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The Enneagram is everywhere these days--it feels like I can't take a breath without inhaling some new information or feedback about what a person's Enneagram type means about them. This book doesn't feel like one more piece of noise, though--it feels important. I love the way this book connects the Enneagram to scripture, returning it to its roots of spirituality and Christian mysticism. This book is meaningful for individuals and for those in relationship with God and others, and I will use it as a tool in my ministry!
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This is my new favorite Enneagram book when it comes to the descriptiveness of types and what it looks like for the types on the path towards growth and transformation. I especially love Ms Vanceil's inference of our "adapted selves" as opposed to our shadows selves. Through this lense we're able to see that how we present is a result of being born into a fallen world and that while we are sinners and have sinned, we've also been sinned against in ways that have contributed to the alteration of our original design. 

A great bonus are the redeemed qualities and unredeemed characteristics that follow each type. It's very helpful especially if you're a fan of the daily examen, it  aids in giving context and language to how some days while we may be blindsided by our thoughts, actions and shortcomings God never is.  And that we can ask Him to redeem those unfruitful characteristics in our lives. 

I'm looking forward to using this book with clients and in small group.
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Self to Lose, Self to Find is a Christian self-help book using the Enneagram to find your God-gifted self. The book is organized into five sections including Scriptural Foundation, Nine Personality Types, and Prayers For Each Type. The one the stuck out to me most was the section named Prayers For Each Type. I saw myself in one main personality type but in each prayer I saw a take-away that would benefit me. The thesis of this book is to experience freedom from the old self into the new free self.

I did not realize the Enneagram has been practiced for many years, it is relatively new to me. I had heard of the Enneagram before reading this book but I didn’t invest much time in it. I wondered if this was really a practice Christians could use. I believe the author Marilyn Vancil’s purpose in writing this book is to inform.

Two crucial questions the author asks are: (1) How does it support my desire to follow Jesus? and (2) How does its knowledge line up with the teachings of the Bible?

I recommend this book to readers interested in the Enneagram and personality types.

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As a consultant to faith-based non profit organizations in the field of Human Resources, this book has been a valuable tool to help individuals and teams identify strengths, weaknesses and communication styles affecting both productivity and mission fulfillment.  The author's writing style is both welcoming and unassuming.  She has translated what can be confusing content into an easily relatable and understandable road map for personal and professional growth.  This will be a go-to text of mine for years to come.
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Self to Lose, Self to Find: Using the Enneagram to Uncover Your True, God-Gifted Self, Revised and Updated
By:  Marilyn Vancil 

I am reviewing a copy of Self to Lose, Self to Find through Convergent Books and Netgalley:

Is the Enneagram a new age symbol, or is it Biblical?  

What exactly does the Enneagram have to do with Jesus?

Marilyn Vancil who has been studying the Enneagram and how it relates to Christianity for over three decades describes it this way: The Enneagram is an accumulation of ancient spiritual teachings and current psychological research.

Vancil goes on to describe our false self, or our self to loose as the one that needs to adapt, adjust, and accommodate to the world in which we live. It’s the self we eventually believe we must be in order to survive and have our basic needs met.

Our Self to Find is described as our new self, our true self the one created to reflect God’s image in a unique way. It’s our deeper self that’s made to be in union with God. It’s the self that longs to emerge through the layers of our Adapted Self in order to experience and express our original design.

Why is it we don’t live more freely as our true self, the one God created us to be?  What is it that blocks our god like Characteristics from being shown in our everyday lives?  Why is it that treasure of our true self is hidden so much of the time?  Vancil points out that one reason is we are covered by our adapted self.

I found Marilyn Vancil’s information and how it pertains to Christianity and our walk with Christ.  

I give Self to Loose, Self to Find five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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Self to Lose, Self to Find goes beyond the basic description of what each enneagram number represents and helps the reader to identify their inner core needs, the underlying focus of attention in their lives, and how to cultivate the divine gift of their enneagram type. The book believes in the transformative growth from our Authentic self to an Adapted self. We know that each of the enneagram number represents part of God’s reflection and identity, but the book argues that simply having that knowledge is not enough. As Christians, we are called to disown yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow Jesus. This is where the book comes in as it can help readers disown the unhealthy parts of themselves, have practical steps to be even better versions of themselves, and follow Jesus to the best of their abilities with the God-given qualities they own.
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This book has such depth I will be rereading and processing for years to come. Which is a great thing, because it's so important to continue learning and growing as the author helps teach in this book.

The author teaches how the nine Enneagram types not only interact with each other, but with God. It brings an understanding about personality in ways that is very sensible and obviously well researched. The author explains each type and helps you to figure out which type you are. And helps in such a spiritual way I think everyone needs to read this to understand humans in general. 

I love that the book also has prayers for each type, and ways to handle our emotions and personalities and to continually grow and self-evaluate. I also love how well she describes scripture and how it matters to our enlightenment. 

This book is one of the best I've read in a while on improving and understanding our self and our relationship with God. I've always been interested in personality types, and this book was so insightful and full of depth, without being boring. Very interesting writing.

Thanks to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for allowing me to read and review.
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