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I randomly found this author on Kindle Unlimited one year. I've read most everything she's published since. Her books are amazing and in this book Sawyer has grown. (Read the series and you'll see what I mean)
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Sawyer Brooks is an advocate for missing children. Working on two stories for the paper she works for, she can easily take the stories personally. When she investigates the disappearance of 5 girls and one that is current, she begins to pinpoint similarities and the dots begin to connect. The other story unbeknownst to her, hits close to home. The case is known as the Black Wig. A vigilante group that has targeted known sex abusers that have not received justice. These two stories cross each other and actually give fuel to the other.

The narration is in several characters- Sawyer and how she chases down leads. She is systematic in her approach which it makes it easy for the reader to grasp. The current young girl Riley who was abducted. How she keeps a clear mind with escape on the forefront. You cheer for her and for her bravery and vulnerability. And one of the Black Wig vigilante who is close to Sawyer. This group of women seek revenge but in doing so damage important relationships. The satisfaction of revenge seems beyond their grasp.

Out of Her Mind is the head games that happen when trauma takes place and the victim becomes perpetrator. I always enjoy how this author goes in-depth with her characters.

A special thank you to Thomas and Mercer and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.
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Rating: 4 🍷 🍷 🍷 🍷
Book: Out of Her Mind
Release Date: Available Now!!! (Released on Nov 10, 2020)
Author: T.R. Ragan
Genre: Mystery & Thrillers/General Fiction (Adult)

Sipping Synopsis: Sawyer Brooks is back sticking her nose in, ahem, I mean investigating a case of missing girls. As Sawyer deals with her demons from the past, she is more than eager to solve this case and prevent another young girl from having a horrible childhood like hers.  The Black Wig crew is also back with their vigilante antics also risking their lives in their pursuit. 

Final sipping thoughts: Sawyer Brooks is one bad @&$ investigating crime reporter. Her no-nonsense, non-rule following, strong personality is one of my favorite female protagonists to date. She does some outlandish things that in the real life would either get her killed or thrown in jail but that is what makes the story so gripping.  I cannot wait to continue the books in this series and hope Ragan continues Sawyer’s journey. I also think she should just join the police force and become an investigator since she does their job better than they do. No Going Back, Sawyer Brooks book #3, releases in May and I cannot wait to see the shenanigans that will ensue!

Cheers and thank you to @NetGalley, @Thomas&Mercer, and @trraganauthor for an advanced copy of @OutOfHerMind

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I really like this series and this installment was fantastic. The plot was clever with strong characters and kept me thoroughly engaged. This story was not as dark as the last but we learn more about the vigilante group.  I can’t wait  to see what is revealed in the next book. 
Many thanks to Thomas & Mercer and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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In this second book of the series crime reporter Sawyer Brooks takes on the story of the bones of a little girl who was found in a local park.  At the same time she is looking into a case of a twelve year old missing girl named Riley.  She becomes obsessed over both cases and figuring out what happened to each girl.  The more she digs the murkier things seem to become.  Memories of her own sordid childhood stand at the forefront as she prays that the missing girl isn't going through something similar.  She soon learns of more missing girls and wonders if all the cases are related in some way.  Sawyer knows that she isn't going to give up no matter what she has to do.  The police think she's a joke and don't seem to see what she does when she looks at all the puzzle pieces.  Can she save Riley before she meets a horrible end?  Will she be able to figure out what happened to the girl whose bones were found in the park?  Dive in, this was an exciting read that had me on edge until the end!
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Sawyer is a great character and this was a great thriller. Quick, poignant, scary, nerve-wracking, etc. all the good components of a cool that keeps you going and going until finished. The balance between The Crew and the story that Sawyer was looking for and trying to solve was well executed and not too confusing, as it could have been. I applaud Ragan for tackling the issue of abuse and rape and not handling it with kids' gloves, but the real BS it is and how sometimes the victims need to take power into their own hands. There’s a lot going on in this book and I think that the big issues are there, but the story and how it intertwines the issues is really well done. I liked it. I’m excited about the inevitable next installment
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T.R. Ragan has officially become my new favorite crime fiction author - I just cannot stop reading her books! 

Out of Her Mind is the second book in the Sawyer Brooks series. If you haven't read the first one, Don't Make a Sound then stop - drop everything - and go read it right now. It's fantastic. Sawyer Brooks is a crime beat reporter with a amazingly sordid past. Her past, and that of her sisters, is what drives Brooks to investigate a story without stopping until she discovers the truth. I honestly wish we still had crime reporters like this. The world needs them! When a child's bones are found and another child goes missing, Brooks begins searching for similarities. With the help of her sister, Aria, they soon discover a string of missing children. Could this be the work of seriel kidnapper/murder? Brooks certainly thinks so. 

There is a seperate sub-plot that runs along with this primary one revolving around The Black Wig women. I won't divulge much about this group but I find their story just as fascinating as Sawyer Brooks. 

This series, like others that Ragan writes, is a well done piece of crime fiction. The characters - all of them - are well written and fully fleshed out for the reader. You see their weaknesses as well as their strengths and, beginning in this second book, you also begin to see their growth past their pain and their insecurities. I highly recommend Out of Her Mind as well as the remainder of the series.
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I love the Sawyer Brooks series!!  I cannot wait for more!!  Excellent series!!  Very keep you up all night kinda series!!  Once you read the first Sawyer Brooks you will be HOOKED!!!!
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“It could always be worse.” 

Sawyer Brooks has been reeling ever since the death of her parents and the discovery of her best friend’s body in the crawl space of her familial home less than a month ago. Still dealing with the trauma of these events, she does what she always does, and throws herself into her work as an investigative reporter. When the bones of an 11-year-old girl are unearthed and 12-year-old Riley Addison is kidnapped, Sawyer can’t shake the feeling that these two crimes are connected. Along with her sister, Aria, Sawyer dives headfirst into the devastating world of missing children and makes a ghastly discovery--there have been four kidnappings of girls so similar in appearance that they could be sisters in the past five years. All Sawyer and Aria have to go on is the almost kidnapping of Paige Owens. Time is against them, but Sawyer is determined to find Riley before it’s too late. 

Meanwhile, the vigilante group, referred to as The Black Wigs in the press, is in trouble. They made a deal to take care of their attackers, but how long can they keep this up before something goes wrong and one of them gets caught--or worse, killed? 

This is the second book in the Sawyer Brooks series, and honestly, I can’t wait for more. While this was similar in formula to the first book, I didn’t mind it. Sometimes I just want a good thriller that feels comfortable, and Out of Her Mind definitely fits that description. I love how the book explores trauma in a realistic way. Each of the Brooks sisters expresses their trauma in distinct ways, as opposed to making it seem cookie-cutter. I loved seeing Sawyer come to terms with her trauma and admit that she may need more help than she originally thought. I also think the Black Wigs situation is really, really interesting. I think vigilante justice is a really interesting theme to explore in thrillers, and hard to do realistically (we can’t all be Batman, after all). I personally think Regan does an awesome job showing how vigilante justice can get out of hand, while still being understandable. I can’t WAIT to read the next book in this series!
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I’m loving this new series starring Sawyer Brooks a crime reporter with a horrific family background we discovered in Don’t Make a Sound, the first in the series.   Good news,  The Black Wig Crew, , a group of vigilante women intent on getting payback from the men who wronged them is still on the go.   Now there is a missing girl, kidnapped on Sacremento,  and Sawyer is determined to find her before time runs out.  Sawyer is a character we can all root for, a strong survivor battling her own demons while saving others from the same fate.  A dark, twisty novel, just as good as the first.  Where is number 3?
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Sawyer is on the search for missing girls.  Her and her two sisters will always suffer the consequences of what their parents put them through.  Sawyer doesn’t want another girl to suffer.
Her sister Harper is up to mysterious stuff and Sawyer can’t work it out.
Along wither her boss at the newspaper, Sawyer stops at nothing to find missing Riley. She only hopes she isn’t too late.

Amazing book.  I really got hooked and can’t wait for more in the Sawyer storyline.
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Sawyer Brooks, an investigative journalist, suspects a link between bones of a young girl discovered in a local park and another young girl missing from the same neighborhood. Her boss allows her to look into it further when it seems several young girl around the same age have gone missing in the last 5 years. When she starts to get to closer to solving the crimes, the suspect decides to fight back and taunt Sawyer. Can she figure it out before someone she loves is involved?

Out of Her Mind, an exciting, action packed thriller, is the second book in a series and it stands alone, so you don’t need to read the first one, but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want to! I enjoyed this one just as much as the first, if not more. 

Sawyer’s sisters are also back in this installment, and she begins growing closer to one sister, Aria, while the other sister, Harper seems to be pulling away from them both. All three are still healing from the dark secrets revealed in Don’t Make a Sound, but Sawyer seems to be dealing with her issues better. 

Full of suspense and twists, this is a page turner that I highly recommend.
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The Second book in the Sawyer Brooks series brought me what I wanted when I finished the first.  I wanted to know more about the Black Wigs.  I wanted Sawyer to grow after the events of the first book.  I wanted a good mystery with a good ending.  I got all of that.  

Taking place just a month after the first book, Sawyer's life hasn't changed much.  Her story has gotten out due to the events of the first book, but I think you could read and enjoy this book without having read the first book.  Sawyer is overzealous.  She doesn't let things go.  When a girl gets abducted she cannot stop thinking about what may have happened, what could still be happening, to Riley.  An understanding of her past explains her dogged pursuit of the kidnapper.  At about the same time, the remains of another girl are found in a park.  They've been there for years, but the similarities in the girls convinces Sawyer there is a link between the two.

We see through the eyes of the kidnapper and the kidnapped, too.  Riley is a smart and strong little girl.  Bubbles is crazy.  It's pretty clear that she has done this before and that this will not end well.  It is hard to read at times.  Unfortunately, the second Bubbles appeared in the book in front of Sawyer I said to myself, "I'll bet that's her." I still was invested in Sawyer finding the Riley before Bubbles lost it completely.

As for other characters, Sawyer's boss is a little more developed in this book than the last.  I'd love for future books to explore the mentor/mentee relationship there.  Derek, well he is non-existent.  I'd have loved more development there but I see that it was necessary for Sawyer to grow on her own.  To come into her own after the events just a month before.

The Black Wigs now....they seemed so separate in this book.  There were small connections made between their story and Sawyer, but they were more of a side plot than part of the story.  You want it to come together but you don't want them to be stopped.  Not really.  I can understand everything they are doing and part of me applauds it.  Only part.  I love that they make so many plans and then it becomes really obvious that these are not professionals here.  It's like a slapstick, keystone cops comedy with really dark overtones.

I knew when I read the previous book that this could be a series I enjoyed.  Out of Her Mind did not disappoint.  Thanks to TR Ragan, Netgalley, and Thomas and Mercer for the ARC. Please read this review and others at
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Sawyer Brooks is a crime reporter ... and when a little girl's bones are found and another 12-year-old girl disappears, solving these cases become an obsession. And now, with the help of her sister, she has a list of missing girls ...all 10-12 years old, all blonde. A psychopath has been snatching little girls for years.

The more she investigates, the closer she gets to the memories of her own childhood. And while Sawyer will do anything to save the latest missing child ... the abductor will do whatever it takes to keep her.

This is second in a series, and can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend reading these in order. In the first book you will meet The Crew ....There's Malice and then there's Lily, Bug. Cleo and Psycho. Years of abuse, mental, physical, sexual brought them together. Their only goal is reaching out and touching the people who are at the root of their nightmares. But not all plans turn out the way they wanted.

This author is in my top 10 favorite list ... and she never disappoints. Intricately woven plots... deftly drawn characters ... and she handles the hard issues with a delicate hand. This is a true page-turner with lots of action. Sawyer is a terrific character ...always striving to be 'normal' even with all the issues she has with her past.

Many thanks to the author / Thomas & Mercer / Amazon Publishing / Netgalley for the digital copy of this psychological thriller. Read and reviewed voluntarily, opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own.
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Out of Her Mind by T.R. Ragan is the highly recommended second novel featuring crime reporter Sawyer Brooks.

When the bones of a young girl are found in Sacramento’s Land Park Sawyer is on the story for the Sacramento Independent and begins looking into all the missing girls from the area. Then twelve-year-old Riley Addison disappears and Sawyer is certain that there may be a serial kidnapper/killer of young girls working in the area. Sawyer obsessively pursues any and all leads, certain that she will uncover the psychopath responsible. Her sister Aria begins to help in the investigation. Sawyer has also been assigned the case of the Black Wigs, a group of vigilante women who have been operating in the area and taking revenge on the men who attacked them. They were The Crew in the first book and unknown to Sawyer, her sister Harper is a member of the group. The three sisters, Harper, Aria, and Sawyer, are survivors of a horrific childhood as covered in the first book, Don't Make a Sound.

Out of Her Mind follows two different story lines. We have Sawyer and her investigation and Harper and her group of vigilantes. The writing is good and the action moves quickly. You will definitely want to know what happens and see a resolution to both story lines. Alas, you will get your wish for one, but not the other, which is likely because book #3 is due out in 2021. I did enjoy reading it after I set aside a few of my feelings over the subject matter in both narrative threads. The dialogue is a little stilted and the investigation felt routine, even when new information is discovered.  The characters are developed, but perhaps not as well as I would like to see, but that could be because I didn't read the first novel. It would be nice, perhaps, to have one or two main female characters who are not emotionally damaged.

This is a dark investigative thriller and the subject matter is disturbing in both story lines. That is not to imply that child abductions, abuse, rape, and violence don't happen, but perhaps this isn't a great year for such a bleak, disturbing drama. I didn't read the first novel in the series, and although some of the background information was recapped here, it still felt as if I was missing part of the story. However, this novel felt so ominous that I'm not sure if I want to peruse the first one, or at least not right now.

Disclosure: My review copy was courtesy of Thomas & Mercer.
After publication the review will be posted on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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Sawyer Brown is a crime reporter for the Sacramento Independent.  Her and her sisters are getting over startling revelations about her parents and trying to figure out how to live a normal life.  Sawyer is investigating whether a missing girl is related to other missing children cases.  

Instead of this being a crime novel about a detective looking to solve a case, it is a reporter hot on the trail of trying to find an abducted young girl.  While this will be a trigger for some, the book doesn’t have an excessive amount of violence.

I liked the twist on the crime novel and liked Sawyer.  This is the second in the series and I didn’t read the first book.  There is a secondary story line about vigilante females avenging past crimes that I suspect started in the first novel.  I was able to follow the story.

I really enjoyed the story
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Out Of Her Mind – T.R. Ragan

This is the second installment of the Sawyer Brooks’ series, and it is every bit as good as the Jessie Cole series, which I discovered on Netgalley in 2018! I’ve read so many fabulous books via this site lately!! 

Sawyer Brooks is a crime reporter for the ‘Sacramento Independent’ and is waiting for the AM editorial meeting to get started. New to the crime beat, she is mildly perturbed that her suggestions for stories are seemingly taken by other reporters, leaving her with little to write. At meetings end she’s assigned to follow up on the story of a vigilante group that appears to be meting out their own punishment to convicted rapists. At meetings end her boss, Sean Palmer, beckons her to follow him. He’s just learned that a skeleton belonging to a child has been found, and the two head off to the scene. 

Once on scene, Sawyer is able to glean from bystanders that the skeleton was that of a little girl, with remnants of clothing suggesting pink shoes and a shirt with hearts on it. As she peruses the scene, she realizes that the killer had cared about her victim and wanted her to rest in a happy place. But who was the little girl? Sawyer is determined to find out…
Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Sawyer, her sister Harper is the member of a renegade group of women who call themselves The Crew. A group of 5, these women had all suffered abuse at the hands of a man at some point in their lives and are determined to avenge the wrongs done to them. They gather and quickly kidnap the man who was once a HS Quarterback, and the rapist of one of the women…

As Sawyer researches the potential identity of the skeleton found, she finds three young children from the area that have gone missing over the last several years, and yet another incident - a near abduction where the child was able to escape her abductor, a woman. Meanwhile, the news announces the disappearance of a 12-year-old child, Riley Addison, who went missing yesterday. Palmer reluctantly gives her a week to research possible links to past and present abductions.  

Nearby, ‘The Crew’ has imprisoned their latest victim, Myles Davenport, in an abandoned housing development, and have plans to make him beg for mercy before killing him and leaving him to the elements. He has profusely and tearfully apologized, but then a near escape shows his true colors, as he almost kills one of the women…

As Sawyer continues her investigation, the killer senses that they may be closing in, and plants evidence as a distraction, resulting in the arrest of another. But Sawyer knows they’ve got the wrong guy, and continues to dig…can she find the answers they need to find Riley before it’s too late? 

I feel like I’ve been saying this in a lot of reviews lately, but I LOVED this book! Sawyer is a sassy, upbeat character, who in spite of her childhood nightmare, has grown into a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, her sister Harper, also a victim of that same nightmare, has become a self-styled vigilante, also a presence to be wary of, with a clear understanding of her misdeeds.  While Harper is very aware of Sawyer’s work, Sawyer may just be getting an inkling of Harper’s situation, as she’s been given the vigilante story to follow as well.  All of this sounds like an AMAZING set up for the next book of the series…and I cannot wait!!!  

I received this book as an Advance Reader Copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an objective review.  Do you love to read?? Visit and start reviewing books today!!
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An investigative reporter with obsessive/compulsive tendencies caused by severe abuse when she was a child is investigating the disappearance of several young girls when a set of bones is found and identified as one of the missing.  With help from her sisters, she will follow clues that only an abused child would recognize.  As the two crimes became one, the clues point in so many different directions, it's hard to figure out who is the killer.   

The main character in this series is a survivor of severe abuse during her childhood.  She, along with her sisters, have become members of a group of abuse survivors who are exacting revenge from their abusers.  Their actions have drawn a lot of media attention.  This story runs parallel to the two crime threads, making an interesting bridge between the series volumes.  It's going to be very interesting to see how the group's actions accelerate as the series matures.
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This is the second novel in the Sawyer Brooks series, the first one Don’t Make A Sound i read and enjoyed in July so i was pleased to be invited by NetGalley to review Out of Her Mind.
Sawyer Brooks is an investigative reporter on a Sacramento newspaper and this book follows on a couple of weeks after the first one finished. The female vigilante group, known as the Black Wigs, are continuing with their revenge on men that have abused them and Sawyer is asked to report on this but she is also working on a story about a local girl who has disappeared, which becomes more involved when she links it to at least 5 other missing girls. At the same time she is dealing with her ongoing personal demons, making this an action packed book. It is a gripping thriller and although easy to read deals with some difficult subjects. Really liking this series so far and look forward to the next one.
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This is a two-fer book in which you get double the pleasure in one mystery thriller novel by TR Ragan.
Out of Her Mind left me breathless as we encounter a series of disturbing circumstances beginning with a young 12 yo girl named Riley and another young girls remains found almost simultaneously creating a buzz of alertness for this crime reporter in the Sawyer Brooks series named Sawyer.
The second case is deemed to have resulted from this 'crew' of abused girls whose sole motive is vengeance.
As the stories unfold she goes back to the beginning and uncovers a psychopathic killer may have played a major role in these girls disappearances.
Attention then turns to the Black Wigs as known by their disguises and the hunt is on.
Where will it lead is anyone's guess but with TR Ragan behind the wheel you know this will take-off and go whee nobody else dares to venture.
Thank you to TR Ragan, the pub, NetGalley, and Amazon Kindle for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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