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Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You

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A wonderful book, I loved it so much! Very reminiscent of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. The characters are wonderful and develop really nicely as the story progresses. Makes you think too- with interesting themes regarding life/ death and mortality explored.
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Really enjoyed this beautiful read that gripped me by the throat and by the heartstrings on almost every page. Loved the 'flowy' pace of this read - I blinked and I'd see I was at 20%, then 35%, then 50%, and it kept on like this. I couldn't wait to finish it, but I also wanted to savour it, because it was precious. I was afraid Eudora's old curmudgeon ways would deter me from the read, but I ended up finding the author wrote an 8o-something person really well, because Eudora's worldview and mindset and manners reminded me a lot of my father who was also a child during WWII. Then I thought Rose would be too much, but this little girl is just the right amount of over-the-top to have you shake your head and smile benignly.
Beautiful, soulful story, reminding us to love life, to live it, to enjoy the people we are blessed to have in out inner circle. Really, this book is a balm for the soul!
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Eudora Honeysett has faced tragedy, hardship, and loss in her life, with the loss of control over her circumstances weighing heavily. Longing to be in charge of her own destiny, Eudora is lobbying a clinic to assist her in death. The one thing that she does not count on is the little dynamo that moves in next door. Will the unlikely friendship with 10 year old Rose change how Eudora feels about her life?

This novel reminded me of a feminine version of A Man Called Ove. Eudora had a similar way about her, but the people in her life could see through the facade. Although it was a novel about death, there was an equal measure of hope in the message. I particularly liked the relationships between Rose and Eudora, as well as Stanley. It showed how friendship can transcend barriers, both those in your mental state and physical being. I was genuinely sad for the book to end, as I really fell in love with the characters. For these reasons, I would recommend Eudora Honeysett is Quite Well, Thank You to other readers.

Disclaimer: I was given an Advanced Reader's Copy by NetGalley and the publisher. The decision to review this novel was entirely my own.
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A heart warming read 

This book was brilliant and it had me chuckling from very early on - the first page in fact. I really liked Eudora as a character and in particular her view on life.

Eudora Honeysett, 85 years old, with no family left and is quite happy if her final days arrive. That is until an unexpected young lady, along with a widower win their way into heart and friendship blooms. 

The story shares with the reader, Eudora’s life so far and how it is that she has come to be where she is, leading a lonely life.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a sad book because it isn’t. The relationships in this story and beautiful and well told and it offers different views on life snd death. I know that this book will stay with me for a long time, as will the characters.
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I enjoyed this book right from the beginning, easy to get into and I also found it humorous. Can’t help but like the main character. 

Thank you NetGalley for my complimentary copy in return for my honest review.
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This is a delightful book, particularity suited to brighten up the difficult times we have been going through. It is a story about friendship, hope and finding happiness when you least expect it. Eudora is 85 and tired of life. She plans to take fate into her own hands when she meets her new neighbours, in particular 10-year old Rose. Rose is the child that everyone wishes they had - smart, fun, full of personality. Together, they embark on new adventures and Eudora finds a new zest for life. A lovely, uplifting read.

Thank you Netgalley for an e-copy of this book in exchange for an impartial and honest review.
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If you love Fredrik Bachman books, you will most definitely love this one.
At 85, Eudora is preparing herself to die on her own terms.  She has seen too many people linger until they lose all dignity and become a burden to everyone.  She has lived her life on her terms and will do the same with her death.  And then she meets Rose.  Rose is 10 and sees only the good in people and the world at large.  She claims Eudora as a friend and will not let her go so easily.
This is an emotionally charged story that will insure you feel Eudora's irritation right along with Rose's optimism.  It will make you smile and make you cry.  Just be prepared to give that huge SIGH at the end of this story and recommend it to all of your reading friends.
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I don't know why this book didn't make it to the top of my TBR list sooner. An eighty-five year old lead to the story drew me in and welcomed me with open arms. Highlighting the sensitive subject of death, forgiveness and friendship.
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What a beautifully written story this was. I throughly enjoyed it. It was warm, engaging and successfully touched on the delicate subject of death. A real feel good book with such a lovely undercurrent of seizing the day and feeling grateful for what we have. This book will stay with me for sometime. 

Highly recommended. 

Thank you Harper Collins and Netgalley.
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This book has been on my TBR pile for ages. I have no idea why I didn't get to it sooner but I am so glad I have now. An 85 year old woman is an unusual heroine but I loved her, and everything about this story. Friendships across the generations, making difficult decisions, forgiving yourself, and hope. Best book I have read this year!
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The word I would use to describe this book is perfection!.
The characters Eudora and Rose were enchanting and really pushed their way in to your hearts.
Eudora is 85 years old, and has made her mind up about wanting to part from this world. She wants to be in charge as to how she passes. She begins making enquiries to visit Switzerland, and whilst doing so continues going about her usual routines.
Then Rose, a 10 year old girl moves in next door to Eudora and they strike up a truly unique, heart warming bond. As Eudora starts to enjoy her life a little more with this new found friendship, it leaves you wondering if she will  change her mind.

Beautiful from start to finish, this book is one that will no doubt stay with me for a very long time. The authors writing style is captivating and you become fully invested in the characters and how their stories will end.
A remarkable, breath taking read that everyone should read!.
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“This little girl is like a grenade packed full of joie de vivre and Eudora has no idea why she has been chosen as a friend. Eudora is everything Rose isn’t: old, disillusioned and able to keep her emotions in check. Yet it’s not unpleasant having the child around. She is infuriatingly persistent but unrelentingly kind.”

Eudora Honeysett Is Quite Well, Thank You is the seventh novel by British author, Annie Lyons. Eudora Honeysett’s eighty-fifth birthday is sombre and solitary; it’s just her and her twelve-year-old cat, Montgomery, who has “morphed into the equivalent of a long-endured husband – cantankerous, off-hand, and only interested in being fed.” 

The highlight of her day is the arrival of the A4 envelope from the Swiss clinic offering Voluntary Assisted Death. She reasons: “I am eighty-five years old and done with life. My body is deteriorating and I want to have a choice about how I die. I am not depressed or unhappy. I just want to have a say about what happens to me before it’s too late.”

However, the very next day, ten-year-old Rose Trewidney drops into her life. Rose and her family, including her unborn sister Daisy, are Eudora’s new neighbours. Rose is inquisitive, endlessly chatty and loves wearing bright colours, whether or not they match. And she seems determined to socialise with Eudora and include her in everything. 

Stanley Marcham, recent widower, owner of two yappy dogs, eternal joker and summoner of an ambulance when Eudora fell in the path the previous year, falls under Rose’s spell, and before long, Eudora finds herself, reluctantly, swept into activities with these two and their families. It’s all quite distracting…

“She wasn’t lying when she said it had been a pleasant afternoon. She finds Stanley irritating but Rose is a force of nature. However, Eudora doesn’t have time for this. She has a death to plan and can’t allow the distraction of human kindness to stand in her way.”

While Eudora liaises with the understanding personnel at the Swiss clinic, awaiting approval for her intentions (“If I can have the choice of how I live my own life, why can’t I choose how to die my own death?’), she is reminded by a death doula to “embrace life for as long as possible – cherish and value it”. And she begins to realise that “the clamour of death has been drowned out by the noisy distraction of life.”

What a wonderful story Lyons gives the reader. The narrative splits between the present day and glimpses of Eudora’s life from when she was a child during the war, onwards. In each chapter, some aspect of Eudora’s current life prompts a memory of earlier events, gradually revealing how she has become a private and somewhat unsociable old lady. 

While the plot bears some resemblance to A Man Called Ove, Eudora’s attitudes fit her age much better. And while Stanley is a fun character, Rose is the star of the show, an absolute delight, providing many laugh-out-loud moments, necessary because there are also instances where the tears cannot fail to flow. Even if death plays a large role, this is a heart-warming, funny and truly uplifting read. 
This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by NetGalley and Harper Collins UK One More Chapter.
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This story follows the long life of Eudora and her selfless ability to help others at the expense of her happiness. She’s not enjoyed life, but when a little girl moves next door with her family, she is thrown into a new world of purpose and meaning. It’s a lovely story with ups and downs.
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An emotional read, the story of Eudora, told between now and then.  She has decided she wants to end it, but will that change whne she makes new friends, among them 10 year old Rose? I was in tears by the end of the book.
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I received a copy of the book from Netgalley to review. Thank you for the opportunity.
I loved this book. I found it poignant and heart warming, perfect for current times where we all need a little more kindness. It is beautifully written with a great deal of care. I enjoyed seeing Eudora's past unfold and learn what led her to being who she was as well as continuing to unfold and develop in her 80's.
I felt the ending somewhat rushed as it led to a climax and finished within a chapter after that.
A great read.
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Eudora is not quite well, in fact, and is ready to check out and is making plans to do so. Maybe the ticker is getting a little weak, or she’s just tired of being here. By planning her own exit on her own terms, she feels in control of what has been a somewhat disappointing and lackluster life experience. Frankly, she has no reason to stay, at least in her mind, so why not take charge of her terms for departure from this life.
That is, until the new neighbors arrive. Maggie, Rob and 10 year old Rose move in, and Eudora’s life changes. Gradually, what was a lackluster life takes on new meaning and purpose. New friends are made, routines and important moments happen, and that exit plan becomes less attractive. But will stubborn and determined Eudora stick to her plan?
This book came along at just the right moment for this reader. A good cry, a reminder of the preciousness and beautiful moments that can be found, and a satisfying ending all were presented here. The author doesn’t work to make the characters likeable. Frankly Eudora is an old curmudgeon who isn’t the typical sweet little old lady. Rose on the other hand, sees the value and uniqueness before the reader does. And so Rose leads the way, pulling us all toward deeper appreciation for our neighbors and life itself.
Thank you to NetGalley and Annie Lyons for this delightful story. Definitely a bright spot in an otherwise bleak 2020.
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This is a lovely book and I enjoyed it very much. I'll be looking out for more from this writer.

Thank you to NetGalley and to the publisher for allowing me to read a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Such a beautifully written, heartwarming story. Eighty five year old Eudora Honeysett is a wonderful main character; feisty, grumpy and ready to be in control of her own destiny, and that’s before she meets Rose, her delightful 10 year old neighbour who shows her a new view on life, death and fashion. 
The dual timeline aspect is a clever one and explains events in Eudora’s life which make her the person she is now. I laughed and cried along with Eudora and loved her completely.
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I was fortunate to receive a copy of this ARC from NetGalley. 

This book was beautiful! A wonderful story about how we all need each other and how the bond between young and old can be incredibly special.

I love Eudora's dry sense of humour. Her and Stanley reminded me of Mary Poppins and Bert!

This book made me think about simple pleasures and what does one want their legacy to be, even if they haven't followed the "conventional" path.
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Eudora Honeysett is an 85 year old woman who has never married. She has lost everyone in her life, parents and her sister and keeps to herself. Eudora lives in the house where she grew up, but the neighbourhood has changed and she knows no one. She has no friends except for Montgomery, a cat that is more a pain than a pet or companion. She just wants to be left alone. When she stumbles upon a pamphlet about a clinic is Switzerland where you can end your life on your own terms, she decides that is what she wants to do. She does not want to die alone in the hospital or in a home and she does not want to suffer. Enter the new neighbours. Maggie and Rob are expecting a second child, a sister to ten year old Rose. Rose wants to meet her new neighbour, and explodes into Eudora's life bringing with her colour, music, laughter and love. Along with Rose, she becomes friends with Stanley, a man who lives down the street. She sees him walking his dog on a regular basis, but it is a fall and Rose that brings the three of them together.

I loved the intergenerational friendship of Rose, Stanley and Eudora. Stanley is dealing with grief after the loss of his wife, Eudora is sad and tired of the world, and Rose has been bullied at school in her previous neighbourhood. These three friends support one another and help each other to heal and grow. We learn about Eudora's life and what brought her to the way she is through flashbacks. My heart broke for her as this story unfolds, but you need to read this for yourself to learn about Eudora's story. I absolutely loved Eudora. She was a curmudgeon when we first meet her, but as she opens to others, we see her dry wit and caring nature. Rose is priceless. She is uninhibited and loves life. She tells everyone that Eudora and Stanley are her BFFs and she truly means it. Each of these characters learns something about themselves from one another and Eudora shares her wisdom with others along the way. This is a story that deals with grief and death. It is written with compassion and care. All I will say is that this book had me in tears a few times, but in giggles at others. If you love stories with mature characters, stories with intergenerational characters and uplifting and compassionate stories then you need to pick this one up. It is one I definitely recommend.  One of my best of 2020.
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