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Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVED this book. Rachel and Beckett have a bit of a history, going back to when they were in school. These characters are a bit older and I was hooked from the start. They've been through things in their lives and this chance to get to know each other again is fun and steamy. This is my first read by this author and I will definitely be digging in to others.
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I love a good second chance romance. This one takes the cake. 

Designer Rachel has a television show with ratings that arent as stellar as they could be. Her production team decides that sending her to her hometown for a special episode will boost her ratings and secure another contract.

Beckett is a single father with a simple dream. He wants to open his own bar. It seems that his parents want to help by hiring a designer, the designer.... to help his business succeed. It happens to be Rachel, his own high school nemesis.

We watch as Beckett and Rachel struggle to let go of their ill feelings, and learn to trust the process, and possibly each other.

I loved this book. Holly was an added bit of sunshine that I just adored. could we get a book of her future please? Im not asking too much.

Thank you Entangled Publishing and Netgalley for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. This review has not been influenced by any outside sources.
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The Goodbye Guy is the third book in Natasha Moore’s The Men of Lakeside series. They are all standalone titles and can definitely read as such. I haven’t read any other books in this series and never felt like I was lost or didn’t quite follow a part of the storyline.

I think Natasha Moore is a new-to-me author but without going through the last 4 years of reviews, I can’t be 100% sure. I love reading new-to-me authors so sometimes I lose track. Regardless, I will definitely be reading more from her from now on!

NICUnurse’s Rating: The Goodbye Guy follows the story of Rachel and Beckett. Hardcore enemies in high school, they both left their small town of Lakeside not long after high school graduation. Beckett returned and stayed to raise his daughter. Rachel vowed she’d NEVER go back. (Ah…never say never, Rachel!) She manages to stay away, making a big name for herself with her TV show. But with falling ratings, the network isn’t giving her a choice. Sparks still fly between these two as their chemistry heats up. But can this be more than a fling between the sexy single dad and the big-time TV star? 

If you’re looking for a quick, fun, and entertaining beach read, The Goodbye Guy certainly fits the bill. There’s some angst, lots of chemistry between the H & H, and a great second-chance type of romance. While it might not have been super intense, and I was able to walk away to adult or to sleep, it was the perfect pace and story to lose myself in for an hour or so each time I had some time to read. 

I give The Goodbye Guy by Natasha Moore 4 out of 5 stars!
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Beck and Rachel, a beautiful story of an old hostility leading to forgiveness and then love.  I loved how their story came full circle.  Old hurts apologized for and forgiven.  New feelings and ultimate truths on the determination each had to make something of their lives.  I enjoyed their story when they got everything out into the open, learned who the true person was, and not only accepted each other, but were drawn to them.  The family dynamic was strong in this book, but good to see both families soften and understand their children more.  I loved Beck and Rachel's chemistry.  Throw in an adorable little girl with an instant attachment and adoration that was quickly mutual and you have a sweet, heartwarming story.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
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The Goodbye Guy! 

This is Book 3 in the Men of Lakeside series.  I haven’t read the previous books, but this book read well as a stand alone.  This book was somewhat predictive and I felt both the H and h were somewhat immature.  It felt like a Hallmark movie, with no major grab.  

I received an ARC copy of this book courtesy of NetGalley and Entangled Publishing and am voluntarily reviewing it. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely.
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Natasha Moore gives us the third installment in The Men of Lakeside.
It's a great addition to this series.
The chemistry between Rachel and BEckett is fun to read.

***I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.***
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This was a great way to end The Men of Lakeside series. (Unless the author introduces some cousins or turns to another family.)

I loved that both Rachel and Beckett were more than people saw of them as teenagers. I loved way both had turned their lives around from others' expectations. And even though it wasn't as steamy or explicit as other romance books, nothing felt lacking about their connection with one another.

That being said, I did have a few problems with the story itself. I think the switch from enemies to more was a little too fast, and didn't seem all that believable. I mean, he started an incredibly nasty rumour about her and it was all swept away with a simple "I'm sorry"? I needed him to do more to rectify this bad behaviour that still haunted her in the present.

Also, I didn't understand where Beck's idea that he was "always being left" came from. ONE relationship with a girlfriend ended badly, but his mother was always there; his female relatives were always there; seemingly every other woman in his life was still there. How on earth did does this translate to him being the one that everyone says goodbye to?

And the family dynamics on both sides of the "feud" were also handled with a bit of hand waving. After being mistreated for 40 years, you don't get a complete turnaround in attitude that quickly, and without making serious amends.

I suppose that was my biggest issue with the story. We are told over and over again how damaged these two individuals are, but never truly get the resolution that I look forward to.

But the writing is smooth, the dialogue solid, and overall I'm not sorry I read this book. It was good, it just wasn't great.
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Ever since graduating from high school Rachel has tried to show her parents that she made the right career choice in following her dreams of interior design rather than following her dreams for her where she would study law.   She hosts a renovation show however with the decrease in viewership she has the choice of returning to her hometown to renovate the bar of her rival or face the possibility of the network not renewing her show.

In an effort to avoid becoming part of his family’s salvage business Beck left town right after high school however he returned home a decade earlier when he found himself a single father to his daughter Holly.   He wants to forge his own path within the family business and for that to happen he needs to ensure the bar is a success so leaving the reno in the hands of his rival is the last thing he wanted.

As they work together, they both acknowledge that they made mistakes in high school and they are no longer the same people.   There is no denying the chemistry and connection between them but with their very different plans for the future is there any way for this to end other than in heartbreak?

Although Rachel and Beck seem very different they have more in common than they realize.    With love and compromise they may just realize that the only thing they really need in the future is each other.
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The goodbye guy
By Natasha Moore
Pub date July 20 2020
Hate two lovers romance
Spoilers Alert
What can I say I loved this book the romance was so beautiful written the science were amazing and the two characters were exciting and fun two read I loved every page of this book I wanted more at the end I wanted two sea more of the characters I loved it that much.
This book is about Racheal has her own tv show called Racheal touch and it’s loosing viewers and her boss says its need something more excitement two get the rating up otherwise it be her last show so her boss decided two come up with an idea for her two go back two her town lakeside and redo the fire station into a pub she was overwhelmed with the idea for the show but did not want two go back two lakeside especially when she knew becklette would be there the man she hated all through school. She picked up the courage and went back for the show sake. She booked into the inn drop her bags off hired a rent car and went straight two the fire station she led her self inn with the key she remembered where the key was and saw the pole was still there so she slid done the pole and next thing who walked in was bec he saw everything he was stilling laughing she straightened herself up . He said what you doing her how you break inn she said I have a key I knew where it was I’m here for the show he made a quite clear he didn’t want it twovwirk with her she agreed but it was for the show they had no choice. Then is daughter cane running in she didn’t know he had a daughter she was a huge fan of here’s she invited her for dinner. 
The evening she went round two bec two sho him some designs on her tablet. Holly greeted her welcome her showed her the bedroom with the butterflies and daisy and they had a lovely chill it was great but they were arguing about the design he didn’t trust the design they’re had for the pub then they kissed all of a sudden she said her boss wanted them two have a fling for the show so she fought the kids was his plan but bec wanted two Racheal and he did. The next day they arranged two meet at the coffee  shop where her friend her and she designed they coffee mugs for them they were greeted well the camera wasn't there yet either they argued in front of the people talked and they took loads of selfie with people then they eat they food already the bus was on social media then they said goodby two the coffee shop and left. Outside the coffee shop Racheal kissed said truth or dare and Racheal went up two him and kissed him. They arranged two meet at the boat lake the next day Racheal went with him two the boat the day was beautiful the the lake they had a lovely lunch on the bench they kissed more they watch the stars on the boat in the evening and they kissed made loved and Racheal spent the night. Next thing in the morning the camera crew was waiting for them outside the boat she got dressed they were laughing and they kissed Stuart crew filmed it all. It made more buzz for the show the ratings were going up they went back two the coffee shop where her friend was for breakfast then two the fire station they decided on plans and bec couldn’t see any of it till Saturday. Racheal stayed in bec house holly was away for two weeks with her friend emmie so they made live and kissed had nice meal she knew it was a fling and for the show but she was starting two have feeling for him allot. He was two he started two have feeling for her two. Her parents started two organise a party a welcome home party with her family and bec family a get together for Stuart and the crew he fought it was a great idea the evening went well her mother hired a band the food was great she had a nice time with her family and told her mum she was sorry for leaving all those years ago and they both cried the evening was great. Bec family arranged 4 July so they went all round two his parents and he talked with her friends had great food And drink and the social media was growing her view was going up again things were more promising her boss Stuart said why don't  you Go out with you friends so we can film it you having a great time and things. When she arrived at the local pub she learnt allot about becklett and they were saying he moved around allot left college and she wanted more answers from him. So the last night they went on the boat again and had long chat he told her about crystal how they met we he left college all though years ago something Racheal said two him in school he would always stay here in lake side and that made him leave she said sorry he said don’t be I would have and holly and now she nearly ten and explained how crystal died at birth and crystal didn’t want him only the baby then he went back home two his parents and they helped him bring her up and he told Racheal that holly loved her show and loved her. She was speechless they’re made love again back at the house it was the last night she didn’t want two stay she went back two the inn couldn’t bear the heart ache .
It was Saturday the finale day the crew were there waiting everyone showed up things were going great bec loved the pub and what she done upstairs for holly so she could have her own show he was thrilled they said they goodbye and she went back hone she missed him terrible holly was texting her everyday with updates. It was the grand opening of the pub Racheal decided two surprise them she knew she had another chance of the show another series but she turned it down wanted a life with holly and bec the grand opening of the pub was a success bec told her how she felt  it was great he told her he loved her and she told him she loved him she moved in with him started a YouTube channel which had millions of viewers and things were going great he asked her two marry him in the end it was a beautiful science I enjoyed it so much I didn’t want twobput it down.
I give it five out of five loved it so much.
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When I read the book description of ‘The Goodbye Guy’ a little while ago, I knew this was a book I wanted to read. I don’t know why.. But the whole single dad thing just always makes for such a fun story. So I was super excited when I was able to start reading.

In ‘The Goodbye Guy’ we follow the story of Rachel Bradford. Rachel is in her forties, and is living her dream of having her very own interior design show. Bu unfortunately ratings are slipping, and things have the change. And before Rachel can think of a good plan, her producers think of something for her: filming an episode in her old hometown. This is the absolute last thing Rachel wants to do. But she has no choice.

Beckett Colburn is a single dad trying to make a great life for his little girl. He is chasing his dream, by changing an old fire station into a bar. The last thing he wants is to have Rachel Bradford back in town and making interior plans for his bar. But it seems he can’t escape her.

This story took me a long time to really get into. The story itself is nice. I love the whole interior design angle and the single dad part. But I had a lot of trouble liking Rachel. I just couldn’t connect with her character at all, and there for it was kind of hard for me to really get into the story. There was just something about Rachel that I really didn’t like.

Beckett’s character was one I did like fortunately. I loved how he was with his little girl. And he just seemed like a charming, fun guy.

Because I had trouble with Rachel’s character, I also couldn’t really ‘feel’ the chemistry between Rachel and Beckett. There was supposedly this huge thing between these two characters from the past, and I didn’t get that at all. Which made me not get the history between Rachel and Becket. I just felt like Becket deserved much more than someone who just didn’t want to believe in them.

The small town setting was something I definitely did like. But overall this story just didn’t really work for me.
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This was a short but fun childhood nemesis to lovers’ book.  It had a unique storyline and charming characters.  I loved the concept of a TV designer returning home as a celebrity and realizing that she wanted a different future than she thought.  Rachel Bradford swore she would never return to Lakeside, her hometown after graduating high school.  She felt like if she returned she would be a failure, but she must go back when her dream job of being an interior designer is at risk.  Her show ratings are slipping and to have her contract renewed, she must work with the man who had humiliated her in high school.  Beckett Colburn had worked hard to earn his parents trust again and is furious when they decide to turn his dream of a bar over to a reality show, especially when he learns who will be doing the designing.  He didn’t want Rachel anywhere near his bar and he certainly didn’t want to have cameras following him around all the time.  Can they overcome their childhood feud and work together?
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This is the 3rd book in this fascinating series and is Rachel and Beckett’s story. Rachel left her hometown 20-years ago in pursuit of her dream career, and she is now the host of her own interior design show, but the rating have plummeted, so her producer suggest going back home to do a local show. Beckett is a single dad whose dream it is to turn an old fire station into a pub, however he is not happy that his family have signed up for the show which his nemesis hosts, and Rachel is just as unhappy due to him being the boy that bullied her at school. This is a well written tale which is written on dual POV’s and is an entertaining and all-consuming 2nd chance love story. I look forward to reading more form this author whose work I recommend for all readers.
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I have never read anything by this author, so this is a new series for me. I don't know what I missed but the others where brought up in this book. I can honestly say I was not really a huge fan of this book it just wasn't for me. I found the book completely predictable not a whole lot of what's going to happen next. I like Holly she was a spit fire and did add a whole other element to the story, she was one of my favorite characters in the book. I also liked Davis he seem to be one of the few in the story that had his head on his shoulders and was a good friend to Beckett. I did not like Beckett I found him for a 40 year old very immature and whiny, I guess for me I felt like if you have a child at some point you should have grown up. Rachel was ok she too seem to have problems with her past but she didn't come off as immature. Overall I really wasn't a fan of this book. There is adult language and content may not be suitable for all.
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3.5 Stars

This book is an enemies to lovers story about Rachel who's a tv host for an interior design show and Beckett a single dad. Now these two have a history and when they are thrown together to renovate an old fire house, well sparks are definitely about to fly and it's the last thing either of them are expecting. 

A light, easy read and my first by Natasha Moore.
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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

This was a very enjoyable story. There were no dramatic plot twist or suspense here just some good everyday drama that everyday people would normally go through. It was very pleasant. The story seemed more natural like I was reading about friends.

Rachel escaped Lakeview after high school and now has her own reality TV show Rachel's Touch. She renovates residential places but yearns for bigger projects like commercial. Her producer comes up with the idea to renovate a project in her hometown. It is a bar; a commercial area that can expand on her talent. She doesn't want to go back as she may run into Beckett. The boy that tormented her in high school. The place she hasn't been to in over 20 years. Then the bombshell, the show is in decline and may be cancelled. Then she learns the bar that she will be renovating belongs to her nemesis, Beckett Colburn! She is now dreading the project. We get to know Beck(ett) Colburn and Rachel Bradford with their history in high school antics. The rich girl and the junkman's son. 

Beck is a single father to almost double digit Holly. Holly is a precious young girl that loves watching Rachel's show. Holly's mother died during childbirth and she forms an immediate attachment to her hero. Beck is worried about his heart and also Holly's heart as his know Rachel won't stay in Lakeside. She will leave after the filming of the renovation.

Reading about these two characters and the turmoil that they go through was enchanting. I couldn't wait to see how the author would bring them together. I loved the dual POV format that the book was written in. Getting that glimpse of their thoughts helped me to understand them so much better. These two really seemed more human than characters. The scenes flowed so well that it was like watching a movie or a home improvement reality show.

This is a sexy read so I can only recommend this to someone over the age of 18. While this is the third of the series, It can be read as a stand alone.
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Natasha Moore is a new author to me and after reading The Goodbye Guy I’m left wondering why she hasn’t crossed my radar before now because I loved everything about this book, it certainly ticked all my boxes and I’m sure it will tick all romance lovers boxes.
Rachel Bradford and Beckett Colburn have a history and it’s one neither want to repeat but when Rachel is forced by her producer to go back to her hometown to film a make or break episode of her reality show she is left with no choice but to put in a brave face for the man who will be her co star.
Beckett has made some mistakes in his life and humiliating Rachel was one of them but the one thing in his life he will never regret his his adorable daughter Holly who is the biggest fan of Rachel Bradford so he swallows his pride and jumps in feet first.
Small towns hold lots of memories some good some bad but it’s now time for Beckett to apologise for something he did 20 years ago and that’s going to be hard to do when the girl is holding a grudge. Families from different sides of the track also add to the drama of this entertaining read, the chemistry is sizzling, the banter witty and Holly has some classic one liners only a ten year old could deliver so all that’s left for me to say is please one click this fun, entertaining gem of a read.
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This book was a lovely surprise. After reading a heavier, more emotional book, The Goodbye Guy was just the fun romance that I needed to reset. Even though it is low in angst, it has well-developed  three-dimensional characters. I loved their growth from their years as teen enemies to adults with complex lives and issues. Beck and Rachel are portrayed in a refreshingly realistic way. Rachel is forty and successful; she has grown from her high school years, as one does, but she still struggles with core insecurities about family (as one does!). Beckett is a single dad and is very protective of his daughter. He is opening a bar (this is where Rachel comes in as a TV designer) and needs to prove himself and shake the mold of the "little brother." They had good chemistry and their issues were easy to relate to. An easy, yet well written read.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks go to the publisher and Net-Galley for the complimentary copy of The Goodbye Guy by Natasha Moore for the purpose of reading and reviewing prior to publication. My opinions are my own and no one has influenced them.

The Goodbye Guy is a lovely story with great characters that will capture your heart, and a unique plot. It’s a second chance romance, one of my favorite troupes. I quickly became enmeshed in the story and remained so until the ending. Natasha’s writing flows well and kept me engaged with no sagging middle!

Rachel Bradford’s character is fairly uncomplicated, and I became vested in her character from the very beginning. When she was in high school, her peers influence her decisions, putting her in an embarrassing situation that caused her to lash out at our hero. When they meet again when she comes to her hometown, there’s a bit of enemies to lovers, but fortunately, Ms. Moore doesn’t take it too far, so it didn’t sour the story for me. While she has baggage, she’s willing to look for changes in the hero which shows the maturity she should have after so long.

Beckett Colburn is a great hero. He’s the “bad boy gone good” guy. He’s made the changes in his life, and while he still feels that his family sees him as he used to be, he’s determined to prove to them he’s changed. He loves his daughter fiercely and will do anything to protect her. His character appealed to me since I’m married to my own “bad boy gone good!”

The romance between Rachel and Beck is a rocky road at first since they both hurt the other in high school, but they are mature enough to accept they were young and establish a solid working relationship. This is a clean romance, so Ms. Moore bases their love story on the emotional connection that grows between them with a sprinkling of the physical attraction.

If you enjoy a romance with engaging characters, including an adorable little girl, and a plot different from the norm in this sub-genre, then you will love The Goodbye Guy as much as I did. This is the first book I’ve read by Ms. Moore, but it will not be the last. Happy reading!
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A sweet and entertaining story that reminded me of a Hallmark movie. It's engrossing and it made me smile and root for the characters.
I liked the characters even if it wasn't clear to me Rachel's animosity toward her hometown.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
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The plot was unique and interesting. Even though I enjoyed the book, I have to admit the character's are very immature. Becket was a dad of a ten-year-old daughter and Rachel is a successful TV host. But the way they acted seemed unnatural. Also, I didn't like how the tv producer tried to control them.

Also, I have a question. Who lets their ten-year-old daughter go on a vacation with her best friend? And then when Holly felt homesick and called Becket he just talked to her and told her to go to sleep. :/
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