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This book had so much promise, and I kept reading long past the point of boredom because it made some great points. Unfortunately, it was didactic and the satire was too transparent, and as result, not nearly as amusing as it could have been. It was written in dry, scientific language (including sex scenes that were cringe-worthy in their exacting descriptions), conversations between characters were stilted and served as mini-soliloquies, and I felt no kinship nor compassion for anyone depicted. 

The plot was interesting and conveyed an important point, but the vehicle for transmitting that point was plodding and distracting. The narrative was self-conscious in its cleverness, including names too similar to their intended real-life targets. This is the story I would be afraid of writing personally because it became a lecture when the intent was clearly to tell a parable and convert the reader to a way of thinking. I already share the author’s POV, so it saddens me to acknowledge that he won’t be persuading anyone. This “fictional” depiction of the horror within which we currently reside was too close to reality to allow any escapism. Unlike dystopian fiction, which I enjoy, this was more like a description of impending doom. I regret that I cannot recommend it.
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