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Incredible book. I wish I had it when I actually was in college but even at 31, this book is a great resource for me
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I opted to read  The Plant-Based College Cookbook because I am trying to lead a plant-based lifestyle and wanted easy to make recipes. With a child starting his first year at college, I also thought the recipes would be helpful in ensuring nutritious, quick meals. 

As for the recipes, this cookbook contains what you'd find on Pinterest. Nothing really exciting or revolutionary. I still thought the foods were yummy and convenient, but it's nothing "new". Honestly, you are probably already familiar with many of these "hacks" and baking tricks. If you or your student are new to cooking and plant-based magic (which is really what I think the ingredient substitution process should be called), you will likely find The Plant-Based College Cookbook insightful. If you are like me, however, and have been around the kitchen island a few times, it's worth a flip for ideas but don't expect to add too much to your culinary arsenal.
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This book was disappointing. It is filled with very simple recipes, which would be great for college students; however, I have a problem with it including animal-based products in the recipes when the title clearly implies that all the recipes should be plant-based. It states in the beginning to simply substitute those ingredients for the vegan alternative, but vegan cottage cheese or vegan egg substitutes are not cheap and therefore not a good option for college students. I think this book should have been recipes for college students, but not plant-based recipes.
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This is a good book for any beginner cook or college student to get some ideas for easy recipes that don't contain meat. The recipes are all only 1 page long and often only have 2 or 3 steps making them easy to prepare although many include appliances like slow cookers and food processors that many students won't have. The biggest issue with this book is the name which implies a book of plant based recipes, unfortunately this is misleading as many recipes include dairy products or eggs so vegetarian would've been a better name for this cookbook. Overall this would still be good for anyone looking for simple recipes to live healthier without meat, I just wish their was more than the odd picture every few recipes. 
Thanks to and Adams Media for my complimentary eARC copy.
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The Plant-Based College Cookbook has straightforward and easy recipes for beginner cooks.  The book is written for people getting their first kitchens set up and has suggested tools as well as pantry items, spices, and basics to stock in the kitchen.  It is a good resource for someone starting out. 

While not all the recipes are vegan, they are generally healthy and certainly healthier than most of the food I ate in college. The recipes range from very basic to straightforward so they appeal to a range of tastes and skill levels. The snacks like No-Bake Tex-Mex Nachos and Chocolate Nut Bars are likely to be very popular, even with non-vegetarians.  The Soup recipes and Main Dishes are varied and particularly tasty.  

I'm very fond of Asian food but prefer authentic (not the fusion) dishes.  While it is nice to see some Asian dishes in the cookbook, these seem to be Asian inspired - ingredients are a bit different from what would normally be in the Ginger Vegetable Spring Rolls
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Plant based recipes with budget and ease in mind this book is great for those who are curious to trying out plant based or don't have a ton of experience in the kitchen.
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This is such a good resource for everyone, not only people in college! Recipes are easy to make and with ingredients that are not that expensive and easy to find. It's definitely worth buying. 
But, not all them are plant based as they include eggs, milk and cheese. I would have preferred if this was on the book title or on the cover. There are recipes for breakfast, soups, main courses, staples and desserts.
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The Plant-Based College Cookbook is a nice collection of healthy recipes that any novice cook can make. While this cookbook isn’t completely plant-based, most of the recipes are suitable for a vegetarian diet. The layout and the instructions are simple, which really sets the stage for first-time chefs.

This is a great cookbook geared towards first year students who are new to cooking for themselves and looking for healthy options. That being said, I am not sure that students living on campus will make much use of a book of recipes. However, there are lots of useful ideas and quick options that can be created.


One thing that struck me as odd about this book is that not all of the recipes are 100% plant-based. Also, there are a few recipes that have eggs and cheese in the ingredients, so anyone hoping for a pure plant-based set of recipes might be disappointed. However, the book is easy to follow and there are really short instructions for most of the dishes. While there are not as many photos that I would have liked, it is definitely a pretty and whimsical book to add to a collection.

I created the Chickpea Soup, which is really hearty and very easy to make. I really appreciated the extremely straightforward steps required to make this yummy soup. Essentially, you combine all ingredients in the pot and simmer. How easy is that for a student with little time for cooking?


All in all, The Plant-Based College Cookbook is a great resource for students new to cooking for themselves. There are quite a few effortless meals that can be made from the book that will fuel a busy student without taking up too much time in the kitchen. It is one book that I would recommend gifting any student in your life.
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I am pretty disappointed in this book. And the big reason is the title. Plant based foods are just that, foods from plants. They may not necessarily be healthy (chocolate, oils, sugars, etc) but they come from plants. This book is not totally plant based. It's mostly plant based. It has a very large amount of recipes, stating 175. At least 25% of these are not plant based as they include eggs, milk and cheese. The rest are 'vegan'. I find this confusing. It does state in the intro of the book that some recipes are vegetarian. I strongly believe this should be stated either on the cover, or back cover, which says nothing about it. I would be upset if I bought this having an expectation of what plant based is and then had at least 1/4 of the book not be that. To me, that's disappointing.

The other thing that confuses me about this book is there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what is a plant based recipe or not. Some recipes call for soy milk or vegan cream cheese and then another will use all animal ingredients. I don't understand the purpose of this. It would seem like it would stick with one or the other, either use all dairy for dairy products or make the whole book plant based and use vegan dairy products. There's also some recipes that are mixed and it will call for a dairy product and then a vegan dairy product. In the same recipe. So confusing....Also what is soy cream? I have been experimenting with vegan foods for a decade now and don't even know what that is...

Other than those aspects, which are pretty large issues for me, the book is pretty good. I'm thinking this wouldn't be the best for a smaller dorm lifestyle, as recipes call for ovens, food processors, dutch ovens, stovetops etc. So I think if you have a full kitchen you will be able to make most of these. The ingredients aren't crazy or hard to find (other than soy cream...what IS it?? ) The recipes are pretty good, some basics mixed with some fancier stuff. It has a nice variety of recipes and a lot of selection for each section.

The pictures leave something to be desired. Only 24 photos in the whole book. That's only like 13% of recipes. But some people don't care about that. I definitely like to see pictures. 

So overall okay. I think it should state vegetarian on the front of the book and I dont think the title should be plant based.
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The Plant Based College Cookbook shows that as a college student you don’t have to live on ramen and junk food. The book starts out with some basic information about what a plant based diet consists of. It also includes some really helpful tips on getting started and maintaining your plant based diet. 

Plant Based included sections for breakfast, snacks, sandwiches and salads, soups, main dishes, desserts and drinks and staples. I enjoyed that there were some really non-conventional college food recipes like pear and pumpkin bread, fresh mint spring rolls and Italian pesto popcorn, which sounds so weird and yet so amazing. I also enjoyed that there were a lot of recipes included that were meant to serve many people. We always had a bunch of people around during college and it was nice that the recipes were scaled to reflect that option! I can’t wait to try out the vegan spinach and artichoke dip and the Caesar salad! 

The only negative I can see is that most college students don’t have full kitchens available for their use and even less have enough cooking tools to make some of the recipes included. However, I can honestly say that if I had had the kitchen and the ability, I would have loved trying a lot of the recipes in this book!
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This cookbook is definitely not just for college students, but instead is perfect for anyone looking to add easy plant-based meals to their monthly menu planning.  All the recipes contained in this book are simple and quick to make, making this book perfect for beginners or those short on time.  Most of the recipes require easy-to-acquire ingredients and tools most cooks already have in their kitchens.  It is important to note that this is not a vegan cookbook, as some recipes utilize eggs and dairy products.  Additionally, not all of the recipes are exactly healthy!

This book would make a great gift for anyone who is living on his or her own for the first time.  Many thanks to NetGalley for the opportunity to peruse an advanced digital copy of this useful cookbook!
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Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this cookbook.  The beginning has some great info to start with.  All of the recipes sound so delicious!   I hope the final has pictures because you can't have a successfull cookbook without pictures!  However, some of these I definitely would not have made when I was in college.
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What a treat (literally) The Plant-Based College Cookbook is. This book is not just for students, but for anyone that is busy or for some reason or another find it difficult to put a lot of time in to cook each night. Although the time and effort it takes to make these dishes are minimal, the result is delicious.
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This a book of simple recipes that can be followed by beginners. The book starts with introduction of what real plant based diets, tools required and basics required ti get started

There are recipes for breakfast, soups, main courses, staples and desserts. most recipes given are healthy and cost effective

With the name plant based book i expected full vegan or vegetarian book but eggs and dairy products are used in the recipes
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I enjoyed this book! It's easy to read- the text itself is bright and not a ridiculous font. The recipes seem easy to follow and I enjoyed the information in the beginning which details various benefits and tips for following a plant based diet. I think it's definitely not just for the college crowd (esp since some dorms don't have adequate/any cooking or ban various cooking devices). I do wish there were more pictures, but otherwise this is a solid cookbook and I'm looking to trying out some of these recipes!
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As someone converting to being completely plant based, I appreciated the short discussion and text in this book explaining in simple terms what a plant based diet is and how to go about it, even if you still eat meat. For young people this I feel was the best part of the book. The recipes are simple, standard and can be done by anyone. They sound great. I also liked how the book gave a what you need for your dorm room section and measurements section. The 'college vibe' text and feel was well done throughout. 

The downsides: little to no pictures! And those pictures that were there were professional- not quite what a college student wants to see because their creations are not going to turn out looking like that. I felt they needed more realistic photos and more photos overall. College kids dont want text or to read alot- they want pictures. 

As a college professor working with young kids daily, I would recommend this to them. I think it can be very valuable for many of them and a great reminder that they can cook and do not need to fear the dining hall but also if they want to hang with friends and eat pizza then that's ok too- there maybe a healthy alternative as well. 
I recommend this book overall. 
I was given an advanced copy in exchange for my review
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While I’m not in college anymore, this book is just what I’d hoped it would be. This book is a great resource for anyone who wants to incorporate more vegan/vegetarian meals into their life. It is a great starting place for people who want to eat more easy, quick, and healthy meals all while on a budget. I appreciate the diversity of meals that are included in this cookbook. I already have a few favorites that I know will be regular meal staples!
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This is a neat and solid cookbook for the college students who are into a plant-based diet. There's tons of inspiring recipes that can easily be found in the various sections of the book. One of the recipes I'd love to try is the pear and pumpkin breakfast bread.
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EDIT on Aug 18 -- Thank you for the opportunity to review The Plant-Based College Cookbook! Review has been posted on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, Netgalley, and submitted to Amazon as a pending review. I will also make an Instagram post. 

I was excited to see this publication for review due to its 1) content, 2) cover design, and 3) target audience. In short, I rate this cookbook a 4 out of 5 stars. Personally, I found its strengths to be its modernity and awareness, ease of instructions + information (no excess), and appealing cover design + concept. Where I found critiques: the appeal of some of the food & the price / access of some of these items needed. However, on the whole, it would make a great gift to a freshman or someone moving out for the first time and cooking for themselves. Also, a good gift or book suggestion for an aspiring/beginner vegetarian. 

Summary:  The concept of this cookbook is plant-based, healthy and easy recipes for college students. It is separated by recipe type, including snacks, meals, drinks, desserts, and soups/salads. As the title suggests, the meals are plants-based, so there are not any meat options. Most of the recipes are simple - they require few instruments/utensils and ingredients. They also do not require many complicated or advanced techniques. Additionally, the recipes are varied in their types, while many have overlapping ingredients. 

Review: This book would make a good gift or book suggestion for a freshman in college or someone who is 1) new to cooking, 2) a new or aspiring vegetarian (or someone wanting to include more plants-based food in their diet), 3) someone who is moving out and cooking for themselves for the first time. Why? The recipes are relatively simple. They include straight-forward instructions and ingredients, and do not require many complicated or advanced techniques or equipment. I noted that this book seems modern + aware of the unique circumstances of college students. If college students are on campuses, sometimes they are limited in their equipment, facilities, food access, space, and financial means. This book is aware of things like how sometimes students may not be able to have certain equipment, like rice cookers / slow cookers, in their dorms. One aspect I thought about while reading this book was the limited access to food I had while on campus. There was no transportation to grocery stores and you couldn't walk to them safely, so people were limited to on-campus options (fast-food and some fresh food that was overpriced). I think that this book actually does a good job of including a lot of recipes that require simple ingredients that can be accessed more easily than others. Additionally, they have overlapping ingredients (example: a carton of eggs can be used for several different recipes and can usually be accessed on-campus, and of course in a grocery store, affordably). There are some items, like tofu, that may be available in some areas but I know on my campus it is not. Of course, if there is a store nearby, that may be remedied. 

All in all, I think this is a good book. One last thing that I thought was an excellent addition: there is a glossary of terms at the end of the book that describes terms. These terms can be anything from 'vitamin' to cooking techniques. I like that especially because this can be, for many, the first time they are tasked with cooking for oneself, so it's a ready-to-go primer for anyone who is self-learning. Great addition! I always wished more cookbooks had something like this because they can start going off about instructions without really explaining anything. Oh, side bar -- I'm glad this is a straight-forward book. No fluff, just instructional and helpful. Good job!
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The Plant-Based College Cookbook is a nice tutorial cooking guide and recipe collection for plant based simple cooking on a budget. Due out 18th Aug 2020 from from Simon & Schuster on their Adams Media imprint, it's 240 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats.
This is a nice lacto-ovo-vegetarian cookbook for basic/beginning cooks with a busy schedule and a generally tight budget. The layout is very basic and unfussy - easy to understand and accessible. The recipes are arranged by category: breakfast, snacks, sandwiches & salads, soups, main dishes, desserts & drinks, and staple recipes (used in other recipes). Many of these are -hearty- dinner dishes that even my meat loving family really devoured (without complaining).

Ingredient measurements are supplied in American measurements only. There's a conversion chart for metric measures in the appendices along with an abbreviated glossary, and an index. Nutritional information includes calories, fat, sodium, fiber, carbs, sugar, and protein. Extra tips or recipe alternatives are listed in sidebars with the recipes. The recipes themselves are fairly straightforward and are made with easily sourced ingredients. Many are very simple, none of them are overly complex.

The photography is not abundant; most of the recipes are not illustrated, but the photographs which are included are clear and well done. I wish there had been more photographs and serving suggestions, but I do understand that extra photography increases the price of book projects very quickly.

This is a large collection of recipes and even allowing for the fact that some of them are very similar to others in the same category, this will keep vegetarian cooking fans going for ages. These are simple "everyday" recipes which are anything but boring. We tried several dishes and all of them were tasty and well written. (We didn't try any of the bread or dessert recipes, but I found no glaring errors with a quick read-through).

We're definitely going to try more of these recipes. Well written book, tasty recipes.

Four stars. This is a solid recipe book which will be used. It would make a superlative housewarming gift to a friend or family member living on their own - college student, new graduate, newlyweds, kids flying the nest, etc.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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