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Karen Kingsbury books always have a way of pulling at my heartstrings, and Truly, Madly Deeply was no different! The Baxter family books are some of my favorites and I feel like I'm catching up with old friends each time I read one. As a sister to a LEO, I appreciated how the author talked about what life is like for some law enforcement officers behind the scenes and their families that worry about their safety, while also acknowledging the profession isn't perfect. This book tackles a lot of really tough topics such as childhood cancer, sex trafficking, terrorist attacks of 9/11 , and police officer and community relations.  * Semi-spoiler alert * My one complaint about this book would be that everything seemed to be wrapped up too neatly and perfectly. While I absolutely love happy endings,  I feel like the way each story line was wrapped up was a bit unrealistic. Kingsbury's earlier works are my favorites, but I love these characters and getting updated on their lives! This book could be read as a stand-alone, but I recommend reading the other Baxter family books to understand some of the characters back stories a little better.. Thank you to Netgalley for the chance to read this advanced copy!
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I'll be honest here, I'm a Karen Kingsbury fan and someday I hope to read most of her works, but this one did not start well for me at all. Let me add, it did finish well, but it did pass through my mind to set the book aside and find something else. So take heart and press on, it will be worth it.

The book starts out with Tommy and Annalee being head over heels in love as high schoolers and it felt too perfect to be real. And he seemed just too involved in her life in ways that it seemed her parents should be.

However, real life hits and Annalee is diagnosed with something far deadlier than mono as they had all been hoping and Tommy's devotion to her is put on the line and he lives it out. He is dedicated to her and spends as much time as possible with her.  But on the home front for Tommy things are a little tense. His mother is not pleased with his career choice and it's not so much because she feels he's too good for it, but that she's his mom and she is scared.  "Can seeds of faith be choked out by worry?"

And that is the question that so many characters in this book needed to face.

But what kind of clinched the book for me was the Christmas Eve service. I had just read about Mary being committed to letting God do the impossible in her life. And it had stuck out to me how Mary was willing and how God couldn't have or likely wouldn't have worked in Mary's life like He did if she hadn't been willing. And then at the Christmas Eve service, Karen talks about Mary and Joseph's fear and how they were scared and yet willing to be used of God. "We're all afraid of something. We're human. But tonight, God wants us to lay our fear at the foot of the manger. The way Mary and Joseph did. And do this...Keep walking. Keep seeking His plan. And keep believing...The miracle you're waiting for might be closer than you think."  I just love this idea. As we sit here and the pandemic still seems to be in full swing, nine months later, and the holidays are coming and there's fear and there's sickness and yet God is here and we need to trust and keep walking, keep believing for that miracle.  It might just be a miracle in my own life to be accepting of where I am right now in life, but it's still a miracle. 

So in the end, the book totally redeemed itself. The romance between Tommy and Annalee was still a little much for me, but the other parts of the book were very relatable and the romance was clean.

I received this book from Atria Books via NetGalley and was not required to write a positive review.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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I had such high expectations for this book thanks to recommendations and reviews on Goodreads but for me, it just didn't bring the punch I was hoping for. Maybe because this is part of a longer list of books in the Baxter Family series.

I found this book to be unbelievable on many levels and while I get that it's a work of fiction, I have to think too much creative thinking can ruin a storyline. I also struggled with the spiritual aspects of this story. The way it was worked into this novel didn't sit well with me. Especially Tommy's thoughts towards the end of the book.
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TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY was sent to me by Net Galley, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
Published by Atria Books, TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY is a Christian fiction romance. It was written by another of my favorite authors, Karen Kingsbury.
This book about the Baxter family is filled with emotions of dealing with everyday life circumstances - Faith, Family, Love, Fear, Police Officers, Cancer & Sex Trafficking.  Very enjoyable read and would highly recommend.
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Author # Karen Kingsbury is a #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist. She has written or co-written almost 100 novels or short stories. Her new novel # 'Truly, Madly, Deeply is a delightful read. What you can expect from a author who has novels that turn into #Hallmark movies!! " In the shadow of very great loss, the only way to live with passion is truly, madly, deeply."
Thank you,
#Netgalley, # Karen Kingsbury, and Atria Publishing for the advanced copy
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Oh my, this was such a good book.  I was on an emotional roller coaster while reading it.  The story was so inspirational and thought provoking.  
Many thanks to Atria Books and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I don't know about you, but I love a series of books. The longer the better. Well Truly, Madly Deeply by Karen Kingsbury is part of her Baxter family books. I have followed the trials and the joys of the Baxters since book 1, Redemption. It is always fun to visit with the extended family and see who is doing what these days. Karen has kept the plot interesting and ever-changing as if it were a real family. I love the way Faith is portrayed as necessary to the characters as breathing. So grab a comfy blanket and a mug of hot. Settle in for a great visit with old friends.

I was given a copy of this book by with no expectations. All thoughts are my own.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Karen Kingsbury for my copy of Truly, Madly, Deeply for an honest review. I am a fan of this author and her type of writing. This is book number 31 in a series and it was so well written, that I could follow along easily. Immediately I was drawn in to the love story of a young couple Tommy and Annalee.. At 18 years old, Tommy is at a crossroad between who he is and who he is to become. He is smart and has the world at his fingertips. Coming home from a service trip, to Thailand, this young couple is faced with issues that no one should have to. The novel combines  young love, family and friendships so well. I was so eager to see how this would play out. I loved the themes and the struggles that were addressed. Over all it was a 4 star read for me. This was not my first Kingsbury novel and it won’t be my last. I have recommended it to friends and family. See my reviews on Netgalley, Barnes & Noble and Amazon
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Karen Kingsbury knows how to pull on your heart strings.  This book does that and more.  She delivers a powerful message with Annalee and the Baxter family.  

This message is for everyone.  Not one person is excluded from life's ups and downs.  We all suffer somehow from loss and fear.  We all celebrate our successes and joy.  But whom should we turn to in the good and bad times?  GOD.  He has our back.  Always.

I could relate to this story as I am a retired juvenile probation officer.  Every day brought unexpected challenges and danger.  I prayed daily for the strength, wisdom, protection and the words that GOD only could provide as I went about my business.  

After I retired I worked part-time for a police department.  I saw the positive impact that was made in the community by good and honest officers.  During these times it is a difficult task.  It is sometimes a thankless job.  But I also saw the  community embrace the officers.  Families and businesses would stop and thank the officers.  Officers were well fed as often they would come in with food.

Not everyone can do this job.  It is a calling.  Tommy knew that this is what he wanted to do with his life.  

Great book.  I highly recommend it.
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I am a huge fan of Karen Kingsbury. I love her characters, setting and christian themes.

If you're a lover of Karen's other books-- you will devour and love Truly, Madly, Deeply. You'll see more Baxter family life and come to terms with things are out of our control... and that we need to trust in the Lord. To be grateful for today.

You will love these characters and enjoy watching the family grow together with real life issues that people face.

I truly loved this book from start to finish. Another amazing read by this incredibly talented Author!

4 stars from me.

*Recv'd an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Netgalley. *
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Karen Kingsbury writes such inspirational Christian fiction. Her stories of the tight-knit Baxter family are beautiful. In this instalment, Tommy Baxter and his girlfriend Annalee, dream of their future together. As he decides and announces that he wants to become a police officer after high school, Annalee receives news that threatens their plans. As the story unfolds, their faith is tested and they must all come together as a family and support one another. This is what I love about these books. The Baxters encounter real life situations of love and loss, going through the seasons and handling everything together in faith. 4/5 stars.
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In true Karen Kingsbury fashion she has written another book that totally tugs at your heartstrings. From the very first word you get pulled into the lives of these two young people about to start the journey of their lives. You are right there with them page after page and you can almost feel what they are feeling. Thank you so much for such a great book!
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This was book was good, but very much like Karen’s other books. It was exactly as I expected, and I think will really be a hit with her fan base. I would love to see something new from her though, it was a very repetitive story line to her other books.
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TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY was sent to me by Net Galley, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review.
Published by Atria Books, TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY is a Christian fiction romance. It was written by another of my favorite authors, Karen Kingsbury. I chose to listen to this book as an audiobook, that was narrated by January LaVoy and Kirby HeyDorne. I enjoy when there are different voices for the male and female parts. It makes it more realistic. I have been a Karen Kingsbury fan for YEARS! I’ve followed the Baxters since they began.
All of Karen Kingsbury’s books seem to center around one or two specific topics…They seem to teach how a Christian should act in different, sometimes difficult situations that we are dealing with in modern society. This one deals with cancer, anxiety, sex trafficking, and police. We see how Annalee and Tommy fight a battle with cancer, how Tommy’s mom has to deal with anxiety and anxiety attacks, how there is even sex trafficking in the US, and how people should treat our police. Of course, there’s a little bit of romance – CLEAN ROMANCE! I don’t wanna give anything away, but SOMEONE is even going to get engaged in this book!
As per usual, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!! This is one of her best yet!!
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I love the Baxter family and count them as my own family!  I feel like I know so much about all of them.  I've been reading Karen Kingsbury's books for years, and she never disappoints me.  This book is such a sweet story of the next Baxter generation.  I look forward to more to come for Tommy and his cousins as they are now growing older.  I strongly recommend these series!
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So let me first state that I am a huge Karen Kingsbury fan though I admit that it's been awhile since I've read one of her books. This book can be read as a stand alone though I feel like it would have helped if I had kept up with the Baxter family series. I really appreciate being given the opportunity to read and review this book.

This is an emotional book. I guess for me it was more so in spots because of the subject matter (I am a 12 year cancer survivor). The big problem I had with the book is I could not connect with Tommy. I know there were quite a few times I thought that he was too perfect and he had an attitude toward his mom that I don't think she deserved. There was one time that he really questioned his faith and that didn't last very long. I did like the theme though of having faith in God no matter what you are going through. God is in control and Annalee seemed to really live that. While she came across as perfect at times also, I still connected because of the cancer diagnosis and I felt sorry for her.

I do recommend this book because it did have a good story line to it. Readers do need to be aware of the emotional issues with 9/11, cancer, and a cop being shot.

I was given a free copy of this book for my honest opinion and I'm being as honest as I know how to be. Thank you for the opportunity to review this book.
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Karen Kingsbury is one of my auto-buy authors and this book proved why! “Truly, Madly, Deeply” was emotional, inspirational, heart-wrenching, and all-around lovely. 

Karen has a way with words that draw you in, wrap you in a hug, and never let go. I finished this book in a day because I could not put it down. 

I have grown up with the Baxter family series and loved getting to read Tommy and Annalee’s story. (I also might be listed as one of her top fans in the back of the book — I love her that much!) what a lovely story about renewed faith and unfailing love. 

Thank you to Atria Books and NetGalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review!
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Ms. Kingsbury has written another great book in the Baxter family series..  I have missed a few of the books but that didn’t pose a problem.  Books can be read as a stand-alone.  I received an advance ebook from the publisher and Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.
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I’ve read almost every Karen Kingsbury book. I’m slowly growing my own library of KK books (many of her oldest titles are on my parent’s bookshelves) and just this week, I purchased one that I originally read several years ago. So what I’m about to say isn’t a critique for the sake of being mean and it certainly isn’t coming from someone who is not a KK fan — but it *is* my honest review.

This is one of the worst Karen Kingsbury books to date, if not the worst.

I could touch on the grammatical errors, the misspelled words, and the missing words throughout the entire manuscript. But quite frankly, that’s the norm. I’m not sure who edits her books, but there are dozens of errors every single time.

My problem with this one is two-fold: it’s grossly unbelievable and filled with choppy sentence fragments. Kind of like this. And also this. It’s hard to read. Difficult. Poorly written. And it just keeps happening. Over and over.

There are multiple overarching themes that aren’t believable and/or don’t have much depth, but I’ll stick with this one. I’m sure the most loyal of KK fans will love this story as it sheds light into Tommy Baxter’s life and what he’s up to now. However, does anyone actually believe high schoolers talk to one another this way? If Kingsbury wrote Tommy and Annalee as college seniors instead of high school seniors, sure. But their dialogue is, to put it nicely, a stretch. Every time I remembered that they’re 17 or 18 (Except wait, she messed up the years/timeline. Tommy is somehow supposed to be both 17 as a senior, according to the “Yesterday and Today” pages, and also will graduate high school as a 19-year-old based on the dates in this story.) I was frustrated all over again. I’m a decade older than this, but much closer to high school than Kingsbury. *NO ONE* talks to one another the way Tommy and Annalee do here.

This doesn’t even touch on the problematic spiritual themes, of Tommy’s words at the end saying everything he wanted would come together in the next few years because he’d pray that it would (actually, that’s not what Scripture says), or the multiple instances that present God as transactional and only good if He does exactly what You want Him to do.

I’ve loved Kingsbury’s books since I was in middle school. I know and love the Baxters. But this never should have made it through publishing and editorial. The manuscript and storyline was far from ready and I’m honestly very disappointed. It could have been a great title. Instead, it was choppy, immature, unbelievable, written with what felt like an agenda (in multiple ways), and pushes faith in a way that doesn’t align with Scripture. I hope her next title goes through a different group of editors and first readers who are willing to be honest before it’s printed.
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Truly, Madly, Deeply by Karen Kingsbury is another great book about the wonderful Baxter family.  I find each of the Baxter books can easily be read separately, but you won't be disappointed by going back and reading them all. 

In this chapter, Tommy Baxter and his girlfriend Annalee have the whole world at their feet.  They want to change the world and fight human trafficking.  Then they get news that rocks them to the core when Annalee is diagnosed with cancer.  Tommy is also making serious decisions about his future at this time, and those decisions are causing a conflict with his mother, Reagan.  

This book touches unflinchingly on so many sensitive subjects.  The horrors of human trafficking are discussed, as well as the tragedy on 9/11, and the current dangers of a career in law enforcement.  The fight of Annalee's family and friends against her cancer rang very true to me, as I have had nephews in this very fight.  The way her family, friends, and community gathered around her to fight cancer, pray, and support her is something I have seen with my own eyes regarding my own family members.  The faith of the Baxter family and their reliance on God reminds me of my own family.   Kingsbury writes this all so well and it's very true to life.

Fans of Karen Kingsbury will love this new chapter in the lives of the Baxter Family.  If you are interested in reading Christian novels about fighting cancer and fighting human trafficking, you will enjoy this book.

I received a free copy of this book from Atria Books via Netgalley.  My review is voluntary.
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