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The forget-me-not bakery by Caroline flynn  
I recommend you read this book it is lovely so easy to read such lovely warm characters I love Paige the main character she was so loving so enjoyed her work when she was talking about her cupcakes and a cake that she made for the cafe I could actually picture them and taste them in my mind the other main character is a doctor a bit of a rough life is why you got to read to see why he  left with a young 10-year-old boy you knew where you first heard about him you know you were going like him and his cheeky ways  is about them doing a fundraiser together and how their friendship grows also his young son I like  how his character was very fun very loving very open is the story progress you realise that the doctorfalling in love with something or someone  or were they you see the see their passion for each other grow and you'll see the look of the bakery grow it's very nice very warm story you just wanted a happy ending you just wanted to read to find out what was going to happen next and how is the story progress you realise that the doctor on paige are falling in love or where they you see the see their passion for each other grow and you'll see they look at the bakery grow it's very nice very warm story you just wanted a happy ending you just wanted to read to find out what was going to happen that's and how they have their passion for their each other grow i loved this book so easy to read a read in a afternoon love it
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This was such a good story.  Paige gave up a high powered career in New York to open her own bakery.  She loved making sugary goodies for everyone.  Then she met the good doctor who was a widower that had small son.  She learned quickly that in small towns, there are NO secrets.  The characters were very likeable and I loved  Bryce.  He was a old soul in a 10 year old body.  He was so sweet.  I didn't know this author, but I hope there are more books out there for me to read.  It was easy to read and captured my attention to the last page.
I got this book from NetGalley for an honest review
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This is such a sweet, little small-town romance. It’s perfect for those lazy days when all you want to do is curl up and fall into a non-taxing, easy to read story.
It’s not the wham-bam, hits in you hard in the heart romance, it’s very a predictable, cute boy meets girl type, in fact, think of those cutesy afternoon films what everyone watches at Christmas and you will have an idea, there is nothing essentially wrong with it, the characters are very likeable and it is fun getting to know them and watch them fall in love, the plot is a little samey as other’s in the small town genre but enjoyable none-the-less it just didn’t give me the loved up buzz I usually get.
I did enjoy it, it was a nice stop-gap between other heavier books I am currently reading, the story flowed easily and the characters are very likeable, my heart went our to Cohen he lost apart of his self when his wife died and left in its a place was this thirst for revenge of some sort even though he knew it was a tragic accident, hulking that heavyweight around isn’t the easiest especially with the addition of a confused little boy. I liked the friends to lovers trope romance that occurred between Paige and Cohan, both are looking for a fresh start and both are lonely, theirs is a sweet relationship and I really liked how they connected instantly.
This s all about find a place to call home, a story of second chances and moving on, I liked the premise of it, there’s not really a lot more I can say about it, it’s sweet, heartfelt, with lots of emotion, the plot is steady and moves along at a gentle pace and the characters are relatable and well developed but it is a little too cutesy for my liking. I would go as far in saying this would be a perfect young adult, coming of age romance or it would be a great starter for those coming into the sweet romance genre.
I believe this is the first book by Caroline Flynn, and just because this one didn’t quite hit the spot, I will happily try her books again as I did like her easy reading, writing style.
If your looing for a more passionate and sexy romance then this isn’t the book to read, but if you want to just float away on fluffy cake filled clouds then give it a go.
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Love love this book. 
If I could give more than 5 stars I would.
You can taste the cakes, cookies and other stuff.
But at one point near the end I wanted to bang paige and cohans heads together.
So glad it ended on a happy ending.
Can't wait for it to come out in book form so I can buy it and add it to my library.
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I really  enjoyed this book, This is a perfect afternoon read on a lovely day, grab a cuppa and enjoy your afternoon as this book will pull you in and you wont want to put it down. I really hope there will be more by Caroline Flynn.
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A delightful heart-felt story! This is the perfect summer read. 
Paige had a successful career, living the fast paced life in the concrete jungle of New York. She had everything, she thought. At least until she questions her happiness. She decided to leave it all behind to pursue another dream, her true dream, one that hopefully, this time, will include happiness.
Cohen is the local veterinarian and single father. He lost his wife eight years ago. A heartache he’s never gotten over. He is the town’s most sought after and never caught bachelor. His focus is his son and his work. 
Until Paige comes to town.
“She’s come quietly into town and turned his whole world on axis.”
Their one interaction leaves sparks neither can deny. 
But his pain is so great, will he give Paige a chance?
“Eight years had done little to heal that wound.”
The book starts us at the funeral of Cohen’s wife where we see first- hand the devastation her death leaves behind. It was heart wrenching. I was worried with a book opener like that, the book would be depressing. However, the book quickly progressed the story to eight years later where the author sets the stage for a light, flirty, fun story I quickly gobbled up.  Equally craving all of the delicious mouth-watering desserts Paige masterminds in her bakery.
Cohen, Paige, and Bryce (Cohen’s son) were great characters. The author gave Cohen and Paige depth and complexity that made them interesting characters that were easy to relate to. Bryce was hilarious and the perfect side kick to egg on his hesitant dad, but also offer the buffer and levity needed when Cohen and Paige found themselves in uncomfortable situations. 
The story had some descriptive and inner monologue parts that seemed to drone on from time to time.  I found myself quickly doing some skimming over those parts to get to the good stuff.  And there was a lot of good stuff. Overall, the book tells a fun, light-hearted story that I really enjoyed!   This is a new to me author. I can honestly say that I will be on the lookout for her future books!
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The opening funeral scene of this book is one I won’t soon forget, folks. The author did an amazing job of gripping my heart and squeezing it ever so tight. She briefly took me deep inside, Cohen, the grieving widow’s heart and head, as he emotionally battled overwhelming loss while holding his two year old son. You see, he had just lost his “forever kind of love/soul mate”, and I felt his complete utter despair and uncertainty in how he could possibly go on.

If only the author could have stayed tapped into that writing style, I know I would have really enjoyed the rest of this book immensely. Though the main couple’s first meeting eight years later was sweet, it was just average, along with the rest of the story line.  I felt I ran into more words than emotions after that first chapter. Too much time was spent on, well, just about everything. From frequently describing Paige’s, the heroine, previous life in New York, her shop, her apartment, her friends in town, a previous potential boyfriend, Cohen’s vet office, his home, the people he worked with/other town folk, lengthy descriptions of “everything”, including constant mental monologues of both character, even Cohen’s little boy’s love of cake. The stray dog named Jazz captured too much of the spotlight, as well, IMHO. Along with all the walks back and forth to various places (from Cohen’s office to the bakery, from the bakery to his office, to a local boardwalk, a walk in the woods on Cohen’s property, etc.). The point I’m trying to make here is despite all the verbiage the story line was going nowhere significant. I just couldn’t get into what should have been a swept me off my feet, intriguing romantic tale. 

It bothers me not to be able to write a raving review, folks. After reading the synopsis and admiring the sweet, classy book cover, not to actually like the book itself feels like admitting to not liking cute, cuddly puppies or adorable, fluffy kittens, which I happen to love both equally and quite considerably.

Here’s to hoping it’s just me, my fellow romance book loving friends. I simply found the pacing incredibly too slow for my personal taste. There was a sweet story hidden here, but it was moving at a snail’s pace and smothered by too much averageness and lengthy verbiage, resulting in a very forgettable read for me. I wish this author continued writing success, and I sincerely do hope others enjoy this book. At 42%, I was staying so consistently bored and skimming over so much I stopped reading altogether.

Title: The Forget Me Not Bakery, Author: Caroline Flynn, Pages: 384, stand-alone, animal doc widow hero with a toddler, tragic loss past hero, master baker heroine, very slow paced, first chapter was the best part, did not want to finish due to snail pace/overly lengthy descriptive writing.

(I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not given any payment or compensation for this review. There is no affiliation or relationship between this reviewer and the author/publisher/NetGalley.)
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No drama (well, just a tiny bit), no fuss. Just a slow burn real love that will make you sigh and crave all bakery chocolaty goods in the world. 
THE FORGET-ME-NOT BAKERY is one feel good read about two mature people who gave up on love and got sucked in their daily life only to find each other and realize that all you need is your other half and a small town to make you feel like you belong.
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Paige decides it's time to leave the Hussle and bussle of NYC and move to the small town of Port Landon to pursue her dream of owning her own bakery. Paige has always put love on the back burner, but maybe now is her chance to find it.

Cohen, a widowed veterinarian with an adorable 10 year old son has been deemed the most eligible bachelor by the town. However, he has put up walls to protect his heart from another heartbreak. Could the new baker's sweet treats and heart, tear those walls down?

This was such a sweet and fluffy read, perfect for a lazy day at the beach, pool or lake. Make sure you have some sweet treats near by to satisfy your sweet tooth-the desserts described in this one sound HEAVENLY. I am a fan of multiple POV and enjoyed the chapters switching between Cohen and Paige's view points. The description of the town was spot on and I enjoyed exploring the town throughout the novel. I will say that this is a relatively modest romance, so if you are looking for steam you won't find much of it here.
I found this novel to be refreshing and very easy to read.
Thank you NetGalley, Caroline Flynn and HQ Digital for my Advanced Reader copy.
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This book has all the ingredients for a perfect small-town romance book (see what I did there hehe). It follows Paige, who moves from NYC to start a bakery in a small town called Port Landon, and Cohen, who is a veterinarian single dad who’s wife passed away eight years ago. Although both of them are not looking for love or a relationship the chemistry is instant when they meet. They will just have to decide if the love they share will make it the chance of them getting hurt worth taking.  I really liked the way Paige and Cohen’s son (Bryce) bonded and made their own friendship. The story is told through Paige and Cohen in respective chapters and it’s great to see their own thoughts and hesitations as their relationship grows.
I really liked this book and it had all the vibes of a cute Hallmark movie. It is a great lighthearted read that doesn’t have much conflict; making it a great feel-good summer read!
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This book starts off really good and then it seems to slow down. She's an ex-workaholic who decide to move closer to her cousin in a small town. He's a widower and parent to an adorable and humorous son. The scenes with the bakery and the interaction between the main character and the child are to funny. I give this book a 3.5 stars. *********************I received an ARC for my honest opinion from Netgalley.***************
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I g, this book it’s amazing, first: 
I love the cover
I love the history, it’s adorable omg really cute. 
And thank you so much for the ARC. 
I really enjoy it
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This is a sweet small town romance that you hope hope hope (and actually know) will have an HEA.  Paige is rebuilding her life in Port Landon- she's finally got her own bakery.  Cohen is the local vet and his kid Bryce loves chocolate cake so of course he's got to visit as soon as she opens.  What he didn't expect to find was a new love. Cohen's wife (and Bryce's mom) was killed in an accident and he's been walled off a bit ever since.  Paige and Cohen become friends and then the attraction grows. It takes a village for these things and Flynn has done a nice job not only with her characters but also with the locale.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  An easy read perfect for a lazy summer day = quarantined or not.
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I really enjoyed the story of Paige and Cohen. Paige's brave decision to leave her NYC life in search of greater happiness and fulfillment resonates with anyone who's toyed with the idea of leaving the chaotic day to day for something more creative. The Cakery is the perfect way to leave that world behind. Paige's new journey still requires hard work, but there's a lot of joy in a slice of her double chocolate cake. 

The tension between Paige and Cohen was believable and a slow burn. A very sweet romance, which did leave me missing more romance on the page, more intimacy. I would have liked to see Paige start the story with a little more of a "New York" sort of exterior, even though she's a sweet as pie. Her transition into life in Port Landon would have been a little more complex--the way she reads on the page, she didn't feel like the type of person who ever belonged in NY in the first place.
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A lovely book a delicious bakery that I would love to visit a town I would love to live in.Add a sweet romance characters that come alive this was a delightful read.#netgalley#hqdigital
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This is a lovely tale of relocation and reconnecting! Love and romance! Easy summer reading! Well written! Great characters! Loved the ending!
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This was a nice, clean romance book set in a small town. There was a little too much repetition In it for me though. I’m sure others will enjoy reading it.
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What a wonderful HEA book!   It is a slow burn romance, with several bumps in the road to happiness, but for Paige, Cohen, and his son Bryce, they’d have it no other way.

Paige moves home to Port Landon after getting burned out with her NY career, and starts a bakery.   She meets Cohen and Bryce, who loves chocolate cake (who doesn’t!), and the relationship starts to build.   After a town’s resident house burns down, they team up on a fundraiser.   

I won’t share any of the bumps, I don’t do spoilers.   This is the first book I’ve read by this author, but it won’t be the last!

Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book, but my opinions are my own.
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A feel good romance that will have you sighing, smiling and craving double chocolate cake! When Dr. Cohen stops by the newly opened bakery for some sweet treats for his son, he's surprised with a sweet treat for himself- bakery owner Paige! I enjoyed reading each chapter from his and her viewpoints and exploring their story from friendship to love. A cute, fun and easy read!
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The Forget-Me-Not-Bakery will melt your heart and leave you smiling!
 Paige moves to Port Landon to make her life full by opening her own bakery.  She feels her life is just the way it should be and then she meets the handsome vet Cohen.  Cohen is a widow with a son, and he has gotten his life back since the accident that took his wife. 
Paige and Cohen have barriers to cross to let someone new into their lives. The chemistry between the two will leave you feeling happy to have gotten to know them both.
Thank you to Netgalley, Caroline Flynn and HQ Digital for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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