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How to Do It Now Because It's Not Going Away

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A quick and helpful read with a lot of different tips on how to manage your time and get things done, especially if you're a student in high school or college! The author's approach is really open and friendly and I enjoyed seeing that. A few things that stood out to me were the recommendations for apps and the shared stories of other students struggling with procrastination. I recommend this book!
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This book is written for high school and college students to help them with their schoolwork. As the cover indicates, it deals with issues like procrastination, time management and other skills relating to studying and homework. The introduction really lays out the purpose of the book and how to use it. Students can read through it in order, but the author really encourages them to focus on the chapters that deal with the things they struggle with most, and not to try to make too many changes at one time, which can be real issues. I liked the approachability of the language here, how it was directed to the students and the case studies that she used to illustrate particular issues. She notes that every individual is different and the student should think about what works and doesn't work with them to pick new habits that will work most successfully.
The chapter titles are phrases that students often use that relate to each topic.
* I Have Time
* It's Not Due Till Friday
* I Read Over My Notes
* I Don't Need to Write It Down
* I'll Remember
* I Know Where Everything Is
* Five More Minutes
* I'm Not in the Mood
Various options are given to address each circumstance and topic and there are lots of great ideas. Wish something like this existed back when I was a student!
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This book is a useful tool! I'm an adult and I need help focusing sometimes. I'm working on a new project and this book motivated me to actually get started.
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Thanks, NetGalley for the eArc copy to read and review.

Procrastination is a problem for many and I see it all the time as a teacher.  
This is a self- help book that is split up into easy to read and useful chapters. I loved it and thought it would be a great resource for students needing to learn how to manage their time better.
I can see this as a great 8th grade or high school graduation gift!
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with the eARC.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this title. From a teacher's standpoint, it offers up great advice to students struggling with procrastination and preparedness and can help guide adults who work with students.  I appreciated the tools provided to help structure the planning process and plan to include the multiple free handouts listed on the author's website in my introduction lectures this upcoming school year. Having been a well planned teenager myself, it has been difficult for me to get in the mindset of someone who struggles with task management, and this book does a great job not only structuring the process for students, but me as well.

I would recommend this book to students, adults who need help structuring longer or boring projects, and parents trying to hep/teach their children how to prepare for secondary and higher education.
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How to Do It Now Because It's Not Going Away by Leslie Josel is a book on how to combat procrastination, filled with tips, exercises, and activities to help you. Josel has a Bachelor's degree in Science in Human Development and Family Studies, and she works a lot with students. She speaks on procrastination first handedly, having battled it herself as well as helped students and even her own children overcome it.

This book had a lot of good tips on how to overcome procrastination, but it dragged at times. The activities provided in the book seemed fun, although I didn't do them. I really liked that you could skip around and still not be lost and I definitely did that. I skipped some parts, be it just a paragraph or an entire chapter, simply because I felt it didn't apply to me or I just wanted to move on.

Though the book did help me with my procrastination, it wasn't perfect. The writing style wasn't my favourite and the random question and answers thrown in just confused me. There were also some pretty self explanatory tips that the author really went into detail about, like turn off your phone or find a quiet place to work, that I think could've been replaced with some information about the topic of procrastinating or even just better tips. This is all to say that I thought the book could've been written better and had more information rather than tips we all knew.

Overall, this was a solid book that I think will help a lot of people. If anyone were to ask me how to battle procrastination, I will definitely recommend this book to them.
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As someone who struggles with procrastination, this book was helpful. Lots of useful tips for getting your life organized.
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I actually procrastinated reading this book so clearly, I needed it. Even with me having graduated college I could still learn a lot from this book so even if it seems geared towards students I found that it could be helpful for everyone. The author is very concise and sticks to the point. The book gives useful and practical tips that can be easily implemented, it also provides tools like worksheets and it also suggests some time management apps to download. Overall it was very useful!
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Who doesn't procrastinate everything now and then? 
This is a self- help book that is split up into 8 useful chapters. It is a great book and I can see it being helpful in many different situations.  I can also see it being a wonderful resource for students needing to learn how to manage their time better.
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Very useful and has some good points in it. I enjoyed it and learned some good tips. It's not usually what I read but I had a good time. I am really glad that I chose to read it. I would recommend it.

Thanks NetGalley for the ARC
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The irony of me reading this book while procrastinating for studying....
Anyhow, this book provided me with a handful of useful tips to try & tackle procrastination!
Josel shows a lot of experiences from students themselves, and i’m sure you will recognize yourself in one of them.
This definitely was a very educational book with lots of great tips!
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Procrastination - A term all of us are familiar with and have procrastinated at some point or the other in our lives.

Quote - Any opportunity to do something is also an opportunity not to do it - Eli Josel!

This Self-Help book is divided into Eight very insightful chapters,
- Introduction to Procrastination
- Time Management
- Homework
- Study skills
- Planning
- Routines & rituals
- Organizing
- Distraction
- Motivation

A very sagacious and sharp book, which covers some very important topics. A resourceful guide to students, but anyone else wanting to pick up a few stratagem,  this is the book. Every chapter has a lot of key takeaways and is structured very well. 

Rating - 4/5 Stars
Recommendation - High

Procrastination can strike,
- Right at the beginning of the task
- Due to lack of time
- Lack of structure
Different types of procrastination need different tools to help them. This book highlights a lot of brilliant tools and techniques. Very well constructed book with a lot of salient points.
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Some good strategies for students of any level to help with school and school work done at home. Different tools, topics and persons stories and tips. Maybe more suited for those in high school/college/ university. But can be worked for younger students too.
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This book was ok, but it just wasn’t my taste in writing.......................................................
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As a parent, I know that it is so important to teach your kids the skill of getting things done early and properly - good habits last a lifetime and so, unfortunately, do bad habits. This book is written for teens to help them learn how not to procrastinate. It is a great book with many useful tools. Sometimes, it is easier for a teen to learn from someone other than their parents; this book is a great way to help them learn not to procrastinate. It is well-written and easy to follow. Lots of great advice. I highly recommend it and I plan on sharing it with the teens in my life who could use a helping hand.
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I was provided a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

There are an endless amount of self-help and time management books geared towards adults, but you don't hear about the books for younger people, like teens, as often. I thought this book was perfect for the target demographic. It is easy to read and full of the best strategies a teen life coach could offer. 

I appreciated the fact that this book addressed the many different reasons people may procrastinate and that the author provided multiple tools and solutions for each cause. I also like that each chapter included at least one App recommendation to help students with their procrastination problems. I had never heard of some of the recommended apps before, and I scroll through the productivity apps in the App Store for fun...

There are also worksheets demonstrated throughout the book, which are available on the book's website and which I definitely plan on using in the future. 

I would recommend this book to teens and young adults who are either struggling with procrastination or enjoy self-help/productivity books. I would also recommend it to adults who feel intimidated by the more complex, longer, or more boring books covering this topic but targeting an older audience. Finally, parents who want to know how to help their kids with their procrastinating behaviors might get something out of reading this one.
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Wow, as a recent college graduate where was this book when I needed it in high school and college. I liked the introduction Josel gives before you read as it gives context for what you're going to read and what she wants you to take away from the book. It puts you in the right mindset to receive the information she is giving. I love that the focus was on the why behind procrastination and strategies to address those reasons specifically rather than just general statements. As someone who procrastinates because I feel like everything has to be perfect, which cause me to not even start, her suggestions on how to overcome that helped me immensely.

By page 13 alone, I already felt like I knew more than when I started. This book has an encouraging tone which I love as it feels like the author is really trying to help the readers. I enjoyed how the book itself was structured as she includes worksheets and relevant apps, several of which I downloaded. I also liked the inclusion of examples of real people dealing with procrastination problems and how she helped them work through their problems. I thought there was good humor in this book, especially with her own children's advice. 

Overall, this book will be extremely helpful for students and even non-students who struggle with procrastination. The author did a great job of explaining the why behind the techniques, so you can better understand before you try to implement something. I am excited to try to organize my life more using the worksheets, techniques, and apps she included in the book.
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Actual 4.5 Stars: 

I'll say that being past my own high school and college-aged years, I have learned a lot of the lessons in this book the hard way and can contest to their usability and accuracy. The author is funny and relatable which is particularly useful for the targeted demographic of this self-help guide (teens and college-aged students). The book offers advice in a non-preachy, non-lecture format while emphasizing the fact that these tips are to be molded to the individual and aren't one-for-all. I found that the tips and stories from the author's own clients were incredibly helpful to see her tips and advice in play. I definitely related to some of those struggles and it definitely helped put the author's advice in context. 

Overall I believe this book accomplishes what it set out to do  and is a great resource for any teen, young adult, or adult who feels that they are procrastinating or (as the author mentioned) suffer from the anxiety that can come with feeling that one is procrastinating. Overall anyone who isn't procrastinating can also benefit from this guide as the tips and advice are applicable to any office setting or time management scenario.

Thank you to Netgalley, Lerner Publishing, and Leslie Josel for the advanced copy of "How to Do It Now Because It's Not Going Away" in exchange for an honest review.
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How To Do It Now is a guide on how to cease procrastinating, essentially. It covers numerous topics and offers uncountable tips: from where to study and how to study, to how to organize your room and get rid of distractions with which you are more likely to procrastinate.

When requesting this book, I didn't really see it as something for me, even though it's intended for people my age and in my situation. As I started reading, though, I gradually began to see how much it could help me, personally.
Besides discussing the main topics, Leslie offers us tips for apps to download, pre-made sheets to plan on and real stories of her clients as an example to a situation she is explaining. What I could have lived without, however, was the "Classroom Confessionals' section, which I found pointless (although sometimes relatable :D).
Despite the fact that I found Leslie's writing very easy-going and I got the impression that she is a kind and positive person, the overuse of phrases like 'I feel with you', 'I know what you are going through', 'you aren't alone' et cetera annoyed me and sometimes kept me from really seeing what she was trying to say. Other than that, she seems like what we call in Slovakia "a little sun" - somebody who is always cheery and bright and ready to make your day! It was a definite plus!

All in all, though, this book was truly eye-opening and although I didn't even think about using it for myself, I absolutely will!! 

Thank you for providing the eARC! I will be sure to post a review on my blog when the release date comes nearer. I truly appreciated this little gem.
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