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Mephiston: City of Light

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The finale of this trilogy was satisfying in many ways. The threads from the previous books get brought together. We see Harlequins battling the Blood Angels and that was terrific. Magnus and the Thousand Sons doing what they do but not being the main villain in the novel. The long pursued daemon serves that role and Mephiston and company have to deal with him.
I enjoyed the stranded world and its protecting military force. Their motivations and goals were clearly not aligned with those of the Blood Angels, nor should they be. They are trying to save their world from a rebellious force.
For the trilogy, I found books 2 and 3 to be more satisfying than the setup novel. Mephiston is a deep character who struggles with his power and his keeping a grip on his past but ultimately succeeds in protecting his Legion and the Imperium.
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Par for the course, Black Library and Darius Hinks have put together a great novel, full of grimdark angst (it is a blood angels story after all), action and worldbuilding.  I can't think of a universe that allows for more expansion and growth than that of Warhammer 40k, and I appreciate that BL is always looking for great writers to add to their lore.  I've never been a huge blood angels fan, but after this trilogy, I'm tempted to go buy some red paint.
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Its a return of an okd character and an introduxtion to the changes in Warhammer. A part of the saga that is Mephiston.Battles agajnst himself.and the black ragE.
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I have to say I struggle with blood angels books, I have read few books with them as the main protagonists where I engage fully in the story, I guess Sanguinius and his children just don’t interest me.... until I started reading the Mephiston books and now I like a blood angel addict! Dam you Darius Hinks!! 😉
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