. I was expecting more of a traditional romance / romantic comedy from the synopsis and aforementioned comp authors offered up. Instead, this book read more as a Paranormal Contemporary Women’s Fiction read. The focus seemed to be more on the figuring yourself out, moving on from the past and the whole ‘ghost’ bit. 

I can appreciate the occasional paranormal romance /romcom and I definitely think this read would appeal to those who do like that trope (for fans of Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Over Her Dead, and/or Just Like Heaven). However, overall I found that particular point rather jarring – I honestly wasn’t expecting it. 

As I said, I really thought the writing was well done and those that enjoy this particular trope as seen in the above listed romcom movies would probably connect with this well. I would definitely still try another read from this author, and would recommend to fans of the paranormal (ghost) romance angle.
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Unfortunately I was unable to gel with this book and haven’t been able to finish. 
I will not be writing a negative review as that is unfair to the author and I will revisit this as I’m aware I’m a mood reader. Updated review to follow.
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How to Lose an Ex in Ten Days by Lottie Lucas started off strong for me and I really liked it at first but then it was just ok after the halfway point. I also think ghosts will be a new thing in the romance genre, but I liked how everything worked out at the end. I didn’t love this book as much as I loved Ten things my cat hates about you, but this was still a cute, light read.

Thank you Netgalley and publishers for giving me the chance to read and review this book! This was a three star rating.
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After being jilted at the alter, Belle’s life is taking a turn for the better.  Until her ex comes back to haunt her, quite literally, as in, an actual ghost!

This was an okay read, it didn’t grab me as much as I thought it would.
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'How To Lose An Ex In Ten Days' was simply an okay book for me. I went into this book with the expectation that this would be a romance book about a woman getting over her ex. And that was what this book was about but it was less of a romance book and more of a getting over her ex and learning to love herself again kind of book. I definitely did not expect the supernatural aspect of this book, but I did kind of like it and it made this book very unique from any other book in the genre. 

My favourite thing about this book was probably the writing. If you like Sophie Kinsella's writing, the writing in this book really reminded me of her books and so I'd recommend this book to anyone who like Sophie Kinsella's books. 

I didn't hate 'How To Lose An Ex In Ten Days' but I also was not madly in love with it and I don't think it will be a book that will stick with me. There were aspects of this book that I really liked, for example, I loved the friendship between Belle, Tess and Rosie and enjoyed the scenes where the girls were talking and confiding in each other. However, I did not like the relationship in this book. I thought that they did not have any chemistry, maybe becuse we barely saw the two characters together as they had so few scenes together.  I also did find this book slightly boring at times and found myself zoning out whilst reading, simply because I was not interested in what was happening and so I was bored. 

I think 'How To Lose An Ex In Ten Days' was simply not a book for me. I am sure that this book will appeal to someone and recommend that you read it if you do find the synopsis interesting because it is definitely a unique book. 

Thank you to One More Chapter for providing me with an advance copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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When I saw this book on Netgalley the premise seemed very interesting and something I usually enjoy in chick-lit. However, the description failed to mention maybe the most important thing that honestly shocked me but not in a good way.

This is a classic contemporary romance about a girl Belle, working a boring job she isn’t that into, falling for a guy she doesn’t have courage to ask out. The cause of her issues is what happened to her 6 years ago. Belle was left at the altar and has never recovered from it.

Just as things start going her way and she finally goes out with her handsome co-worker Nate, her ex-fiance suddenly shows up at her workplace and leaves her speechless.

Suddenly, all her feelings are back and although she hates him with passion, she still has unsolved feelings for him and wonders why he did what he did. But she finds out that he’s not back for nothing. There is unsolved business between them and it is nothing like you imagine it might be.

In the beginning this seemed like a classic chick-lit to me and although it wasn’t a unique storyline, it was alright. However, once I was hit with the biggest twist I wasn’t that impressed. I don’t want to spoil the details but if I knew it was about that, I never would’ve requested it. It is just not something for me.

I love writing rant reviews but I feel bad writing them for books that were given to me. That’s why I’m trying to make this more critical and less of a negative one. This just wasn’t my cup of tea.

The whole book wasn’t that interesting to me, to be honest and I found that most of the stuff happening didn’t make that much sense and also like it just wasn’t that important to the story.

The romance part was also off because the whole conflict between Nate and Belle happened because she didn’t tell him about her ex-fiance even though they have only been on ONE date. I didn’t know you were supposed to tell your date everything about yourself on your first date and that’s why the whole conflict seemed very intentional and silly. Also, falling in love after knowing each other for a few days is also very weird especially when the characters are 20 something years old and not twelve.

Honestly, I would’ve DNF’d it but I decided to finish it just for sake of finishing and writing a legitimate review.

All in all this seemed like a fun book but it just wasn’t the one for me. My tips for the author would be to put the main plot twist in the description so that the readers would know what this is actually about. There are many readers who like that theme in books, I am just not one of them.
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